Ah, what do they know?

Isaiah Crowell is named the AP’s SEC freshman of the year.

I blame Bobo, of course.


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  1. AusDawg85

    At least that won’t go to his head…

    Seriously…huge congratulations to that young man! Hope he can build on it positively.

  2. AthensHomerDawg

    just sayin’

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Congrats to IC! If you will work hard and do what the coaches say you just might be All-SEC next season, All-America after that and who knows, maybe a Heisman contender.

  4. sUGArdaddy

    I hope the kid sees the opportunity before him. He has a chance to play with a splendid defense with an exceptional QB who has throwing options.

    Get after it IC. We’re cheering for you.

  5. Derek

    Whether he was the best freshman in the conference could be debated. That he was the most valuable is without question.

  6. StirBaby's ManPiece

    Senator, have you been spending time in the arena? those of us who haven’t yet deified Bobo would like to know.

    Or, maybe antipathy paves the way to increased readership?

    • Scott W.

      Who needs Stats? You can use those to prove anything.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Here we go…. Once upon a time we could all be on the same team but have our differences of opinion. After more than a decade of Mark Richt football we find ourselves aligned into two camps. Disney Dawgs/ Eeyore Dogs… or Richtophiles(Pee-Pee Dawgs) and Richtophobes. Back in the dark ages of Goff and then Donnan there were a lot of vicious BooBirds who loved to vocalize their rants but simply couldn’t deal with oppositional opinion, and would routinely delete any comment they disliked. You feeling me here ManPiece(slang for the male genitalia… reading here Dick). What a tool. GTP doesn’t need your approval rating to garner hits. Goodness… what a piece of work. Go to S&G and spew that Okay? We good?

    • Go Dawgs!

      I don’t really think Blutarsky has “deified” Bobo. However, we haven’t heard much from those of you who want to run him out of town on a rail lately. Even without contributions from his top two tailbacks, Bobo destroyed Georgia Tech. He obliterated Auburn. Working with only one of his first three runners and a very shaky quarterback against Kentucky, the team won. He called the right plays that could have given Georgia a minimum of a 24-0 lead had players executed, and he did so without any semblance of a running game due to injuries and the ineffectiveness of a small back against a championship defense. He did go conservative, and it did cost him. At the end of the day, the better team won.

      Bobo did a good job this year. Sorry, but he did.

      • Coach Hewitt...

        Rumor: Bobo was locked in the locker room the entire first half….
        A trainer found him right before half… Bobo returned and called the offensive plays for the second half….. 😉

      • Bobo did a good job? By what standard? Day care standard where everyone gets a ribbon?

        We beat 10 teams that had dramatically inferior talent.

        He repeatedly took his foot off the gas and made CTG do his job for him.

        That’s not a good job. That’s an utter disgrace.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Don’t you have a Gameboy you should be bootin’ up?

          • Brandon

            You have to forgive Muckbeast, Bobo apparently banged his mom, girlfriend and sister in college (kidding of course) but his hatred of Bobo is immune to all reason and argument, Bobo would still suck to him if he goes down in history as the next Bill Walsh.

            • adam

              “Bobo would still suck to him if he goes down in history as the next Bill Walsh.”

              I don’t think he’ll have to worry about that.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                How do you know that? Bobo’s only in his early 30s and he is already OC at one of the top programs in America and has been for several years. How do you know the guy won’t be the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi before he’s through? HC at a bigtime college program or in the NFL before he’s done? Winning conference titles and BCSNCs or Super Bowls. Did your crystal ball tell you? You need to change your name to Carnac the Magnificent since you have all the answers–without the questions being asked.

                • Cojones

                  Mayor, take three big pulls on some Herradura, sit back and let some agave moisten your taste. Repeat. Now say three times,” I won’t go off on people like that shithead Cojones does.” Say that in spite of the fact they deserve it. Repeat the Herradura treatment until Coleman sounds like the Grand Wazoo…I mean Wazir. Your body politic wants you to continue in office and use your bully pulpit for all the good flavors you espouse. We need a big push until we get this next class signed and there are too many pig-headed egos out there in the bushes waiting to take cheapshots with cheapened reasoning for you to be lost clinically in the first skirmishes. When you finish with that Herradura, I’d like a pull on it….or maybe I’ll just go get a fresh bottle of Mescal. When you have to suffer idiots, you need all the help you can get.

                • adam

                  I didn’t mean to offend you there, Mayor.

