Why I blame Bobo.

Interesting observation at DawgSports:

… I personally think that you create a problem on a team by holding one unit, the defense to a standard of excellence, and another, the offense, to a standard of less than excellence. It’s a disservice to the players on the defensive side of the ball who have to shoulder more of the burden to win a game, and a disservice to the offensive players who don’t realize their potential.

I bet if I ran a poll on the subject, most readers here would agree with that.  Funny thing, though – I bet LSU’s players and coaches wouldn’t after winning the SECCG running a Neanderthal offense straight out of the eighties.  (Don’t forget which offense in that game finished the first half with less than 20 yards and zero first downs.)

When you get down to it, this season’s critique about overly conservative playcalling boils down to a dislike of winning ugly.  Should that matter?  How many games can you point to in 2011 that Georgia lost because Bobo pulled in the reins?  By comparison, how many did Georgia lose because of poor special teams play?

Over the years, I’ve been as frustrated as anyone over the mysterious way Bobo approaches playcalling.  This year, though, not so much.  The emergence of a first-rate defense under Todd Grantham has let Mark Richt go back to what’s comfortable for him – getting a lead and controlling the game with field position and defense.  What’s complicated things and made that strategy dicey at times has been abysmal special teams play and the occasional untimely turnover.  (If anything, that tends to make Richt pull the reins in even tighter.  Notice how much punt safe Georgia played in the second half of the season?)  But that’s not Bobo’s fault.

This is what Richt wants and this is what Bobo is charged with carrying out.  The idea that Richt – an offensive guy who’s been used to adding his input on that side of the ball for twenty-plus years now – would suddenly be open to going hands off with that side of the program and hiring an offensive coordinator with a different philosophy to run the offense as he sees fit makes no sense to me.  If Mike Bobo didn’t exist, Mark Richt would have to invent him.

There’s no question that Bobo’s still got a ways to go, although it’s hard to say how much he was hampered by personnel issues this year.  There were times he managed to rise above it in a fairly spectacular manner; let’s not forget that as ugly as Saturday’s game got, Georgia’s offense, which lacked any depth on the offensive line and was a complete mess at tailback,  managed to score more points against LSU in a half than Arkansas’ or Alabama’s did in a game.  No doubt the glimpses we see of what Bobo is capable of make the misfires all the more frustrating, but he’s not the guy dictating strategy, just the guy implementing it, with whatever resources (and however well those are functioning) he has at his disposal.

I’m not married to the guy.  Dumping him (which I don’t think is within the realm of possibility, honestly) isn’t going to upset me.  But the idea that if such were to happen we’d see a new era of offensive strategy is a fans’ daydream.  If the last eleven seasons have told us anything, it’s that Richt expects very different things from his offensive coordinator than he does from his defensive coordinator.  That ain’t changing.

And that’s why I’m snarky about the blame game, at least when it comes to the offense.

On the other hand, if you want to talk blame for the disastrous fall off in special teams this season (Georgia beats South Carolina and plays a very different game against LSU if the special teams had lived up to preseason expectations)… yeah, now that’s a discussion worth having.


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  1. The other Doug

    I’m not a Bobo fan, but he definitely had a good year. His only major blunder was the game plan for the Boise game. It went away from our strengths and played to the opponent’s strengths.

    • Carolinadawg

      If one believes the Senator supposition, then Bobo can’t have a good year or a bad year, he’s just a puppet for CMR. There’s no point in ever discussing Bobo’s performance, good or bad.

      • 81Dog

        the Senator can speak for himself, but what I took away from his post was that Bobo can have a good year or a bad year, but within the context of CMR’s preferred offensive system. We arent suddenly going to run the spread, or the wishbone, or the single wing, because the head coach thinks a pro-style approach is the best way to play. Wishbone teams arent going to pass 50 times a game. Big 12 spread/west coast teams arent going to pound it between the tackles.

        Nick Saban is a defensive whiz. Hasnt it been widely believed that Nick tells Kirby/Muschamp/D Dooley how to play and what to run? He doesnt micromanage his offense, though I’m sure he has a philosophy. CMR is an offensive guy. Why would anyone think he wouldnt have input in the philosophy/approach we take?

      • You’re confusing macro issues like offensive philosophy with micro issues like playcalling. Bobo’s not a puppet, but he’s got parameters within which he’s expected to operate.

        The complaint, remember, is about being overly conservative. Do you think that’s Bobo’s choice or Richt’s direction?

        • adam

          I actually wonder if it’s a systematic/conceptual/game plan decision.

          Do they say “hey if we get a decent lead, let’s try to burn the clock”? Does Coach Richt tell Bobo during the games, “Hey Mike, we got a 17 point lead, time to dial back the offense and hope the defense continues to play lights out.”?

          That seems like a pretty dangerous approach. Especially because all the three and outs have hurt us before. And it hasn’t exactly minimized turnovers.

  2. Cameron Roberts

    The special teams discussion is one that I really want to have. The last two offseasons have seen the Defense and S&C addressed. This year should be special teams. Of course this is complicated by the fact that no one coach has responsibility. Maybe we could use a series of “primer” posts on who has responsibilities for each unit, change over time in statistical performance, whatever else seems appropriate.

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Georgia fans are lucky to have so many good blogs to follow and enjoy. I like the fact that they don’t rubber stamp one another yet post to each others blogs in a friendly fashion. Good stuff. And I will include you in that mix too Hijo de -. 😉

    • Cojones

      I heard that, Homer!

      Yeah, that is the best thing about this blog. No one is out to impress anyone with anything except an opinion. If we could just keep some people on point and not let them hijack the thread with their pussy (new word that keeps jumping to mind) idea of humor, it would be a lot better. I’m forever amazed at the Senator’s patience with such people.

      Special teams should be discussed using the name Sailors who is first down the field most often. Wonder if he shares his dodge-ball abilities with others? He is an amazing player and with his speed, I’m surprised he isn’t in the O mix on a regular basis, if for no other reason than a decoy. Teach him to run full speed waving his hand above his head and then let Murray throw to Charles underneath. That would confuse and confound even LS Lieux. He would be valuable on downfield blocking as well. DGD.

      Let’s watch the unfinished epithets. Hell, some people on here areparanoid and will think you are referring to them.🙂 (this is a snarky sideways smile taught by the folks on here and that shows how computer literate I’ve become. Next week they said they would show me how to make a frown)

      • Red Blackman

        Red Blackman envies Cojone’s computer savvy.

        I like emoticons and stuff too.

