Adding insult to injury

Is it possible for this to turn into any more of a lost season for Gator fans than it’s become?


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55 responses to “Adding insult to injury

  1. Bard Parker

    Makes UGA’s problems seem quite small, don’t it?

  2. BulldogBen

    Two 6-6 teams playing in a Jan. 2nd bowl.

    Good job college football.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    You know the Gator Bowl was dying to make that happen.

  4. Nate Dawg

    Is the Urb gonna coach it for sure?? Oh please say that he is!! (Surely he’s not tho, right?)

  5. “Muschamp confirms that strength coach Mickey Marotti has left to join Urban Meyer at Ohio State.” – @APMarkLong

    This is fun!

    • adam

      At this point, it’s quite clear that Urban can just hire whoever he wants from Florida.

      Next we’re going to hear that Foley has confirmed he’s leaving Florida to become the new AD at Ohio State.

    • South FL Dawg

      Amazing that such a brilliant AD as Foley is always made out to be didn’t have a clause in Meyer’s separation agreement to prevent him from poaching and cherry picking.

      • Bard Parker

        I think when it is all said and done Greg McGarity will turn out to have been the brains behind the operation in Gainesville

        • Scooter Brown

          If McGarity is the brain I hope he is, Coach Bobo will be the new Quarterback Coack at UGA, and the new offensive Cooordinator willl be as good a hire as Grantham was for the defense.

          • Bard Parker

            Which assistant then gets cut loose?

            • Skeptic Dawg

              Coach Rodney Gardner, come on down! Anyone believe CTG can’t take over here?

              • adam

                Has to be an offensive coach in this weird hypothetical.

                Defense – Grantham, Garner, Olivadotti, Lakatos

                Offense – Bobo, McClendon, Lily, Ball, Friend

                The offense has more coaches. That whole thing would never happen, but it certainly seems like McClendon or Lily would the first to go if McGarity went insane and started insisting that we had do something like that. They’re both big recruiters though, so I don’t see how that would work out. Maybe it should just be Bobo… Coach Richt can handle coaching QB’s if Saban can coach DB’s at Bama (though, he doesn’t do that alone either).

                • Puffdawg

                  Considering McClendon was in Keith Marshall’s living room Sunday night with CMR, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

              • The Lone Stranger

                For all the questions about Garner, the guy does get out there into the bushes and recruit. He’s like the strong fathrely presence that Richt brings along when a wavering HS kid needs that last little nudge.

          • Bobo will continue as the OC. Mainly because Richt, McGarity, the Players, the rest of the coaching staff, & the new recruits all beieve that he is doing a good job.
            I don’t have a dog in this fight, But I am more than satisfied with Bobo, with Richt, & with the Offensive game plans they develop & with the play calling.
            Bobo is on track learning to be the sucessful D-1 (BCS) HC that he will be some day. The Bobo Bashers are wrong. I find no credence in their complaints. Nuff Said.

          • NC Dawg

            …here we go

  6. South FL Dawg

    Urb isn’t coaching this year’s buck team.

    Nothing screams “it’s just business and I’m looking out for #1” as much as the coaching carousel.

  7. JaxDawg

    (A) As a Jacksonville resident, this is a good matchup for the city. The commerce from this game will be strong this year. This city needs the revenues.

    (B) As for Florida, they are but another example of how quickly glory is fleeting. No program and fanbase deserve a comeuppance, but it really makes you appreciate where the Dawgs are these days. The next 2 years for UGA are very bright indeed and I intend to relish as much as possible.

    (C) If things fall into place for us in ’12, we could very well see LSU in the dome again.

  8. JaxDawg

    correction re Florida, no program and fanbase deserve more of a comeuppance.

  9. SlobberKnocker

    That simply brings a smile to my face. I really have a delima though. I despise Corch as much as I hate the Gaytors (and I have a strong dislike for OSU). How do I reconcile that internal conflict? They can’t all lose.

  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is actually the best thing that could happen to the Gators. First, JAX is basically a second home so it is essentially a home game for them. Second, Ohio State sucks so badly that the Gators will win the game and avoid a losing season. Third, they have extra time to work on next season early ’cause they are in a bowl where they do not have to lose time traveling very far. Sure the kids won’t like it because they don’t get to see downtown El Paso or some place like it but who cares what the Florida players think? Certainly not the Florida coaches.

  11. JasonC

    The only way it gets worse is if tOSU beats Florida… and then instead of rings, they get tattoos to celebrate.

  12. Two programs I love to see lose. I will still pull for both of them to lose, Sorry that it can’t happen.

  13. Skeeter

    In keeping with his new employer, he is now asking media to refer to him as The Urban Meyer.

  14. Aligator

    I know right, bend over and jam it on up in there ..

  15. X-Dawg

    I don’t get it. What’s so damn funny?😉

  16. Go Dawgs!

    The SEC has too many bowl tie-ins with the Big Ten. I can’t tell you how underwhelmed I am with playing Michigan State again.

  17. Dawg19

    I was hoping to play Michigan. Having to play Michigan State, Wisconsin or Purdue again is like being forced to watch dumb people play Trivial Pursuit…

    • Zdawg

      I knew the matchup would suck. Add texas a&m , central Florida, fsu and Hawaii, and it is no wonder why regular season beats post season. Thank goodness we play in the sec. Just about every week we have a more interesting game than this.

      • The Lone Stranger

        This MSU team is better than the one UGa took care of after the 2008 season, though, and has the players I fear to win the game.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I thought the prospect of tangling with Nebraska was intriguing, seeing as how the one bowl matchup vs. the Huskers did not go so well (see ’69 Sun). I know it’s politics/ticket selling but I am hard pressed to understand how the Cocks got the Capitol One, though, sure, they can point to that early season 45-42 atrocity.

  18. As much I hate FU, it is still a toast for Herbstreit team OHIO gets toasted

  19. There are three things about Ohio State that I HATE, 1. They think so highly of themselves like those North Ave traders, 2. Herbstreit, now, 3. Meyer.

  20. Irishdawg

    “You can pull for a natural disaster to occur.”

    I’m rooting for the Kraken. RELEASE HIM!!!

  21. IndyDawg

    This is the very definition of a meteor game. How is that not in the lexicon, good Senator?

  22. Spike

    Urban will point and stare.