The future’s so bright…

While mindful of The Wolf’s admonition, I have to admit that there’s some justification for the optimism Chip Towers brings to his review of Georgia’s 2012 depth chart.

Georgia currently is slated to return 17 of 22 starters from this year’s 10-3 squad when it defends its SEC Eastern Division championship next season. That’s obviously a big reason for optimism.

Obviously there are areas of concern, like the offensive line and special teams.  But who foresaw the depth that was developed this season at wide receiver and linebacker?  The coaching staff deserves some kudos for that.

What are your thoughts on next season’s two deep?


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59 responses to “The future’s so bright…

  1. timphd

    I think the O line is the only real question. Replacing both tackles is a big deal, and the back ups didn’t get many reps, which makes me think the coaches have questions. However, Friend seems to have done a great job molding that unit into a better than average line by the end of the year, and I am hopeful he can do it again. The D should be spectacular, barring defections to the NFL and/or injuries. Jarvis will be All-America again, and I won’t be surprised if Alec Ogletree is too, he really came on at the end of the year. Of course, I am assuming the rookie punters and kickers will earn their scholarships, and the coaching staff will fix the problems in the return game. And I hope Orson stays one more year. All in all, I am very optimistic.

    • adam

      We could (very likely, supposedly) grab a fantastic JUCO olineman today (Mark Beard) and have a great shot at another 5-star HS prospect (Avery Young).

      We got Theus and Chester Brown already. May end being the best oline class of Richt’s tenure. Hope they can come in and kick some ass. But… At worst they should provide us with much-needed depth.

      • I’ve got high hopes for Chester. It’s about time Georgia landed a Samoan lineman.😉

        • adam

          He’s huge and I’m pretty excited about him. Don’t see people talking about him too much, either.

          Passionate and tenacious – great qualities for an offensive lineman. I have a feeling that he’ll be great. Last lineman I liked this much was Ben Jones. And he worked out pretty well.

        • Agreed.. them Island boys have alot of natural strength, and a warrior type mentality that cannot be taught. It`s just hard to get them to come this far souutheast since most are on the west coast or go to BYU.

  2. Lrgk9

    The Kicker (Morgan) we took over the Calhoun kid (Bammer Commit) must really be good.

    We need some NUMBERS on the OL. We haven’t done the job recruiting at OL since Richt got here. Now that Bobo is finally maturing into a Bona Fide OC – the OL is the only Achilles Heel left.

    • Silver Creek Dawg

      As I understand it, Marshall Morgan/Adam Griffith/Austin Hardin were 1-1A-1B in terms of available kickers this year. Not much to distinguish them apart except Morgan is bigger than the other two at 6-3, 200.

      My guess is we took Morgan because his HS coach was Blair Walsh’s HS coach and we have developed a great relationship with that staff.

      • Macallanlover

        I hope you are right. I watched Griffith last weekend and was very impressed with that young man, especially the height he gets on FGs, even beyond 40 yards. Looks like Saban has improved one area of his team immediately. I am confident Morgan will be solid for us though, and I think it will be LSU we play in Atlanta next year anyway.

  3. Bulldog Bry

    Kudos to the coaches? You’ve obviously mistaken us for some other fan base……

    Other than the O-line, I like what I see. Even if OC7 goes.

  4. TennesseeDawg

    Offensive tackle is the biggest single concern. We have Theus coming in but an even bigger get right now would be a JUCO named Beard that could step in at left tackle next year if he commits. We also need at least one more RB.

    • adam

      Seems like we actually have a good shot at grabbing Gurley and maybe even Mike Davis too.

      That would give us (in 2012):
      Richard Samuel, SR
      Carlton Thomas, SR
      Ken Malcolms, SO
      Isaiah Crowell, SO
      Keith Marshall, FR
      Todd Gurley, FR
      Mike Davis, FR

      That sure is a lot of backs. I’m not confident that we get all those guys and them all playing next year is even less likely. Somebody grabs a redshirt, or gets kicked off the team, or transfers or something. Either way, we should have some backs next year. I would’ve included Harton but I’m not sure he could be out any of those guys. And I don’t know how old he is (think he’ll be a sophomore).

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Could two of them red shirt? Is Boo coming back?

      • jryu

        i think i remember something along the lines that Harton walked on as a WR and got his scholarship as a RB so maybe he could move back over to WR/ST and help out there. Lord knows he earned it this year..

