A magical year in Gainesville

A week ago, I asked the musical question “Is it possible for this to turn into any more of a lost season for Gator fans than it’s become?”

Why, yes, it can.


UPDATE:  Spencer Hall has heard worse news.


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64 responses to “A magical year in Gainesville

  1. Biggus Rickus

    Seriously? I guess Kansas figured, “One super fat coach worked out. We still have some of Mangino’s non-jogging suits?…Excellent.”

    • gastr1

      Kansas is desperate.

      You’d have be a fool to hire this twat…isn’t it obvious that the first year he has a winning record he’s out the door? If he can still fit through it, anyway?

  2. King Jericho

    Perhaps Kansas is hoping to rediscover success with another morbidly obese coach?

  3. tc4792

    WoW……now that is some serious professionalism on display!

  4. Bard Parker


  5. MinnesotaDawg

    The reinforced recliner with footrest and extra, extra-large sandwich cooler in the KU coach’s office were too much to resist (as were these cheap jokes).

  6. Chuck

    This says no respect for Boom, can’t spin it any other way.

  7. charlottedawg

    Persoonal note: aquantances of my in laws are die hard gator alums. Next year primarily due to HOPE their eldest is going to uga, naturally her mama has reservations about this. I told them not to worry as they’re one of many jumping off the sinking UF ship.

  8. The Fake Georgia Illuminati

    Bobo is off to Floriduh and will boast of life-long affinity for the gators and guarantee more victories. Our work is nearly complete!

  9. Bevo

    Is he taking the cooler with him?

    Wow. Sad for both programs.

    Kansas fires Mangino then hires a Mangino look-alike.

    Florida … what is going on? Whatever. Just keep it up.

  10. ScoutDawg

    Was really hoping to get a couple of years of “decided schematic advantage”.

  11. Jeff Sanchez

    Just like yesterday’s news of Roof leaving the Plains, I’m actually kind of bummed about this one😦

  12. Dawg19

    I wonder if RB recruit Mike Davis got an early tip…

    • Cojones

      If so, he was the only one on the planet that knew except Weiss . We need to get that young man and make him head of player security.

  13. DawgGoneIt

    I don’t see how this surprises anyone who has actually been to Gainesville.

  14. Spence

    This is really a bad thing for UGA. Weiss sucks so bad that the void he left can only be filled with something better. And it was a big void.

  15. 4th & Short

    Wow, the jokes keep on coming from Muschamp, what a disaster.

  16. Coastal Dawg

    Wow, in just a few days we lost Ted Roof and Charlie Wiess as our favorite whipping boys in the conference. Tough times for UGA

  17. Skeeter

    You know what they say about coaches: the quick ones get tired but the big ones don’t get any smaller…

  18. JasonC

    Guess he took it to heart when his momma told him it is better to be a big fish in a little pond.

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  20. Mark J

    Ted Roof to UCF!

  21. NRBQ


    Spencer said “Georgia Game.”

  22. Faulkner

    “Bangladesh garbage barge”
    I’m still laughing.

  23. Boz

    While my initial feelings are of laughter at the rediculously sorry chain of events for BOOM, the reality is that UF will be better off with whomever they hire. Jabba the Weis is undoubtedly the most overrated coach ever.

  24. Merk

    Well lets see here:

    -HC is crazy on the sidelines (ie pisses the refs off, which UGA can attest is never a good thing) and only has 1 year of HC exp.
    -6-6 season
    -No Qbs with more then 1 game experience (the one with game experience also ran a -18 yard QB sneak)
    -No RBs
    -No WRs
    -3 of the 12 teams you play yearly just completed 10+ win seasons, and all have very good Ds.
    -Not only did you take a recruiting hit last year, but ’12 recruits already bailing.
    -Fan base that is used to scoring pts in bunches and winning
    -All upper classmen have been through 2 different OCs already w. 2 different styles
    -Also this new OC will need to be Pro-style as that is what WM wants.

    Dunno bout yall, but I do not foresee many coaches jumping at the opp. to be the new OC at UF. Cause 1-2 more (7/8) win or worse seasons and WM is gone, thus your gone.

  25. Lrgk9

    You can’t make this stuff up !

  26. heyberto

    If all Florida fans were like Spencer Hall, I’d like a heckuva lot more of ’em.

  27. The FU AD may be next. He just cannot stand BOOM any longer. LOL

  28. I wanna Red Cup

    Will Weiss hire Ralph Fridgen as his OC?
    Or will Boom?

  29. Bob

    Meanwhile multiple Texas sources at A&M and Texas hinting that Mark Richt has been offered A&M job. Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle reported

    BrentZwerneman Brent Zwerneman
    Finally got confirmation the Mark Richt talk is legitimate. Should A&M hire him, Bama DC Kirby Smart likely would head home to Georgia

  30. Go Dawgs!

    Have you ever seen the episode of “Scrubs” where JD hears a guy singing an operatic chorus “Mistaaaaaaaaake” each time he does something stupid? I imagine that is what Muschamp hears when he thinks back on leaving his coach-in-waiting gig at Texas and taking the Florida job.

  31. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why couldn’t Kansas have hired Mike Bobo?!?!?!

    • Cojones

      He’s the coach-in-waiting at UGA just to spite you, Muck. Many of us want him to take over when Richt decides to move on. Couldn’t ask for better.

  32. Cojones

    Went to CFN to confirm. Didn’t. Went to USA Today. Confirmed 3hrs ago. Strange. Rumors flew Wed morn, but Boom wasn’t notified on way to Gator Bowl and confirmed it there. Said he had discussed it with Weiss when he applied, but his account of conversation is more like son to father. Tried to make it professional, but it just calls for a reach that he knew shit. Wonder if the AD knew? Hell, he probably was in talks to be the AD at tOSU.

  33. Skeeter

    “Why is it Florida signs all the great coaches, but when it comes time to play the game, Georgia has the great coaches? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?”

  34. Cojones

    Senator, please, please, please ask the question again. It did so well on it’s first flight thru the Magical Kingdom North.

  35. Hobnail_Boot

    Tebow was their Herschel…

  36. Go Dawgs!

    Sucks to be Jeremy Foley, sitting there with two tractor trailer loads of four-cheese Hot Pockets for Weis’ office and no idea how the hell he’s going to unload them.

  37. who what

    Bobo the UF – Please!

  38. jryu

    hopefully kansas didn’t get rid of all the mangino-sized office furniture. potential cost savings for when they have to buy out weis’s contract..

  39. Faulkner

    As the man on the radio said earlier, Kansas will have ” a decided caloric advantage” to go along with the schematic advantage.