Quick impressions after a long day

Most impressive thing of the day:  the speed with which LSU’s defense closed on running plays.  Ridiculous.

Second most impressive thing of the day:  Abita Oyster Stout on draft.  Yummy.

Least impressive thing of the day:  the hands of Georgia’s receiving corps.  Clank.

Second least impressive thing of the day:  the clock at the Georgia Dome.  Useless.

I’m still glad the Dawgs got to play today.  Nothing invalidated the road they took to get to the Dome.  Although I wouldn’t have minded if, instead of the clocks going haywire, the power to the whole joint had just gone out after the first half.


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  1. 81Dog

    not much anyone can say; those guys took UGA’s best shot in the first half, and then spit it back in the third quarter like it was a pinch of Skoal. One just has to tip one’s hat to them.

    for a team with no running game at all today, we stayed with them longer than anyone thought we could. You can’t say we’re a bad team. They’ve inhaled pretty much everyone all year, except Alabama.

    • I don’t think we could have run inside against them if Crowell was healthy AND had his mind in the right place.

    • Saint Johns Dawg

      Reminded me of the death scene of Apollo Creed in Rocky IV … Apollo comes out blazing against the big Russian Drago only to get killed moments later.

      Great season Dawgs … Momentum for next year begins Tuesday if a certain tailback from NC chooses wisely.

  2. Skeeter

    Yep. We busted them in the mouth in the first half and they spit their teeth out in the second and let us have it. That’s what we get for finishing first in the East. Now we gotta suffer through a warm party-town bowl and recruit some more bruisers for next year who are ready to play NOW instead of riding the bench. Go Dawgs!

  3. Zdawg

    Or at least kept serving beer at the half. What was up with that???

  4. charlottedawg

    LSU’s really, really good. Tip of the hat to them. In no way does this invalidate the season, and we have the pieces to be special. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get to work for the bowl game. Sign another good recruiting class , work your butt off in the offseason, and this team could go even farther than the Georgia Dome in 2012.

  5. DA man

    I am still proud we got to Atlanta. And Spurrier didn’t. We lost to the #1 team even though we dominated them in first half. And i mean DOMINATED. Special teams and turnovers. And we left too many points on the field. Just wait until next year. Go Dawgs.

  6. Jim

    Proud of our boys today.

    Well prepared, played our arses off.

    Got whupped by a better team.

    Glad to admit i was wrong about richt

    We have to keep grinding but the pieces are in place

    Hope the team comes out on fire for whoever we play in whatever bowl

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Actually, and I know the Senator and others will disagree, but with the benefit of hindsight and now knowing the outcome of this game, I wish South Carolina had beaten Auburn and that UGA was co-champs of the SEC East and had lost the right to appear in the SECCG by the tiebreaker. Let USCe take the embarrassing hit on national TV. We then could have gone to whatever bowl, killed a Big 10 team, had an 11-2 season and tooled up for next year. Now we look exactly like what everyone in the media said–a team that didn’t beat anybody in the regular season. This team still has a fragile psyche. I hope this loss doesn’t cause permanent damage for the bowl and for next season.

    • Strongly disagree. Fake juice has been this program’s biggest problem for years. The 10-game run was great, but so is the reality check. Murray, his receivers, even the D need to go though an off season knowing that (a) they brought a lot to the table — the 10 wins and (b) it wasn’t enough to prevent getting beat like they stole something by a truly great team. So bust your ass in the strength porgram, study film, etc, etc…

      • gastr1

        Yeah, +1 on the reality check being a good thing. I thing you get a whiff before you’re ready for all of it, then you come back next time a little more assured about getting more than a whiff. I think it’s the silver lining to this for everyone. With a good recruiting class and lots of ’em coming back this can be a top 5 team.

        • Like when Florida got smashed by Nebraska in 1995 but then won it all in 1996.

          • Russ


            I think we’re poised for a great run. LSU showed (in the second half) that they are still by far the best team in the country. If we take the lessons to heart, work hard and recruit some depth at running back, we can pass through Atlanta next year on the way to the 7th straight BCSNC title.

    • Carolinadawg

      I’ll disagree as well. On should never wish their team failed to have the opportunity to play for a hampionship. Never.

      • BR Dawg

        I disagree as well. Its better to play a great team and lose than not play at all. With the loss you will learn what it takes to be great, not by watching it on tv.