                  How about this… I didn’t mean that Bobo couldn’t some day be a great head coach. I don’t think he will, but that’s baseless opinion and I wasn’t going to argue that. I certainly have no aversion to him becoming a great head coach some day somewhere. I would be really happy for him, honestly.

                  I thought the Bill Walsh reference had more to do with Walsh’s success as an offensive innovator (the West Coast offense being Walsh’s trademark). Walsh was 37 when he developed the West Coast Offense. Hal Mumme developed his version of the Air Raid when he was in his mid 30’s. Mike Leach was barely 30 (got his first OC job at age 28) when he got into the Air Raid. By his mid-30’s he was already known for his offensive mind and by the time he was 40, he had changed the Air Raid system he and Mumme had used to become his current system.

                  Bobo is 37. He’s got many years left in his career. I don’t know what will happen.

                  But I’m of the opinion that he won’t be considered an offensive innovator by the end of his career. He may go down as a great OC. He may not. But, what I meant was that I didn’t think he would go down as a Bill Walsh type. Walsh changed offenses permanently and developed a new system for which he would become well known and celebrated. I personally don’t think Bobo will do that. If he were going to… I think we would see the beginnings of that now. He just doesn’t seem like an offensive innovator.

                  You have a right to your opinion as well. I said “I don’t think…” I was obviously stating my opinion. I didn’t insult yours. I have a right to mine as well. “You don’t know that” is not a valid objection to an opinion in my eyes.

                  So, maybe Bobo will become the next Bill Walsh. But I don’t think he will.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    Sorry Adam, it just struck me wrong. Of course you are entitled to your opinion. I suspect your opinion and mine are not really that far apart. FWIW I think Bobo needs to move on for his own career development and because if you stay at the same place too long you just get stale. Sometimes if you stay at the same place for 20 years you do not get 20 years of experience. You get 5 years of experience 4 times. Bobo needs to be a HC at a smaller school or get on with an NFL team as QB coach and transition to an OC in the League. The UGA offense likewise needs fresh blood. I favor hiring an OC from the NFL like we did with the DC. That doesn’t mean that I do not think Bobo is a talented guy at what he does. He is and I respect him for it. Sometimes you just got to change things to keep it fresh. If Bobo gets some seasoning at the NFL level or as HC someplace he just might end up coming back to Athens as HC one day. I understand that there is an opening at Arkansas State. There–I said it.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      P.S. I sure like Bobo as a future HC at UGA better than a lot of names I have heard batted around recently–like Kirby Smart. Just get some experience elsewhere so you’re not so inbred.

      • BOBO did a good job against mediocre teams but gets out coached against very good teams. I doubt if UGA wins the SEC with him as OC.

    • Deified Bobo? LMAO. How long have you been reading the blog?

      • StirBaby's ManPiece

        Yeah, I’ve been a reader for a long time. At this point, there are two things I know:

        1) You think a playoff would devalue the regular season. Cool, I appreciate that you can articulate your opinion as well as you do. You’re one of the few “status quo” proponents that I find it hard to argue with.
        2) You think the fanbase went overboard in their criticism of Bobo. Again, valid opinion, probably right.

        BUT… your snark is turning you into the hooker with the glass eye. She’s the one that can give you a hummer while she blows on your pair. Unique/cool/funny the first time, but boy does it get old.

        Anyone who was at the 2007 Tennessee, 2008/09 Florida, 2008 Alabama, 2009 Tennessee or 2010 UCF games has a reason and a right to question Bobo. That doesn’t imply a right to put for sale signs in his yard, but he earned his detractors the good old fashioned way – questionable coaching by the bucketload, that’s exacerbated by stretches of brilliance.

        To your credit, I would submit that one of those stretches of brilliance was a 10 game winning streak without a steady tailback, and a fragile O-line with zero depth and at least one starter playing out of position. It only ended when we got the dropsies, and played against the #1 team in the country…

        • Anyone who was at the 2007 Tennessee, 2008/09 Florida, 2008 Alabama, 2009 Tennessee or 2010 UCF games has a reason and a right to question Bobo. That doesn’t imply a right to put for sale signs in his yard, but he earned his detractors the good old fashioned way – questionable coaching by the bucketload, that’s exacerbated by stretches of brilliance.

          And you can find plenty of posts here throwing well deserved brickbats at Bobo for that – and more.

          As you note, this year has seen the longest stretch of sustained improvement from him as a playcaller, despite the limited resources he’s had to work with and yet there are plenty of fans who aren’t able, or aren’t willing, to recognize that. Hence, the snark.

          • adam

            Senator, I have some sincere questions. No snark. No sarcasm.

