Internet rumors are like assholes…

Couple of interesting tweets popped up last night:

Why, you may wonder, would McGarity have to answer a question like that?  Well, maybe because of this:

An A&M insider said Richt is in the mix to possibly replace Mike Sherman, who was fired last week after four seasons and a 25-25 record. And Richt certainly fits the bill of someone who knows the Southeastern Conference — the Aggies’ destination next season — inside and out.

Richt, 51, is in his 11th season with the Bulldogs, and won SEC championships in 2002 and ’05. The insider said should the Aggies hire Richt, Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart likely would then head home to Georgia, where he played for the Bulldogs.

Now before you go jumping to conclusions (as many message board denizens did last night), ask yourself a question:  how would “an A & M insider” know whom Georgia would hire if Richt left?


UPDATE:  Poor ol’ Kirby.  Foiled again.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said he opened contract-extension talks this morning with coach Mark Richt and again shot down rumors linking Richt to the coaching opening at Texas A&M.

“I had a conversation with Mark,” McGarity told the AJC.  “He wants to be our coach. We want him to be our coach.”

As for the Texas A&M rumors, McGarity said he had not been contacted by Aggies athletic director Bill Byrne and would have been if A&M were pursuing his coach.

“You don’t waste your time on [rumors] that have no legs,” said McGarity, who added that he has zero doubt Richt will be Georgia’s coach next season and beyond.

“We just know Mark is going to be our ‘ball coach,” McGarity said.

After the extension is signed, what do you think the next rumor will be?  My money’s on Richt intending to retire well before the end of the contract because of his religious convictions.


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105 responses to “Internet rumors are like assholes…

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Hopefully, no Georgia fans were dumb enough to fall for any of this.

  2. BMan

    How would anyone be so stupid as to write or believe any of this? Yeah, like anyone in their right mind would leave Athens, where his young kids have lived most of ther lives, where your divisional opponents are seemingly in shambles, to go to College Station, fight with Texas for in state recruits, and get matched up every year with Bama and LSU. I know he likes mission work and all, but that job would call for a helluva spirit.

  3. Bad M

    My inside sources say Richt’s in line to be Kansas’ next OC. And Ga will hire Muschamp. Oops, my inside sources are now outside sources…I just dropped a deuce.

  4. adam

    This… Well, this is a dumb rumor.

    I can’t even come with some sort of hypothetical explanation for why it COULD be true. Just makes no sense at all.

    All I could come up with is: Richt’s agent threw his name into the ring to make sure Richt gets an extension sooner rather than later. Or the TAMU athletic association is floating some big names out there to try to get some attention and make the job more appealing. But the A&M “insiders” keep talking about Richt touring their facilities and how he’s trying to convince his wife…

    What a story. It just seems weird.

    I’m just so confident that it is absolutely 100% untrue. And trying to imagine what would happen if it somehow were true (just… hypothetically) is a strange experience. I’d be confused and pissed off.

    Luckily, despite the strange confidence some TAMU fans have that this is going to happen, I’m sure that it’s not.

  5. Knowing what I believe to be true about Richt I don’t see him taking step one of being interested in any job without full disclosure up his chain of command. Meaning, I take him as a man of integrity who would not operate in a clandestine manner. One love.

  6. Stoopnagle

    I love Doug’s Nigerian prince twitter parody from last night.

    Aggies are so precious.

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    What’s the name of that coaching rumor site that shut down 2-3 years ago? It lives in others.

  8. josh

    The deal is that Richt’s agent is floating his name to make some more coin – he’s getting a new contract and all this does is give him more leverage.

    Nothing more – nothing less.

    • I think you may be missing a potential source for this.

      Hint: read my final question again.

      • josh

        Lol – I was with you, more responding to the group than just you.

      • RC

        …to give young Dillon Lee something to chew on lest he have any second thoughts about doing anything crazy this weekend…

      • I posed the same thought on Twitter last night Senator. That a certain snake in the grass DC at Bama was floating these rumors around because he felt a little pressure from Coach Richt’s recruiting wins and rumored momentum. Don’t let the fact that it was HIS name leaked as the successor come off as a coincidence.

    • RC

      The agent’s got to be at least mildly frustrated that it is so overtly not in Richt’s character to allow him (the agent) to play the game so many of his friends get to play.

