Don’t know much about history…

I can’t really argue with Chris Low’s season report card for Georgia.  Especially this:

… The Bulldogs wore down in the second half against LSU in the SEC championship game, but held the Tigers without a first down in the first half. Georgia’s defense deserved a lot better in that game.



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8 responses to “Don’t know much about history…

  1. SouthGa Dawg

    I’d give the defense an A- and the special teams a D. The other grades sound about right.

    The one thing I’m sick of hearing is that Georgia played a weak schedule. The conference determines each team’s schedule-The team has no control over that. Now the out out of conference schedule is different. Georgia’s OOC schedule was one of the best in the conference.


    • Cojones

      True. Your grades ring a bell here. STs aren’t failed. It needs repair, not rebuilding. Good did happen with STs and they shouldn’t be buried just yet.

      Were it not for mistakes made by O outweighing the good side of the offense in the SC game, he would have awarded a “solid A”? Sounds like we avoided the Armageddon play by winning out for the season. Now if we could just recover the D for the second half of the LSU game, their star would shine brightly to an A+. You mean we were two halves from two separate games of down play such that we aren’t rated #1 for next year? Sounds pretty close to an overall rating of an “A” for the O and D together. Judging the O and D down for the year based on data from two halfs, early and late in the season? Out of 24 halfs played by each, the O and the D had one each down halfs? Sounds like an outlier were we trending.


  2. Comin' Down The Track

    You can think of the second half as the ghost of seasons past and the first as the spirit of seasons yet to come. Those are the way things could be.
    Sitting between my wife and an ordinarily level-headed and esteemed member of the Dawgosphere, I’m not sure who I had to remind more, during the second half, that we were just happy to be there.


  3. Rebar

    You’re right about that first half! I can’t tell you how I was joyous with the looks of wonderment on some of my LSU friends face about our defense, and to be truthful, about our offense in the first half. Georgia has nothing to be ashamed of; played that first half mighty tough against the best team in the nation. I think next year is going to be special, and I’m praying for a bowl win to start the year off. MSU is going to be tough, but I think our defense can dominate their offense, and we’ll see how we do against their defense.


  4. StirBaby's ManPiece

    Really, you can’t give us an “I blame Bobo” when it might be a little relevant?

    I can’t wait til I have your view, you know, from “inside the arena…”


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Don’t know much biology….


  6. Bevo

    Georgia’s defense deserved better all season!

    In the first half of the Boise St game, it was OUR offense that went without a first down.

    Defense did enough to win against S Carolina too. Our success this season was due to the defense and at times came despite offensive turnovers and special teams meltdowns.

    If we can become a more complete team next season, we could be dangerous, especially with our schedule.