    • Dave

      I’ll say this is crap. Only losers don’t want a shot at the champs.

    • AusDawg85

      You learn from adversity, not from success.

  8. BulldogBen

    That 1st half was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen from our Defense in years. Too bad they were just that much better. They may be the best team of the BCS era. At least resume-wise. 8 ranked teams? Ridiculous.

    All that said, the thing I took away from today was that WHEN we get back the SEC Championship, I discovered that it’s absolutely NO HOLDS BARRED in the parking lots. I paid $60 for our SUV of 6 people and we could’ve set up ANYTHING we wanted and we were 100 yards from the Dome. Guaranteed the people working the Falcons games see NOTHING like that all year.

    Put that one in the memory banks.

  9. ChicagoDawg

    I turned the game off at half-time, I take it from everyone’s comments that things did not go so well in the 3rd and 4th quarters?

    Few regrets on this season. Obviously, it would have been great to pull out a huge upset, but a season that ends in the Dome is a good season by any measure. Perhaps not a great season, but given the trajectory of the program over the previous two seasons this was very nice run. LSU is the real deal and clearly outclassed GA in the second half. The kids played inspired ball in the first half, dropped passes notwithstanding. The offensive and defensive game plans were equally inspired. The second half was a nut punch to be sure, but it was good experience and provided a needed contrast for the younger kids on the team. A contrast that will hopefully show them what elite MNC-level football looks like. Perhaps they can take this experience and motivate them to take it to the next level.

  10. Puffdawg

    Richt had our boys ready today. To play off bluto’s theme all week, we just didn’t have the horses. We brought horses. They brought thoroughbreds. We could have beaten any team in the country tonight except for one. Give LSU credit where it’s due: they have a legit team. At the risk of sounding like a homer, they have the most complete college team I’ve ever seen. My hats off to the dawgs. I am proud to be a bulldog tonight.

  11. 79dawg

    If we never got called for pass interference or holding, our defense would look like number 1 too.

    If we never got called for holding or blocks in the back, our special teams would look like number 1.

    I’m sure the SEC office, ESPN, CBS etc. ad naseum are glad Mike Slive made “the call” at the end of the first quarter to keep the narrative alive.

    Would much rather see Oklahoma State get a shot at LSU than the rematch….

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Come on ‘Pokes. Let’s see if LSU can win a track meet.

      • Zdawg

        I’m curious. The mayor and 79 are obviously on the conspiracy side. Do you think Richt is going to be submitting film to the SEC on Monday? Was it really that poorly called? Honestly, I was so high up my eyes are a bit strained right now.

        • 79dawg

          I don’t think Coach will, because he’s not that kind of guy, and also because at this point in the season it doesn’t mean jack.

          Maybe when I watch the tape tomorrow, it will look different, but at the game the officiating looked atrocious from matthieu’s punt return even through our last drive.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Yeah. I thought at the beginning of the game it was being called straight. Then when it appeared that LSU was going to need help…………let’s just say they got it.

            • adam

              Certainly got away with some bullshit.

            • Even at the start of the game there were holds by LSU that we overcame. Yes LSU is a great team. Yes we blew plays we should have made but at the same time if they call the game straight up at worst we are up 10-7 still with the ball at the point that we punted to LSU the second time that they had the big return. We would not have been punting the ball their if the refs call the blow to Murray’s head that I know they would have called had we done the same thing to Jefferson. It would have been nice to see what our D could have done with a fair shake and the holds called. Makes it easy to look like a great OL when you can hold on every play. Watch the replay objectively and you will see not just the inside the shoulders holding that is accepted but you will see the jerseys being pulled away from Georgia’s players bodies time after time. It was a joke how much better that made LSU’s line look.

              • Rusdawg

                The punt return particularly pissed me off at the time. There was at least one blatent block in the back and then Matheiu didn’t even score he fumbled the ball out of bounds in the endzone, which should have been a touchback.

                The NCAA really does need to institute the same rule as the NFL in that all scoring plays are automatically reviewed.

    • Puffdawg

      Granted the outcome was beyond doubt, but the last three attempts by Hutson to the end zone would have been flagged by Homeland Security. I get trying to let the guys play in a game that’s put of reach, but those no calls were criminal.

    • I’d much more likely buy conspiracy talk along the lines of UGA getting the calls with LSU and Bama all but done for the BCS game in an attempt to get a third SEC team in the BCS (and probably take a spot from B1G in the process).

