Oh yeah, he bad.

I’m glad that Mike Davis had an enjoyable time on his unofficial visit yesterday, but I got a bigger kick out of this observation of his:

… Davis also made it a point to say that there was one other thing that stuck out to him at practice other than the running backs. “I had no idea that Alec Ogletree was that big and that fast at linebacker. He’s really, really good. Wow.”



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  1. adam

    Not only is Ogletree “really, really good,” but we have him for at least one more year. That’s awesome.

    Also, if we get Davis AND Gurley, I think we should have enough good tailbacks to make sure none of them ever get tired. Could seriously be running all over people for the next several years.


  2. Tree is a bad man! He’s the perfect inside/outside linebacker for Grantham’s 3-4. I look forward to seeing him run through guys all year next year. Michigan State won’t see a player like him all year in Tampa.


  3. charlottedawg

    The bright shining star out of an other wise crappy 2010 class. My favorite play of his is still him blind siding Rainey (in his first game back nonetheless) to force a fumble through pure unadulterated agression to set up the touchdown pass to Tavares King. I want to watch this guy wreck havoc on the sec for at least one more FULL year.


    • SRQDawgs15

      I know it isn’t “cool” to be positive about our team…..but come on guys!!! I thought maybe some of this crap would die down after the season we had, but it hasn’t one bit. Every compliment is qualified with some asinine remark like the “crappy 2010 class” and stuff like that. It gets old….fast. Speaking of that 2010 class…..I’d argue that Garrison Smith has done just fine out of that class. He showed he can be a force against Tech and should be excellent along the DL next year. Kenarious Gates has started ever since he got to Athens. Hutson Mason is probably one of the best back-up QBs in the country. Alec’s brother is a nice FB too. Oh yeah, and there is this guy, Michael Bennett, I think he made a few plays this year. Add in Alec, as you mentioned, and I think we may have better contribution from this class than UF’s “greatest recruiting class ever assembled” of 2010, or at least on par with that. A lot of these guys haven’t gotten the chance to contribute too much yet because of the depth chart, but we’ll see about them in the next few years. Sorry for the rant, I know that was only the 1st line in your post but it aggravates me to no end that Georgia fans can’t just enjoy a great season and a bright future without all the negativity. Add this kind of stuff to the way some of us have basically made it our duty to run Crowell out of town as fast as we can and it is enough to drive anyone crazy. We’re 10-3, 2010 wasn’t a great recruiting class across the country but we got our fair share of stars and role players…..can’t we just enjoy it already?


  4. timphd

    Enjoy him now. After next year, when I expect him to be All-American and then a high draft choice for the NFL he will probably be gone. Let’s hope he has a fully healthy year and kicks ass. He and Jarvis will make some QBs miserable.


    • HK

      Presuming Rambo returns that would make Ogletree the third All American, just on defense. Which is nice. I’m anxious to see what happens with players declaring early for the draft, but if that doesn’t hit us too hard the defense will be one of the best in the country in 2012.

      Lot of potential there.


  5. ChicagoDawg

    He really is specimen….an outlier among outliers.


  6. Derek

    Had to share this:



  7. I stood next to him at G day this pre-season, and I said the exact same thing to my wife. I know a lot of guys are “bigger”, but they kid just looks like a beast up close and in person!


    • Keese

      Biggest and baddest human I’ve seen to this day was Ben Watson. I spent several hours with him at orientation back in 2000.