Something you’ll never see at a Nick Saban press conference.

Actually, I’m not sure if any coach besides Mike Leach would do something like this:

My roommate was going to ask Leach a question for me
since I couldn’t make it, but instead I got a phone call from The Captain himself! So I got to ask me question directly. I asked, “How do you think Tuel and the receiving corp fit with your Air Raid offense?”
He kind of chuckled and said, “The receiving corp looks great, I’m confident they will do well, there are some things that need to be moved around, but that’s to be expected.”I’m in shock, I called my roommate back right after that to make sure I wasn’t pranked, she said it was really him. She was going to ask the question and he said “why doesn’t he just ask me, call him for me”


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15 responses to “Something you’ll never see at a Nick Saban press conference.

  1. ScoutDawg

    You got to love it.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Saban doesn’t have time for that shit and Meyer would only speak to the top 1%.

  3. Russ

    It’s going to be fun having him back in coaching.

  4. Now that was very cool–I will be pulling for Washington State next year–Plus I don’t like Craig James

    • Cojones

      Yeah, but you are going to like Leach taking his money before he runs for Congress (or the Senate). And ESPN’s money before they even pay Wash St for Pac 12 performance.

  5. Russ

    Also looking forward to him tweaking the Laner. I can imagine some great quotes from both of them once things get heated up a little.

  6. Scott

    The Senator sure has a man-crush on Mike Leach🙂

    • I like Leach because he’s not cookie cutter. And that’s one of the things that makes college football so enjoyable for me – that there’s a lot more variety in schemes and personalities than in, say, the NFL.

      • Cojones

        Correct! And “Different” is always more fun, isn’t it?….isn’t it?

      • Scott

        I was listening to him regularly on Sirius XM in the afternoons. I like how he is so opinionated. He is definitely one of the best coaches out there. Glad he is not in the SEC or anywhere close.