            Do you think that UGA could do better on offense with a different OC?

            I mean, is there an OC out there we could hire, in your opinion, who would be able to improve our offense? Or do you think that Bobo is the best that UGA can afford/actually hire?

            Do you think that Bobo is as good at his job (or nearly as good) as Grantham is at his?

            • As I understand the revenue stats, ‘afford’ has nothing to do with the decision process. I have to believe that Richt is mucho comfortable with him and that carries substantial weight within the athletic leadership.

              • adam

                That’s not the question though. (No sass there… just saying).

                • No problemo, man. I want to row along in the same direction as all the red-blooded Dawg fans here.

                  • UGLYDAWG

                    Bobo had some poorly called games. He will again. Every coach has bad days and good days. The point I make is that he has improved to the point that his positives far outweigh the negs. He’s getting better. Sure, you could have won another game somewhere along the line with someone else calling the plays, but you would have lost one too.
                    To win nine games with the backfield situation he faced, I think is fine.
                    Had Georgia’s recievers caught the ball as well as they did during the rest of the season, Georgia would have at least kept the LSU game very close, and very possibly won it. They would be ranked in the top ten. Then you would all be wanting to give Bobo a raise. The plays were there, the execution wasn’t. Sometimes things just don’t go well. Get real….Georgia is never going to win three hundred games in a row. I’m really excited about the next few years.
                    We need to look at Ole Miss, Florida, and Tennessee and be thankful that Georgia is well set with a solid coaching staff, a very good team coming back, and great players waiting to sign.

  7. Beer Money

    Guys, all the moaning regarding IC’s attitude and durability will be worked out this winter when Tereshinski, Kasay, and Brown come a knockin’ at 4:30 in the morning to get to work. If IC is up to it, he will get stronger, better, and will be the featured back next year. If not, he may no longer be with us. Simple as that. After seeing Richt’s demeanor on the situation since the suspension for New Mexico State, I would guess IC is on a very short leash by now.

    • Bulldog Joe

      …assuming he is academically eligible.

    • SCDawg

      Right on the money. He’ll either get better or he won’t. I hope he does, because that lateral step is pretty good, and he’s better at hitting holes and making the right cuts than Samuel is. Keep in mind, he’s 18-19, and he’s probably had everything handed to him for a while based on his talent. Hopefully this time next year we’re commenting on how much he improved and about how he was the SEC Championship game MVP.

      • flukebucket

        Still having things handed to him. Good hair and a big mouth obviously goes a long, long way. Reckon he will be able to play in the bowl game or will he still be nursing his injuries?

  8. JaxDawg

    I would have voted for the Hilliard kid from LSU.

  9. Saint Johns Dawg

    I’m waiting for the report that he was dinged up during the announcement and may not return for the bowl game.

  10. Dog in Fla

    Isaiah becomes the first pussy to win the AP SEC Freshman of the Year crown since the following pussies won the tiara: Marcus Lattimore (2010), Warren Norman (2009), Julio Jones (2008), Knowshon (2007), Percy Harvin (2006) and Darren McFadden (2005)

  11. Skeptic Dawg

    Would love to get CMR’s honest opinion on this! Bet he is not overly thrilled.

  12. charlottedawg

    Good for IC but the kid’s still got a lot to figure out. I hope for his and the team’s sake he gets it together because clearly he has talent in spades. If he does he’ll be something really special if not he’ll be a bigger waste of talent than ealey or king ever were. I was and am still hesistant to dismiss this kid based solely on second hand information but what really irked me was watching him negate a 15 yd pass interference penalty by flapping his gums then walking away while Richt is talking to him. There is no excuse for that crap. period. Here’s to hoping we get Gurley and Marshall as well as a fulfillment of his potential from Crowell. I’d like to remember IC like i remember Knowshon not how I remember Washaun.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Weak field.

  14. The “Blame Bobo” meme would be funny if it didn’t diminish from the serious boat anchor we have preventing our program from reaching its potential.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      You think Norm Chow or Steve Spurrier coulda taken his’n & beat your’n or vice versa Saturday?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Seriously… you port that Barney-like wanna be pic and confront others about diminished respectability? I ain’t feeling ya…. get a real dragon. Watch 13th Warrior and catch up with the rest of us.

    • Peteydawg

      Not a huge fan of bobo all the time, but I thought he called a pretty good game this Saturday… Not our fault our WR dropped a few, crappy refereeing, and that the other team was obivoiusly 5 times deeper than us.

