Sunday morning buffet

Sample the wares, folks…

  • Mike Bobo wants Murray and Jones to come up with a gameplan for Michigan State:  “I haven’t gotten that much from them,” Bobo said, “but they like to think they’re coaches.”  Hmm… maybe he should try that approach with some fans on the Internet.
  • John Infante suggests the NCAA should consider combining the $2000 stipend proposal with a college football playoff run by the NCAA.  As always, it’s so easy.
  • For Steve Spurrier, Dabo Swinney is the new Philip Fulmer.
  • This pro-BCS piece is a little too smug for my taste, but it’s hard to argue with one point:  “… before 1992 the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in The Associated Press poll met just eight times to determine the national champion. When the Bowl Alliance/Bowl Coalition was in place, because of the Big Ten/Pac-10 tie-in with the Rose Bowl, the top two teams met just three of the six years it was functioning.”
  • The first rule of bowl games:  Everyone else picks up the tab.
  • Will Muschamp interviews Kerwin Bell for the Florida OC opening.  Maybe Muschamp’s trying to assemble a staff of coaches who know what it’s like to be on the losing side in the Cocktail Party.
  • RU-DEE!  RU-DEE!
  • New phrase from the New Orleans Bowl:  illegal stemming.  Sounds like doing something questionable with flowers.


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31 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Comin' Down The Track

    Maybe Emmit Smith is available…

  2. The Lone Stranger

    This outreach by Coach Boom smacks of someone looking to ingratiate himself with the locals. Does Bell still run with that cheeseball mustachio of those bygone days? I hope. He would fill out that off-kilter sideline of theirs.

    • gastr1

      Whatever the effort is, Kerwin Bell must be the best, because Coach Boom said he was going to get the The Best Offensive Coordinator Available.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Boom is revealing himself, perhaps, to be out of his depth in the overall management of a football office? He should have snapped up !Galen Hall! when the gettin’ was good. Hall could use a lifeline, too.

  3. gastr1

    I still have no frigging idea what that “illegal stemming” penalty was actually for in the Truckers bowl last night. Can anyone explain this rule, or if there is one? It was listed in ESPN’s play-by-play as for an “illegal shift”–which I didn’t know was possible on defense. Looked to me like it should have been on ULL, which would have made a 60-yard FG pretty much impossible.

    Between that and Penn’s fiasco in the Potato game, wow. What a bunch of fuck-ups.

    • gastr1

      Guess the link explained it, but it still sounds like bullshit to me…defenses try to get the OL to jump all the time, no?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        And offenses try to get the DL to jump all the time, too.

        • gastr1

          If he was truly as loyal to the U of F as he says he would find a role for the Zooker. Can’t be leavin’ the expats out in the cold during their time of need, now, Boom…

      • Nate Dawg

        Whatever it is, it helped me go 1-2 on my bowl board vs thanks for that crap..

      • Dumb & Dumber Dawg Fan

        Well, in the NFL it’s called as “encroachment” and happens all the time. If the D jumps, and OL moves as a direct reaction in the opinion of the ref, the penalty is called.

        Odd that CFB rules this differently for the same infraction.

        • AusDawg85

          Errr…5 post penalty. Illegal name substitution.

          • gastr1

            Yeah, but the D didn’t jump. Did you see the play?

            • I know that my brain just filled this in the normal attempt to make the world make sense….but what I heard was illegal simming, which I interpreted to be short for simulation. I haven’t a clue where it is but I know it is illegal for a player on the other team to simulate the other teams signals and that is I think what the defensive lineman was doing calling out an offensive audible that he’d heard earlier in the game.

  4. Biggus Rickus

    Kerwin Bell is a lot more worrisome than the likes of Mike Shula. He’s performed a minor miracle at JU.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Carolina is in Chapel Hill, USC is in California and the University of South Carolina always has been and always will be in Clemson.”

    Dabo has a good one occasionally too.

  6. Won’t Rudy just go away?

    • Cojones

      I think the expression is still “Up the River”. Didn’t the piece say he had settled with the SEC? That may take care of some money issues, but the JD may have something for him by way of several counts of fraud. He may be known as the Fucky little Plucker soon thereafter.

  7. BOBO will have more excuses now than players execution to blame, he can also blame the coaching of Jones and Murray for bad play. LOL

    • Cojones

      Nope. He blames Richt.

      I do think it would be hilarious if Bobo tipped us onto which plays Jones and Murray figured and called. Bet it loosens everyone up for the bowl. Maybe he could say all 2nd down plays of the 2nd Qtr or something thusly were called by M&J. He certainly picked the right pair.

  8. AusDawg85

    Coming soon to a peanut field near you…The GTP Bowl. That article makes almost seem too easy to set-up a bowl, get some gullible city officials as co-conspirators, and find two desperate college teams to rob.

    GT vs. Vandy anyone?

  9. Cojones

    Question: Why does Boom have to prepare for a bowl game, hire new O coordinator plus recruit all by himself while tOSU gets permission for two staffs. Still haven’t seen the justification for Meyer having two staffs, stealing Pitts recruits while they have been placed in a bad position by their coach leaving unannounced ; all while awaiting further adjudication by the NCAA for outright paying players. Can anyone clear this all up for this poor unread and unwashed fan?

  10. I read part of Spurrier’s speech, I am surprised about his advice to stay put in the school they signed and enrolled in. I have not really heard that line recently. Is this all said with genuine sincerity from him? Just asking.

  11. Keese

    I was unfortunate enough to listen to “Rudy” in real life at a speaking engagement. He really made and ass out of himself by publicly humiliating someone in the crowd (not me). Dude is a classless a-hole full of shit

  12. charlottedawg

    I always thought that the real leasson of the movie Rudy was lost upon most people if not outright ignored: that no amount of desire or want to will ever make up for a lack of talent or ability and that life is not about how “hard you work” but what you are able to accomplish.

  13. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Hmm… maybe he should try that approach with some fans on the Internet.”

    I didn’t think he had any fans on the internet.