Bruce, there’s a Barbara Dooley on line one.

While I’m on the subject of Bruce Feldman, he’s really opened up since he moved to CBS, also the home of Tony Barnhart.  Unlike Mr. Conventional Wisdom, though, Feldman’s not afraid to lay out the criticism.

Could you imagine Barnhart ever writing something like this about SOD?

… Having said that, short of more NCAA trouble, I don’t believe they could pull the plug on Dooley after just two seasons given all of the turnover from the end of Fulmer — through Kiffin — to now. He has to get least get a third season. They hired him and he does have a hefty buyout. But it is looking very obvious that Dooley is in fact in over his head here.

This is a guy who didn’t even have a .500 record in the WAC, so for him to take over an elite SEC program looked really curious. I suspect there will be more turnover on the Vols staff this offseason than just WR coach Charlie Baggett. Dooley’s 0-17 against ranked teams all-time. If he doesn’t beat one or even two ranked teams next year, I have a feeling it won’t matter if he gets UT bowl eligible. It’s Tennessee. The Vols have a proud tradition, a huge stadium and a staff getting paid a lot of money. They’re also in the much easier side of the conference right now. They shouldn’t be content with bowl eligible.



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14 responses to “Bruce, there’s a Barbara Dooley on line one.

  1. timphd

    Just think, there were people calling for Dooley to replace Richt only a few months ago. Thank God McGarity had a level head and patience.


    • Dawgfan Will

      Even a few months ago, those people were idiots. I like SOD, even if I did lose lot of respect for him after his handling of the bar fight incident. But even in our darkest hour, we did not need to hire a coach who had a losing record in the WAC.


  2. UGA Illuminati

    Dooley is doing a fine job, nothing to see here.


  3. Over the past couple years I’ve heard both Tennessee and Florida fans variously complain to me about their hires, grouching that Georgia would just try to snatch Dooley or Muschamp away once we shit-canned Richt. My response, even then, was always something along the lines of ” . . . Seriously, bros, I wouldn’t worry about it.”


  4. ChicagoDawg

    The difference between Barhardt and Feldman is one seems more interested in being part of a club, which he really isn’t a member. While the other seems content with just doing the best job he can in the role he paid to do.


  5. FRED

    Look i am happy that we are playing for the title But, come on we had a very lite schedule this year. We do have a wonderful defence but when our schedule gets hard again i still do not beleive CMR will win the big ones just look over the years.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Goodness Eeyore Fred. You just can’t stand a little good vibe or what? It’s a beautiful fall day. Dawgs are in the dome. The Boobirds/Richtopobes are finally quiet. Grab a six pack and a blanket and take that girlfriend out to the countryside for a roll in the hay. That should put a little lift in your step and a smile on your face….. would mine!
      We good.


    • Let’s face it, FRED. It doesn’t really matter if he wins the big one or not. As soon as he does, the opponent will then automatically suck because he beat them.


  6. Cojones

    Are there vampires named “Fred” ?


  7. I remember how far down their list UT had to go before they got to Precious. Didn’t they strike out on their top 3 choices first? In no particular order, wasn’t it Calhoun, Petersen, and Whittingham?

    I could be remembering wrong, but it didn’t appear that anyone wanted the job then and given the attrition with regard to talent, I can’t imagine anyone would want it now.