    • Patrick

      LSU and bama got to 24-1 this year by taking their foot off the gas and letting their defense win games.
      UGA got to 10-3 by doing the same thing. Are you also calling out LSU and bama’s oc’s for easing up on Miss St the same way we did?
      When it’s glaringly obvious that your opponent has no chance to go 75 yards on your defense (as it was against ole miss, MSU, Tenn, AU, ky, even GT), then you SHOULD take foot off gas. Because strip sacks and pick-6’s are the only way the opponent gets back in the game.

      • adam

        LSU and Bama really didn’t take their foot off the gas that often.

        I remember Bama was throwing for TDs late in the game against Georgia Southern. With starters in the game.

        LSU didn’t stop trying to score until the game was over in many games this year.

        • UGLYDAWG

          Alabama needed the style points because they are in the running for the NC and struggled so badly against the best triple option in football.
          Beating a lower division team by one or two points doesnt’ bring votes.

  15. TennesseeDawg

    Surprised Clowney didn’t get it.

  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    For all you guys who sincerely think Bobo isn’t up to snuff, I know a prospect for OC who is a proven offensive mind, has Georgia background, and just might be interested in getting back on the field as an OC: Jim Donnan.

  17. Mctyre

    JD bringing the Pyramid offense with him?

  18. Spike

    I don’t question Crowell’s talent, just his heart and work ethic. Sorry, but i’ll take a wait and see attitude. Hope he doesn’t do a Washuan.

  19. Sep

    Nice to get noticed but when your skill level is above the normal you have some responsibility to the university to be a student and a give’a friggin’ crap player and I don’t see it.
    Sorry for a long sentence but I don’t see this guy being around long but it would be great if he grew up and acted like a tough player. He’s very gifted but probably too coddled to understand.
    Let’s get a good hs guy to help Samuel.

  20. I will admit, I was mildly giddy to know Richt was at an in home visit with Keith Marshall yesterday. The more Studs in the stable, the better. AKA: Attrition hit us HARD this year at the RB position. Here’s hoping for a couple of good recruits, a stronger work ethic, and a healthier stable for 2011…

    • NRBQ

      AJC is reporting Marshall gave Clemson the last visit, today.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Assuming no turnover, we could have a lineup consisting of Samuel and Malcome as our power backs, Crowell and Marshall as our “shifty/cutback” backs and Thomas and Harton as our scatbacks.

      Like the defensive line this year, RBs could go from a position of weakness to a position of strength in the space of 8 months.

  21. CROWELL was awarded the SEC FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR, DESPITE BOBO, that is.

  22. Clemson winning the ACC may have an edge.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Does that mean that South Carolina is the real ’11 ACC Champion? This is sorta like UGA beating Tech in ’09 and becoming ACC Champ that year, isn’t it? Hate to give that title to the chickens, though.

      • adam

        We beat Tech and Tech beat Clemson. So, we got a claim too.

        Though I guess since South Carolina beat us…😦

        Still, it looks like Clemson would be at best 5th in the SEC this year.

    • adam

      Clemson’s only possible edge is Chad Morris.

  23. adam

    Hey Senator,

    would love your opinion on this post over on DawgSports (and the long discussion that followed):


    • Cojones

      You didn’t ask for my opinion, but since we both are probably fighting insomnia for various reasons (most of mine is from pain pills) I’ll dive in.

      The Accountant’s last sentence is a debate for every team out there, i.e, surmounting the final huirdle to a championship. The “facts ” preached before the debate are not factually supported unless you are on another side of reason looking across the great gulf. If a debate is to be had about Bobo then all the positive facts and CONCLUSIONS from those facts should be on display. They are woefully left missing; therefore, there is no debate. It’s just another poorly timed opinion not based upon fact. If people want to debate, then set the date after Feb 5 or whatever Signup Day is because Bobo is busy along with the Head Coach in recruiting and that sensitive issue should not be waved in articles and blogs like a warning flag whereby competing coaches are pointing young minds directly at your crass and classless words against the very people recruiting them. And don’t come up with the BS that they aren’t reading or hearing because others are using your “debate” words as weapons against our program as we senselessly blog our dumbass words toward each other. They are underlining and placing impressionable kid’s noses on those words.