      But, of course, we weren’t getting calls and the BCS game is never “a lock” despite Brad Edwards predictions.

    • Krautdawg

      Guys, I admit I felt a little suspicion too. I was watching on TV and about lost my mind on Mathieu´s punt return. Even the Europeans watching with me saw a block in the back. (Come to think of it, it might be worth it to recruit some Germans to replace the Curles & Wagers crews.)

      The icing, though: every replay of Mathieu´s punt return TD either (a) began after the egregious block in the back, or (b) went from beginning to end but cut out one second of playback. The second where you-know-what happened.

      Still, I have to imagine that if you want those calls, you gotta catch those first two TD passes.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        KD, it was the fact that UGA had the lead that caused the refs to ignore the BIBs in the first place. If UGA led more the refs would have helped LSU more and sooner. The SEC is just plain crooked.

        • Skeptic Dawg

          I simply refuse to believe that the SEC is crooked from top to bottom. I do believe the SEC officials are not very good. And I will buy a conspiracy theory as quickly as anyone! The officials did not prevent our O-line from opening holes. Nor did the officials knock balls out of our WRs hands.

          • Scott W.

            Yeah they sure aren’t very good at the right times. UGA helped them help LSU by not playing a perfect game though. As a skeptic you could use some work.

            • I thought there were two blocks in the back on LSU’s return for a TD, but the replay on the TV sure didn’t focus in on it. The 47 yrd return a few punts later had an obvious missed call of a block in the block on Rambo.
              There was one personal foul not called on LSU’s Fullback when he punched ogletree in the facemask, that would have had been called on UGA… a la the Crowell call that was stupid by both the ref and Crowell.

              Was this the difference in the game? dunno. I’d rather give LSU their due and let this be a learning lesson for our young team, but seriously, what is up with the one sided call by the refs? It isn’t just a few calls, it was most of the calls all night.

        • Krautdawg

          Mayor, after 2009 I can´t disagree that strange calls/no-calls get made at some awfully crucial times. I thought, though, that if we came out and looked the winner, those calls might fall our way. Here´s to hoping we start dominant next year and receive protected-species status from Birmingham.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I don’t want the crooked SEC refs cheating FOR the Dawgs either. How about just calling the game straight, eh? I watch a lot of football (mostly college) including other conferences plus the NFL. I never come away from those other games feeling like the outcome was fixed. I get that impression all the damn time in SEC games, even those where I don’t have a dog in the fight (pun intended). The teams on the favored list are Florida, Bama and LSU. When they play each other it depends on who is in the best position to get to the BCSNCG which one gets the benefit of the refs. Remember in ’09 when in a close game with an undefeated Bama the refs called an LSU interception out of bounds when the replay showed it was in (uncorrected by the TV ref BTW even though it was clearly a valid INT)? If LSU intercepts that pass it would have gotten the ball deep in Bama teritory and might have won the game. That season LSU was lower in the polls than Bama and Bama was undefeated. That same season the refs basically flagged Florida to a win over Arkansas. This was all about setting up the SECCG with 2 undefeated teams–Bama and Florida. That way the SEC was guaranteed to have an undefeated team for the BCSNCG. There were comments on national TV to the effect of “what’s wrong with the SEC refs?” Last season the SEC brass had to change in midseason because Auburn kept winning and morphed into the SEC’s best mealticket. So midseason Auburn started getting calls, not to mention the total pass from the SEC on Cam Newton. It’s all about the $$$$. I know people who have been talking about this for years. What’s amazing is that it is so obvious yet the Feds or some other governmental entity hasn’t started an investigation.

  12. Derek

    It’s a good night to be a bulldog. Our boys were well coached and prepared. You just gotta run the ball against a team like that and we couldn’t.

    From a strategy perspective you have to like what we did. We knew we had to get a big lead and make LSU pass. Almost worked. If we have two healthy sec caliber backs we could have shocked the world.

    • Zdawg

      Have to agree with this. But we would of needed to hold on to a few more passes in the first half.

    • Puffdawg

      Honestly we had zero tonight. I defended IC from Vob’s claims earlier this week, and I try not to sound hasty, but I’d be surprised of he plays another down f

      • Puffdawg

        …for the dawgs. After the rumors this week, he follows up a crucial pass interference with a pointless unsportsmanlike for running his mouth. I hope he finds his way somewhere, whether it be UGA or not, because with the amount of talent he has, his approach is just a shame.

