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One for the erase button

You gotta like Jarvis Jones’ brusqueness:

Q: You guys were so dominant in the first half against LSU, not even allowing a first down, then the dam kind of broke in the second half. Was there any lesson to be learned in that game?

A: “Lesson? We didn’t even watch the film of it…”

I know just how he feels.



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Musical palate cleanser, Christmas Eve edition

Yesterday’s MPC was light-hearted.  Today’s is… not so light-hearted.

Somebody once asked if Shane MacGowan has ever performed this song sober.

The part where he and Kirsty MacColl break into “The boys of the NYPD choir…” is just sublime.

And, yeah, that is Matt Dillon.


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Always on Slive’s mind

Plus-one, Mike Slive can’t quit you.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said the plus-one model will “very much” be on his mind during discussions in the coming months about the future of the Bowl Championship Series.

But before you start popping the champagne corks, you might want to read the fine print.

“For the last six years, looking at it from our own prism, we were better off without it,” Slive said. “The current format worked great for us. If I knew that for six more years it was going to work this way then I wouldn’t be for the plus-one. But I think the law of averages catches up over time.

“Knowing that any team in our league with one or two losses is one of the top two teams in the country, then I’d have to think very hard about the plus-one absent other kinds of changes. There may be other changes that are laid out on the table that need to be clearly thought out. But we’ll go to the table with the plus-one very much in mind.”  [Emphasis added.]

There’s a tendency to look at the rumored support for the plus-one coming out as being monolithic – sort of the Big Ten (plus Notre Dame) against the world.  The reality is that on this front, just like everything else in college football these days, it’s every conference for itself.  Mike Slive is going to look for the most favorable postseason format he can get for the SEC.  It’s doubtful that the Big 12 is going to see eye-to-eye with him on that.

The good thing is that Jim Delany isn’t the kind of guy who’s going to exploit differences like tha… wait, what?


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