  9. X-Dawg

    Damn Kirby’s agent is at it again!

  10. Turd Ferguson

    As rumors go, this isn’t even a decent one. Not even close, really. I don’t understand why anyone would believe this.

    • Cojones

      Why would anyone believe he was on the hot seat to be fired? How can anyone entertain that Bobo is a bad O coach after 10 straight wins ? How can anyone not believe opposing recruiters won’t place negative blogging comments if front of our recruit’s noses? How can anyone believe recruit’s families and friends don’t read sports news, comments and blogs? How can anyone believe their own crap about having better ideas and coaching abilities of tenured SEC coaches? How can clueless fans believe rumors about a coach and team they have only recently decided to maybe support? How can…….???

      • How can there be so many HC openings, and *NOBODY* is talking to Mike Bobo.

        The entire college football coaching and administrative world knows that Bobo sucks ass.

        Kansas just hired Charlie Weis instead of even considering Mike Bobo.


        We are completely stuck with this bozo.

  11. Go Dawgs!

    This is a dumb rumor, and there are a lot of dumb Georgia fans out there who believed it… I, too, had a few anti-Richts on my Facebook feed last night offering to help him pack. Sorry, Bubba, but it ain’t gonna happen.

    If I end up being shown to be naive, I’ll be the first to admit it. However, I believe Mark Richt when he says he wants this to be his last coaching stop. There is ample evidence around if these morons would just look at it. He moved his entire family to Athens. His wife is right in the middle of nursing school, in Athens. He would be leaving a team poised to challenge for a conference title next year to go to a school entering a new conference with some very serious deficits against the schools he’d be facing, and oh yeah, he’d be going into what these days is the tougher half of the conference. And, oh yeah, he’d be leaving a fan base that tends to get a little disgruntled for a fan base that gets VERY disgruntled. How many coaches has A&M had during Richt’s tenure at Georgia? Is it 3 or 4? If Richt failed to get on track fast there, which is certainly possible in the SEC West, he’d be gone in four years. Richt’s got a better situation at Georgia all the way around, plus, he’s one of the last men in coaching that I believe when he says he loves where he is. The time that he spends on mission work? Gone for the next few years as he tries to build a program. Last, but not least, if he was leaving then the player commitments like Keith Marshall wouldn’t be there. Mark Richt isn’t going to look a kid in the eye and lie about what his intentions are. There are only two ways that Mark Richt leaves the job at Georgia: if he’s fired, or if he retires.

    • Go Dawgs!

      And the bit about a Texas A&M source telling a reporter who Georgia would hire? And it being Kirby Smart? Hilarious. That’s the clue right there, idiots. I have no doubt that a TAMU source said that. They probably believe it. I’m quickly learning that the Aggies are going to pose a serious threat to South Carolina’s status as the most delusional fan base in the league.

      • Cojones

        Sorry, Go Dawgs!. I posted to Turd above you w/o reading down. You asked some of the same questions and at least we were on the same track. Some of mine had ascerbic burns around the edge. Yours are on a higher plane.

  12. haws1178

    If it happens (which I personally don’t buy it) we don’t need kirby smart we have a defensive oriented coach. What we need at head coach is an offensive mastermind to complete our team or promote todd granthem and he can hire a good OC (preferably one who doesn’t put his D in bad positions)

    • Cojones

      Kinda getting ahead of things as well as posting an anti-Bobo slight, aren’t you. You don’t know much about coaches or people, do you?

  13. If the DAWGS went bonkers during this season, I will only believe If North Carolina is the school. He seem to already have a good recruiting power in that state no different from the status of UGA in GA to say the least with AJ Green, Marshall, and even Cox, plus he does not have to uproot his family immediately. TAMU is just a stronger GT, but still playing second fiddle to TEXAS.
    Comparing to BAMA, Saban cannot probably come back home after an announcement of such move as his mansion would have been run over by those red elephant fans. LOL

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      AJ Green is from Summerville, SC.

    • Are you saying you think CMR would go coach at football retard, basketball school UNC?


      • Silver Creek Dawg

        Muck, I went to Chapel Hill for 2 years before I finished in Athens.

        They may be basketball crazy, but they want a big time football program and will pony up for the right coach to lead it. It ain’t NATS, KU, or UK basketball focused like you would think.

