Looking for a few smart men

My, how things change.

Will Muschamp, March 14, 2011:

“I want to hire the best in the business,” Muschamp said. “I don’t want a bunch of guys that are going to agree with everything I say, because … I don’t have all the answers, especially on the offensive side of the ball. You hire somebody that’s got high expertise on that side of the football and that’s what we did.”

Will Muschamp, December 9, 2011:

“I will hire the best offensive coordinator in the country,” Muschamp said. “We need to improve offensively. Pretty obvious.”

Coaching for a season in Florida must have knocked some stupid into Charlie’s brain cells.  He’s not exactly arguing about that now.

“I’m not in here to wave a magic wand. There are a lot better coaches than me. There are guys that are smarter, guys that have accomplished more,” Weis said.

Anyway, with those high standards, it’s not going to be easy to find the right kind of guy for Gainesville.  Coach Will’s not even going to bother trying to field a full staff for the bowl game.  Maybe he figures he can borrow a couple of extra coaches from Ohio State.  Corch won’t mind, will he?


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22 responses to “Looking for a few smart men

  1. Mike

    I am having a hard time seeing the disconnect in those statements?

    • Because you don’t want to…😉

    • gastr1

      Mike, how could Will need to improve offensively when he just hired the best in the business? Didn’t he hire someone with high expertise on that side of the ball because he said he was going to?

      Maybe the Mike Shula rumors are true, Mike. I mean, since Coach Boom said he was going for the best OC in the country, then I guess he will be going after Shula!

      • Mike

        My goodness. There is more stretch in this line reasoning than in a pair of Roseanne Barr’s panty hose.

        • gastr1

          They’re your guys, Mike. Defend away.

          • gastr1

            Not only that, while you’re at it, tell us who Coach Boom is going to get this time that will represent this best coordinator-high expertise model he’s set for his standard.

            Oh, I KNOW…WHOMEVER gets hired will be the best OC available. Now I get it!

            Are you available?

            • Rumors down here in Gaytorland say Kerwin Bell wants to come back home. I see Shane Matthews at my gym on a regular basis. He doesn’t appear to be very busy.

              What an absolute cluster this has been for FU. The thing that shocks me is most of the guys I talk to down here really like Coach Boom. “He has fire.”

              I don’t think they realize yet that Coach Boom is in over his head, like way over his head.

              • gastr1

                UGAfoo, don’t you know, that reasoning re: Coach Boom is stretching so far Corch is on the other end in Columbus, even.

              • Macallanlover

                I wouldn’t make too much fun about that “he has fire” line of thinking. we have a TON of the coach haters here, and throughout the fanbase who equate great coaching with jumping up and down, cursing, and losing all emotional control. If they had their way, Boom MFer would be attending the gala in Athens this weekend. That isn’t to say coaches with high intensity cannot be successful but even if they have more maturity than Boom, there is no one demeanor that has an exclusive on success.

                • Cojones

                  I like the “fire ” he has when he guarantees a win over Georgia to an 11 yr-old girl. “Fire” has to come from some place other than your mouth, unless of course you hear it from the FU AD’s mouth telling you know they no longer wish your “services”.

        • Now that right there IS pretty funny. Laughing just to keep from crying, some say.

  2. Red Blackman

    Go start a fortune 500 company.

    Go write the great American novel.

    Go cure cancer.

    There is no bond stronger than the one you form when you join the Gator nation. It identifies who and what we are. And this network knows no boundries.

    Now go find an offensive coordinator.

    Go Gators…….

    I see some dark days on the horizon for the Gator Nation.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      For the record, I am unaware of any Fortune 500 companies started by Gators, any great American novels authored by Gators or any cure to cancer discovered by Gators. It’s all a fraud. Just sayin.’

  3. ARMAGEDDON has started at FU. LOL. No better news this time of the year.

  4. ARMAGEDDON will be completed at FU on Dec. 21, 2012 as predicted. The state of FL will drift off the American continental shelf and the swamps will swallow the whole university. LOL

  5. 69Dawg

    The old joke saying “It’s hard to remember that your objective is to drain the swamp when your up to your a&& in alligators.” seems appropriate.

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    As a Dawg fan I was very happy with weis and I’m sorry to see him go. They could hire somebody like Friedgen and give us fits. All those coaches getting the boot right now were the hot guys just a few years ago. So I think muschamp has plenty of talent to pick from. While I enjoy seeing f.u. suffer with problems, I’m afraid they’ll find somebody considerably better than weis.

    • Coastal Dawg

      Agreed. The lousy OC you know is often better than his replacement from a rivals point of view. Kerwin Bell is no joke in play calling. Hehas Spurrier’s gift for finding the weakest part of opposing Ds and attacking them. Whoever they pick can’t be much worse than Cooler Killer.

      • Bulldog Joe

        True. I will miss Weis’ “decided schematic advantage”, but I can’t say Kerwin Bell impresses me much, either.