We’ll always have Ted Roof.

Instead of blaming South Carolina’s failure this season to defend its East title on Georgia’s schedule, maybe one day ‘Cock fans will point instead to their team’s mystifying inability to hang more than 13 points (at home, with Marcus Lattimore!) on the worst defense in Auburn history.

Then again, nobody does self-delusion better than the South Carolina faithful do.


UPDATE:  Man, if Chris Low is right about this – Georgia drops Alabama, keeps Ole Miss and South Carolina gets both Arkansas and LSU from the West – ‘Cock fans are gonna go ballistic.


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  1. Nakasa

    It’s not like SC’s schedule was that much harder than ours. They had to play Ark in the West but still missed LSU and Bama. Besides, it took several monumental mistakes by UGA for them to escape Athens with a 3 pt win.

    As an aside, am I the only one jonesing to see UGA play Ark? I would love to see if our D measures up to that offense. I think we match up much better than SC (esp post-Lattimore). But alas, it is not to be.

  2. Obnoxiousawg

    Right, Nakasa. Arkansas for SC was a nonfactor. It had the tie-breaker against UGA, meaning that it could lose to Arkansas and still have the advantage over us. Other than us playing Miss and it playing Ark, we played the same SEC schedule. That meant that if it beat the same nobodies we beat it would be the East champ.

  3. Guest

    USC’s in California, Carolina’s in Chapel Hill, and THE UNIVERSITY in South Carolina is in Clempsen.

    Plus, the premier SEC Columbia is now in Missouri.

    So, it’s not surprising these losers rationalize they were robbed considering it would have been the pinnacle of their miserable 119-year program’s success: a second SEC East title.

    Whiners gotta whine!

  4. FortWorthDawg

    I agree 100%. I think a UGA-ARK matchup in a bowl game would have been good to see. Of course I am being sarcastic, but heck, they’ve done it now for the Nat. Champ Game, why not other bowls. I would venture to say UGA matches up well against ARK and would love to see our defense against their offense. I for one don’t think we are the 4th best team in the SEC, I would put us number 3 or at least tied at number 3 with ARK, but as Nakasa says, we will never know now. I guess that’s the beauty of College Football, it keeps so many people from different areas wondering whose better ….

  5. dawgfaithful

    Tech does dillusion better

  6. Brian Dawg

    THIS is why it’s so important to beat the gamecocks.

  7. watcher16

    Arkansas and Boise State I say cancel each other out. Tech is better than Clemson. I’d call it a wash overall.

  8. Macallanlover

    I would say UGA was 2nd, or tied for 2nd best with Bama at season’s end. A game between Arky and UGA would be interesting but I much prefer to see matchups between different conferences in the bowls. You cannot draw definite conclusions from bowl games but it makes for better evaluations of conference strength when viewed over several games.

  9. adam

    I say we just win them all. Then it won’t matter how easy Carolina fans think our schedule is. Especially if we blow them out.

  10. Cojones

    Or we could just go to 9 SEC games and be done with it this coming year.

    • Cojones

      After reading their proposed “schedule” for us you can’t help but come to the conclusion that the cocks are bitter little f-stars-ers.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If we’re going to a 9 game SEC schedule I say kick USCe, Arky, A&M and Mizzou back out of the conference and have a round robin schedule with the remaining 10 teams where every team plays every other team. That is the only way to select a true conference champion. That’s 9 conference games and every SEC team could still have 3 OOC games. Dump the SECCG. It was nothing but an artificial made for TV game all about the $$$ anyway.

  11. aristoggle

    Low’s article makes me think like this:

    Cat Fud

    • Cojones

      Saw that same cartoon many years ago except the animals were reversed with the cat behind the dryer and the dumb dog looking in. The sign was spelled backwards as “Duf”. To this day I have trained all my dogs to that sound when it is feeding time. Thanks for the memory.

  12. BCDawg97

    Dont we end up with both Bama and LSU on the schedule in 2013? Perhaps that’s why Bama is dropped off. Perhaps ADGM pushed for that in 12 knowing what we’d face in 13

    • Hackerdog

      The 2013 schedule hasn’t been set. But if they keep an 8 game schedule, then I expect we will keep Auburn as our permanent western opponent and face only one other western team. So, we could play Bama or LSU, but not both unless we went to a 9-game schedule.

      And I doubt they’re going to finalize the ’12 & ’13 schedules at the same time.

  13. JasonC

    RE: Chris Low about dropping Bama
    I think ESPN had a hand in this. The national media is pretty lazy and likes to stick to stories so they don’t have to do actual work. By giving UGA a softer schedule for next year, they can just keep beating that drum again.

  14. TimRankine

    Very cheeky, Senator. I love looking down my nose at those Gamechickens (and the nerds and most everyone else too!). Only thing better is actually beating them and then calling them delusional.

  15. G Marmalard

    I dislike cocks as much as anybody, but it seems to me that winning the east should come down to 1) sec east results 2) head to head 3) overall sec results. Instead of the current system. Just seems fair.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Under that scenario a 5-3 team could go ahead of a 7-1 team even if they played exactly the same interdivisional schedule, which seems way more unfair to me.

      • G Marmalard

        Y I guess thats true but it does seem like the division record should count for something more than cross division games. Seems like if you beat all other teams in the east, u should be east champs.

        • H-Town Dawg

          The Cocks had a fair opportunity to beat the Barners. They didn’t. It wasn’t the loss to Arky that hurt them. Besides, it’s not like this was anything new. It’s always been about overall conference record, not just division record.

  16. The other Doug

    Maybe Bama was the one pushing to not have Bama travel to Athens.

  17. CPJ's fupa...

    Projected ’12 Cross Divisional Opponents…

    .UGA…Ole Miss, @ Auburn…
    Fla… LSU, @ aTm…
    USCjr… Ark, @ LSU…
    Tenn… Bama, @ MSU…
    Vandy…Auburn, @ Ole Miss…
    UK…. MSU, @ Ark….
    Mizzou… aTm, @ Bama…

  18. Stoopnagle




  19. All this work, and they’re going to come out with a one-year schedule, that resets again in 2013, opening the door for the exact same kind of unfairness inherent in reworking the schedule again?

    Either they’re planning to go past 14 teams by 2013, or this is Congressional-level buffoonery.

  20. In ’08, we had both Bama and LSU on the schedule, in addition to a trip to Tempe.

    In ’09, we only faced one non-BCS-conference team all season.

    In ’10, following our opening-day tune-up, we had three road dates in four games, including a cross-country trip to Boulder.

    So anyone who wants to complain about us getting an easy schedule in 2011 (or pre-emptively complain about it for 2012 based on schedules that haven’t even been announced it) can write their grievances down on a piece of paper and cram it someplace unpleasant. Especially if they’re fans of a South Carolina squad that’s played all of three OOC games against BCS-conference teams other than Clemson since Spurrier got there.

    • TimRankine

      And and and, the Gamechickens have played ZERO OOC games against BCS-conference teams not from the state of NC.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        That’s Spurrier for you. He was the real architect behind the “Florida model” of an all-cupcake OOC schedule while he was in Gainesville, not Foley. SOS just brought it with him to Columbia.

  21. G Marmalard

    Well it does seem that your record in the east should be weighted more heavily somehow.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Why doesn’t the SEC East just secede from the SEC and form its own conference? Call it the CSC (“Confederate States Conference”). Wait–can’t now that Mizzou is in. They’ll want to sit on the fence and not commit either way.