Pundits say the darndest things.

Hey, whadooyano – Pat Dooley’s puzzled by something.

Hmm, he, ha… let’s see if the New York Times can help.

Galen Hall resigned as football coach at the University of Florida today amid charges that he made unauthorized payments to a player and to his assistant coaches in violation of National Collegiate Athletic Association rules, the university’s interim president said.

Hall’s replacement will be Florida’s defensive coordinator, Gary Darnell, said the interim president, Robert Bryan.

”We made this move because the man violated his contract and committed major violations of N.C.A.A. rules,” Bryan said at a news conference. ”We cannot allow him to coach.”

Bryan said he accepted the resignation effective immediately, citing payments allegedly made by Hall to a player in 1987 and unauthorized salary supplements to assistant coaches in 1986-88.

So, skipping past the technicality that Hall resigned as opposed to being fired (although that was obviously in the cards), what you had there was a coach accused of making payments to a player and unauthorized payments to coaches.

Richt, however, made no player payments.  And at least some of the payments to coaches weren’t unauthorized.

In each case,the payments were not considered against NCAA rules because they were done with the knowledge of the athletic administration, according to the report.

Of course, the real issue in all this, as no doubt Dooley fully knows, is the setting that Hall was operating in.  At that time, the Florida program was reeling because of Hall’s predecessor (and former boss), Charley Pell.

After the 1982 season, the NCAA began an investigation into possible rule violations by Pell and his staff at Florida, for which he took full responsibility in August 1984. Pell originally asked to be allowed to resign at the end of the 1984 season, but when the NCAA announced that Florida was alleged to have committed 107 major infractions, university president Marshall Criser fired Pell after three games. He was succeeded by his offensive coordinator, Galen Hall.[8] Hall and the 1984 Gators won Florida’s first-ever Southeastern Conference (SEC) football championship, but the SEC university presidents voted to vacate the Gators’ 1984 SEC title after the season was over. In January 1985, after it was ultimately determined that Pell and the Gators coaching staff had actually committed fifty-nine infractions, the NCAA placed Florida on two years’ probation and banned the Gators from bowl games and live television in 1985 and 1986. The NCAA also reduced the Gators’ football scholarships by twenty over three years.[2] The loss of scholarships proved to be the most crippling sanction in the long-term; with a depleted roster, the Gators did not win more than seven games from 1986 to 1989.[9]

So could you argue that Hall was scapegoated by the Florida administration for the sins of others?  Yeah, probably.  But that doesn’t make a comparison between Hall and Richt anything more than a false equivalence.  It just means the Gators did a crappy job monitoring their football program in the ’80s.



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35 responses to “Pundits say the darndest things.

  1. James Stephenson

    And besides, that opens the door for them to get Spurrier, which in retrospect was the best thing to ever happen to FU.


  2. Mike

    “Hey we cheat, but at least we don’t do it as bad as you!”


  3. The other Doug

    Is Pat Dooley a reporter or an employee of the Florida Sports Information Director?


    • FisheriesDawg

      I used to listen to him on sports radio in Gainesville (Heath Cline’s show; Heath is now in Columbia covering the Gamecocks) and I really, really liked him. Dooley has been around forever and has some great perspective on SEC football. He was often the contrarian during the Tebow years on that show and seemed to take a very even-handed approach to UF and everyone else.

      For whatever reason, though, his columns are often full of sunshine-pumping and homerism. I don’t totally get the disconnect.


    • Noonan

      He is a fat sack of poo.


  4. UFTimmy

    It was before my time, so the details are fuzzy for me, but I am guessing Dooley was meaning both payments were made with good intentions.

    I understand Hall’s payments for a player were to cover child support costs.

    Obviously against the rules, and there’s no way that could ever be allowed, but if it’s true it’s one of those in trouble for doing a good thing kind of deal.


  5. doofusdawg

    He was giving money to coaches with full knowledge that they were passing it on to players…. geez…talk about revisionist history


  6. Derek

    Maybe history really does repeat itself. The gators are once again bad at football and stupid. Have the good ol’ days returned?


  7. JaxDawg

    I want you guys to take note of Mike’s above reponses since they are typical of the bitter Gator who forgot how to lose. Well, Mike and his friends are losing now and it burns and stings and feels like the 70’s all over again. What FL fans managed to forget over their impressive 20 year run is that all programs cycle: Oklahoma, USC, Texas, LSU, Bama, etc – ALL programs go through periods of winning and losing (except for places like Vandy and Miss State where it’s mostly losing). So now it appears that it’s Florida’s turn to experience some losing and, as you could have easily predicted, they are not taking it well. Well you know what Gators, you can suck on it bitches. Payback is hell.


    • Saint Johns Dawg

      Agreed … but his drive-by comments suggest the real Mike isn’t old enough to remember the Gator teams of the 70s.


      • Cojones

        Yall lay off Mike. Since they outlawed sex parties with animals in Fl. he, along with other FU grads, have become big gamey hunters on a lot of pig trails in So Ga. hunting for squeelers.