        • WVMtnDawg

          Keep going down this road and you will be accused of not being a “true Bulldog”, at least that’s what anyone got for talking about the red flags from the facebook profile from before he enrolled at UGA.

          There’s a reason employers and education admissions committees use facebook pages and social media to screen job applicants….

  13. Zero Point Zero

    Im drunk.

  14. Turd Ferguson

    We threw a few tricks at them early, and they’d already begun to adjust by the middle of the 2nd quarter. Our defense looked great in the 1st half, but clearly does not have anything approaching the toughness and endurance of LSU. I’m certainly glad that we made it here, but I didn’t see a whole lot to be especially proud of. Maybe it didn’t “invalidate the road we took to get to the Dome,” but I think LSU made it painfully clear that we only made it to the Dome because the East is such a joke right now. This was the measuring stick. And we don’t measure up.

    With a little luck, we’ll finish atop our piss-poor division again next season, only to get our asses handed to us again by LSU or Alabama. We simply are not at their level. Not even close.

  15. MinnesotaDawg

    Apart from the first-half defense (incredible), this looked like a typical Jacksonville performance by the Dawgs. Too many self-inflicted mistakes and missed opportunities to beat a team like LSU. Sure LSU is great, but I won’t give them credit for Georgia dropped balls, missed throws, dumb penalties, missed field goals, turnovers, etc. Bottom line is we should have been up by 17 points or more at halftime instead of 3. And when the shit really hit the fan in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half, we seemed to fold up shop.

    Proud of how far we came from last year, but Georgia football teams need to increase their mental toughness if they want to beat the likes of LSU or Alabama. Hopefully that is phase 2 of the S&C overhaul. The notable failure to put together 4 solid quarters against some of the lousiest SEC teams came home to roost today. Can only hope that these painful lessons will ultimately lead to further improvement in 2012.

  16. The way Mike Bobo has taken his foot off the gas all year and cowardly hidden away to let the D win it for us, a loss like this was inevitable.

    You don’t get to take a smoke break for 3 quarters just because someone else (CTG and the D) is working his ass off.

    I am so fed up with Bobo. Not just playcalling, everything. The way he “coordinates” the entire offense.


    Running backs.



    Everything. Its chaos. Utter chaos. It isn’t run with anywhere near the precision and killer instinct that CTG runs the defense.

    We will never be a complete team like LSU until we have a complete set of top quality coaches.

    • Normaltown Mike

      spot on Muck

      He tells receivers to drop TD passes, he tells his QB to fumble the ball on the first drive of the 3rd QTR, he tells IC to have a bad ankle.

      This guy is an idiot!

      You can’t beat the best team in the country when your receivers drop sure TD catches, the QB fumbles deep in UGA territory and your only SEC caliber back is limping off the field!

    • IndyDawg

      Did you watch the same game I did? Because I didn’t see Bobo drop passes or a talented but no-depth offensive line wear down against an oustanding/incredibly deep defensive line. And I didn’t see Bobo decide he didn’t need healthy running backs with their heads screwed on straight Saturday. The game plan was outstanding–it was better than I expected given the circumstances. The team got their shot –thanks to the coaches game plan–but didn’t make it happen on the field. You can argue that we need more players who are ready to play immediately. You can argue we need more players who want to win for GEORGIA instead of padding stats in prep for the NFL. You can argue this team needs another year of intensive S&C in the off season to get stronger physically and mentally.But the “I blame Bobo” meme is just laughable.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Enough with your facts and logic, it’s Bobo’s fault!

        • JimDawginTexas

          Yes, booboo is the best OC in the country. Fire Richt and put booboo in charge. I am still waiting on my other 30 points that we are guaranteed when booboo calls a game. LSU adjusted and the deer in the headlights could not.

  17. Macallanlover

    Just got home from a very strange game, imo, and since it is late these will be brief, stilted comments but after reading some of those up from today I just want to express my thoughts:
    1. Team was ready, and amped Coaches had done their job, and except for the drops in the 1st half, we totally dominated. But you could see the energy change on the punt return, and the OL began caving in late in the 2nd Qtr. I had a strong suspicion we would pay for not capitalizing on those early opportunities. I could care less about him flipping the ball early to the ref. That block in the back was in wide-open spaces, in front of the ref, and would have put them 75-80 yards away for the goalline…play deflating them. Game changed right then, and we never got it back (although we may have except for a great pass defense play by their #24 on the long pass before half time.

