Well done, gentlemen.

And neither are seniors.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….please come back, OC…. please come back, OC…. please come back, OC….

  2. Spike

    What Go Dawgs! said……..

  3. Irishdawg

    I have a delicious bag of Reese’s Cups with your name all over it if you decide to return for you senior year. I’m just sayin’

    • Buddy-ro

      NOOOO! Not Reese’s Cups! You have bagels for him. Bagels are legal.

      Just no cream cheese. There is no cream cheese here, officer.

  4. hailtogeorgia

    SBNation Atlanta is reporting that Orson is gone to greener pastures.

  5. timphd

    Watch for Alec Ogletree to make it next year. Came on like a beast once he healed. He and Jarvis will be awesome next year. PS please come back Orson!

  6. X-Dawg

    Excellent news!

  7. Tronan

    I’d be very happy if OC returns, but don’t forget Jay Rome is waiting in the wings. We’re not lacking talent and depth at TE.

    If JJ (dy-no-mite!) announced he was leaving, then you’d hear me wail.

  8. Jim

    What underclassmen are at risk of leaving early? We could be returning a ton of talent – but while experience never hurts our primary issue as LSU exposed is depth.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Bacarri Rambo could certainly go. But a few weeks ago, it sounded like he’d have to escape from Jarvis Jones to do it. Orson Charles has a chance to go high in the draft. Branden Smith is eligible and may entertain the thought. I’m not sure about others… but there’s always at least one that makes you scratch your head.

      • hailtogeorgia

        I’d be shocked if Smith goes. To me, Rambo, Charles, and Cordy Glenn are the three we should really be worried about. I think pretty much anyone else could improve their stock by staying around another year, and they would need it. Smith hasn’t done enough yet to warrant serious draft consideration.

      • The Lone Stranger

        As far as head-scratchers are concerned, mayber Marlon Brown or Cornelius Washington trust little more than their egos and light out for the League. I could see what you say about B.Smith too, but that would appear silly on its face: he only has 2 INTs & 1 PBU & 22 Tackles all season.

        • Go Dawgs!

          To me, Smith would be a head scratcher if he left. However, he’s got a lot of athletic ability. One could see him convincing himself that it’s enough. I expect that he’ll be back for his senior year, though. I hope so, at least, he’s made steady improvement each year as a defender.

  9. Russ

    Well done by both guys. I hope OC stays.

  10. Will Trane

    Very good to see those achievements by Jones and Charles.
    Talented, mature, solid players. They are fun to watch because they bring it to the game for the full clock. You can tell these two young men work hard at their craft. Think Charles stays. But UGA has s solid red shirt frosh in Rome. They also have coming in one of the best hands receiving TE’s in the southeast in Colquitt County HIgh School’s Ty Smith. He knows the game and how to go to the ball…smooth, but a very tough blocker. Fortunate for Georgia that high school teams like Valdosta High and Colquitt County not only run the ball well, but put some emphasis on passing and developing WRs (Mitchell) and TEs.

  11. Bulldog Joe


  12. Ryan

    Arty Lynch is still around although he could be moving to tackle (so it’s been hinted at in the blogosphere to make up for any oline short comings).

    He could be a great OC replacement and between him and Rome, it could be only a slight drop off between the current team of White and Charles.

    I’d love to see Mason getting a ton of actual game experience next year so whenever Murray decides to leave we don’t have the question marks we did a couple of years ago…

  13. Patrick

    OC is a proven All-American with great chemistry with our returning QB. We may have some good young TE’s ready for next year, but you can’t exactly count on hotshot recruits becoming All-Americans. OC would be a HUGE returnee.

  14. HamDawg11

    Great job, men! While it would be a huge loss of talent if either or both of these guys leave early, it would hurt the team’s leadership even more. The intangibles they bring to the locker room are immeasurable. Richt’s most important recruits right now are OC and Jarvis!

  15. Carleton Thomas

    Congratulations to both.

  16. Sep

    Well done guys.

    I hope you come back but understand if not. Represent us at the next level like you have at UGA.