        • Cojones

          Harton earned his due as far back as last Spring when Richt called attention to him. He stood out before the great RB exodus, it’s just that everyone forgot. To forget him again would be unDawg-like. I got great pleasure out of seeing him get YAC yds. What spirit and passion. Wish we could spread it around. He should have been voted “Team Sparkplug”.

      • MT

        Or Samuel could get Tripp’d back to LB

        • adam

          Think FB is more likely. Nothing to gain by moving him back to a LB. Too crowded for him to contribute there anyway.

  5. Red Blackman

    Nothing against Big Cordy, but he wasn’t a LT…..and neither was Bean.

    I see Theus as being another Trinton Sturdivant. The kid is very, very good with raw skills that you can’t teach. My money says we improve at LT with a freshman.

    I see Chris Burnette taking over at center. He was recruited as a center and possesses a higher than average IQ and work ethic. David Andrews should provide some depth while he continues to learn the position

    The spot to watch will be RT. Will Kenarious slide out or will one of the pups like DeBell, Dantzler, Long, Ward or Houston come on strong and assert themselves.

    I will say that I believe Chester Brown has what it takes to contribute early. IMO, he is one of the best OL prospects UGA has signed in some time.

    On defense, Garrison Smith showed he is ready for the show.

    I also like Damian Swan to fill in for Boykin at the nickel with only a minor drop off. The kid has some obvious natural skills.

    I look forward to seeing Corey Moore push for playing time. He is physical and competitive. Also, If Turene can get eligible, he could add even more depth inside.

    Now, for my WTF prediction, Isaiah grows mentally and physically, and leads the SEC in rushing. Dick Sam IV moves up 2 yards and makes the FB position relevant again for the first time since Southerland.

    • Dawgfan Will

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Samuel at fullback. If he could sneak one up the middle like Ogletree did against Tech, he might still be running.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I too think it would be smart to move Dick Sam IV to fb. He can pass protect, not afraid to put a hat on someone and he can damn sure catch the football out of the backfield! He would get the playing time he deserves. That would be sweet.

    • Cojones

      Due to Chester’s competition in training thus far, I believe he is a “wait and see”. Don’t want to heap expectations on his back so there is no inflated disappointment. Love the cut of his jib like Blut does and “my ‘Nesian likes the Dawg’s “Nesian” may be a watchword in our home.

      We owe “Fo” for the FU runs. Somehow we must show appreciation.

  6. JasonC

    Our LBs will be horrible and probably the rest of our defense also. Somehow the OL will manage to only give up 11 sacks for the whole season and the special teams will be among the top in the nation. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work out- our strengths always turn out to be the biggest disappointments on the team?

  7. Spence

    So let’s see, questionable depth at OL and problems with specialists. Good depth everywhere else. Sounds familiar.

    The question is whether everyone goes nuts if we have another 10-3 year similar to this (celebrated) year.

  8. ChicagoDawg

    Wake me up when the NFL declaration deadline passes. I still beleive we are facing at least 3-4 defections. J Jones being the primary one, denials notwithstanding.

    #29 probably
    #19 possibly

    • Macallanlover

      Have to admit, I share some of that concern myself. UGA always seems to maximize the NFL losses. I will hope for some of these guys to patiently develop, but the trend is not our friend. Should UGA have the big year we are capable of, these guys will be getting more media attention in 2012 which could help their cause.

      • Cojones

        Still, we all would be happy for Jarvis personally, but I’ve bought his reasoning for another year of training under Grantham and to give his all for another year with the team. Either way, he is a great Dawg and for selfish reasons we want him back as a team leader to clone someone else, but what little faith we have in Grantham to not spot the guy to take his place and train him like a junkyard Dawg.

        • Macallanlover

          I am very appreciative of JJ’s contributions and attitude/leadership this season. But we did throw him a lifeline when USC wouldn’t stand by him. Out training staff and coaching staff did a hecuva job for him and we have only gotten one year of play for that two year investment. Unless he is in real financial trouble, I think another year at UGA is due us. It wouldn’t hurt him to get another year to prove his health is back to 100%, and being with Grantham and a winning, high-profile team cannot hurt his stock. I have to admit, I would be unhappy if he went back on his strong statements at this point.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Plus, if JJ has another year like this past season he is in line for 1st team AA and the Butkus Award, leading to mucho dinero from the NFL in the following draft. A very likely returnee.

            • Macallanlover

              Agree, key players on teams having a good year (and we will) get mega attention versus what we have seen recently. While I understand the risk of injury, take out an insurance policy, I feel two solid years in the SEC following a serious injury cannot help but improve his stock.

