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This confirms the report of a mime sighting in College Station this week.

Oh, sure, now Richt denies it.  At least partly.

“I’ve said many times Georgia is the place I want to be as long as Georgia will have me. That has never changed,” Richt said. “And it’s gratifying to know Georgia wants me. I have not talked to any other school about a job nor do I have any interest in doing so. My interest is having a great recruiting year and start building toward next season.” [Emphasis added.]

He’s not saying he wasn’t at TAMU, just that he didn’t speak to anyone at TAMU.  Amirite?



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Lobbyist for the scum of the earth

Penn State hires Lanny Davis.  There are only two reasons to do this:  Sandusky’s lawyer had a conflict of interest and Baghdad Bob turned down the school’s offer.


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“I’m not touching his coaches. That’s not the way friends do business.”

Translation from the original Weis“Florida had its worst season in over twenty years.  And Meyer’s already cherry picked his guys from the staff.  What head coach in his right mind would want the leftovers?”

Although Coach Will says it’s all good because he’s already won the hired-away-coaches mythical national championship and the Gators will contend for it again next season.

“When you’re at the University of Florida and you hire a really good staff, what a compliment to the job you did hiring people, that other people want your coaches,” Muschamp said. “We’re going to go out and hire really good coaches. And you know what? Next year we’re going to win and they’re going to come want to get our coaches again.”

I dunno.  Maybe he’s just trying to reset the high expectations people have for Florida.  If so, it’s working.


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Death, taxes and Tuberville staff changes

My favorite thing about this report is that Tuberville supposedly fired his defensive line coach after complaining that his linemen were outsized by their opponents.

Texas Tech fans, this likely isn’t going to end well.


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Negotiations? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

This is what a backtrack sounds like.

It’s not clear whether Richt actually interviewed for the job or was simply offered the chance to coach the Aggies after 11 mostly successful seasons at Georgia.

So basically what you’ve got here is some unnamed person at TAMU saying, “Do you think Richt would be interested in the job?  Let’s see…” and letting the Internet run with it.  Which is what happened.  There were even imagined Kathryn Richt-touring-the-campus sightings.  They’ve certainly got some vivid imaginations in College Station.

Oh, and as for taking credit for this…

… Richt’s name was first linked to the opening Friday — the same day Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told several media outlets in Georgia he planned to discuss a contract extension in the coming weeks for the 51-year-old coach.

… note the date on this tweet from Marc Weiszer.

I look forward to hearing about TAMU’s contract talks with Bill Cowher.  Why not?  The real message here is that there are obviously a few folks fairly high up in the Aggie food chain who aren’t thrilled with Kevin Sumlin.  That ought to make him feel good about taking the new gig – if the rest of Brent Zwerneman’s story is true, that is.


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