Why they lost.

In a GTP exclusive, it’s been disclosed that Coach Richt invited this guy to give the halftime locker room speech:

Epic fail.  No wonder Sanders Commings complained that the team lost its focus coming out for the second half.

No word on the midget’s whereabouts at the time, though.



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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Owen Wilson’s career has really taken a nose dive.


  2. JasonC

    I firmly believe that the video was actually a bunch of South Carolina fans that were posing to make us look bad. I might have considered Tech fans, but there were girls in the video.


  3. The thing about that video is that, if you’ve got the little guy, and you’ve got the guy in overalls who can actually rap, why start big-headed mustache guy? Maybe he’s a senior, and Willie Martinez directed this video.


    • Go Dawgs!

      HA! We had the exact same debate in my office when we saw this atrocity. You lead with strength, and while everyone loved “Dazed and Confused”, the little person was the highlight of the video, and a better rapper.

      Come on, UGA students. You never bury the lead.


    • correction: bowtie/suspenders guy, not overalls.


    • Bulldog Joe

      The guy told ’em about all the bitchin’ times he had in Creswell Hall in 1979.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    The midget had 28 yards on 7 carries.


  5. UGA lost because BOBO is still the conservative play caller in the last 2 possessions of the 2nd half and first two possessions of the 3rd quarter.


    • James Stephenson

      UGA lost because their WRs did not step up. You can not blame Bobo or even AM for that. He called the right plays and had they caught the dang passes, maybe the score is a lot closer, maybe even GA wins. But the Honey Badger was always going to get his.


      • BCDawg97

        This, this, this, a millllllllllllllllllion times this. 21-0 is huge.


        • Russ

          One of the game reports I read said “Aaron Murray threw 3 touchdown passes in the first half. Unfortunately, his receivers only caught one of them.”

          Pretty much sums up the game right there.


    • Sanford222View

      Yeah..it was Bobo’s fault that King and Mitchell dropped TD passes. It was also Bobo’s call to punt to the Honey Badger.


    • D.N. Nation

      Points against LSU’s defense, 2011:

      Alabama: 6
      Arkansas: 7
      Stupid Bobo: 10

      Just FWIW.


  6. When Murray failed to gain and move the offense in the 3rd quarter, Mason should have started the 4th quarter just for a change of pace even for just 2 possessions.


  7. 4.0 Point Stance

    re halftime, I’m not ashamed to say that when the Dr. Pepper scholarship winner started crying on national TV, saying this is the greatest thing that had ever happened to her, I got a little choked up.


  8. FortWorthDawg

    Oh boy. Here comes the first QB controversy. I just knew once LSU was up by 32 and we put Mason in and he started moving the ball we were going to have people come on and start shouting about issues at QB. I hate to tell you this but not Aaron Murray nor Rodgers could have done much with THAT line coming against him and those receivers dropping balls like that ALL afternoon. Please don’t blame the QB. Let’s just get past thsi lost and move on. Michigan State will be a tough opponent.


  9. Reggie Cunningham

    Don’t know why the didn’t get an alum who’s a real rapper…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD5nfY5YZqs


  10. SouthGa Dawg

    God, I love this blog. We went from discussing the video to Bobo to defense to the girls throwing the Dr. Pepper footballs. I love you guys!



    Then here’s another change of subject….I love beating this dead horse..
    What was with the refs? Throwing the ball out of bounds on the half yard line….not called and not caught on review….the block in the back of the century on that particular runback…not called…..The touchdown that was called back becauses the ball hit the ground….that official was standing right there looking at it and called it a score. I know LSU was the better team and rightfully won, but you gotta wonder, if these refs overlook this, what else did they “not see”? I presume these are SEC refs…
    After the screwing Georgia got against LSU last time, and these “missed” calls that would have been huge in a close game….a game this big should have refs from the Mountain West or some other conference come in for it.
    I know I’m a broken record, but the SEC has horrible, horrible, inept and maybe some dishonest referees. It would be really nice to see this addressed.