Who says bowl games are meaningless?

Penn Wagers caps off a series of blown calls/replay explanations at the end of the Potato Bowl by referring to the (African-American) receiver who fumbled the ball at the goal line as “the boy who caught it…”.

He’s a fabulous good will ambassador for the SEC.

By the way, enjoy this timely piece from Kevin Scarbinsky.  Maybe Wagers and his crew were befuddled by NO SEC SPEED, BABY!


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17 responses to “Who says bowl games are meaningless?

  1. TennesseeDawg

    After reading what happened in the CBS blog, it’s not surprising Wagers was relegated to the Potato Bowl. If this would have happened in a major bowl all hell would have broke loose.


  2. Chopdawg

    Meanwhile, in Rome, GA, a wonderful thing happened: two teams (St Xavier & Carroll), who’d fought through a 16-team playoff, met in a National Championship college football game.


  3. mwo

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer SOB. Penn Wagers still holds a grudge against UGA since the end zone dance at the WLOCP in 2007. The SEC may be the best conference with the best athletes, but our officiating is terrible. Every week there are blatant bad calls-if not every game! I read somewhere most of the SEC officials went to the trade school. Anyone else heard that?


  4. Lrgk9

    Am taking Thumper’s Momma’s advice… Since I don’t have ANYTHING nice to say about Penn Wagers and crew – am going to say nothing at all…


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Wagers continues to be an embarrassment to the SEC. How does this clown still have a job with the SEC?


  6. Just like any of their former students or graduates, GT have bright folks that do well in the classrooms and laboratories but has no clue in the realities of life. They just cannot adjust to what is immediately occurring in front of their eyes, that is the defect of those Penn Wagers type and other GT grads (even fans for that matter) anywhere. I know a lot in my work place, and they have the same attitude and too much expectation of being better than others. LOL


  7. Nate Dawg

    As I sat on my couch texting w my dad furiously about Wagers & crew short-comings I wondered I the good Senator would bring it up. Thanks Senator…& again, what a constant joke these guys are over & over. NOBODY even mentioned that his KNEE hit the ground before any fumble/non-fumble recovery BS or breaking of the plane or whatever. It was embarassing for the SEC.


  8. 69Dawg

    The fact that Penn and his Merry Band of Idiots gets to work even the Potato Bowl is a disservice to idiots everywhere. The man does not even know the damn rules must less how to enforce them. The ACC ref Cherry has Penn’s number because Penn has been “giving us the business” for years.



    I usually pull for Vandy because they are always underdogs (of course, I don’t pull for them against UGA) and I believe they get screwed by the SEC refs more than any other school. Georgia may be a close second.
    I have had conversations with several people who were at the SEC championship game. They were appalled at what LSU got away with, esp on punt returns. Maybe some of the conference AD’s should get together and demand the SEC farm out big games to another conference’s officials. The SEC needs to do something about it.


  10. Macallanlover

    I am as embarrassed of SEC officials as anyone, and definitely favor a national system of standards, training, and assignments be made ASAP, but to hold Wagers in contempt for his comment is ignorant. There is no more malice in that particular word by anyone in my experience than there was when Howard Cosell got dressed down for his use of the term “little monkey”. The PC crowd should be laughed at and mocked for what they have attempted to do to society. What a bunch of wussy weenies. I guess when a child is born at a hospital we should ask if it is a girl, or young lad. What a crock, perhaps we should ban ANY use of the word “boy” as hate speech. With all the really serious problems this world faces, how does this cry out for attention?

    Let’s focus on what Wages, probably, did wrong in his duties as a referee, not how successful he was at avoiding the PC crowd landmines that litter the landscape. (I say “probably” because I didn’t see any of that game but it is likely they lacked competency.) Wagers just appears incompetent as an official, unless someonw has specific knowledge/proof of him being a racist. just the facts, mam.