Quarterbacks. You can’t live with ’em and you can’t live without ’em.

I’m not sure what Seth Emerson is getting at when he writes,

At first glance, Georgia seems set at quarterback for two more seasons with Murray, one of the top at his position in the SEC. But the Bulldogs’ situation at the most important position is actually full of questions.

The central one revolves around Mason, who has been open about possibly transferring after this season in order to start somewhere else. And if Mason does leave, is LeMay ready to be the top backup? Finally, it may not be likely to happen, but what if Murray has left the door open to exploring the NFL after next year.

Let’s see… entrenched starter (see Doug Gillett’s post about why Murray is entrenched) and back up quarterback who is frustrated over lack of playing time behind said starter.  Gee, where have I heard that song before?

Listen, Mason’s gotta do what’s best for himself, whether that’s take a redshirt for some separation with Murray or leave the program.  Either way, the offense will survive.  Murray’s here at least another year, most probably two.  LeMay’s green, but so what?  He’s not playing for real for at least another season.  (And if there’s one thing we can be fairly comfortable about with this program, it’s that Bobo can develop a quarterback.)

In other words, this ain’t uncertainty.  It’s how things go typically at a major school’s football program.

The time to worry about Georgia’s quarterback situation isn’t when the staff has to deal with questions like these.  It’s when there aren’t any options at all and they’re stuck with a quarterback who says things like “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…”  after tossing a pick-six.


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  1. The other Doug

    So, one of our worst problems going into next season is whether the back up QB has taken any snaps in a college game?

    I can live with that.

    • Newt

      Yes, and Grantham has said his biggest concern going into next year will be settling on a nickel corner.

      I know it was Seth’s point, not yours, but I’d put shoring up the OL way ahead of back up QB.

      • Zdawg

        It seems like every year we are shoring up the OL. Would be nice to be ahead in that department for at least 1 year in Richt’s tenure.

        • Bevo

          Yep. I agree with that. I think this recruiting class has potential to be a step in that direction. But it will still take time to get the green OL up to SEC speed and size. Hopefully some of our redshirt guys will surprise.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            If anyone knew for certain that Murray was leaving after next season the answer for Mason would be to take a redshirt year. He would then be in a position to be the favorite for the job in 2013. That said, if Mason’s a redshirt and if LeMay turns out to have a good 2012 season as the back-up, particularly if he gets significant playing time, maybe Mason ends up behind LeMay. Unlike others I think this is a significant issue if not just for 2012 certainly for 2 years down the road and maybe beyond. All this is speculation as Murray is likely to be back next year and for his senior season anyway because he stands to break every passing record in the book for UGA, the SEC and maybe the nation. The unspoken question is: What if Murray (a third year student academically) decided to go pro after this season? Now that would be a pickle.

            • Biggus Rickus

              I think he’s too short to be a first-round pick, so I think he plays all four years. Mason should probably transfer if he wants to start.

            • Puffdawg

              2012- Aaron Murray starts, backed up by Mason (2 years in sysem with game experience) and Lemay (1 RS year in system plus early enrollee) – excellent depth
              2013 – Aaron Murray starts, backed up by Mason and Lemay (3 and 2 years in system, presumably both with game experience), Faton RS – probably near best depth in nation
              2014 – starter will have minimum 3 years in system with playing experience, Faton 1 RS year in system, Ramsey RS – if you’re breaking in a new QB, which college teams typically do due to the pesky eligibility rules, this is an ideal situation
              2015 – if Lemay’s the starter in 2014, he’ll likely be a senior starter here

              Even if Mason transfers, I don’t see how this could possibly be seen as a problem. You’d still have a record setting starter and an experienced backup every year. Murray, by his own admission, is not leaving this year. I don’t think it’ll make sense for him to leave after next year either because short QBs just don’t get drafted highly enough to justify the jump. Colt McCoy didn’t go until round three. Drew Brees, standard bearer for short QBs, didn’t go until round 2. Looks like we’re set at QB through 2015.

