Apocalypse Liberty Bowl

Coach Franklin, I get that winning a bowl game would be a big deal for a program on the rebound like yours, but this seems a bit, well… over the top.

I mean, “us against the world”?  Dude, there isn’t a soul in North Korea who knows you even exist.


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  1. Sanford222View

    Ring? For the Liberty Bowl? That is just sad. You have won 6 freakin’ games. Relax.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And most telling — still only 2 in the league, which I suppose is marginally better than their traditional season average.

  2. For real, Dawg?

    “Dude, there isn’t a soul in North Korea who knows you even exist.”
    I see what you did there.
    Well played, Senator, well played.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    If I’m a recruit and I’m seeing these guys going for “the ring” in the Liberty Bowl, I’m thinking twice about Franklin’s “this isn’t the same old Vanderbilt” speech.

    You don’t get rings for the Liberty Bowl. You hang your head in shame for being in the Liberty Bowl.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Also, “getting respect” is the most tired refrain in sports.

    • AusDawg85

      …but you should also win it.

      • Go Dawgs!

        What are you talking about? I literally can’t remember the last time Georgia was in the Liberty Bowl.

        • The Liberty Bowl gave Tech(over the Dogs) a bid right before we played them in 1972–which was an outrage and an indignity.

          Georgia then dismantled Tech, but sat at home. The players would have loved to have gone. The premature bid to Tech and snub to the Dogs was a big motivator for sure, Georgia won seven games that year. That’s plenty good for Liberty Bowl.

          Tech barely squeaked by Iowa State in the bowl game.

    • Hackerdog

      This is the fifth bowl game appearance in Vanderbilt’s history. So it is a big deal.

      Not every team gets to act like it’s SEC championship or bust. Vandy had a great year for them. They appear to be trending upward. I still doubt that they can possibly climb to the top of the SEC East. But I give them a solid golf clap for going bowling.

  4. Spence

    I see where the confusion is: Cuncinatti’s other nickname is “The World” so Franklin is tefhnically correct.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    All that drama, for the Liberty Bowl? This Franklin guy is becoming a caricature.

  6. Overanalysis

    I mean, it’s just a saying. I don’t think he means it literally.

  7. Michael

    This guy is a motivator and Vandy has played a good bit better this year…But …He also has a pretty bad rep with his colleagues as being a low life that orders cheap shots on the opposition,Sometimes well after the whistle has blown.

  8. Gravidy

    Let me be perfectly clear. Franklin is a punk of the lowest order. I don’t like him. At all. Having said that, I can’t get too worked up over this video. If it helps them win the game, he has done his job for the university.

  9. Biggus Rickus

    Franklin’s done a nice job and all, but God I hate his cheap-shot ordering ass. And I hate the “respect” card more than anything. You want respect? Don’t play for Vanderbilt.

  10. Cojones

    Since he sneaks up and hits from behind we might be talking about another type of ring.

  11. Vindexdawg

    Senator, where on earth do you find these things? This is hysterically funny! Just one reason among many why yours is my favorite Dawg blog and one of the first ones that I check every morning.

  12. Ruteger

    Opening up the cliched book of logic a bit further, we find the axiom “if you’re not with us you’re against us”. Hence, since 99.999999% of the world doesn’t even know Vandy is playing in a bowl game, they can’t be with them. So it’s Vandy against the world, if we allow for rounding to the 1 millionth digit.

  13. stoopnagle

    Again, I never thought I would see the day where I liked Tennessee’s coach, but I loathed Vanderbilt’s.

  14. Haywood Jablome

    If a coach can get his team fired up to play in the Liberty Bowl then more power to him. The business as usual approach didn’t work out too well last year for the last SEC team to play in the Liberty Bowl.

  15. Wolfman

    I’ve coached teams and built programs that were woefully undermanned and had never performed before. There is a little bit of acting involved just to make your team believe. I also appreciate that he can find a way to rally the troops he has. But I also would have been very embarrassed if any of the things I said or did to make my team believe their mediocre competition was extraordinary was published so that everyone in the world could see.

  16. Bulldog Joe

    Bless their hearts.

  17. Randall

    Have they heard of Vanderbilt in Montana?

  18. Red Blackman

    “Yeah, whatever…..go fuck yourself, Franklin.” – Todd Efnn Grantham

  19. Dog in Fla

    The next episodes of “Us Against The World – 2011 Vanderbilt Football” – featuring James Franklin in a starring role – will be, “Bearcats Don’t Surf,” “James Loves the Smell of Napalm in the Morning,” and “Someday This Season’s Got to End”

  20. orlandodawg

    If Vandy players are buying his ‘us against the world’ nonsense, they are not as smart as we have been led to believe.

  21. Spike

    I hope we remember next year what happened in the Vandy game and Franklin running his pie hole afterwards.

  22. buccanbulleagle

    not to mention ALL of latin america, ALL of africa, ALL of the middle east, ALL of asia, and still many others! outside of that, in a much much smaller world, he’s probably right🙂

  23. i don’t understand all the venom—as a vandy fan and alum, we mostly ignore all the drama—not really worth acknowledging