      • Hayduke

        Sailors has been a beast on kick coverage. Thanks for noting that, and I’m sure with that drive, he could definitely contribute elsewhere. I’m puzzled because this is the first time I’ve ever agreed with one of your comments =P. That’s me sticking my tongue out at you sideways.

  4. JT Snow

    Time to give Richt’s buddy John Lilly the old heave-ho and hire a Special Teams coach.

    • Sanford222View

      I don’t get the desire to have a dedicated special teams coach. I may be completely off base but don’t most college programs not have one and use the same strategy as UGA by dividing the special teams units among all the coaches? I do realize there are some head coaches that handle the special teams units.

      I am curious to know how many schools have a dedicated ST coach and how well those schools perform as compared to those who don’t have one.

      • JT Snow

        Good question…

        I would also like to know how many teams have a Tight Ends coach and how many teams have 2 more offensive coaches than defensive.

      • Hackerdog

        89 of the 120 FBS schools have a special teams coordinator. So UGA is definitely in the minority. However, there are some good schools, such as Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Texas, who also lack the position.

        But it definitely needs to be tweaked.

        • Newt

          As much as I hate to say it, Ohio State’s special teams will see a serious uptick with Corch in town. I believe he coaches them himself and they were usually fantastic when he was at the state school of the peninsular region directly to Georgia’s south.

          • The THE school should also expect to notice an uptick in dedicated pointing, tempestuous fits of indignation in the press room, and a somewhat welcome return to normalcy where the patients again run the asylum.

        • Cojones

          It was tweaked. Haven’t you noticed the big names like’Tree and others now running down the field? It has had good results as well.

        • Connor

          Not saying you’re wrong for sure, but I was curious about this the other day and looked up just a few schools. Quite a few have a coach with the title “Special Teams Coordinator” or something similar, but it’s almost always in conjuction with anther title. The only school that I saw that had a coach whose lone title was “Special Teams Coordinator” and nothing else was LSU. I doubt adding “Special Teams Coordinator” to one of our current coaches titles would really mollify anyone, though it would bring us in line with the rest of the country and I suppose we’d have someone to blame other than Richt.

        • I love what Kirk Olivadotti has done with our linebacking corps but I miss what Warren Belin apparently brought to special teams.

    • Chadwick

      Lilly is also a top-flight recruiting coordinator in his own right. No need throw the baby out with the bathwater. I think much of the issues on special teams is actually about the inability to cover punts. I also believe that those issues are mainly one of personnel and some real time in spring to work on the fundamentals of avoiding blocks and staying in lanes. LSU appeared to have NFL players on their punt and kickoff coverage. We need more of those than walkons for ST duty.

      • I know Butler is a real fine booter of the pigskin but at least on that second back-breaking return by the Badger his kick was way low. It was like a 42 yard poke, but zipped out to Mathieu so fast that he was already setting up jukes before the coverage team knew what hit them.

        I seem to recall the Dawg punting strategy to previously rely more upon an altitude game. But I could be only fabricating this to rationalize away this season’s woes.

  5. D.N. Nation

    Saban, clearly the greatest genius who ever coached football, scored 6 points against LSU. Petrino, a brilliant and innovative offensive mind, scored 7 points against LSU.

    LSU = Good.

    Which is not to say Bobo is perfect. I’d say he’s good, not great, but occasionally dials up a perfect game (Auburn). Is he a massive hindrance on this program’s attempts to return to championship-caliber? I don’t think so.

    • UGAfoo

      Petrino scored 10. Holgerson (West Virginia) 21. Helfrich (Oregon) 27.

      • BCDawg97

        UGA scores 21 if King or Mitchell hold on to a pass that hits their hands

      • adam

        I’d argue that none of those teams are as talented as we are.

        Arkansas is the only one that’s even close.

        And WVU was killed by stupid turnovers. I guess we were too, really.

      • Will (the other one)

        Oregon was pretty much Chip Kelly’s baby on offense, but I think they only had 10 or 13 when the game was still in doubt, then scored a few times in garbage time after LSU had hit 40.

  6. TennesseeDawg

    We’re probably in a BCS bowl game if not for special teams and dropped passes in the LSU game.

    • The other Doug

      Or not scheduling Boise State.

      • JT Snow

        I don’t think 3 teams from the same conference can make BCS bowls unless the conference champ doesn’t make the championship game but 2 other conference teams do.

        So not scheduling Boise State wouldn’t have helped.

        And you could very easily make the case that playing good teams early makes you a better team. So it’s possible that playing Boise State in the first game had something to do with us winning the East.

  7. D.N. Nation

    And I have no honkin’ clue just what the hell happened to special teams.

    • King Jericho

      Belin left? Hopefully someone spends some time in Carolina this offseason and ask him what he did that was so magical last season.

      • SCDawg

        Belin had us playing really, really good KO coverage last year. This year, not so good.

        • All this being said I’ll still take my chances with a behemoth upgrade on Defense to counteract the slide in Special Teams production. It is the field goal madness that has worn on me all season. But next year it is roulette time as the Dawgs will rely on the freshman.

  8. Coastal Dawg

    I suggest we move Garner to Special Teams Coach. Grantham can handle the d-line with some help from Garner. I would hope this would help special teams due to single level of accountability. Also, I would think special teams takes up less of Garner’s time giving him more time/freedom to focus on recruiting. The Specail teams staff could be made up of the S&C coaches already in place.

    • JT Snow

      So instead of having only 4 defensive coaches, you want to only have 3?

      We currently have 6 offensive coaches (including Richt) – one of whom coaches Tight Ends. Why do we need a TE coach? Can’t the OL coach and the WR coach handle those guys?

  9. I will say it again-Mike Bobo knows way more about Football than any of these idiots that complain about him on the blogs! Also there is a group of ex UGA Rugby players who are planning on decking anyone who boos ANY Georgia player in the future–be warned you fair weather jerks-if you are not all in find another team!

    • Cojones

      Dang, Bruce. You are my kinda fan. Look out, they’ll come back on here with their karate computers and say real nasty things. They all are retired SEC offensive coordinators who know all kinds of plays that should have been used. And they are plumb forceful about it, as if they studied at NATS troll school. Gotta find those Rugby players, point out a “Boo Bird” and tell the Rugbys that he said rugby was a “pussy” sport. That oughta help chaos along.

    • aristoggle

      Oh, shit. I hope it’s not the same group I went to the ’83 Sugar Bowl, or the ’84 Clemson game with. Those guys were fuckin’ nuts!