        I know Mack Brown left there for Texass, but they can recruit well enough to be ACC heavyweights. I like the Larry Fedora hire; I just hope the sanctions will not doom his tenure there before it gets started.

  14. D.N. Nation

    Sweet tap-dancing Tebow on a cracker, can we stop with the Smart-to-Georgia whackoffery? It will never happen. Thankfully.

    • Newt

      Exactly. Kirby burned his bridge with McGarity when he backed out of the DC job at the last second. That deal was all but done and he backed out. Whenever it comes time, Kirby Smart will not be the next UGA head coach.

  15. BigTimeDawgFan

    No contract extension for Richt so far, McGarity’s had over a year since he got on staff to sign Richt up, and as of yet, has opted not to, even knowing it’s hurting recruiting.

    No contract extension = Richt leaving? Probably so.

    As for Smart replacing Richt, he would be first on the list, no doubt.

    • D.N. Nation

      “No contract extension = Richt leaving? Probably so.”

      That settles it, folks! Iron-clad.

    • Dawgfan Will


    • TennesseeDawg

      Trolling….trolling…..trolling…..rawhide!!! Even is Richt leaves most Dawg fans would want Grantham over Smart. You might as well start a Derek Dolley to UGA rumor while your at it.

      • TennesseeDawg

        Freudian slip, “Dooley”

        • BigTimeDawgFan

          Smart finished #1 in pass, rush, and scorign defense. Would be the best year for him to0 jump as he can’t go up next year from #1. His defense was ranked higher than Grantham’s and did a better job against LSU.

          • ChicagoDawg

            This a sweet TROLL you are pulling here bro’…please…please keep ’em coming. Needs comic relief going into CFB desert of a weekend.

          • TennesseeDawg

            Smart is a puppet to Saban. Every coach who has worked for Saban will tell you Saban spends nearly all his time in defensive staff meetings each week. He is the real defensive coordinator at Bama.

          • The other Doug

            You’ve got me interested. Who should Coach Smart bring in as an OC?

  16. Russ

    Hilarious! The aggies are falling all over themselves on the Houston Chronicle story, talking about all the coaches that are lining up to take the job. Of course, who wouldn’t want to follow in the legendary footsteps of Mike Sherman, Dennis Franchione, RC Slocum, Emery Ballard, and all the other names synonymous with greatness?

  17. BigTimeDawgFan

    Kirby Smart’s camp likely informed Texas A/M, when Texas A/M inquired about Smart, that he was promised first consideration for the UGA job if Richt left.

  18. BigTimeDawgFan

    Texas A/M’s beat writer, CONFIRMED Richt is talkign with Texas A/M.

    Not a rumor anymore, it’s happening.

  19. BigTimeDawgFan

    Here’s his tweet, Texas A & M beat writer:

  20. BigTimeDawgFan

    McGarity will be the last to know if Richt leaves.

  21. BigTimeDawgFan

    I can only imagine how much tension there is when Richt is around McGarity, didn’t sign an extension, even after Richt won the East? Wow. Slap in thwe face. Bet Richt’s camp is infuriated with McGarity. Especially after he tried to orchestrate Richt’s departure by scheduling Boise State for the home opener. McGarity is now sabatoging recruiting by holding out on Richt’s extension, probably wants Smart, but doesn’t want to deal with the backlash of firing Richt.

    • McGarity is now sabatoging recruiting by holding out on Richt’s extension, probably wants Smart, but doesn’t want to deal with the backlash of firing Richt.

      He could have avoided that by firing Richt after last season.

      You’re not making a lot of sense here, man.

      • BigTimeDawgFan

        Don’t think McGarity politically wants to deal with “firing’ Richt, he’d rather have Richt quit.

        Sure, makes a lot of sense to schedule Boise for the opener, and to not extend his contract to help recruiting? Really?

      • BigTimeDawgFan

        If McGarity wants Richt, then it really begs the question, why no contract extension?

        The idea that McGarity wants Richt, yet will not extend his contract makes sense to you?

        • Cojones

          You aren’t a Tech troll, more than likely an Atlanta highschooler who has sharpened his trolling skills on the ajc sports pages. Good luck with pushing that one, kid.

