Friday morning buffet

Just a few random nibbles to whet your appetite:

  • In case you’ve wondered what Rogers Redding has been up to, the NCAA turns its attention to players’ helmets popping off during play.
  • More shit Nick Saban didn’t have time for.
  • The Ted Roof to UCF move is already paying dividends on the recruiting trail.
  • The New York Times cites UCLA blog for its pressure on the AD about the search for a new football head coach.  Well done, fellas.
  • Ivan Maisel on Kansas’ hire of Charlie Weis:  “It’s as if a kosher restaurant in New York hired the winner of the annual Lawrence Sertoma 48 BBQ Contest.”
  • Who here won’t laugh his or her ass off if Dave Wommack turns out to be a better defensive coordinator at Ole Miss than he was at Georgia Tech?
  • Matt Hinton refines his D-1 football playoff proposal.
  • And Pre-Snap Read gives you a look at this year’s bowl games under 1997 rules.
  • LSU wins the conference and places the most players on the SEC’s All-Freshman team.  That’s a good formula for avoiding a drop off.


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34 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    In fairness, the LSU selections included a kicker and a 45 year old punter.


  2. Scott W.

    Hey Senator, it’s early, but the UCF link is really about USF Bulls.


  3. Irishdawg

    That article on Saban confirms pretty much everyone’s thoughts on the man, doesn’t it? What a shitbird.


  4. Rusdawg

    The pre-snap read article doesn’t make any sense because some of the teams they have listed as what the bowls would have looked like had this year been 1997 are not bowl eligible and would not have been back then either….


  5. paul

    Not sure what it says about me but I looked at the list of this years match ups under 1997 rules and thought to myself “this would be a whole lot better than what we have.” I think there are about fifteen too many bowls today. I’d much prefer to leave a bunch of bowl eligible teams at home than see 6-6 teams play one another. And let’s be honest, how are the questions raised by those hypothetical match ups any different than all the questions about whether or not Oklahoma State or Alabama is most deserving? As much as we want to say it ain’t so, we still decide the national champion based on nothing more than the opinions of people who often don’t even watch the games.


    • Puffdawg

      “I’d much prefer to leave a bunch of bowl eligible teams at home than see 6-6 teams play one another.”

      I’ve never understood this sentiment. I mean, who is complaining about more football? In two months, we’ll all be speculating whether Jarvis Jones washes his jockstrap after practice because there’s nothing else to talk about. These smaller bowls don’t marginalize the bigger bowls, so who cares? I’m going to watch Northeast Junior College State U take on Southwest Academy Institute at 5 p.m. on a Wednesday in Ocala, Florida in the Mast-Jägermeister AG Blackout Bowl, because it’s the only game on that day.


      • Ben

        When it’s your team that’s 6-6 and goes to a bowl to get beaten by a UCF and O’Leary in a 10-7 $H!_ fest, that’s when you start saying, “Hey, maybe we should’ve stayed home…”

        I know bowls are (sometimes) good for the local economy, and maybe the practice time helped us last year, but we still lost to UCF in a bowl game in the middle of nowhere.


        • Scott W.

          So you would have rather stayed at home than have that game be the catalyst for everything that happened this year? From that point there was nowhere to go but up.


      • Cojones

        I’m told he does (Jarvis washes his jock strap after every use) and he uses hypoallegenic soap so he doesn’t scratch after sacks. I now have a secret information “in” with an Atlanta troll.


      • Nate Dawg

        I’m right there with you Puff, I hear Eastern Sisters of the Blind Temple is favored in the Zaxby’s Extra Sauce is only $.25! Bowl.
        On a serious note – doesn’t Vegas love more bowl games as well? I mean, more action baby…right?


      • Russ

        I agree. I watch it because it’s college football. It’s the same reason I watch those MAC-tastic matchups on Tuesday night.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “You know, the captain of the ship can never show fear or indecision, we’ve always gotta have an answer,”

    An example of what Nick’s NSFW answer to the media will be when asked about his complete lack of human emotion at an upcoming BCSCG press conference


  7. Big-G

    How many of the flying helmets revealed dreads below?