  10. Keese

    Richt has publicly admitted to disliking certain calls from Bobo in certain situations. Such as good/bad calls on whether to go for it on fourth down depending on what was part of Bobos gameplan.

  11. Yokel

    Bobo called an excellent game, Murray had 3 turnovers, receivers dropped passes, and punt coverage was terrible.

    I blame Murray.

    • Cojones

      Especially on punt coverage.

      • AusDawg85

        “If we could just keep some people on point and not let them hijack the thread with their pussy (new word that keeps jumping to mind) idea of humor, it would be a lot better. I’m forever amazed at the Senator’s patience with such people.”

        Now where did I read that?

  12. AlphaDawg

    “What’s complicated things and made that strategy dicey at times has been abysmal special teams play and the occasional untimely turnover. ” this is my problem with this “getting a lead and controlling the game with field position and defense.” Since the SC game our ST has been a liability

    • They’re 10-1 since the SC game.

      • AlphaDawg

        touche !!!

      • 81Dog

        to quote an offensive genius, Charlie Sheen, “WINNING!”

      • Dboy

        You can’t get away with sloppy play against high quality teams. I don’t think UGA played one of those between SC and LSU.

        • NRBQ

          Changes in ST personnel should be obvious to anyone watching closely (if not the results).

          On one punt in the second half, you will see Tree, Comming and Herrera all around the ball during the tackle.

          Were they good against LSU? Well, the TD return, if officiated correctly, would have lost yards. The second Goldilocks return was breathtaking, and you just have to give him credit. But UGA’s punter was quoted as taking the partial blame for that one.

          It should have been 28-zip at half, if you count the drop by Comming that could easily have gone for a score.

  13. Rdawg

    Anyone know why we kept kicking to Mathieu? I’d love to hear the logic behind that.

    • X-Dawg


    • Baseline football machismo I can only imagine — but he sure as shootin’ jivved a few Bulldogs right into the turf. Of course both of the killer returns came when UGa was kicking from inside their 10-yd line, so the thought might have been not to risk the shanked 20 yarder while aiming a punt for the sideline. This would have set LSU up with prime field position…as opposed to what ultimately happened, of course.

  14. Will Trane

    The coach in the blender for me is McClendon. Position coach: running backs. If there is one position with issues the past few years it is his.
    John Lilly. Let’s see. Lynch, White, Charles, Figgins, Rome, and incoming recruit Ty Smith. No. Do not think I want this guy to go anywhere. If there is a coach probably doing his job it is him. Reasons: the list of players, an AA candidate, TD and clutch receptions from this group. Solid blockers but not one RB who can get his ass to the edge if they set the block.
    Do not think LSU’s offense is old style by any means. But how many times did you see them run a stretch play and option of the QB? Now how many times did the Dawgs. Not in their playbook.
    In the LSU game I waited for Bobo to run the play with Smith out of the slot, set in backfield, and hand off to the edge…like in the Boise game. I’m amazed that this season they have not gone with an unbalanced line.
    What will help Bobo is a couple of very good offensive tackles. They have guards, but need tackles. Plus more speed of the LOS.

    • JT Snow

      I understand your point and I think it’s a valid one. However, if you’re going to eliminate a position and create a new one, you can’t eliminate the position of RB coach. Getting rid of McClendon for a better RB coach is a separate issue from hiring a ST coach.

      • 69Dawg

        What about Robert Edwards???? He is coaching high school in Atlanta. He is certainly more qualified than McClendon.

    • Rocketdawg

      The play you are talking about is called a Jet Sweep and had NO chance of working against LSU. They have 11 guys on defense as fast as either Boykin or Smith. Play would have lost yards. A lot of yards.

      • AusDawg85

        I respectfully beg to differ. It matches speed vs. speed. Even if we lose yardage, it loosens-up the D following pursuit and would be great to have Murray fake and run a naked counter, screen, or any other action in the opposite direction. Sending small backs into the line established nothing, set-up nothing, and therefore accomplished nothing.

  15. Patrick

    I think one unit HAS to be better than the other, just so you can create an identity and more clearly recognize the path to winning games.

    There has NEVER been a team with an Auburn 2010 offense and an Alabama 2011 defense. They don’t exist. And i would argue that if you have an Auburn 2010 offense, your defense has no choice but to psychologically let up a bit – knowing that the offense has their back. And vice versa. No way around it.

    You CAN win titles with the offense as the stronger unit, but i think it reduces your margin for error. You are so reliant on one guy (QB). What happens if Cam goes out for 6 weeks last year? Trouble. What happens if Alec Ogletree goes out for 6 weeks this year? You plug in the next guy and win 10 games in a row.

    I agree with our newfound path of going the LSU and Alabama “our defense will win us games” strategy. And our offense will do enough to win. Offenses sometimes sputter, it’s their nature. Some offenses can outsmart the room most of the time (Clemson, WV, Ok St, Oregon, Mike Leach)…but they’re all vulnerable to a bad day (Clemson vs. South Carolina, WV vs Syracuse, Ok State vs Iowa St).

    A dominant defense should be much less susceptible to having a bad day. Let’s keep building that, and the rest will follow.

  16. I agree with everything the senator said. Richt put his trust in Bobo to HELP get him off the hot seat. It worked.
    Richt still has a hand in developing the Offensive game plan ,coaching the QBs, & in the calling of plays. I consider Bobo to be a Richt Clone who takes a little pressure off of the HC. No, Bobo is not going anywhere & Richt is thankful for that. Actually, statistically the O has been a little more productive since Bobo became the OC than when Richt worked as his own OC. Just Saying.
    Finally Bobo is a very good recruiter & a lot of recruits are becoming Dawgs because of the Offense the Dawgs Run. No reason to change that.

  17. DawgPhan

    Dont turn the ball over and make FGs. Then play some defense and you will lots of ball games. David Greene’s best play was highfiving the punter.

  18. Dave

    Wow. I’m probably more in it for Bobo than the Senator. Dumping him would be a mistake. A pretty big one. During his tenure, offense has NOT been a problem. In fact, we have been more aggressive since Richt handed over duties. Bobo has called some good games this year. At times, he can be confusing (LSU game – why hand off late in 2nd qtr on 1st and 2nd down and again in 3rd quarter when it was clear that wasn’t going to work?). But overall, he has done a very good job. The problem during the Stafford years was the defense. Not anymore. The thing that cost us games this year was special teams. If we recruit another top flight tailback, and some good OL (one five star already), the minute issues we have on offense will be even smaller.

