This year’s wrong BCS argument

For all the light and heat being directed at which team deserves to be number two in the BCS standings, I find myself more worked up over why LSU has to play another school in the title game in the first place.


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  1. Will they not have already won the AP National Championship ??
    If they play in the MNCG & lose, I still would consider them to be the best 1 loss team in the country. Nobody else can match their total season.s body of work.

  2. SouthGa Dawg

    Been praying all day, that Okie St. overtakes Bama. I’m worried that God is though partial to Bama. Boy would it be great to hear the Bama nation cry and whine. Plus, LSU would absolutely gut Okie St in the MNC. I feel we are certainly heading for the “rematch of the century.”

  3. jasperdawg

    Alabama has done nothing this season to show me they deserve to play for a national championship

    • Dawg in Alabama

      They fielded a team. That alone is proof they deserve to play for a national championship. Every year Alabama has a team is a year they should win the MNC. Or so I’m told.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Seriously? Remember that team we played yesterday? They took that team to overtime, and lost by a FG. No other team in college football could do that. Any other national championship match-up will be an absolute massacre. They are clearly the 2nd best team in the country.

      • So the reason they should go, and are the second best team in the country, is because they lost to #1 by the least? They played no ones, beat no ones, but lost to the best, so they’re second best?

      • Will (the other one)

        And that team we played yesterday? They only played better after that near loss. Bama played well, but didn’t look like a #2 (particularly when they were struggling to move the ball early against a historically crappy Auburn defense.)

      • Robby

        At HOME at night.

  4. Keese

    I liked the BCS tweaks that Todd Blackledge proposed

  5. Keese

    ‘cuse me. Gary Danielson

  6. Russ

    It would be funny to see how badly LSU would abuse Okie St. That said, Bama will still be going.

  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I personally would prefer to see OSU thrown to the wolves and Bama get Stanford in the Sugar. The last isn’t really possible – apparently the Sugar will have to go with someone horrible. An SEC rematch guarantees someone from the SEC will get shafted down the road. That’s really what I hate about this system – it’s inability to distinguish one year to the next or just how different a team can be from week one to week thirteen.

  8. Brian Dawg

    There is no reason LSU should have to play another game this season.
    What do they have left to prove?

    • BuzMan

      I have to agree. They are the National Champions. If by some quirk of fate they had to forfeit the NC game, they should still be number 1.

  9. Irwin R. Fletcher

    At least the BCS is protecting the integrity of the regular season and hasn’t turned the ‘national championship’ into a beauty contest to see who gets in…


    Maybe they should just skip the discussion about ‘plus 1’ and a ‘playoff’ and go right to their real ‘solution’….

    Ryan Seacrest standing on stage: “Text 001 for Bama, Text 002 for Okie State, Text 003 for Boise….and we’ll hear from our next contestant right after these words from Coke. “

  10. Other than for the sake of shaming and humiliating the BCS, I don’t want a rematch.

    I want LSU to destroy Ok. State.

    Alabama to destroy some chump in the Sugar Bowl.

    And then let things move down the line in the other bowls.

    The SEC getting 2 teams in the title game will create a ripple effect throughout bowl season where SEC teams are playing much higher seeded teams from other conferences.

    • FisheriesDawg

      “The SEC getting 2 teams in the title game will create a ripple effect throughout bowl season where SEC teams are playing much higher seeded teams from other conferences.”

      How would it do that? If Bama played in the Sugar instead of against LSU, the same teams would be playing in the same games in the rest of the league.

    • Bob

      Yeah like Alabama destroyed Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Oh wait, that was the Tide’s fans fault according to Lord Saban. And oh yeah, we didn;t really want to be there…even if it was the first BCS game in 9 years. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

      So Bama wins this game in a thriller. Final Resume
      LSU 13-1 Bama 12-1 LSU SEC West and SEC Champs, Bama not so much; LSU beats 7 ranked opponents, three of which were Top 3. Bama plays 3 ranked opponents and wins 2. Bama beats 2 BCS Conference Champs…Oregon and WVU. Bama beats Georgia Southern. LSU beats Bama at Bryant Denny. Bama loses to LSU at Bryant Denny.

      Now explain to me how this system works? Its called ESPN and CBS have incestuous relationships with certain teams from Tuscaloosa.

      • Bob

        Of course that was LSU beat WVU and Oregon. And oh yeah, Bama plays 2 good teams all year, both in Bryant Denny and goes 1-1.

        What a joke.

  11. “why LSU has to play another school in the title game in the first place.”

    So people can make millions selling tickets, ads, hotels, etc.

    • I know, man. Tongue was firmly in cheek as I typed that.

      This year, the better solution would be to declare LSU the MNC and let ‘Bama and OSU have a playoff for second place.

      • Ausdawg85

        Do this in the Sugar, winner gets LSU and see how everyone thinks the +1 format is better.

        • Why does LSU have to get anyone?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Because some of us would like to see how LSU would do in a game against a quality opponent without SEC refs helping them, that’s why.

            • FisheriesDawg

              Do you actually still have a question in your mind that they’re the best team in football this year? They just might be the best team since at least 1995. I don’t think they need any help from SEC refs.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                FD, somebody says that about whoever wins the BCSNCG damn near EVERY year. I remember when Bama won 2 years ago and there were plenty of people saying that about them then.I think Bama is at least 50-50 to beat LSU. Hell, if the refs hadn’t helped LSU in the SECCG the Dawgs might well have beaten LSU–and without a running game. LSU didn’t even make a first down for the entire first half against Georgia.

          • Ausdawg85

            My point is about the fallacy of the +1 format. Even tongue in cheek, I’m giving LSU a bye and “solving” the Bama / OSU debate. And it still would not be totally fair to LSU if Bama won, and if a reality, who is the 4th team?

      • Chopdawg

        So, your tongue’s been firmly in cheek with ALL your pro-BCS posts this season! Cool, I get it now, satire.

  12. Will be interesting if LSU has a bad game and Bama takes them to the woodshed.

  13. Biggus Rickus

    Look, nobody particularly wanted a rematch, but the arguments above against Alabama being the second best team are specious. They destroyed everyone on their schedule with the exception of the widely acknowledged best team in a decade at least, who they lost to by three because they couldn’t make a field goal. Does anyone honestly believe that Oklahoma State is better? If you want to complain about the system, fine, but short of awarding championships before the bowls LSU was going to have to play someone. It’s not Alabama’s fault the system doesn’t require you to win your conference and that nobody else did enough to knock them out of number two.