      No, my friend, a debate consists of two opposing views on the same set of facts, not twisted words set to twisted facts trying to set a false premise for debate. Personnel at UGA are responsible to others in the system for managing and their views are based upon what they see as the facts, not some horse manure thrown out in an effort to undermine the work we have rightfully entrusted to others. Nor are their views shared with us dumbass wannabes concerning individual coaches, their body of work or their evaluation. I am always amazed (and chagrined) at the number of posters who have never had supervisory experience for other’s work. If they had that experience, they wouldn’t be debating a person’s work evaluation publically. Those that do are classless and deficient in basic human skills borne from not ever having been responsible for another person, their family and their friends. To call publically for demotion of a coach and question their body of good work from a layman’s viewpoint does not belie any concern for the welfare of coaches or team attitude. Leave it the hell alone.

      • adam

        It’s pretty clear that you take this issue personally.

        However, I just don’t see how you can say that the discussion is entirely without merit.

        First, I sincerely doubt that opposing coaches are using blog posts in recruiting. If it were an ESPN or SI article, maybe. But I doubt they care. Every team likely has a post somewhere in the blogosphere calling for their head coach’s job. That won’t affect recruiting – and it shouldn’t. It happens on all blogs all the time. There is no great outcry for Spencer Hall at EDSBS to stop mocking Charlie Weis under the auspices that it will negatively affect Florida’s recruiting. It won’t. And EDSBS is (by a large margin it seems) the most popular blog on SB Nation.

        I find it hard to discuss this in great depth… your objections were fairly ambiguous. You obviously think that critiquing a coach on staff is detrimental to the team. I got that part. I disagree – it’s simply a discussion on a blog by a bunch of fans. It happens all the time in every fan base. Recruits don’t really care about that kind of thing. The people deriding IC on message boards and blogs (like many comments here recently, the majority of which were rightly mocked) could pose a much more significant threat. But they really won’t. Rightfully so. In the grand scheme, their opinions don’t matter. And they are only opinions, after all. I’m curious which points you specifically believe are baseless.

        Further, when one presents an argument (especially when presented as concisely as is required by a blog post) one only posts the information which is most pertinent. TQCoA was posting his observations and premises that support his opinion. He never said that Bobo’s work lacked merit altogether.

        I also don’t believe that the post was made in an attempt to undermine anyone’s work. Further, being criticized publicly is a fact of life for coaches. That has been true as long as coaching has been a profession. I don’t think that it’s fair to label those critics as “classless and deficient in basic human skills.” Even if that description were applicable, it doesn’t discredit the argument. That’s ad hominem.

        Apparently you find this kind of criticism offensive. I’m positive that was not the intent of the author. Nor was it the intent of the many people who participated in the subsequent comment thread.

        However… if you have any specific points you would like to refute, I’d be interested to hear why you disagree.

        • UGLYDAWG

          Adam, your passion in arguing your point is impressive, but it may be obsessive . I wish I could get you to argue for replacing all of the SEC referees with that passion.

          • adam

            I certainly would be up for replacing those guys.

            I can sum my position there much more concisely:

            NFL refs are much better. Whatever incentives ($$$)they have to perform the way they do and whatever assistance (clinics) they have to get that good… well, there’s no reason to do things differently on the college level.

            Always seems like college refs (especially in the SEC) get away with huge, game-changing mistakes all the time. There’s no accountability.

            As a musician, I have trouble understanding why they don’t just get fired for being so terrible.

            • Cojones

              Adam, your argument doesn’t refute the facts presented about recruits getting this negative message. They have stated it in print. If you want to dismiss that then there is no debate, just scrambled reasoning of people with an agenda. If you knew Bobo’s body of work you wouldn’t dwell on negatives expressed by coaching wannabes . You would compare and contrast the facts concerning his coaching. If you had an idea how to repair the damage that you do with “Fire this and that person because I don’t like them” then it might justify listening. From this blog I have no way to determine your sincerity except your words and they don’t present a cogent argument for what you desire. If you don’t want to entertain what your blogging reasoning has already done to our program, why should I glorify a specious argument? What many people present as facts in their arguments are not that at all. Which side of the facts you are on can be argued; what you claim are facts cannot be debated. Do you get my drift? You wanted us to read what someone else wrote as fact that you believe, with no regard whether we agree on the basic premise or not. That is not a debate. And that is what the author called for. Let me post nothing but the positive facts of Bobo’s tenure and ask you to debate those facts. We could start with the number of points that have been put on the boards by his O and debate whether that should be enough to prevent the D from allowing more in a loss. See how that works? You would debate only his effectiveness for putting points on the board, not whether you think he should be held responsible for loseing the game. Of course I would want to know your SEC credentials as an O coach before we begin such a “debate”.

  24. NC Dawg

    Frankly, I am a little surprised.