    2. Many of us said all week that our OL and our kick coverage was the two worst matchups of the game…and they were–in spades. We have not had good run blocking all year, and tonight our pass blocking had AM moving immediately on receiving the snap to find a quick lane and get a throw off. It did occur after the punt return, and got worse in the 2nd half. We have got to fix this OL problem (it isn’t just a 2011 problem) or we will not beat good defensive teams in 2012, or 2013 regardless of our returning talent. We made the TOs and ST mistakes that were the only way they could score than many points. It was SC revisited except we could never match LSU in offensive points like we did the Cocks. Too many short fields for a team that doesn’t need any help.

    3. I like AM, he is a warrior and 100% DGD. He may be he best QB option we have but we need more consistency and ball security from our QB in big games. I know he was pressured unmercifully tonight and took quite a beating, but we threw to receivers that were covered up several times, and the fumble at the start of the 2nd half just inflamed the Tigers, who had yet to enjoy any offensive success. Reduced TOs from the QB position just has to be a priority. It pretty much cost us the SC game, it did cost us last year’s Florida’s game, and it directly led to this not being competitive tonight (not saying we wouldn’t have lost anyway, but it would likely have been a 4 Qtr game…my opinion.) The fumble, the INT on 1st down when we were still in reach, the Pick 6, and a few other throws that were into coverage are examples. And let me repeat, I saw how pathetic the time to throw was, but we cannot force the ball against a good defense.

    4. The IC situation has to be resolved, perhaps within the next week. While some here have defended his right to become a Senior Citizen before holding him accountable, I think the writing was on the wall before the season began, and now it has gotten worse. Give me Boo and RS4 + any new recruits for next year. I don’t want him to get q any more rope, he has lost the team, apparently the staff, and now the fans. We cannot afford this kind of drama. I think everyone has done a pretty good job of cleaning up the internal mess from the past two years, but this one Energy Vampire will drag everyone down if something doesn’t change ASAP. Peerhaps he and duh Rick could start their own team.

    5. I don’t know what Miles’s staff did to their blocking assignments after intermission but it brought back all my concerns about the 3-4’s ability stopping a power running attack that I had just about gotten over. We got gashed, and by a team that pretty well told us “we can’t pass a lick, so we are coming right at you —no trickeration, just smash mouth football”. Before we began trying to strip the ball as opposed to tackling/wrapping, or “quit” as some have accused, we were getting knocked back and blown off the ball by the same line that we atre alive the first two quarters. What they heck happened? And when it did, why could we counter it? With all due respect with their athleticsm, strength, spped, and depth, something strange and wicked happened in the two locker rooms.

    That’s enough, it is late, and my emotions have been sucked dry by the contrast of those two halves, and I haven’t seen the replay yet. I have seen CFB games change before, but this one was strange in that we it wasn’t driven so much by breaks, we had no contributions from good luck/breaks in the first half, we just lined up and whipped their offense. Then in the 2nd half, they just whipped us, no luck, just stuck it down our throats. Need to see what caused that, it wasn’t conditioning in the 3rd Qtr, maybe so during the fourth Qtr.

    I still like this team, a lot, but we need to really assess what our needs are for both player talent/depth, and coaching that can develop the talent we currently have. Go JUCO if you must, we have some immediate needs to not waste the potential of 2012.

    • I’m with you on #3. I love AM. I wish he had a stronger arm, though.

      WRT to IC, I won’t disagree with anything save that I think he lost the fans before our first game. If for no other reason, that led me to not listen to his critics since it’s pretty tough to live up to the “savior” hype he was getting. Now, though, it’s clear he’s got serious issues that the team is going to have to deal with. He’s only a frosh, so, unless being 19 is “senior citizen” now – if it is, I’m way past due on getting fitted for my jogging suit – then I’m not quite ready to throw his talent on the scrap heap. Let the team take care of it, coaches bring in a new class, then see if he’s ready to compete.

      But, it seems clear he’s more Washaun than Knowshon.

  18. heyberto

    Sorry for the seniors, but this could be a great experience for the younger members of our team going forward. We still have a bowl game, so let’s take these guys out with a win!