      • Mike

        Saint writes;

        “Agreed … but his drive-by comments suggest the real Mike isn’t old enough to remember the Gator teams of the 70s.”

        I have been a adult Gator fan since the early 70s.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The operative word being “adult.” You watch the Gators play on TV in those clubs off I-75 that advertise “We Bare All” don’t ya? While drinking “adult” beverages, too. Admit it.


    • Macallanlover

      Your note of how all programs run through various degrees of up and down cycles is so true, and so obvious, yet completely overlooked by trash talkers during their up periods. It really makes it fun to watch the crash and burn. UGA has certainly had their humbling moments, but many of our fans are still quick to attack others when we are riding high….as CMR has had us for much of his time in Athens. All programs need to learn humility because the next down cycle is just around the corner for any of us. It looked like we were slipping into one, but it seems we have fought off a sustained fall off. Let’s enjoy whatever the good times bring and keep some perspective when they don’t last forever. I want to take our lead over the Florida series back to the double digits, and catch both TN and Auburn in our series record while they seem to be struggling.

      I suspect Dawg fans will particularly enjoy UF’s demise the most but you really cannot find a school that hasn’t been forced to lick their wounds or eat their words in recent years. It seemed Texas, Michigan, USC, and tosu were exempt in their cozy cocoons but they are on their heels now as well. It is surprising to see, and hear, about how invincible Alabama has become. Are talking heads overlooking their recent problems and lack of titles? I don’t see how one title year, and a couple of one’s where they were solid but fell short, can offset the several sub-par. They have one title since the turn of the century. Good? Yes, but not enough to put on a pedestal based on the past 30 years, or the past 10. Shouldn’t we measure more than one year when we give accolades and annoit someone as the standard bearer? LSU is clearly the best SEC team of the last decade with UGA and Florida close behind them in success, yet you hear only about Bama and LSU. The arrow indicating trends looks to be up for LSU, UGA, Bama, and SC going into the next 2-3 years and the down cycle continuing down for Florida, TN, and The aU. I don’t really know how to characterize Arky, competitive but never able to get over the hump I guess.


      • Cojones

        Don’t forget one of the largest causes for celebration was victory over Fu, Tenn, Aub and Tech in the same season. Makes my heart glow.

        By the way, the ‘Nesian hung several screwin light bulbs with little hats and the “G” on a red plastic background shrunk to the bulb. Seems while she was working in the local city hall, a woman came around with another school’s logo so my wife inquired. Yep, got’um hanging on the tree and they add a nostalgic Christmas look.

        Will the Outback Bowl ever get here? Think I’ll go get a Bloomin’ Onion.


    • Mike

      I think you are right Jax. And I hope I never do get used to losing. Georgia fans, on the other hand, got very good at losing.


      • Junkyard Dawg '00

        “GA fans on the other hand, got very good a losing.”

        Makes no sense Mike. All time records show UGA with the better win percentage, so you are either being a troll or you truly think that it all began back in 1990.

        UGA- 747-399-54 (.649) *includes 2011 season
        UF- 666–380–40 (.632) *not sure if this includes the 2011 season.


        • Macallanlover

          That is just it, they really make no sense except to one another. It is like they speak another language and don’t quite get the lingo of CFB. Mike seems like a decent guy, can hang with any discussion until it gets to facts about Florida resume….UF fans just make their own up to make themselves feel better. Hey, just admit you have always been late to the party but you are working hard to catch up. Folks will give you credit for honesty and humility, but dissing your superiors aqnd playing with half-truths……Come on Man!


  8. Irwin R. Fletcher


    Here is the NCAA report….they had two allegations of football coaches paying players for expenses and an allegation of basketball coaches paying for player expenses. Saying Galen Hall was fired at UF for doing the ‘same thing’ isn’t even close to accurate.

    Just another reminder that columnists at major newspapers are NOT journalists. They are tabloid writers. They care about one thing…readers…not truth or accuracy. (There is a “that’s why I’m so glad they decide the national champ in Football comment to be had in here, but…well…you know….)

    That’s why many of them hate blogs…they take away readers and the good blogs also strive for accuracy. Crazy concept.


  9. ChicagoDawg

    A disingenuous pant load. It is well chronicled that Pat Dooley is a mouthpiece for the UF Athletic Department. He is blinded by his UF fandom. However, I would pay good money to see him type his columns while wearing his giant #1 Gator foam fingers on each hand.


  10. WH

    So what if the two cases were identical? P. Dooley really should still be more pissed that Hall got jobbed by the SEC and NCAA for the failures of Pell and the AD. His tweet, however, sounds like he’s calling for Richt’s head just because Hall got the axe. One is legitimate, the other (secondary violations notwithstanding) just makes him sound like a whiner or a lunatic.


  11. Bevo

    Great post in response to a moronic comment. Thanks for lighting that up.