    • Carolinadawg

      I think the issue you bring up about the playcalling in the LSU game is more than “confusing”. Its inexplicable, destructive and borderline incompentent. There is a long running tendency by Bobo/CMR to move away from whats working offensively. I have trouble classifying our offensive troubles as “minute”. If the Senator is corrrect, then CMR needs to let go and allow the OC to really be the OC.

      • Dave

        Offense is never going to work every series – just ask LSU. My question is what would you like to see? We put up points all over the place since 2007. The Joe cox year was a down year in terms of turnovers, but no points. Aaron Murray’s fumbles are maddening, but should be fixable. All in all, we score points unless we have a big enough lead. Yes, Bobo had two bad series against LSU. But that was more the exception this year. Georgia Tech was as perfect as I think you could get. Auburn…well…yeah. Even SC was great minus Aaron’s execution. I’m not seeing a lot this year to complain about Bobo. I love the up-tempo/more plays. I think it works well when you have more talent on your sidelines, which we do in every game save one or two during the year. My only real complaint is that sometimes we seem to wedded to the idea of “balance” (and that’s not Mike Leach’s balance btw), but that was even an improvement this year over last year. Specifically, outside the two series at LSU, what do others see wrong?

        • Haywood Jablome

          The problem is that when he has a bad series (first half LSU) it seems to totally take the team out of it’s rhythm. I don’t understand the constant need to change things before the defense catches up to what you are doing that is already working.

      • Biggus Rickus

        I refer you to the play by play as I find myself so often doing in these discussions.


        As you go along you’ll notice that early they ran successfully sometimes and threw successfully sometimes. You’ll also notice they did absolutely nothing successfully after the first quarter. When you can’t block, nothing works.

    • DWH

      “If we recruit another top flight tailback”


  19. Irishdawg

    “Bobo called an excellent game, Murray had 3 turnovers, receivers dropped passes, and punt coverage was terrible”

    Hard to argue with this. We moved the ball in the first half, but guys inexplicably dropped TD passes that hit them in the gloves. Murray then got off his game and turned it over. Some of the playcalling in the 2nd half was puzzling, but the first half playcalling should have had us up 21-0. Maybe Bobo needs to learn to make in game adjustments, or maybe LSU’s defense is that ferocious.

    I would like to see the UGA staff get with the Falcons’ special teams coaches. For all of Atlanta’s flaws, they play lights out special teams.

  20. Carolinadawg

    Keith Marshall just committed to UGA!

    • H-Town Dawg

      That’s a relief! Hopefully this will lead to Gurley joining up, too. Can’t have too many weapons in the SEC.

      GO DAWGS!

    • truck

      And we’ve also apparently offered Mike Davis. Trying to stock up on that RB depth.

      • Will (the other one)

        Worked for LSU. Now we need to shore up the lines with quality depth too.

      • Scott

        It doesn’t sound like we are recruiting Davis, according to Davis (as quoted in the AJC this afternoon).

        • adam

          We renewed our offer to Davis this afternoon and are actually in it.

          According to him, the Georgia offer really changes things for him.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Said UGA was a silent leader for months, “just wanted to be sure Richt would be the coach.”

      So, just another reason to celebrate the season Georgia and Coach Mark Richt just had.

      • Cojones

        And another reason to tell the anti- Richt/ant-Bobo aholes to lay off. Just pointed that out last night.

        By the way, I’ve never had a problem with Bobo because he puts plenty of points on the board that can be defended. The sequence of play calling and disagreeable plays I’ll leave to the “after-the-fact geniuses”, hereby named the AFT FUGS. You know , like fore and aft.

        • Is there some eroto-sexual innuendo hidden in there again, brah?

          • Cojones

            Nope. Most people on here don’t even know the diff between erotic sex and kinky sex.

            Erotic sex is enhanced sexual feelings by the use of , for example, of a feather drawn across the outer nerve endings in the epidermal / dermal zones continuing toward climatic nerves bunched in the inguinal areas of the body.

            Kinky sex is when you use the whole chicken.

  21. IndyDawg

    We complain about Special Teams, especially the coverage teams, with good reason. But I’d like to suggest an important factor beyond the the coaching angle: overall team depth. If I recall, the Dawgs played 2011 below the maximum # of scholarship players–which includes a few former walk-ons awarded for their hard work. I’m curious how much impact better team depth of talent could impact Special Teams performance. Hoping the Dawgs gain significant recruiting momentum with the addition of Keith Marshall’s commitment this afternoon.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. The beginning of wisdom. The special teams problem, the O-line depth problem, the D-line depth problem and the lack of RBs are all roster management related.

  22. Indemnitor

    Im glad to hear that you’re not “married to Bobo” at least before you check your firm’s maternity leave policy and medical plan.

    He downloads babies like they’re TD’s against Auburn.

    OOPS- another one.

  23. adam

    Thanks for commenting on this, Senator. I’m sure you don’t want to get into some kind of debate about this. It can be time-consuming (and I agree that it is highly unlikely that Bobo is going anywhere as long as Richt is here).

    I just hope we see the offense improve going into next year. More first downs. Turning off the offense less. No games where our great talent suddenly means no production at all on offense (South Carolina and UT in 07, first half of Bama in 08, Florida in 08 and 09, Boise and the 2nd half of LSU this year, etc).

    I just want the offense to do its job as well as the defense. But really… I just want us to win a bunch of games.

    • That’s the thing, Adam. Winning big is great, but if it’s a choice between winning ugly or what happened last time in Boulder or Starkville, well, you know what my choice is.

    • Dave

      we just went 10-1. And you point out 6 quarters out of 48, 2 of which were against one of the best defenses in the BCS era. And we scored 21 in the other 4 quarters – not great, but not terrible if that’s the worst we have to complain about. Outside of Aaron Murray’s fumbles, what else?

      • Dave

        6 quarters of 52….been a while since SECCG…my bad

        • adam

          To be fair… The offense had several stretches this year where they were not productive.

          *Couldnt get the last first down needed to seal the Vandy game.
          *Ditto against Ole Miss
          *Bad first half against Florida that made the game much closer than it should have been.
          *The Kentucky game.

          I understand the argument that we did well enough on defense that the offense could just concentrate on not losing the game for us. But I don’t like “don’t screw up” as an offensive philosophy and think that it places unfair pressure on the defense to perform. If the offense had held up its end of the bargain, Kentucky, Vandy (I know the offense scored enough in this game to win, but one first down at the end seals it with no drama), and Ole Miss would’ve been much more comfortable. Same can be said of the Florida game.

