Did April Fools Day come early?

Because I’m having a very hard time believing this lies within the realm of possibility:


At what point does Jeremy Foley bury his face in his hands and ask, “what have I gotten myself into here?”


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38 responses to “Did April Fools Day come early?

  1. citizencrane

    Spencer is Manic Depressive right now.

  2. I feel like . . . siiiiiiiiinging!

  3. Derek

    If the anti-richt crowd had their way this would be our train wreck.

    • agree 100% look at what Tenn’s anti-Fulmer crowd has caused and Thank you Urban Myer for the current state of UF football, Stability has a great amount of value.The change people get is very seldom the change they actually planned on, How’s this whole hopey changey thing working out for all of us. Sorry wrong blog.

  4. mwo

    BOOM mf ‘ er!!!

  5. What remains of the Florida-fluffing media

    Mike Shula has NFL experience! Cam Newton! Um, NFL experience!

  6. charlottedawg

    If we get our shit together we have the ingredients to dominate the East for several years. Richt has a chance to make 2002-2005 look like a warm up act.

  7. UFTimmy

    Join the rest of the Gator nation, Foley, palm the face.

  8. King Jericho

    “Did April Fools Day come early?”

    Don’t you mean did Christmas come early? I started off sad with the Charlie news, but now I’m happy again!

  9. Russ

    Yay! Christmas has come early! Woo hoo! Please make it so.

  10. Lrgk9

    O’Boy O’Boy O’Boy !

  11. Dawgfan Will

    At what point does Jeremy Foley bury his face in his hands and ask, “what have I gotten myself into here?”

    If he hasn’t already this season, then McGarity really was the brains down there.

  12. Bard Parker

    Greg McGarity was the brains behind that operation I tells ya!!!

  13. Reptillicide

    Notice a trend? Muschamp a little uncomfortable being a HC maybe, why he wants a former HC to hold his hand down there in G’ville?

  14. JaxDawg

    Very good recruiter with head coaching experience at Alabama who may not have been a good HC, but might have the makings of a very good asst and OC.

    I want nothing less than epic fail at FL, but there are two sides to every coin. Too early to pass judgement, just sayin’.


    Not too very long ago we were having discussions on the ABH blog about UGA’s standing in the SEC power heirarchy. Many, including me, were lamenting the fact that Georgia had fallen behind Florida and Tennessee in the East, with SC rising. Now we have Georgia poised at the top and possibly ready to challenge the top of the West in the next few seasons. But the talent/coaching problems thathave finally fell on TN and Fl will, if they persist, allow another SEC east team to rise. It’s hard to imagine that being Vandy, but who else? Ga, USC, then who??? Will UF bounce back in a jifffy? Tennessee? I think TN is a two to three year project at best, and that is if they keep Dooley. It’s hard to decide which program is in the biggest pile of do-do……I’m very thankful the UGA admin saw the wisdom in staying the course with CMR, or we might be floundering instead of grinning. There’s a lot to like about stability. There can’t be a whole lot of joy in Gainsville or Knoxville tonight.


      Pardon all of my mispellings and word-tense errors. I don’t review what I write and am usually (now how do you spell “embaressed?) embarressed (red faced) by the mistakes.
      Maybe we can get a “spell-check” feature on this blog. I’m lazy and would rather make a mistake than look a word up. Sorry.

      • Cojones

        Screw it! vwe all are typing as fast as our Dawg fingers can move. Anybody looking for typos can go suck an egg. These be exciting times. Let’s hear4 more from you! When you are catestropicallyright, gives who a shit?

    • NRBQ

      Your post is lovely, Ugly.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Tennessee is a dumpster fire that will burn and smolder for the rest of this decade. Even the orange ceramic dog (I think it was a spaniel) will not bring the mojo back. Our Orange trouser fashionista is in way over his head. The Hillbillie fan base neither knows nor cares about the rate of bamboo growth. If it does’t get fixed at the rate of kudzu growth they are simply not gonna tolerate it. Dooley at UT is Shula at Alabama…. only with less time.

  16. Cojones

    Put UGA in each of these panty-wad situations at each school. Now, look at your recruits and figure what you can offer them. Hell, it looks like UGA could walk in and raid all their pantries! If we were in their shoes, looking over our shoulder, wouldn’t you feel each recruit was tenuous to say the least? And what do you offer the ones you don’t have in your cupboard yet? Stability? Nope. “Free and clear sailing” is UGA’s claim, with little deviation, over other SEC East schools.

    Let’s start rounding up these strays. It’s time to go to recruiting market! All will come to he who stands and waits.

    All fans who wanted Richt’s and Bobo’s heads get a do-over. Mulligans ain’t bad at this time of year.

    • “It’s all a goddamn fake. Like Lenin said, look for the person who will benefit. And you will, uh, you know, you’ll, uh, you know what I’m trying to say”

      /Donny: “I am the Walrus.”

  17. JasonC

    At one point I heard P. Nix was a candidate, but who knows in the days of Twitterumors.

  18. Christmas has come early this year. How many years have I waited for this? Sweet schaudenfreude, Muschamp be thy name.

  19. timphd

    Spencer Hall at EDSBS is losing his mind over this! Misery in Gator land, it is so beautiful to watch.

  20. Coastal Dawg

    Shula ain’t a bad OC and was a godd recruiter. The other candidate is Kerwin Bell who is tearing it up at JU. Their offense is pretty impressive. I would rather see Shula get the job.

  21. Julie

    The only way this could be any better is if we found out McGarity was paying for Damon’s drinks.