        • Puffdawg

          2012 OL – LT John Theus (Austin Long), LG Dallas Lee (Kenarious Gates, Kolton Houston), C David Andrews, RG Chris Burnette (Hunter Long, Xzavier Ward), RT Watts Dantzler (Zach Debell)

          Greg Pyke, Chester Brown, Mark Beard will be sprinkled in there somewhere as well, along with 2 others, perhaps Avery Young. I’ve heard the RSs are not progressing as well as expected, but I take that with a grain of salt. Nobody can predict how these young lineman will hit the weights in the offseason. And even if that were true, I think they can cobble together a solid group of about 8 guys out of those options.

          • Puffdawg

            By the way, HOLY CRAP THAT’S A LOT OF YOUTH!!! None of the returners will be seniors. That’s either really good or really bad. I’ll let you know by next October.

    • Keese

      Seth sucks. He chose the wrong career path. The school could do a better job of posting news to read. Heck…”bulldogs blog” iisnt even a blog anymore. Damn I miss Hale. One of the only journalists I’d pay money to read.

  2. Juan

    Emerson is a hack. He tries to make something out of nothing more often than not. He is by far the worst beat writer from those papers in the last 10 years.

  3. charlottedawg

    This is a non story. Mason’s gotta do what what he’s gotta do be it take a redshirt or transfer but in the mean time he’s buried on the depth chart because the guy in front of him could turn out to be the greatest qb in Georgia history. Georgia’a biggest problem at qb is if Murray can take care of the football a little bit better because god knows he’s capable of making all the throws and reads required at the college level and most of the time he does.

    • adam

      He also could stand to make decisions a bit faster and needs to work on the deep ball. But… He’s still got time to improve. And he’s still pretty damn good. Murray’s the least of my concerns (well… maybe Jarvis is the least of my concerns, but I’m not worried about Murray).

  4. Red Blackman

    See, Emerson, there’s these two kids named LeMay and Ramsey. They are elite quarterbacks. They are spaced perfectly apart.

    And for what it’s worth……..I don’t trust an unmarried man with a house cat. Especially one that mentions it in his profile. That’s just gay…..not that there’s anything wrong with that. [smileyface]

  5. One certainty since Bobo became the QB coach. The QB, including those that had to be pressed into action, will be able to play as well as their ability will allow them to play. He gets the maximum out of each of his QBs. I see no problem at QB in the forseeable future. The OL is shaping up nicely too.
    What we need is a running game, as in more N/S running backs.

    • adam

      I may’ve criticized Bobo for just about everything he does as OC, but I’m not complaining about his skills as a QB coach.

    • ScooBoo

      Does the N/S stand for North-South or Non-Smoking? j/k

      • WFdawg

        Rimshot. +1

        • Cojones

          Hey, you guys. This is a serious blog. If you have to have fun, we don’t need it on here. If Dog in Fla can straighten up like he has in his above comment, then so can you punks. Everyone knows “N/S” means Nut/Sack.

    • Wonder what N/S Running backs are!? Could it be “No Shoes or North / South”, or maybe both? Also speaking of lines, the OL does need working on plus they really need to hire a ST coach. Also if BoBo is such a good QB coach don’t see why they would not let him take on a 2nd job during slack season and he take a job teaching the Jacksonville,Fla. Jaguars QB to “REALLY IMPROVE” in his job. Don’t know too much bout writting to comment on that line.

      • If I knew it would stir up comments , i would not have made any comment.
        As to N/S: How many times have I read that the Dawgs needed a Big Back that would run straight ahead as in “Run North & South”?. I do like the “No Smoking” definition better.
        I still believe that the OL will be good enough that John Theus will not be a starter. That says a lot if it turns out to be true.