    • Scott

      Funny. 407 instances of helmets flying off during games, and I bet half of them were UGA players.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It is actually a very serious problem at UGA and someone is going to get killed if it is not corrected. If you watch replays of the hits that cause the helmets to fly off they are helmet to helmet hits with the top of the tackler’s helmet hitting the ballcarrier on the side of the helmet. This is a design defect of that model helmet. Also, the SEC refs will NOT call a helmet to helmet contact PF against UGA’s opponent–only against UGA. This is true even when the Georgia player’s helmet flies off. Ehibit “A” is the hit by Arkansas DE Jake Bequette on Murray near the end of the ’10 UGA-Arkansas game and Exhibit “B” is the goal-line hit by one of the Miss State DBs on Washaun Ealey in the ’10 UGA Miss-State game. BTW, both of those hits, and the failure of the refs to call PF penalties, ultimately caused UGA to lose those games, which I maintain is why the penalties were not called in the first place.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    So, don’t worry about your sons, moms of Alabama football recruits! Nick Saban’s going to take good care of them… er… not even cast a sideways glance as he steps over their sick, wounded bodies!


  9. Puffdawg

    That bowl article made me double take. The first thing I noticed was his claim that the Orange was tied to the SEC. And he follows that by claiming the Sugar was NOT tied to the SEC. Both os these were inaccurate. Then I remembered just before the BCS was the bowl alliance, which could of caused the confusion. So really he should have run this scenario starting in 1994.

    Am I missing something there?


  10. Bryant Denny

    Heath Evans, former Auburn player, is generally considered a good guy, but I’m not buying this story (yet).

    I’ve heard Evans on talk radio talk in Birmingham talk glowingly about Saban.

    Seems a bit convenient to tote out as a story after a 42-14 beat down.

    Have a good day,



  11. The pre-snap read articles needs to be completely re-written.

    So Alabama was part of the Big Ten in 1997? Wow. That is news to me.

    No SEC tie in to the Sugar Bowl? Seriously?

    What a mess.


    • The General

      For Muckbeast and Puffdawg, 1997 was the final year of the Bowl Alliance (1995-97), in which the Fiesta, Sugar, and Orange bowls loosened their traditional conference ties in order to pit the two highest ranked teams from among the ACC, SEC, Big XII, and Big East in a “national championship” game. The P10 and B10 were still refusing to loosen the Rose Bowl ties (they finally did in 1998 with the creation of the BCS). The Bowl Alliance was the successor to the Bowl Coalition (1992-95). In order to go back to the days when nobody was making a real effort to pit #1 v. #2, you would have to run your hypothetical with the 1991-92 bowl ties.


  12. Bulldog Joe

    For those of you who want to get a peek into the interview process at Kansas:


  13. Irishdawg

    BD, this year is not the only vicious beating Saban’s laid on Auburn, though. Wasn’t there a 36-0 cockpunching a few years ago? Why not trot this story out then if it’s a bitterness fueled lie to make Saban look bad?


    • Bryant Denny

      Different time. Tuberville was about to hit the eject button and Auburn was scrambling in a different soft of way.

      Why not trot it out in 2009?

      I do remember Evans being on the radio in Birmingham one morning around maybe post season 2009 and I remember being shocked at the kind of compliments and general good feelings he had toward Saban.

      I’m sure there’s some sort of truth to the story, but folks have a tendency to embellish things now and again.


  14. Mayor of Dawgtown

    No offense to Hinton but when you get too may teams in the playoff, the likelihood of the best team winning goes down dramatically. There are always going to be upsets and when you have a whole bunch of teams that are just about as good as you that you have to beat to get through the playoffs to win the championship statistically you will probably get someone other than the best team in the field win ’cause the best team will be upset by someone. The best example of that is all those years where the Braves had the best record in baseball year after year but couldn’t win the World Series.