  9. Nate

    I’m excited to see what year 2 of our revamped strength and conditioning program looks like. It clearly paid off this year, especially in the fourth quarter. Keith Marshall should be the main beneficiary of that. Also, I know no one wants to admit it, but we need Crowell. Badly. He’s been frustrating this year, but I think if he sticks with Georgia and doesn’t get a case of the Ealys he can take a huge, Marcus Lattimore sized step in 2012. Plus, if Marshall is the real deal and Richard Samuel picks up where he left off before his injury we could have a legitimate bad ass backfield. Here’s hoping anyway.

    • Cojones

      His display of attitude vs Richt in the big game will not be forgiven so easily by many of us. We want everything for him, but not at the expense of overall team attitude. You disrespect the coach, you disrespect the team and the school. No price can be posted by that display that can undo it. He can promise to work hard and do so, but he had better get a mentor and damned quick. I’m still waiting.

      I was for not drawing conclusions from his previous sideline facial expression and glancing mutterings, but he went over the top in the LSU game and in front of the Nation. My jury is still out.

    • Bad Marinara

      Isiah was definitely the 4 yards/first down guy we desperately needed. He kept drives going and was crucial. Now we need a home run guy.

  10. HVL Dawg

    10 coaches returning.

    Compare that with the rest of the league.

  11. Derek

    If Theus can come in and claim the LT spot allowing the coaches to put their best 4 at the other spots it will help a great deal. Other than some OL issues everything looks pretty good although losing Rambo to the NFL could be a problem. I was less than impressed by Marshall on kick off coverage.

  12. W Cobb Dawg

    I guess the future always looks bright if you don’t consider how we’ve f-ed up in the past. We had 10 offensive starters return in 2010, including AJ, and we finished 6-7 (scored 6 points against UCF). I’m confident CTG will have next year’s D ready to play – even if there are defections. Never know what we’ll get with the offense and special teams.

    • Cojones

      Good point, W Cobb. Also the new athletes have promise, but you don’t grow your expectations on new linemen who haven’t experienced SEC speed. You are just looking for disappointment by not waiting to see how things work out. Although I don’t expect it, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Sturdivant made it back to the line next year? Dreams die hard and I’m afraid his will die hardest for both all-of- us and for him.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Thought Sturdivant hung it up. But if he’s trying again I sure wish him the best.

        While I hate to ‘look for disappointment’, I will say next year’s team should be stacked. The dream teamers will be more established and making bigger contributions. Friend has done a respectable job keeping the line together. The schedule works out well for us too. We’ve recruited the top players at their positions to fill our biggest needs – Theus, Marshall, Morgan & Barber. We SHOULD win a lot of games next season.

  13. Jim Diamond

    “While mindful of the Wolf’s admonition…” Damn that is good writing. Very well played Senator.

  14. charlottedawg

    The only thing keeping Georgia from going from a good young team in 2011 to a dominant SEC championship caliber team in 2012 is Georgia. Work your butt off in the offseason and you WILL be the best team Richt’s fielded thus far, slack off and do stupid shit and you’ll make the 2008 team look focused and disciplined. As far as the depth chart goes i think everyone has already touched on the biggest needs: oline, specialists, and running backs. I for one. Here’s hoping marshall becomes to crowell what jenkins was to kwame. Finally before i forget since every year the unit(s) that are supposed to be strengthss turn out to me weaknesses and vice versa I will kick off the off season meme of: we have no depth anywhere and everything is a giant question mark especially linebackers, wide recievers, and the defense in general.

  15. Gravidy

    Has anyone considered the depth chart on the defensive side of the ball for 2013? I know such projections aren’t the smartest thing I could be spending my time on right now, but next year’s defense will be absolutely stuffed with seniors and highly productive juniors who could leave early. That’s an awful ot of talent to lose on one side of the ball in one year.

  16. AlphaDawg

    “We have no depth anywhere and everything is a giant question mark especially linebackers, wide recievers, and the defense in general.” I shall repeat this everyday and use it as my answer when anyone asks; at least until KO next year.


    Questions..What do you expect out of the tailback position at the Outback?
    Run Samuel early and often and then when MSU gets a step slow, show them IC; Run Crowell often and early and when MSU is blowing hard run RC right at them? Will either be healthy or in good graces with CMR?
    Will it be IC’s coming out game? Will RS show that the end of the FL game was his new intensity? Gonna be interesting to say the least.

  18. adam

    And Mark Beard’s a Dawg! Go Dawgs! Go Oline!