  6. Rebar

    This is getting a wee bit tiresome. Mason started this talk earlier this year and I for one, don’t like it. When he came here I think the quaterbacks on staff at that time were Murray, Mettenberger and Gray. He knew there would be competition, but now feels he should be starting? Murray has been a stud and I don’t think Mason is better than him, or we would see Mason playing more. I just don’t think during bowl preparation we should be concentrating on a frustrated backup. I think if Mason wants to leave, he should leave and do it quietly.

    • Gravidy

      Ehhh… I think you’re being a bit tough on Mason. I don’t think he’s saying he should start at UGA over Murray. I just think he has been around long enough to see:

      1) Murray is better than he is.
      2) Murray is durable.
      3) He has Lemay and Ramsey behind him.

      He has done the math and sees that his most realistic option for playing might be a single season three years from now – IF he can beat out Lemay and Ramsey. If he wants to leave and go somewhere he can start, I don’t have any problem with that.

      • Ben

        I’ll root for Mason wherever he goes from here to have success against any club except the Dawgs. He’s not like Mettenberger who got wasted in Remerton, messed with a girl, and then lied to the coach about it. That’s a guy I’ll cheer against no matter how much I like Les Miles.

        Mason came to UGA, seems to have given it the college try, and he’s being asked about it. If he goes, godspeed to him,

        As for Emerson, he’s a beat reporter writing in a dead period before between the regular season and a bowl game in Tampa. He’s got to fill space, and telling the story of the backup QB isn’t all bad. At least he’s not having to write about Mason getting hammered in Quitman, feeling up a girl, and then lying to the coach about it…

  7. Macallanlover

    I agree with most of the comments above, we have much deeper concerns than QB. But I would like to see more of Lemay in the Spring Game this year. I recall he was rated a Top 10 QB prospect in HS but he missed his Senior year and there has been little information regarding him the past 12 months. I trust CMB and CMR’s ability to develop QBs, we just don’t know about HS players coming in at this level. I hope Lemay has gotten rid of the ring rust and is ready to compete. I think there is only a slight chance that AM gets reviews strong enough to have him leave early. He is a warrior, but his consistency demands he spend more time before getting the confidence of the NFL decision makers. But there is a true lack of talented QBs at the next level so he could easily improve enough next season to make himself a contender. Let’s just hope he has a good enough season to make us all worry more next December.

    We have been blessed during CMR’s tenure in attracting quality QBs, if Mason chooses to transfer I am willing to take my chances with Murray and Lemay. I am focusing more on OL development/recruiting, it has been our Achilles’ Heel for several seasons. Getting Beard last week to go along with Theus gives me some comfort. I know we had some young talent in the incubator this fall but you can never have too many Big Uglies in this league.

    • Zdawg

      What Mac said.

    • Cojones

      One reaon we have had O lineman problems is due to injury, not recruiting. I hope those we have on board stay healthy long enough for new recruits (4, headed toward 6) to spell them and get experience. We could get into the same problem next year, but it won’t be because of recruiting. Another factor is that we don’t know how recruits will fare when they face SEC speed. No team does. We have been a little unlucky in the past due to injury, but it happens all over the SEC. We all begin to cross our fingers in the Spring.

  8. UGA70

    I’m very glad we have Hutson as our back-up QB and it’s unfortunate he feels he must choose between a redshirt next year or leaving. But if he believes he needs or wants more playing time here at UGA, then he just needs to beat out Aaron this coming Spring–just compete and win. In the meantime, if I were Hutson, I don’t think I would speak to the media anymore, it’s starting to look a little “whiney”.

    • UGAfoo

      I wouldn’t blame him for moving on. Even if he redshirts LeMay and Ramsey will be waiting in the wings to compete.

      • Puffdawg

        I’ve seen his name several times now so I just want to clear this up. Ramsey is c/o 2013. By the time he gets on campus, Mason will be a senior, possibly a RS JR. Ramsey would be a true freshman coming out of a wing T system. So, really Mason would only be competing with Lemay.