          I’m glad we’re winning these kinds of games. We would’ve lost them just last year probably. But the offense could take a lot of drama out of the game. And I don’t mean win-ugly vs blowout. I mean winning comfortably vs being at serious risk to blow the game against a lesser opponent.

          • Cojones

            Adam,I thought we had more first downs than anyone in the SEC. And you want more? Give us a number and it’s importance.

          • Will (the other one)

            We lost Crowell on the first series of the Kentucky game and didn’t have Thomas. I can’t blame Bobo for going into a very conservative gameplan, or not getting much offensively in that situation.

          • King Jericho

            “…I don’t like “don’t screw up” as an offensive philosophy and think that it places unfair pressure on the defense to perform.”

            And if we keep the foot on the gas and we DO screw up (which happened plenty towards the beginning of the season), are people not up in arms that we’re not playing to our strengths?

            We won. I don’t understand why we’re scrutinizing.

            • adam

              Doesn’t seem like taking our foot off the gas really kept us from screwing up…

              And a bunch of 3 and outs isnt better than a turnover if the offense is still scoring. Why play scared? If we scored 3 more TDs and threw a pick, is that better or worse than four 3 and outs?

          • Rebar

            Bejebus, but did you not see what happened this year? We never had a dependable running back, we had receivers who don’t even shave yet, and we had an offensive line made up of hardhearted guards! It was a hell of a year, and I for one, think Bobo did a great job with all he had to deal with, and next year looks even better. Anyone complaining about the job Bobo has done, would probably complain about the sky being blue.

            • adam

              I’m not just talking about this year. He has done plenty of the same frustrating things this year that he has done in years past, though.

              I do think he did his best job this year (though the offense still disappeared plenty of times).

              A good OC deals with adversity. Grantham lost players too. He played last year with a bunch of people out of position and missing the guys that he needed in his scheme. And he still made big strides. That was his 1st year.

              This is Bobo’s 6th. How long does he get? Is it just bad luck that we keep having issues on oline? Or that we don’t usually have much depth at WR or RB?

  24. Will Trane

    Do not think many on LSU’s defense will stay with Smith if it goes to the wide side of the field…gap, hash marks, side line, in. Plus if they show that play a time or two, with or without the hand off you set their strong side for a moment for offside runs. When you 87 plays against someone, get one TD, then you need to evaluate your playbook some. Dawgs never went to the edge. True LSU came of the edge to get Murray, because they did not respect the run…all vertical. I have not seen a re-play of the game, but LSU played the receivers closer to the LOS in 2nd half to slow them down and to rush Murray after the timing had been disrupted. Did go to the short routes, and notice how tight the coverage was. No running game.
    With Dawgs getting Marsahll and Crowell steps it up, they will get more linemen and more playbook options. Plus they need more speed out of the FB position too.

  25. UGAfoo

    I would hope CMR is flexible enough to consider what kind of offense will work against LSU/Bama and try to adopt some of those tendencies. Even if that means going out and getting a new person to run it.

    I’m not a Bobo hater although he does frustrate me at times. That could just be CMR pulling back the reigns I suppose. Sucks really. I thought maybe the Auburn game was a turning point.

    • Newt

      I think our offense is the kind that will work against LSU/Bama. To be effective against defenses like that, you have to be multi-dimensional. We caught LSU off guard in the 1st quarter but they adjusted. Once they did, we didn’t counter well enough and our personnel wasn’t up to the task of continuing to execute effectively.

  26. charlottedawg

    In my neophyte opinion the biggest issues this year were turnovers and special teams. As we saw this year these are the plays that flip the field and momentum in big ways and can mean a loss,blowout, or ugly win even when you are otherwise dominating the game.Fix that and our stats might not be pretty but the win loss column will be. I have no problems with Bobo the OC i just wish he would spend a little more time with Murray on ball security. An issue which I believe will diminish the longer Aaron plays QB. Go ahead and color me a “Disney Dawg”.

    • Cojones

      Why? For believing in (arguably) the best QB in the SEC? Just means you have your facts straight, not that you are a Disney. Have faith. Moses gonna lead us outta Egypt Land.

      Also, the SEC frowns on Superglue. And Charlotte, you’ve come a long way. Welcome to the Old Fan’s Home.

  27. The special teams were a house of horrors this year. Every one of our losses had multiple breakdowns in ST play:

    Boise – missed field goal & long punt return to set up the TD that put the game out of reach and took the crowd out of the game
    South Carolina – missed field goal & fake punt
    LSU – missed field goal, punt returns, and muffed punt affecting field position

    Other games had breakdowns that kept games closer than they should have been:

    Ole Miss – multiple missed field goals & reverse on punt return (allowed another TD return called back by penalty)
    Vandy – multiple missed field goals & kick-off return
    Florida – multiple kick-off returns & multiple missed field goals

    I think this is the one area McGarity is going to ask what needs to be done. We may be worse next year with all new specialists. Ouch!

    • adam

      This is something we can all agree on.

      Special teams needs serious work.

      • Cojones

        You bet, Adam. And we have a lot to work with. Give me two more kamikazes like Sailors and we will rule inside the 15. We need 3 gunners instead of one.

        • WF dawg

          You’re spot on about Sailors. Wasn’t it him that made the tackle on the opening kickoff around the 15? In a lot of ways, that was tempo-setting for the first half.

    • Don’t see how the Dawgs drop off in the FG kicking game. Walsh has been a trainwreck. Who knows, maybe the new kid can just whack the snot out of the ball on kickoffs like we all were sure Walsh should have. But I think it will be a stretch to find a punter as generally consistent as Butler (not that it would be evident from his net punting figures).

      • Putting our trust in a freshman who has never kicked in front of 90k people and off the ground for the first time in a game won’t be a good feeling especially in Columbia in week 2. I’m nervous every year we’re breaking in a new kicker.

  28. diving duck

    So, Bobo is Tyler Durden. Got it.

  29. timphd

    Funny, everything I read from people who supposedly know college football and who are NOT UGA fans, they seem to hold Bobo in pretty high regard. Chris Low for one has commented about how people outside the SEC consider Bobo an excellent offensive coordinator. Heard the same in the telecast of the Tech game by the announcers. I would love to have seen how this year would have gone with a stable, healthy backfield that could have been relied upon game after game. Not sure we can easily upgrade on Bobo.

