With enemies like these…

If you need a reminder that political stupidity is bipartisan, then, brother, the two-man Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus is for you.

You’re no doubt familiar with longtime scourge of the BCS Joe Barton, last seen apologizing to BP for the Gulf oil spill.  But an eye needs to be kept on Barton’s new BFF Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), who, in explaining that he doesn’t understand why football is allowed to have an entirely different title system than every other collegiate sport, actually said this:

“There’s competition in every single sport, including here. Everybody who gets here wins by winning on Election Day in a contest…”

Perhaps somebody can take Cohen aside and quietly explain to him how football polls work.  They have, like, voting and everything!

No wonder somebody like Bill Hancock can hold off change singlehandedly.


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11 responses to “With enemies like these…

  1. UGA Illuminati

    Ah, the stupidity of the federal government. We are fast moving toward this:


  2. Krautdawg

    Eh, all the BCS needs to do is found its own PAC. For about $300,000 an election, you can run enough advertising to make Barton or Cohen understand that the BCS is just as “competitive” as Congress.

    And hell, the BCS could also found its own nonprofit to “further understanding of college athletics.” As a 501(c)(4), it could take donations from the bowls, then pay the money into BCS PAC (in addition to educating the electorate about football, of course). The PAC’s real donors would then remain anonymous. And the $300,000 should be easy to raise from the Fiesta Bowl alone.

    As long as we give the BCS PAC a Gingrich- or Rove-esque name–“Americans for Competitive Football” or “Going Long for America,” for example–I’d imagine Mr. Barton will be sitting in a sky box in New Orleans in no time.


    • Cojones

      How about something more mundane like “Kicking Balls” or “Rat-fucking with the BCS”? Yeah , Barton would be there, but he would be in a BP-bought sky box looking down on the rest of us ants.


  3. stoopnagle

    These guys don’t realize that the BCS operates the exact same way national politics operates?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Nobody grandstands quite like the American Congressman.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Or the Black Pope … or Nick Saban … or Jimbo Delaney (Hell, most of Puffdawg’s “Unsavory List” a few posts back are grandstanders non pareil). That level of self-absorbed egomania is the default position for the 21st century American psyche! Which is why it’s refreshing to simply watch the events play out upon the football fields and take them for what they are worth, just football plays.


    • Faulkner

      Except senators (not our gracious host) and presidents.


  5. Doug

    Joe Barton is like a walking, talking, handy-dandy voter’s guide to the issues of the day. If he’s for it, you automatically know it’s beyond idiotic.