Negotiations? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

This is what a backtrack sounds like.

It’s not clear whether Richt actually interviewed for the job or was simply offered the chance to coach the Aggies after 11 mostly successful seasons at Georgia.

So basically what you’ve got here is some unnamed person at TAMU saying, “Do you think Richt would be interested in the job?  Let’s see…” and letting the Internet run with it.  Which is what happened.  There were even imagined Kathryn Richt-touring-the-campus sightings.  They’ve certainly got some vivid imaginations in College Station.

Oh, and as for taking credit for this…

… Richt’s name was first linked to the opening Friday — the same day Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity told several media outlets in Georgia he planned to discuss a contract extension in the coming weeks for the 51-year-old coach.

… note the date on this tweet from Marc Weiszer.

I look forward to hearing about TAMU’s contract talks with Bill Cowher.  Why not?  The real message here is that there are obviously a few folks fairly high up in the Aggie food chain who aren’t thrilled with Kevin Sumlin.  That ought to make him feel good about taking the new gig – if the rest of Brent Zwerneman’s story is true, that is.


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34 responses to “Negotiations? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  1. orlandodawg

    In related news, Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy, and Vince Lombardi, speaking through family members, also decided against taking the Aggies job.


  2. Spike

    Can we get back to talking about the Gators meltdown ?


  3. Lrgk9

    We will next see the TAMU/Bill Cowher Nationally- AND – ‘you heard it here first…’ should be the title or an alternate title for this thread.


  4. JaxDawg


    I agree with Spike, back to the Gators nosedive.


  5. gastr1

    Senator, can I assume you’ve seen this? These people are fucking crazy. I already dislike them intensely, and yes, they do remind me of having that issue that another school we love to hate that dresses in piss-colored unis.

    It’s not going to matter that Richt did not go looking to coach at their school; they didn’t want him anyway because he is not good enough for the job.

    We need kick to their asses but BAD when we play them.


    • Siskey

      They are certainly on their way. I am biased so I have to search long and hard to overcome my bias but I think it is insane that the Aggies think that the job there is even comparable. If being number two in your state and being so hurt about it that you leave the relatively easy Big 12 to join the SEC West, then yes it is better. Good Luck Aggies, you’re gonna need it.


    • TCD

      “Beerman” said that he wasn’t sure which job was better Texas or A&M now that they’re in the SEC. WWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?


      • gastr1

        I’m telling you, stay away if you value your sanity–or sit back and laugh from a safe distance. I got enough from the Shreveport Convention to know what’s up here, and it is butt-ugly.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Gosh and golly…we must be recruiting better than we look to the folks at the recruiting ranking brain trust. A&M must be following the Florida Model.


  7. PhillyDawg
    Senator, if you haven’t seen, read and enjoy! We have a new most delusional fan base in the SEC!


  8. AusDawg85

    But, but….BigTimeDawgFanIdiot said it was all true????


  9. Russ

    Sumlin doesn’t fit with some of the old time Aggies (read “big money Aggies”) for the same reason Ty Willingham, Turner Gill or Sylvester Croom won’t fit. Sad, but true.

    Oh, and the Aggies are seriously delusional. That 12th Man blog is hilarious.


  10. Skeptic Dawg

    Is it possible that CMR &/or his agent did infact show some interest in the A&M job? All of the signs point to no (Marshal signs witht the Dawgs, McGarity releases a statement, CMR says he wants to be here…), but it seems possible. Maybe CMR did show interest just to increase his paycheck here. To laugh off Richt having interest elsewhere seems a tad foolish.


    • Russ

      Leaving Georgia for A&M is step down. Richt’s not a dummy, and I don’t think he’d play one side against the other for a raise. Richt’s lawyer/agent may.

      Still, the times just don’t line up with the Aggie story. They’ve also said Chip Kelly is interested, just one year after playing in the BCSCG. The Aggies are kidding themselves.


    • Puffdawg

      That Richt has come out and dispelled the rumors before his extension is in place pretty well shuts down the idea Richt and company floated his name, no?


  11. Comin' Down The Track

    Man, talk about your sixes thinking that they’re nines…
    Hello, we haven’t even started drinking yet. Sheesh.
    How about you stay out of sight until around 2:15, mkay? Bye, now.


  12. I thought TAMU is seriously talking with Richt about the availability of BOBO. LOL


  13. timphd

    Wow, I thought USCe fans were delusional! Having clicked on the link and hearing how many TA&M fans think that’s a better job than UGA! Seriously? I have been to College Station. Compared to Athens it is a pit that could easily fit in with rural Louisiana or Mississippi. No one in their right mind would go to College Station from Athens. They think they will be a big deal in the SEC. They couldn’t win in the Big 12 (or 9 or 10, whatever it is) so they are doomed when they play Ark, Alabama, and LSU yearly. Even Allbarn will probably kick their asses. Maybe a win over Ole Miss next year. Crazy talk, I say.


    • Greg

      TAMU will battle the Mississippi schools for the cellar in the SEC West most years and occasionally beat AU and Arky.

      This says it all about TAMU and their football program – they have won two bowl games in the past 20 years…the bowl in Houston(2001) and the Alamo bowl in San
      Antonio(1995). Also, they have claimed one Big 12 title in their illustrious history(1998). Even in that 1998 season, they had 3 losses(Florida State, Texas and Ohio State).


  14. Cojones

    The senator is correct. Some of the posters on the Aggie blog kn ow football. Two of the more saner ones are from here, but a couple from Aggie land were sane and trying to get their fans off the delusional track; – much like we were early in the year before Richt tilted the argument himself.


  15. John Schad at ESPN just reported that SUMLIN is the TAMU coach. Nowhere in the article of Richt even being considered. I was right, he was just shopping in Texas with his wife — see my earlier post. LOL


  16. Or better yet, if Richt was in Texas, he may be visiting a recruit at home to take him away from TAMU. LOL


  17. With Sumlin finally going to TAMU, then this Richt takling point will sadly go away. LOL


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