  30. Turd Ferguson

    I’m not nearly as anti-Bobo as I was at times during the past two seasons, and I certainly don’t think he should be fired. But the conservative play-calling does bother me, and primarily for this reason: Why keep starters in the game longer than necessary? Much more often than not, taking our foot off the gas results in games staying closer than the need to be … which, in turn, keeps the starters in the game longer than they need to be. But if we could easily put up another quick TD or two in the 3rd quarter, and then bring Hutson Mason and Co. out to play what’s left of the game, why not do that? It gives the starters some rest, and potentially saves them from injury; and it gives the other guys some experience.

    • Cojones

      “I’m not nearly as anti-Bobo as I was at times during the past two seasons….”. Heck, Turd, you haven’t been nearly as turd as you were the past two seasons. That’s all a good thing. It’s amazing how a few wins helps out in all the ascerbic remarks on here. We all seem to be going forward with this team. What’s not to enjoy? Nearly a month to the next game. we should be healed and by all indications, so will Mich St. Have a feeling they won’t be prepared for a complete Dawg teamthat I suspect will hit the field. With all hands on deck, we may get a better appreciation of Bobo’s abilities. Fo and Boo should be there to help a healed IC. Thomas and Harton deserve to play in that game as well. Drew and Rome could see some time. Jan 2 counts as next year for Rome, doesn’t it?

      • Turd Ferguson

        “Heck, Turd, you haven’t been nearly as turd as you were the past two seasons.”

        Probably helps that our football program hasn’t been nearly as shitty as it was the past two seasons. Though I think our most recent game made it pretty clear that we’ve got a long, long way to go.

    • Hayduke

      “I’m not nearly as anti-Bobo as I was at times during the past two seasons”

      Yea.. I’m coming around also re: Bobo. He called some good games this year. I’m still puzzled by never handing off to the FB though. It is an integral part of running the I-formation, keeps defenses from keying on your tailback. Since we had TB issues for a good chunk of the season, running the FB some could have helped this situation out significantly. Our line blocking needs to reflect the type of runner we have at TB. IC is going to need some trap blocking, and pulling guards or tackles or both, or he won’t make it 3 years. IC reminds me of a smaller Eric Dickerson… a back that turns upfield, takes 2 steps and gains 10 yards. Great running intelligence, but not a workhorse back.

  31. Joel

    People please!!! Don’t give credit where credit isn’t due!!! The first three series are scripted. UGA….and many other teams take that approach. That’s why it always appears that UGA goes away from what’s working. They game plan all week, run the scripted plays for the first two/three series then it’s soley up to Bobo for the rest of the game. Bobo’s in-ability to adjust on the fly is why everyone’s in shock. If the defense gives a look that wasn’t planned for, UGA’s offense looks like a deer in the headlights.

    There is abolutely NOTHING wrong the the offense. It’s the guy driving it that’s the issue. Notice how the first three drives against LSU kept Murray upright and clean…hence the great decisions/passes? Then….the script was complete…back to Bobo’s playaction crap that played right into the strength of LSU’s defense. Our OL was able to keep the DL off of Murray when we were not using the play action that no one respects. As soon as we go to that….LSU t’ed off for the rest of the game. None of us could block or pass when the defense knows what’s coming. Also notice how the opposing defenses blitz right up the gut 90% of the time? That’s because they know that it’s either going to be a hand off/draw up the gut or a play action. Our playaction made UK’s DL look like an all american squad. I don’t care if we had an all SEC line….they can’t protect when the defense knows what’s coming. We need new blood to simply call the plays that Richt has created and adjust on the fly. Bobo freezes when coming under fire. Bobo’s terrible play calling almost cost us the UF game, too. Please don’t forget that. It took outstanding receptions on 4th down to win that game.

    • Cojones

      Same ole crap that’s been blogged and discounted for over a month. Can’t you trolls come up with anything original?

      • adam

        Just because you disagree doesn’t make someone a troll.

        • Cojones

          Joel is new to me and is posting observations with old debunked reasoning. People who read other takes on subjects generally don’t repetitively post the same judgements. When someone runs with a piece of old smelly bait, that usually means a troll. Why else would they do it? I always consider that I can easily be wrong.

          • Joel

            Not a troll…just new to this blog. Speaking on a subject that’s sensative to many that actually know football. It’s not from reading other’s takes….it’s from watching/attending as many games as I possibly can. It’s that MANY have very similar views of the situation which is why your defensive stance of my post is fickel…to state it nicely. It’s a blog of opinions but it appears that only your opinion is allowed or viewed as acceptable. I bleed red/black which is why I speak as openly as I do. Bobo’s performance or lack there of is “old, debunked and repetitive” thus why so many posts are similar in nature….not trolls looking to “stir it up”. A blog shouldn’t be opened up if it doesn’t want opinions/takes.

            Murray is taking a lot of heat due to his UK and LSU performances…but not Bobo? Notice when Murray is running 3 and 4 wide from the shotgun, he can scan the field for his 2nd and 3rd checkdowns or run. His completion and touchdown % are outstanding. Out of the single back/playaction, he has to lock onto one receiver due to having his back to the defense and the OL not blocking up to snuff. A good OC plays to the STRENGTHS of his offense not force a square peg into a round hole….ala running Thomas up the gut against LSU…especially when it hasn’t been working from that formation the entire game. Thomas and the smaller backs are much more successful when running from an “open” set that spreads the middle of the defense out. Please explain to this “TROLL” why Bobo cannot seem to comprehend that!! Simply observations of basic offensive football….NOT TROLLING!!

            Ask Stafford how much he liked running that playaction junk when the running game was not working. Please refer to the UK game where he had his teethed nearly knocked out due to the DL and LBs t’ng off on it. There is a reason Stafford looks dang near unstoppable when running Detroit’s offense from the shotgun…it’s what he does best.

            I love UGA and our players as much as anyone…which is why I want a change at OC because these “get by” offensive performances are not fair to the players on both sides of the ball. I think ANY true UGA football fan would rather see an offensive coordinator with the ability to dictate the game…and not the other team’s defense. The defense feeds off of the offense…stated directly by Jarvis Jones himself after the Auburn game. You could see the defense deflate after the 2nd offensive/special teams breakdown. Say what you want, but even the defensive players had lost confidence in Bobo’s ability to direct an offensive comeback…especially after the multiple “up-the-gut” runs with Thomas.

