Nice clip put together by the folks at georgiadogs.com of every touchdown pass Aaron Murray has thrown this season.

I love ’em all, although I’d have to say my favorite toss of the year wasn’t for a TD – the fourth quarter pass to Conley in Jacksonville takes the cake for sheer ballsiness.  Your favorite(s) would be?


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  1. Jason

    Don’t know if it was my favorite, but the 3rd down back shoulder pass to Mitchell in the 1st quarter of the AU game was beautiful to me. It set the tone for the rest of the game.

  2. RandallPinkFloyd

    TK or Bennett in Jacksonville…take your pick. They were both huge.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      We will miss TK next year!

      • Juan

        No we won’t! He’s a junior.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Well that is sweet news.

          • jryu

            i’d say bennett, conley, and mitchell are already much better WR’s at this point in their careers than TK is…

            • HahiraDawg

              agreed, i was very disappointed in TK, thinking preseason he’d be the go-to-guy, instead he had the most drops by far.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                Don’t know how many drops he had…. but did I count 7 that he did catch that were worth 6 points? No he hasn’t come on as strong as the 3 freshmen but he does give us some production.

                • jryu


                  i think this link was posted on GTP before the auburn game.

                  “It is quite odd for Georgia to rank near the top of the Passing S&P+ list despite one of the least effective No. 1 targets in the country. Tavarres King has been targeted by 22 percent of Georgia’s passes this year, and has managed to combine the catch rate of an all-or-nothing threat (51 percent) with the per-catch average of a possession receiver (11.0). His per-target average of 5.6 yards is the third-worst of all No. 1 targets on a BCS conference team.”

                  i honestly think i’ve seen TK catch 2-3 deep balls this entire season. hard to say whether it’s murray’s deep ball accuracy or TK’s lack of breakaway speed but something isn’t clicking. mitchell doesn’t seem to have too much of an issue catching them though. just saying..

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    +1 for the research….. I looked at how he stacked up against some of the others on our team and I thought he compared well. What say you?

                    • jryu

                      TK had almost the exact same amount of yards as last season but it took him 14 (1.5x) more catches to get there. a lot of it is attributable to a legit #1 receiver playing in the nfl this year that allows the defense to focus more on him. plus, he went for twice as many TD’s as you alluded to so it shows he was the most reliable option in the red zone. hopefully with the extra attention paid to mitchell next year, he can produce like ’10 TK.

                      hopefully another mo-mass career with early success, middle slump, and monster senior year.

              • The ATH

                +1 to you and jryu – other than that Florida catch, TK was pretty mediocre this season.

                He just doesn’t seem to have that instinct to go after a ball the way AJ did or Mitchell often does.

                • AthensHomerDawg

                  “Oh, I beg to differ Sir!”
                  -1 to you The ATH
                  “other than that Florida catch, TK was pretty mediocre this season. ”
                  Dude did you even bother to watch the video? cause I think you just pulled that comment out of your ass. He was 2nd on team with receptions and first with TD’s. COUNT the number of catches he made. COUNT the number of TD’s he made. I saw him stretch out for many catches. If he drops more it might be cause he had more thrown at him!
                  TK=another DGD!

                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  13 40 472 11.80 7 3.1 36

                  TK 2010
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  12 27 504 18.67 3 2.3 42.0

                  Michael Bennett
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  13 31 316 10.19 5 2.4 24.3

                  Chris Conley
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  10 16 288 18.00 2 1.6 28.8

                  Orson Charles
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  13 44 572 13.00 5 3.4 44.0

                  Malcolm Mitchell
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  10 38 614 16.16 4 3.8 61.4

                  Kris Durham 2010
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  12 32 659 20.59 3 2.7 54.9

                  Kris Durham 2008
                  G Rec. Yards Avg. TD Rec./G Yards/G
                  10 13 199 15.31 1 1.3

  3. adam

    Loved that throw to Conley against Florida as well.

    I don’t know that I can pick a favorite… The two 4th down TDs against the Gators were great. Bennett’s diving grab against Auburn was amazing. Aron White’s leap over the marimba was really great too.

    It was fun to watch all those again. When Murray’s on he’s really good. And we’ve got some great young receivers. I’m really excited about the next few years.

    • Cojones

      The one to Bennett stands out because of Bennett retaining control as he tore it out of the would-be FU defender’s hands. That’s what I’m callin’ some aggressive throwin’ and ketchin’.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    I noticed they credited Wooten with a TD early in the clip and I don’t think I saw anything from the game with the Dooleyvols.

  5. Juan

    Mine has to be the one to a wide open Mitchell against LSU…..oh wait.

    • jryu


      hopefully he uses this as motivation in the offseason + next year, strengthens that hamstring, and comes out a beast.

  6. I wanna Red Cup

    The FLA TD by my cuz Michael Bennett is my fave,

  7. anonymous

    Bennett’s crucial 4th down shoestring catch against USCe…He showed murray how reliable he could be.

  8. Kirby (nobody wants me now) Smart

    Bobo stinks. He can’t run the ball.

    Fire Mark Richt !!!!!!!1!!!!!!111111

  9. BigTimeDawgFan

    I loved the ones against Coastal Carolina, New Mexico State, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. True, teams wern’t good, but hey, some fo those 25+ td passes Murray threw against bad teams were pretty impressive. Like High School all over again for Murray. Sure wish he’d thrown 3 or 4 against LSU.

  10. dawg521

    Murray to Bennett on 4th down in Jacksonville. That was in my corner of the stadium and we went bonkers. It turned the game around.

    • Cojones

      Dawg Spirit play-of-the-year. Has anyone heard whether Wooten will return from the concussion? Since it has been this long, I’m saddened by the whole thing. Preseason I blogged that this should be the year to watch him. Felt he was getting into the mix when he had the auto accident. Any progress news? He needs some love simply because he picked us over LSU.

      • jryu

        i think from what i heard, he could’ve made it back this year but it was so late in the season that they figured they’d use a redshirt on him to preserve some eligibility. hopefully he’ll be full strength next year.

        • Cojones

          Thanks. Just add him to the other receivers and you can see why we might not care if a bigger star signs at that position. Most are young with at least 2-3yrs to go.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t know if I can pick a favorite TD pass this year (those two against Florida are tough to choose between), but my favorite TD catch of the year was Bennett’s diving catch against Auburn. What a spectacular play. To think before the season, we didn’t think that we had any receivers! It turns out that we may have something akin to an embarrassment of riches at the position for the next few years…

  12. OKDawg

    I’ll take Bennett. Vs BSU (at his ankles) for big first down. Vs Florida on 4th down. Vs Auburn with acrobatics in endzone.

    Bennett. Can’t pick just one.

  13. Cojones

    Mitchell’s ability to get open and get yac yds with his speed and quickness puts him high on my list.

  14. Nate Dawg

    I’ll take both of the 4th down catches against flaurda, I just wish Munson coulda called them…
    And I like Howard’s excitability…I’m just sayin…