  19. timphd

    The Bobo blame game is getting old. He called a great game that should have had us up 21-0 in the first half. The play calling got guys wide open for TD’s and they just didn’t catch the ball. If we are up 21 it is a totally different game. He put them in position but they simply didn’t make the plays.

    In the second half he stayed with what had worked before and tried to do quick passes that didn’t require the line to block for long. Some worked some didn’t. Again, I don’t know how it is Bobo’s fault for an o line that wiffs at times. My only questions is why they didn’t let Malcome in the game earlier. I know it was in garbage time when he got in but he looked the best of all the running backs. The pile moved backwards when he ran the ball. I don’t know what he has done to get in the dog house, but I hope they give the kid a shot. He has shown flashes in the game.

    I also screamed so loud I suspect my neighbors thought I was abusing my wife on the first punt return TD. The block in the back was so egregious that I couldn’t believe it wouldn’t be called. Make that call and make the catches, and we go in at the half leading 21-0 and have all the momentum. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think the SEC fixed the game. I just think the SEC refs are so bad as to embarrass the best league in the country. When the replay shows him tossing the ball to the ref before he crosses the goal line, and the ref already is signalling touchdown, I was pissed too. How do you miss that? You are standing right there. The poor production from the refs is something that needs to be addressed.

    • Carolinadawg

      I will quibble a bit and say that Bobo’s play calling was great early on, but I still can’t understand the runs into the middle of the line on 1st and 2nd down for a least four consecutive positions in the second and third quarters. He has a maddening habit of failing to continue to do what is working.

      • AusDawg85

        It seemed as if Bobo thought switching to the run in the 2nd half would eat clock and fool LSU…epic fail. Worse, I didn’t see a lot of quick passes. We still lined-up in the I when PA was no longer a threat. Where was the jet sweep with Boykin/Smith to use our speed? Figgens dropped a wheel route, but why not try it again? I think I saw 2 screen passes to slow the LSU rush, both to Isiah in the middle, and both poorly thrown and thus dropped.

        I’m sorry, but while execution was failing Bobo, he was failing in making any type of adjustments. Let’s put it this way…how could it hurt UGA to get a better OC?

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Yep. He called a great game for 1 quarter (completely giving him credit for plays that were botched by dropped passes, poor throws, etc.) However, the last three quarters, especially the 2nd and 3rd, when the game was still in doubt, were an uninspired mix of our basic. The “switch” to the run game amounted to wasting 2 downs a series and consistently set up a predictable 3rd and long/fail/sack.

  20. Irishdawg

    muckbeast, you know one song and it’s a single, tinny note. Bobo called a good game, but playcalling means nothing when guys drop balls that hit them in the goddam hands or a quarterback has to run like he’s caught in the middle of a firefight.

    Everyone should remember that LSU fans were ready to run Miles off a few years ago. But he got top notch talent and developed it, and now he’s got a team reminiscent of the Wehrmact in 1940. Richt’s capable of doing the same thing with these players and this staff.

    • Otto

      People should also remember, MIles changed his staff to use that talent on BOTH sides of the ball.

      It wasn’t just Bobo but with Crowell not at 100% the smaller RBs are a fumble waiting to happen against LSU defense. They also weren’t moving the pile. Malcome is in the doghouse but the only RB that was healthy and can move the pile. Why did it take him so long to hit the field? Dropped passes have been chronic in big games over the years. Bobo’s fault directly? No but Bobo and CMR hire and fire the WR’s coach.

      Another disturbing thing is UGA has the biggest OL in football but can’t get a running game started on UK. The OL coach and/or S&C aren’t up to par with LSU/Bama or past UF teams.

      If UGA wants to win SEC/National titles my fear is that more changes need to be made on the staff. I understand the winning streak will give CMR time but my optimism for the program will continue to be cautious.

  21. Scorpio Jones, III

    “reminiscent of the Wehrmact in 1940″….+1

    The depth LSU has on both sides of the ball is a thing of wonder.

    I am sure this has occurred to the coaching staff, but the best running back we have had on the field in a long time, Moreno, recruited US!

    LSU is a mature football team, mentally and physically. We simply are not there yet.

    Maybe next year we will be closer.

    Clear eyes, Full hearts and LSU in the Dome (again).