            Don’t let some of the offensive stats this year fool you, either. Weak schedule or not, the defense’s ability to keep giving the ball back to the offense over and over again skews the stats. More chances=more yardage. It’s the red zone scoring that matters most…and UGA is terrible. Even the CBS commentators (can’t stand ’em) pointed out how efficient UGA is between the 20s but settle on too many field goals in the red zone. Did all of the sudden the players forget how to play? No, they are not being put into position to score by their OC. Charles is rarely used inside the 20 until it’s an obvious situation where the defense is waiting for it…which baffles me…and 3/4 of the DawgNation.

      • NRBQ

        Cojones –

        No one here gives a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut about your critique of their post(s).

        There’s nothing in Joel’s message that indicates he is anything other than an intelligent, ardent Dawg supporter.

        I can’t begin to tell you how old your Shirley Temple/Comment Police posts are.

        • Hayduke

          What New Rhythm & Blues Quartet said

        • Cojones

          I could go over every line that Joel expressed his opinion in and give you another instance of what can happen, especially after the fact of every play. I could call a phantom game of plays taken from any game played this year and make the same comments about every OC in the country and defy each and every one to tell me the OC’s mistakes, but it would bore the hell out of everyone just as the AFT FUG rants bore most. But to go on preaching about every move by every player as substantiating your hatred of one of the best OCs in the best conference in the country is absurd. If you entered facts into this “debate” instead of snarky unsubstantiated reasoning, then that would be worthwhile debating and would receive a good reply, but this same ole, sameole crap doesn’t deal with facts, rather it is a forum to run a good coach off that should be defended vigorously. Monday morning QBing , taken seriously by those who perpetrate it, is not worth the time or clicks to defend and I usually just let them go by. Trying to compare the worth of coaches against each other is folly and to me is not in the spirit of Georgia Football support. To say that Bobo’s offense is dictated by the good play of the D is idiotic. To say one coach is better than the other is worse. When the D couldn’t stop points put on the scoreboard last year, did we hear how Bobo was still scoring in the absence of good D? Hell no. Many blamed Richt and Bobo then instead of Grantham. If you accused Grantham last year of losing the games by letting others score more than Bobo could put on the boards in reply then I would tell you the same as now; – it’s a team sport composed of D and O units. Segregating one out for derision is divisive. I can make a substantial counter argument to each of those comments, but we would be here all night.

          My “critiques” have never been so. There is not enough space to critique the unfettered attacks on a good coach. My “Comment Police” posts have been short pokes at those who open themselves and their egos up for it, but most all have been intended to up the humor level. Sorry you didn’t catch them that way, but above all, this blog now has been about Special Teams. Diverting that to Bobo or Richt attacks will certainly get a comment from me. And I differ when you want to call those remarks as coming from an ardent Dawg supporter. I’m sure the Boo Birds think that they are ardent supporters as well. Maybe I don’t like their “ardent support” of Bobo. I just don’t get that drift. It is neither “ardent”, nor is it “support”.

          Most of my posts come out as opposition to remarks toward the team and coaches that I view as destructive. I can see that my comments sometimes go over the top, sometimes undeservedly towards the poster. Can you see as well that remarks made insensitively in timing and substance toward members of our staff can be viewed as destructive? Give and take aren’t empty words on here. We all should be prepared for them. However, if my remarks take away from the spirit of our arguments, I expect the Senator will say so in no uncertain terms.

    • Rebar

      Please see my post above!!

  32. PatinDC

    I am just not a believer that Bobo or the offense is a problem. UGA has been once to the most consistent offenses in the SEC over the last 5 years.
    UGA OFF PPG SEC rank DEF PPG rank Record
    2011 32.2 4 19.6 4 11-3
    2010 32.1 4 22.1 5 6-7
    2009 28.9 7 25.9 10 8-5
    2008 31.5 3 24.5 10 10-3
    2007 32.6 5 20.2 3 11-2

    Something that jumps out in the SEC. The East and West winners have been great at Offense or Defenses in the years that they have won, mostly both. You need both sides to work together to be a championship team. The O has been working hard, but the D is only now catching up.
    LSU #1 off #2 def
    UGA #4 off #4 def
    Auburn #1 off #8 def
    USC #6 off #6 def
    UF #2 off #2 def
    AL #4 off #1 def
    UF #1 off #1 def
    AL #5 off #2 def
    LSU #2 off #2 def
    UT #6 off #10 def

  33. AP51

    Thanks for the perspective, Senator. From experience (small school, defensively dominant team with an anemic offense), a major problem occurs when one side of the ball becomes its own team within the team. I can recall cursing the offense after frequent three and outs, turnovers, false start penalties, etc. and genuinely despising those guys for “losing games.” Of course I was a bit immature at the time, but it can become a real cancer…

    How does this relate to UGA? There will be no shortage of praise in the offseason for the success of the defense this year and it’ll be tough for players not to buy into it. Further, It’ll be interesting to watch whether Grantham begins to outshine the boss, Richt, and whether recruits begin to credit their choice of UGA to Grantham rather than Richt. Team within a team….

  34. Welcome Mr. Marshall: How many HS Offensive Skill Players want to go to Athens & play for Richt & Bobo. They say that is the reason.
    We are talking QBs,RBs, TEs, & WRs here. Look at the ones on campus & the ones in the pipeline. When something is working you do Not change It.
    I certainly am a Richt & Bobo supporter. I like Grantham a lot also. The next few years S/B very good for this Old Dawg.

  35. Russ

    In my book, Bobo gets at least 2 “byes” to make up for the shitty defense we had in 2008-2009. I just don’t get the Bobo hate. Sure, he makes bad calls but so does every other OC in the country, at any level. Given that we had no consistency at RB, the fact that we made the SECCG is outstanding to me. Defense obviously helped a lot, but we got the offense we needed the majority of the time.

    I’m from the old (Dooley) school. I’m used to winning with defense and a good ground game. With Marshall coming to join IC, we may be getting back to that, and I’m fine with it.

  36. hasbeen

    Good article. Bobo had a good year and you are spot on with the point that our questions should be directed at Special Teams play. I think CMR should ask TG what to do about this obvious problem.

    Bobo,Garner, Ball, and McClendon, and Lilly have strengths in recruiting. Hoping TG has proved that scheme and execution is just as important the talent we recruit. The wildcard with TG was, “can he recruit”? He has proven that having strong conviction about scheme is a huge selling point with the right kind of talent. I understand that TG has made a big influence on Garner as has Olivadotti.
    I like Coach T, Senator, but the verdict is still out based on the comments from his associates.