  9. I don’t mean to disparage Mason, I’m sure he’s a good kid and all, but he was offered because UGA needed QB depth. They didn’t exactly have to beat out a lot of other suitors for his services. It seemed likely that either Murray or Mettenberger would leave if the other became a solid starter, and the other option was Logan Gray (bless his heart), so offering a one-off scholly to a local kid that was getting mid-level D1 offers for some QB depth seemed like a good idea. When Mett was kicked off for being handsy, and Logan Gray wanted to play WR, he became 2nd in command.

    His scholly was absolutely necessary, and he served his role for the team well. I thank him for that, and if he is ready for another challenge, then I wish him well.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually, what you said was correct until Mason’s senior season when he completely rewrote the record books for HS QBs in Georgia. Then he got a whole lot of attention and a bunch of offers from several serious D-IA teams. CMR and Bobo said at the time that they had not planned on recruiting another QB in that year’s class at all but changed their minds and recruited only Mason, signing him almost immediately when they offered him a grant. this is actually a good problem to have–too many good QBs.

      • Cojones

        Plus Mason has worked hard and progressed. He has gotten a little confidence to go with that, but hasn’t been in the thick of things like Aaron, the indestructible dynamo. In fact, one of Mason’s problems is that Aaron won’t go down. That has exacerbated Mason’s dilemma. It ain’t like he is being a prima donna about all of this. It truly is a problem that confronts his career and he has manned up and been open about it. He is good so far as we have seen and he is a likeable sort as well. It’s hard for us to contemplate him going, but that’s just us being selfish Dawg fans. We are conflicted as much as he is, but it is his life. Big difference.

  10. yurdle

    Mason is a good QB and I’m glad he’s been there for us these last two years. He was recruited to be what he has been: a dependable, developmental, pro-style back-up QB. If he wants to be a starter, he’s going to have to transfer. The guys behind him were recruited to be starters and they have better physical tools than Mason.

    If Murray plays two more years, we’ll have LeMay as a junior and Ramsey as a RSfreshman. If Mason is still here, he will be competing as a 5th-year Sr. against 4th-year LeMay and 2nd-year Ramsey. That’s a high mountain to climb.

    His leaving would leave us thin at backup-QB for a year. I can live with that.

    • Macallanlover

      This is an accurate assessment. Mason has been just what we needed, and could be a solid QB coming off the bench, but he is unlikely to be much more given the hand he was dealt. I can’t blame him for wanting more, but unless there is an injury to Murray, I don’t see him as the starter. If he feels he cannot be happy about that, he should probably leave. But leave, or commit to us already, the talk about leaving isn’t something UGA fans want to hear, and it is disruptive to a team that is capable of making a strong run at an SEC title. Get on the bus, or get out of the way.

  11. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    With a defense that looks like it will be sustainable we just need a quarterback that can manage the game. He does not need to carry (re:Stafford) the team. I think we can recruit that with no problem. If Mason is a “vampire” then thanks for everything he did while he was here but it is time for him to move on.

  12. AthensHomerDawg

    At the end of the day…..Mason ain’t goin’ nowhere. He is a great back up …. it is what it is. He will hold a clip board and fill in when needed. Thaz his job. Enjoy the ride … or move to Div II. Cause that is what he brings.
    just sayin’

  13. AusDawg85

    If Mason can look to anybody for advice, isn’t Mark Richt it? As a kid in the 80’s, he thought he had a shot too if it wasn’t for that dude in front of him.

  14. W Cobb Dawg

    If Mason were to leave, he’d be missed considerably more than Emerson ever would. In the greater scheme of life only one of these people matter to society.

    • Cojones

      I don’t get the anti-Emerson remarks. I’m not a would-be writer (Duh!) like some on here so I just read for content and he doesn’t disappoint. And if everyone be such Hale fans I will remind you that he took Hale’s place by Hale’s invitation and introduction.


    Emerson’s remarks are intriguing enough to get us all the way down to here on this thread.
    Mason’s no different than anyone else. He needs to weigh his options and act on his decision.