The sad sound of a rich man not getting his way.

T. Boone Pickens wants to do something.

“If we don’t get in the BCS (championship game), I’m not kidding you, if I have the power to do it, I’m going to have an investigation,” Pickens said after OSU’s 44-10 Bedlam victory Saturday night.


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  1. Gravidy

    Ummmm… an investigation by whom… and into what, exactly?

    • fuelk2

      Exactly. He sounds like a Senator (and not the one who writes this blog). Oh, an investigation! That’ll fix everything!!

    • Cojones

      He’s already investigating why the Koch brothers are taking Fedreral subsidies in ethanol from corn and gas drilling. Perhaps that’s what he is alluding to.

  2. Bulldog Joe

    “I want a feast. I want a bean feast!”

  3. Penn Wagers

    Commissioner Slive: I just got a phone call from the Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma. He said that he is investigating how the SEC fixes games so it always has at least 1 team ranked high enough to be in the BCS National Championship Game. He says that this year the SEC went too far when it fixed things so 2 of its teams got into that game. So now they are going to launch a full scale investigation and subpoena all the referees and put us in front of a grand jury, under oath. He says he is going to ask us if we are fixing games! If we refuse to answer he will put us in jail for contempt until we do answer.! If we lie and say we didn’t fix games he says he will prosecute us for perjury when the truth comes out! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!!!

    • Mike Slive

      STFU Penn! You sent that message to me on an open sports blog!! Everybody can see it!! I am going to Belize right now. It has no extradition treaty with the US. I suggest you and all the other SEC officials do the same.!!!!

    • F. Lee Bailey

      Don’t worry. Just stay out of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Attorney General has no jurisdiction over you anywhere except in that state. Now, where exactly do I send the bill for this legal advice?

  4. Castleberry

    I’d send the investigators to Ames right now.

  5. Irishdawg

    T Boone can kiss my middle class ass. OK State’s got a legit gripe this time, but so have a lot of other teams that don’t have billionaire alums whining in the press. Investigate away, asshole, maybe your detectives can surmise why the Cowboys puked up a game to Iowa State.

    • Macallanlover

      OSU certainly has a legit complaint, someone always has a logical case with the unfinished business that has been CFB for 100+years. Pathetic that fans have accepted this. There are simple, effective ways to resolve this but we must maintain the sanctity of the Regular Season….no, wait! Holy Crap, what will the obstructionists use now? This was the ultimate slap in the face as LSU’s win over Bama is negated; well, the REAL knock out punch for those hanging their hat on the “regular season is so meaningful” defense would be if Bama wins and actually claims supremacy. Yeah, go flash those rings in the face of a coon ass.

      A playoff would actually put more value on regular season games, but more importantly it would bring true legitimacy to the winner. Would there still be questions about who was the best? Always, but the winner of an 8 game playoff would be accepted as the NC by all but the extreme nutcases in F’Bomb’s audience.

      • Given the overwhelming support for the notion of already awarding LSU a championship and only giving the Tide a chance to earn half, I can’t imagine a playoff would change that opinion even a little.

        • Macallanlover

          This particular year isn’t the sole basis for my position, but an 8 team playoff would enhance the legitimacy of the claim….and it would every single year. In thi sparticular case, LSU should not even play, let Bama, Stanford, or LSu play for who deserves to be 2nd.

          • Cojones

            Some of us think Bama can win.

            Nate Dawg below. Maybe not fairness.

            • Macallanlover

              I don’t doubt they can win. We could win against either, but we still wouldn’t be the best team. I would hope everyone knows that most games can be won by the lesser team. ISU over OSU is a good example, you don’t see many 30 point underdogs prevail, but you often see teams that are 2 TD dogs, or less win games. Play the game, but I really hope LSU drills bama just so an injustice isn’t done. But an upset by bama would completely saw off the fragile limb the BCS is hanging on to.

              • Mac,

                How exactly was an injustice done? Some feelings might have gotten hurt, but it’s not like the rules were changed to favor Bama.

                Also, based on how Alabama actually outplayed LSU in Game 1, are they the better team even though they lost? Like you said, most games can be won by lesser teams.🙂

                Bama may get drilled or may lose. Either way, it won’t be an injustice.