    • Chadwick

      Yeah, for whatever reason….ugh maybe two teams in NC game, the refs weren’t about to blow the whistle on Matthieu’s punt returns. Same for the overall chippiness of some the LSU players in general. I believe the fullback was a cheif culprit. I’m not crying sour grapes. LSU is the better and deeper team, but they also didn’t need help from the zebras if sportsmanship and fair play count.

      • Chadwick

        ooops. I meant to post this to Ben’s post below. Sorry about that.

      • Bulldog Joe

        No way these SEC refs eject (or even flag) #44 Copeland for his punches thrown and face the risk of him missing the BCS game. No way will they call a touchback on Mathieu’s brain fart or any of the illegal blocks along the way.

        The unwritten SEC rule in the Slive era is always protect the higher ranked team and support the CBS/ESPN storyline around the “featured player”. It’s good for ratings.

        This is why you never saw Tim Tebow flagged for his antics.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          BTW every time LSU scored the soring player and sometimes other players began that waving the hand over the head gesture which means to the other team “you’re in over your head.” How is that not taunting/unsportsmanlike? I have no problem with that rule being on the books and being enforced as long as it is done consistently. However, I have a real problem with the selective enforcement of that rule that is going on in the SEC. The Tebow “chomp” every time he scored is a perfect example.

  37. ben

    There are a lot of messages on here, so sorry if I’m repeating stuff, but I feel like everyone keeps asking what happened to our ST in the LSU game. I feel like there were blocks in the back that were pretty blatant on both of Mathieu’s returns that were never even mentioned on the telecast. The first one for a touchdown had two if I’m not mistaken, but one was right in front of the runner. I’m not saying we don’t need ST work, but between that and the refs allowing LSU’s offense to hold us up and down the field in the 2nd half, it would be pretty tough to hold off anyone let alone LSU. Of course, that said, I don’t think those things would change the fact that we lost.

    • Cojones

      Someone cried “sour grapes” when I posted the same observation Sunday. Good and factually accurate post.

  38. Derek

    Did anyone notice how stupid gus malzahn got this year? I dont know why but for some reason coaches get dumber or smarter without there being any obvious correlation to matters outside their control. Well, maybe it’s the players depth and talent. Either that or some college should drop seven figures on one of these blog trolls who know it all and who are confident that with the right system abd strategy could score 50 on LSU with 6 blind nuns, 2 octogenarians an infant and two swimsuit models.

  39. AusDawg85

    Say Richt leaves in 5 years…is Bobo his replacement?

    If you could get ANY OC you wanted, would you keep Bobo?

    Answer “no” to either of the above, and you are not a Bobo-basher, but simply recognizing that it’s POSSIBLE we could upgrade the OC position, even in keeping with the Senator’s hypothesis that it would need to be someone who stays true to the Richt offensive philosophy. But if Richt learned anything with the hiring of Grantham and working with McGarity, I think even he now realizes he has to continually evolve the program forward. A new OC could/would do that, and I’ll bet will be considered somewhere in the halls of B-M this off-season, if only silently.

    • adam

      That’s basically what I’ve been saying…

      If Bobo left for Arkansas State (hypothetically), could we hire someone who makes our offense perform better?

      I think the answer is yes, but that’s simply my opinion. The Senator may say no. I understand his point that whoever is OC will do what Richt wants to do and that this offense may be a reflection of Richt’s views on offense and his own approach. (Not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth, so I don’t mind being corrected here if that’s not what Bluto meant).

      Still, I think we should have the best OC we can get. I think we’re all pretty happy with our DC and defensive staff. I wonder how many people think that the offensive staff is comparable.

  40. Bulldog Joe

    A solid running game with quality depth along the line and at tailback solves most of the “playcalling issues”.

    Recruiting and player development.

    • adam

      Interesting how quickly the defensive coaches were able to make that look easy.

      2 years to get those players, coach them up, and put an elite group on the field.

      The defense should be even better next year.

      What’s the offenses’s excuse?

  41. Scott

    Keith Marshall: I like the way he doesn’t dance around but is quick make a cut and immediately go north/south.

  42. JasonC

    I made a comment about how McElwain at Bama wasn’t that good (after seeing him ranked high in Rivals top offensive coaches list) and some Bama fans corrected me by saying that Saban made him play more conservative than he would like. Sound familiar?

    • Bryant Denny

      I’m curious…what makes you think he’s no good? Seriously…

      Last time I checked, McElwain has his name floated every year for some type of head coaching job. There are other coordinators in the league that never get mentioned.

  43. Now that UGA will have Keith Marshall, BOBO will surely call PASS for the first down, PASS second down and PASS again for the third down. I hope you folks get the point — he likes calling the unexpected. LOL

  44. 69Dawg

    Mark Richt went out and got the perfect Defensive Coordinator for his Pro-Style O, a Pro DC. Look at the typical NFL game the DC is expected to win close games almost all of the time. Heck there are very few blowout wins in the NFL. CTG is used to having to save the bacon so he is at home with a small margin of victory.

    • adam

      Yet the Saints and Packers do both well.

      Why shouldn’t that be the goal?

      If the defense is already in good hands, then it’s time to improve the offense as much as possible.

  45. There is a huge difference between having a great offense and having an offense that gives maximum effort.

    LSU’s offense is nothing special, but it gives maximum effort. Oh, they also average 30+ points a game.

    UGA’s offense is actually more talented than LSU’s. What pisses people off, and *will* lose games to real teams, is Bobo’s attitude and belief that he doesn’t have to give maximum effort. He thinks that a 10 or 14 point lead is enough to stop giving 100% effort and make the defense win the game.

    That is what is unacceptable. That is a philosophy that lacks killer instinct and WILL bite us in the butt. In fact, I think we saw that happen to us against LSU. We got up 10 and deflated – as usual. Auburn was the ONLY game all season where we kept our foot on the gas, and I largely think that’s because Auburn was so bad we were coasting downhill on offense.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Ah, the ol’ lead foot argument. If I could remove one cliché from the Dawgosphere it would be “takes/keeps his foot off/on the gas”. This utterly meaningless bitch is so annoying. You want to know how meaningless it is? Muckbeast’s example of Bobo “keeping his foot on the gas” is a game where Georgia threw exactly two passes in the second half, neither of them after the first possession of the half. So apparently, keeping one’s foot on the gas is defined solely by the final outcome and has nothing to do with strategy. It’s a lot like good play calls being the ones that work and vice versa.