    • Sabotaging recruiting? What does Keith Marshall think about that? What was hurting recruiting was Richt’s 6-7 finish last year. Recruits wanted to see what would happen this year. Now that he has turned the ship around, recruits are once again satisfied that Richt will be here long-term. From everything you and I know about Richt, do you honestly believe he would tell Marshall to his face that he planned on being at Georgia as long as they would have him one day and interview for another position the next? No, of course not. Troll.

  22. BigTimeDawgFan

    Texas A & M did interview Smart according to Dallas News, so Smart’s camp probably used Georgia as leverage.

  23. dawg521

    There’s no way Richt is seriously talking with Texas A&M. He may be a candidate on aTm’s radar (just like Mila Kunis is on my radar, but that doesn’t mean I have a shot in hell to win her over) but he would be crazy to leave a down-trodden SEC East that his team is now atop of and will be favored to win next year, to leave a team that just signed the #1 RB in the country (in which he made an in-home visit the day after the SECCG to secure his commitment)…all to go to the STACKED SEC West to compete head-to-head with Saban, Miles, and Petrino just to get to Atlanta. He’s got Boomer not meeting the delirious expectations in Gainesville, Dooley burning down the house in Knoxville, and the HBC plateauing in Columbia…he’d be crazy to leave UGA now. It’s either false rumors or a ploy to get a contract extension (although I doubt he would do anything like that…he’s too straightforward).

    • BigTimeDawgFan

      Hard to imagine McGarity failing to offer a contract extension, after a 10 win season, winning the East, and grabbing the #1 RB, but it’s happening, no contract extension from McGarity.

      McGarity has other priorities right niow, wonder what they are, interviewing perhaps?

      • Sparrow

        Yeah, McGarity is probably interviewing. Even though you’ve confirmed that Kirby is our next HC, he’s probably interviewing others, just for kicks. Also, even though Richt hasn’t interviewed with A&M and we’re still getting all kinds of news about his imminent departure, McGarity has been able to interview replacement candidates without so much as a whisper. He’s just that good.

        • BigTimeDawgFan

          Not too good, leaked out that Smart was #1 on list.

          • Sparrow

            By Smart…

            Please don’t tell anyone, but I am actually second on McGarity’s list if Smart were to decline. I really don’t want this information to spread past this confidential forum as it would confirm McGarity’s intentions.

            • You lie. I am obviously his second choice. I will coach special teams myself, thus making me waaaay more useful than Smart or Sparrow. Oh, but let’s keep this hush-hush, shall we?

              • Cojones

                Did these clowns decide to get together from the ajc and think they could put wings to a stupid rumor? Looks like a troll contest to me. Now, come on back jerks and out yourselves.

          • ChicagoDawg

            This is awesome!!! ….seriously TROLL, don’t stop now…. you have found your stroke so keep firing at the basket….. this is no time to pass the ball or take any time on the bench….we need you shooting at will

            Anxiously awaiting your next TROLL…this is freakin’ gold.

  24. mykiesee

    @BigTimeWhateverFan: I believe McGarrity has already said that any contract extension discussions for Richt would not be held until the end of the year. We still have one more game to play this year last time I checked.

  25. D.N. Nation

    Wow. This is some thorough trolling.

  26. Hobnail_Boot

    Senator, you’re much more patient than I am. I’d have banned BigTimeGatorFan a long time ago.

  27. I Am Actually Mark Richt. I swear!

    This BigTimeDawgFan is a smart person! I am absolutely taking the job at Texas A&M! Boy, you really had me read, BigTimeDawgFan! What a smart person you are!

  28. Cojones

    ” He said as he changed his name three times on the same blog to show his highschool computer skills. He skulks off to the kitchen and asks mom for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich whereupon she lovingly says, “Yes, son. Now please wipe your nose. Have you been blogging in the basement again?”

  29. Dog in Fla

    “what do you think the next rumor will be?”

    The escape pods are being assembled.

  30. Silver Creek Dawg

    Wonder where BigTimeDawgFan is now that McGarity announced he has opened contract talks with CMR?

  31. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why would anyone want to hire a proxy/bookmark/tool/gelding like Kirby Smart? I have as much control over Alabama’s defense as he does.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, but trolls can’t connect with any of those thoughts, Hogbody. They tend to jump up and down while extending their dumbassery past knowledgeable thoughts.

  32. D.N. Nation

    Hey, what happened to TotallyARealGeorgiaFanISwear?