                Have a good one,


                • dawg165

                  by outplaying lsu do you mean making it inside their 25 once? Hah yep, you guys sure did show them didn’t you. A bad field goal kicker isn’t the only reason you guys didn’t win. An offense that couldn’t get him within an easy shot is the reason. Talk all you want. You can say bama’s loss is better than ok st’s, and you can say ok st’s wins are better than bama’s. What you can’t say is that bama didn’t already have a chance and ok st did.

                • Macallanlover

                  BD, you are right about it not being an injustice in terms of matching the two best teams. I speak of the injustice of Alabama getting a 2nd chance when other teams do not get even one. The Tide knew they were playing for all the marbles on November 5, and they had a week off to play an equally rested LSU at home. They lost, it was a helluva game. We have seen it.

                  Because of our crappy, too limited system, another team should now get their shot. To give Alabama two times at bat, and deny the other 1 loss teams even one swing is an injustice to me. And if you win, which you certainly could, LSU will still be considered the best by most fans (my opinion). I feel we give too few people a chance to play for it all every year, to now deny a team just to give you guys a do-over is wrong. Perhaps if I were an Alabama fan I would feel differently, but I doubt it. I willingly die on the sword of principle almost daily. As much as I would love you guys to further humiliate the BCS by winning, I just can’t do that to a team that has already proven they are the best in several ways, several times. Frankly, I think the voters give it to LSU win, lose, or draw. How could you not? So what’s the point?

  6. Nate Dawg

    Doesn’t this cat know money can’t buy you love or fairness?

    • Scott W.

      Or class.

    • Macallanlover

      Let’s be fair on this, do you honestly think we as UGA fans would not be in an uproar had we won the SEC under OSU’s circumstances and watched ANY two teams from another conference play a rematch? Now add to that you a person who have given a $100MM to make them a relevant program and you see them take one up the chute. You can honestly say you wouldn’t be angry/frustrated?

      • Cojones

        Maybe so, but I wouldn’t go around threatening folks. Who knows, maybe Warren Buffet bodaciously bets on Bama. Who’s gonna win that one, mo money or mo gas?

      • Scott W.

        Be fair how? this loud mouth threw his money around and it didn’t come out the way he wanted to and now he’s complaining, screw him. Maybe he should have gone to Auburn.

        • Macallanlover

          What are you talking about? TBP isn’t anything like the illegal situation at Auburn. How is he a loudmouth for expressing exactly what millions of non-Oklahoma State people are saying around the country. Are you under the impression this is a popular decision? And I repeat, you cannot honestly say Georgia fans wouldn’t be even more upset if the same hose-job was done to UGA. OSU has a legit argument, you may not agree with it, but they are on solid ground. I, for one, would much prefer the OSU/LSU matchup. Classic fast break offense with creativity, against a bruising defense that seems to have all the answers. Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Scott W.

            I’m saying that if he wanted a guaranteed ROI at a better rate he should have invested in Auburn. He’s a loudmouth because he pumped money into a second rate program and expected results immediately. It wasn’t like he was an anonymous donor. Why does OSU automatically deserve the bid? They weren’t very impressive in a loss to ISU nor has the BIG 12 been stellar this season.

            • Macallanlover

              He pumped money into a seconfd rate program and expected results immediately? This is no carpet bagger riding in with “new money”. He has been a supporter of that program for as long as I can remember. And I don’t think he was expecting “Cam like” results at all. I think T Boone wanted to give the Pokes an chance to compete with the hated Sooners in their own state. This year was a windfall with all the teams falling around them. I am no huge supporter of the Big 12, although I was until the lasy 5 years or so, this has nothing to do with conference preferences. They seem to be the best chance to test LSU of the top teams that have not already had their opportunity. And how is all that a “loudmouth”? Pickens is kind of an eccentric, but for an oil/gas maverick he seems pretty tame.

              • Scott W.

                He’s a loudmouth because he commands an audience and receives it because of his money. This isn’t the only subject he’s seen fit to drop his 2¢ in on either. I can see your point and would be more apt to agree if OSU had beaten ISU. For the record the MNC game slated bores me to tears just to think about but I don’t think that the ‘Pokes even got the rawest deal in this BCS class. How Michigan or VT got to the Sugar Bowl baffles me.