  22. The Life of Reilly

    I blame Bobo. Coming out in a conservative offense to start the 2nd half sent out the wrong message. It showed fear and a lack of confidence. Anyone who thought that a 3 point lead would be enough to hold off the best team in the country for an entire half is insane. This seems like a classic Bobo mistake. You have nothing to lose in this game yet Bobo gameplans like they UGA is the favorite who has something to protect. It is frustrating. Why move away from the strategy that worked great for the first three drives and to the inside running game/play action I formation offense? With no running backs and a tiring offense line did Bobo think we would be able to push LSU’s run defense around in the 2nd half? What is also frustrating is that Bobo waited till UGA was down by 18 to start trying to sling the ball around again. I’m proud of the players and proud of the coaching staff, and proud of Bobo’s initial game plan but Bobo’s in game adjustments allowed LSU to take momentum and took away from the players a legit chance at beating the best team of the country.

    • timphd

      Couldn’t disagree more.

      • The Lone Stranger

        I think I agree more than disagree with this, in theory. Especially important in the scenario is how the coaches could have thought the I-Form would work given the limitations in the rushing game.

    • Russ

      I thought Bobo called a good game, especially early on. But I agree that the starting possession of the second half was poor (before Murray’s fumble). Two runs into the line gained nothing, then Murray fumbles on the scramble, and that was just about it.

      Overall, though, we just got whipped. Still proud of the season, and I think things are looking up. Solve the RB problem and we are well-poised to be back in the Dome next year.

  23. TennesseeDawg

    Time to take off the red and black glasses and see this season for what is was. We improved over being terrible which what we have been but the fact is that the Dawgs beat 10 average to bad teams and got beaten by 3 good teams. Overall the team is young so the future looks bright but I’m not yet convinced Richt should be getting a long term contract until we see what this team can do next year with most of the 2 deep returning.

    • The Life of Reilly


    • Dave

      Harsh, but fair. However, I will say that we saw improvement in areas that need improving. That is the sign of a good coaching job. Now, if we can just not regress in other areas (special teams), when we improve this year………

      • One loss and you guys are back to being a broken record. I guess you geniuses could have coached this team to victory last night, huh? Please, I’d love to hear your two or so keys to success last night. I’d love to know what strategy you would have laid on Miles and Chavis that they couldn’t have countered.
        Seriously, unless it is your money that we’re using to resign and pay Richt then you need to shut the F up. Recruits need to see the committment in the form of a mid to long term contract for the head coach and if you don’t understand that then I’ll leave you with the immortal words of the great Ron White, ” You can’t fix Stupid”!

        • TennesseeDawg

          Get your panties out of your crack, loser. Some of you act like nothing bad should every be said about the team. Quit being such a idiot. Nothing wrong with being objective instead of a constant homer.

  24. Dorothy Mantooth

    Thats the first time I can ever remember being at a game where UGA booed one of our own players. Twice. If IC can’t get his mind right for the SECCG, even if a true frosh, he needs to hit the bricks.

    • Russ

      I think one time the crowd was calling “Boooo” for Ken “Boo” Malcome.

      • Dorothy Mantooth

        He was clearly booed after the personal foul penalty. I obviously didn’t see the broadcast but was told if you could read lips you could tell CMR told IC to shut the F@@@ up and sit down. Anyone else see that?

        • Russ

          I don’t doubt he was booed for the PF. He’s got to learn to shut his mouth. I doubt Richt dropped the F bomb, but I’m sure Grantham makes up for it.

        • Mike

          I saw it and mentioned to my wife that Richt just dropped an f bomb

  25. The Lone Stranger

    I never thought I would type this, but I am looking with anticipation toward this kid Marshall Morgan who, like Walsh, is knocking home 60 yd. FGs in high school. Maybe he can come in with somewhat more consistency. Ol’ Blair has totally lost his mind this season, and it has affected the team.

  26. Mike

    The good Senator writes;

    “Most impressive thing of the day: the speed with which LSU’s defense closed on running plays. Ridiculous.”

    Yea, when I saw them against Florida, that was my impression too.

    UGA deserves a lot of credit for winning the SEC East. That said, the score of this game ended up pretty much as I had anticipated. LSU is just that good and is much, much better than any team in the SEC East. Or any team in the SEC West not named Alabama for that matter.

    Other notes, on TV it looked like UGA fans outnumbered LSU fans by a 2-1 margin. Did it seem that way in person?