Mission unaccomplished.

Negative Grohmentum at work (AJC photo by Johnny Crawford)

(Bonus) Shorter Mark Bradley:  Even Todd Grantham couldn’t fix what’s wrong with Tech’s defense.



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34 responses to “Mission unaccomplished.

  1. Beer Money

    I dunno, The ToddFather is pretty bad ass.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Somebody oughta punch that writer in the face!


  3. Biggus Rickus

    It would take witness relocation to help Tech. They can’t get enough players to compete with good teams outside their joke of a conference.


  4. X-Dawg

    Bradley must be bored if that’s all he has to write about.


  5. BeardDawg

    If I could caption this photo: “Thank you Dawgs, may I have another!”


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Only Bradley would attempt to give Tech continued relevance in a discussion of Georgia football.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Oh….in a related thing….did not the state legislature decree that Georgia had to play Tech every year…like back when Tech got out of the SEC?

    Have some vague recollection of that, but memories during that period are ah….cloudy?


    • Russ

      I’ve never heard of that happening here, but I have heard it happened in Alabama and probably some other states. I think that was mainly for cases where one school was refusing to play the other, so gov’t got involved.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      I have very expectation it would happen if we decided to drop Tech, especially if the SEC goes to a 9 game schedule.

      An SEC message board I frequent has several UGA posters who believe we should drop Tech, as we gain nothing out of playing them every season.


      • adam

        Nothing but knee-injuries. If we beat them 10 in a row (so close!), maybe we should go ahead and drop them. At that point, we really don’t have anything else to prove.

        Hell… At THIS point we don’t have anything else to prove.


        • Will (the other one)

          They still own the longest win streak in the series (which gets me retroactively pissed off about Willie and the 2008 season all over again.)


  8. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t understand why Mark Bradley refuses to admit that he was wrong about the genius of the Georgia Tech coaching staff. Has anyone ever gotten more out of one or two decent seasons with the New York Giants than Al Groh?!


  9. The General

    Interesting that statistically the Jacket defense was better against the pass than the run. Seemed the opposite was true in our game.


  10. Cojones

    Leave Al Groh alone! He hasn’t and isn’t going to hurt anyone!

    Think the “relocation” and “may I have another” jabs were appropos for a Dawg’s good morning.


  11. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Personally I hope Groh stays at Tech forever.


    • Beer Money

      …and that dickhead Paul Johnson…and his high school offense…and his high school players…on both sides of the ball.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    You can’t make chicken salad out of chiclen s**t.

    I’m all choked up for our brethren on the Flats.


  13. 81Dog

    You run the option, you cant get a QB who is a pro prospect. You cant get WRs or TEs who are pro prospects; the former want to show they can catch passes, the latter dont exist in PJ’s offense. You can’t get OL who are pro prospects because they want to play in an offense where they learn how to pass block and pick up blitzes, not just cut people (or chop them) on 70 running plays a game. You cant get any of that, why would a pro prospect defensive player want to go to school there and practice against PJ’s offense for four years?

    Chan Gailey actually had some top shelf talent there for PJ to use his first couple of years, but that’s all burned through now. Good teams are starting to catch on to the option game, how to prepare for it, how to attack it, and it’s even less effective with the recruits PJ himself is bringing in. GTU defense and special teams? Bah.

    two more years of middling results, and Tech people will be ready to triple option PJ right out of town. Just like Pepper Rodgers, who at least had a little personality.


    • gastr1

      One of the things this article illustrates, without actually saying it, is that you can construct a solid offense with mediocre talent if you scheme it right and have players that can pull off their assignments. It bears repeating: you can construct a solid OFFENSE. You cannot do the same with a defense: there is no scheming your way into a competence. It’s more about the talent. Sure, you can scheme yourself OUT OF a good D–Martinez showed how to do that. But Example 1. in SEC v. Everyone Else is The SEC Defenses Have The Best Talent In The Country and That Makes Even Will Muschamp Look Good.


      • Bevo

        In defense of Will as a defensive coordinator, his defenses at Texas looked pretty good too.

        But you won’t hear me defend him as a head coach just yet.


    • …why would a pro prospect defensive player want to go to school there and practice against PJ’s offense for four years?

      I’m not sure having prospects on the defensive side of the ball would necessarily be the cure-all because they don’t practice against live-fire situations each week. I think the defense is going to be what it is until the offense develops some semblance of a passing game.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Even then that isn’t enough. Almost every team in the NFL plays some form of pro-set offense. The kids want to go pro. Why would any decent offensive player go to Tech when you get no practice in what you would be expected to do at the next level? Why would any good defensive player go to Tech when all day long every day you practice against the Tech O? The alternative is to practice against 4th rate players emulating a pro-set type offense and what good does that do in developing skills? Nada. So Tech ends up with third or fourth rate athletes. Simple really when you think about it. What amazes me is that Tech won 8 games this year. Look for fewer wins the longer Johnson is HC as the program devolves. In 3 years Tech will be fighting Duke to stay out of the ACC cellar.


        • Just minute there, Mayor

          “Why would any good defensive player go to Tech when all day long every day you practice against the Tech O? ”

          What makes you think that the defense practices only against the offense? Ever heard of a scout team? The defense get plenty of practice against formations and plays other than the GT offense.

          You have the same situation Georgia. The defense isn’t practicing against the offense. The defense is practicing against whatever offense is being run by the opposing team in the next game, be it a spread, pro-set, Airraid, or whatever.


    • Just Chuck

      I actually liked Pepper Rodgers and his motorcycle.


  14. shane#1

    What is more important, coaching or players? ” When you go to the track always bet on the jockey with the fastest horse.”- Paul “Bear” Bryant. There you heard it from the man himself, you don’t win without the talent on the field, scheme be damned!


  15. DawgBiscuit

    That picture tells you all you need to know about Tech. Their inferiority complex is pathetic, and it blows my mind that their seething envy and hatred can continue year after year. Can you imagine UGA making one game against a nonconference rival priority #1 of the program, and deeming each season a success or failure? Or having “Beat Tech” all over the practice facilities? That kind of obsession cannot be healthy.