  7. timphd

    Gotta admit, I would rather see Okie St./LSU than a replay of LSU/Bama. Snoozer that one was. I would rather watch LSU pound a Big 12 (or is it 8 or 9 or 10) team than watch Bama and LSU again.

    By the way, what happens if Bama wins 9-6 in overtime? Does that mean they are better than LSU now and get the crystal ball? Having lost on their home field by the same score, it would be hard to say they were the champs IMHO. I would still think LSU is the better team.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m not so sure LSU would blow out Okie State. LSU doesn’t have the offense to win a track meet if that game were to turn into one which it likely would. LSU wins by getting the other team to turn over the ball (see UGA) and Okie State leads the nation in takeaways.

      • Russ

        Ok State would be hard pressed to score 20 on LSU. LSU, on the other hand, would score 45 easily by just pounding those four running backs at them. It wouldn’t even be close.

      • James Stephenson

        Well that and having that big offensive line wear you down. OSU may have a lot of takeaways, but how big is their D-Line and do they have 8 of em?

        • Cojones

          Gentlemen, I think part of this argument has to do with every Wal Mart in Alabama having a Chrystal football.

    • Bob

      That would be interesting

      LSU SEC West and SEC Champs….Bama zilch

      LSU Wins over 7 ranked teams; Bama Wins over 2

      LSU wins over 3 Top 3 ranked teams at game time; Bama 0

      LSU record 13-1; Bama record 12-1

      LSU beats PAC 12 and Big East Champs away from Redstick; Bama beats Georgia Southern

      LSU plays Oregon, WVU, Alabama, Georgia away from Tiger Stadium and wins all of them; Bama plays Arkansas and LSU in Bryant-Denny and is 1-1

      And oh yeah, LSU beats Alabama 9-6 in Tuscaloosa

      And after all of that, Alabama is National Champion. Another in a long list of questionable Bama titles. What a complete joke.

      • Hey Bob, “LSU record 13-1; Bama record 12-1” – Are you trying to give us your prediction?🙂

      • Faulkner

        Does anyone know if there are votes cast after the title game? If LSU loses a close one, I could very easily see them keeping the crown due to the better body of work and being 1-1 against the tide. Talk about footballmageddon.

        • Silver Creek Dawg

          There are, but I believe the voters are obligated to vote the winner of the BCSNCG at #1 in the final poll.

          I could certainly forsee a split with LSU winning the AP and Bama the ESPN poll if Bama wins on Janaury 9.

        • The Lone Stranger

          The AP votes after the bowls. The writers involved in that poll would likely vote LSU #1 in a reversal of what happened in 2003 when the Tigers won the BCS title but USC was voted #1 in the AP.

  8. Dog in Fla

    When T. Boone gets a load of the commemorative I’m a Man-sized Gumby, he’ll launch another investigation

    • Cojones

      If you thingy fits into the end, it wouldn’t be very man-sized, but if you stretch it over a man-size and Gumby’s eyes get as big as quarters, then that would be a Gumbie.

  9. Brandon

    T. Boone vs. Barbara Dooley in a thumb-wrestling bra and panty match, Wrestlemania 2012, you heard it hear first.

  10. nixon

    The BCS is a crappy system. No amount of spin you put on this blog is going to change that or the minds of 99% of college football fans. And I’m a Georgia fan.

    We need a 4 or 8 team playoff. No more, no less.

    • I’m not trying to spin the BCS. I’m simply warning everyone that there is a real cost to an extended playoff and to be very careful in changing the format.

      And I’m a Georgia fan, too.😉

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The Plus-One Game format. #1 plays #4, #2 plays #3 and the winners play in the BCSNCG. That’s the ticket.

        • AusDawg85

          Just curious…who are the 4 teams, and how did you arrive at that? Please don’t tell me the current BCS rating system, ’cause your just diluting the argument down to who is more deserving of the #4 slot. And we don’t just have 4 conferences to send champions.

