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They’re getting the band back together.

Ted Roof is rejoining George O’Leary at Central Florida.

I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna miss him.


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Do you know what the opposite of a hot seat is?

Crazy rumors like this:

Coaching Search Update – Tuesday Edition Premium Story

Mark RIcht

By David Sandhop
Aggie Websider Publisher
Date: Dec 6, 2011
Texas A&M conducted two interviews on Tuesday to start the coaching search process. Aggie Websider’s David Sandhop gets you up-to-date on the leading candidates and some other big name candidates that have inquired about the Aggie football job that have hit the radar screen

It’s delusional, of course. Evidently the article indicates that almost every leading head coach in America (Chip Kelly, for example) has made inquiries about the position. The ironic part is that Richt’s interest is supposedly fueled by the Georgia fan base’s impatience with the program over the past couple of seasons. Yeah, that’s why he’d be interested in going to a school that’s been through three head coaches during Richt’s stay in Athens.



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The Dawgs that did not bark

Greg McGarity measures fans’ satisfaction with the football program by their silence.

“You don’t really hear anything. People will call me to say ‘Congratulations’ or ‘I was wrong, and I’m sorry about the earlier e-mails about wanting change,’ and things like that. We deal with a lot of managerial things that may have to do with seat location in the stadium or parking problems, which are things we deal with all the time.

“It’s like everything else when things are going right. In customer service areas, very rarely do we call to thank them for the customer service. It’s sort of an expectation. If there is not much noise out there, I sort of view it as good news.”

I guess nobody’s calling him about Bobo.


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National champion dilemma: settling it on the field vs. getting the best team right

When it comes to a postseason football format, you pays your money and you takes your chance.


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Tigerz be crazee, man.

These days, if being the architect of the nation’s 29th best offense is good enough to get you a 6-year, $7.8 million contract, maybe Todd Grantham’s agent has a point.


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Willy, he hardly knew ‘ye.

Bobby Petrino’s defensive coordinator for the past four seasons “resigned” his position yesterday.  I’m guessing he walked into his office and found his resignation letter taped to his chair.

Lowell George knows what that sounds like.


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A sure sign I am getting old.

Georgia’s newest recruit waxes nostalgic about the good old days… of 2007.

“When I was in seventh grade watching Knowshon Moreno, I knew that I wanted to go to Georgia,” he said.

Sigh.  I fear it’s only a matter of time until I start growling at people standing in front of me at Sanford to sit down so I can watch the game.


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Babies, don’t let your mommas grow up to be Gators.

If this isn’t child abuse, they ought to change the law.

… Her son’s name says it all: Spurrier Urban Wiley, a name that honors two of the schools greatest football coaches.

“My husband and I got married in 1996, when Spurrier won the championships,” she said, “and then we conceived in 2006 when Urban Meyer won the championship.”

It was a seemingly perfect fit for these Florida fanatics, until now. So mom’s ready for a change.

“I want to change his middle name,” she said.

And if this kid hasn’t suffered enough already…

… Wiley’s husband isn’t on board with the change, and she said she won’t officially change her son’s name unless her husband agrees.

If he does, she’s thinking Tim after Tim Tebow, the great Gator quarterback who is becoming a star in the NFL.

No word on whether Spur sports a mullet and jorts.  Yet.

(h/t Graham Watson)


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