          Oregon vs Stanford is virtually the same argument we have with Bama vs. OSU. Oregon won their conference, beat Stanford and has a loss to LSU. Stanford only has the one loss, did not win their division, but did beat the one “good” common opponent Oregon lost to (USC). The polls put Stanford ahead of Oregon…many would disagree.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            That’s the same argument everybody would use no matter what the number was that you put in the playoff (17th team should have made it instead of 16th). The only way out of that is to take just conference champs. That doesn’t work because it leaves out some of the best and let’s in some that have no chance. Anybody think the MAC Champion is as good as Bama? Use any poll you want to pick the top 4 although personally I think the coaches’ poll should not be used because of the likelihood of self-interest coming into it.

            • AusDawg85

              Right…maybe the writers poll. I don’t think the Harris pollsters are better informed than the coaches, and let’ not get started on the computers.

              Mumme Poll shows that a peer review system has potential…but is not devoid of shenanigans in the eye of the beholder because there are no clear set of rules. A national panel who publicly begins voting after week 8 or so might have some validity. But the Russians will always show bias!

            • Cojones

              But cnf champs and significant others play in bowl games and could be matched up from the winners in a two-tiered playoff. Join in everyone. We still have room at the argument/idea table.

  11. 4.0 Point Stance

    Of course without T Boone OK State is still plugging along in the 4-7 to 7-4 range. He wanted a championship caliber program, and he got it. In fact, when billionaires want something, it’s safe to say they’ll get it more often than not.

  12. D.N. Nation

    Poor Bob Stoops. His mammoth chokes aren’t even season-outcome-determinative anymore.

  13. Irishdawg

    Can we get a mega rich booster like T Boone or Phil Knight? Maybe that’s the one thing we’re missing. God knows the potential of this team if they had seaweed wraps after practices or a caviar station in the dining hall or pre-game massages from imported Thai women.

  14. Go Dawgs!

    Well, this statement by Pickens is laughable on its face.

    However, if I’m an Oklahoma State fan this morning, I’m pissed off beyond my rational capacity to comprehend. Alabama and LSU are probably the best two teams in the country. But damn. OK State’s gotta be feeling pretty screwed today, and rightfully so. At least in 2007, Georgia fans knew deep down in our hearts that our resume sported a multi-score beatdown at the hands of Tennessee which kept us out of the BCS title game more than the conference title issue. OK State? Just an overtime loss on the road (and admittedly, it was to a pretty horrible opponent). Ah well. At least they’ve got a shot to be Fiesta Bowl Champions.

    • Nate Dawg

      Along those same lines of Ok St fans being pissed…Do you think RG III beating Okla inturn cost Ok St a chance at the MNC? And if that’s the case, then Ok St got Willie-d, right (as in CWM)? And how ironic is that, after Ok St had their way with CWM in the ’09 opener…

  15. Normaltown Mike

    It’s time for the Pickens plan.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Wind Energy and Natural Gas National Champions?

    • The Lone Stranger

      I’d favor the Slim Pickens Plan, for sure!

      • Cojones

        Was that the one where he was the railroad gang boss in Blazing Saddles?

        • Cojones

          Tonto is saying some nasty things about you getting too chummy with the big-hatters who stole Indian land in Oklahoma. And he ain’t too happy about you cheering for the state that put’em there.

          Lone, he’s getting out of hand and drinking more redeye than UGA fans did Sat nite. He keeps mumbling about red riders and little beavers. He’s driving everyone at the Reservation’s Desk nuts.

        • That’s the exact one I was referencing, hombre! And Tonto is getting plumb big in his britches if he believes he can hold back the nefarious schemes of The Boonester. He’d have done well to have passed over the firewater after this past heinous Saturday. I would even have drunk what the beaded Cajuns were splashing around.

  16. Derek

    It seems to me that the guy with the most money should get what he wants. Otherwise we create disincentives for success and generally make him feel bad thus he may forget to create jobs.

  17. I understand all the angst by folks not wanting to see a rematch. I’m not a big fan of one either, but I believe we’re one of the top two teams in the country.

    Would your opinion change if UGA was the #2 ranked team and UF or UT were ranked #1? Would you want to hand your spot to Ok State? I didn’t think so.

    If folks don’t like the rules, then I’m sure they’ll get changed. Otherwise, this is the system we have right now.