Tuesday morning buffet

With just a week to go until the bowl game, the buffet gets a little Sparty.

  • Vince Dooley would consider this news a lot bigger than some:  MSU suspends its long snapper for the Outback Bowl.
  • Can someone explain to me why Chris Petersen would be interested in the Penn State job?
  • LSU’s fullback questions the manhood of Auburn’s defensive players.  (Actually, he doesn’t question it; he comes right out about it.)
  • If I’m a coach thinking of taking a job with Illinois, I’m reading my contract very carefully.
  • One more reason the 2012 SEC schedules haven’t appeared yet:  But we were told by one SEC employee last week that “it may be necessary to break up one pair of rivals for 2012 only.”
  • You wonder about an Outback Bowl letdown when you read stuff like this“The Spartans spelled out their goals entering this season with the four-letter acronym “P4RB” – play for the Rose Bowl by winning a second straight Big Ten title.”
  • This is sort of the interception analogue to the famous Tyrone Prothro TD catch off the defender’s back, except goofier looking.
  • Sad, but true:  Charlie Weis gets commitments from two quarterbacks who lost their starting spots at other schools and it’s hailed as a major step up for the quarterbacking situation at Kansas.  Too bad he can’t fix the defense like that.
  • Here’s a look at Mark Dantonio’s track record at Michigan State.
  • “It doesn’t get more American than whiskey.”


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3 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. The Tick

    Auburn shying away from contact vs the big LSU FB brings to mind when Flahrda played a nasty Miami team several years back (this was a Zook-coached team, I’m thinking) and the Flahrda WRs were sliding like an NFL QB to avoid a hard takedown. Sissies … !


  2. Russ

    Good article on bourbon. My BIL got me to try American Honey this Christmas. Not bad for a dessert liqueur. I used to be a Maker’s man, but have recently started drinking Buffalo Trace. Tried Sam Houston at the local store and it was smooth, but the damn bottle was about 18″ tall and I can’t fit that in my bar.


  3. Cojones

    Gotta another acronym for MSUs “P4RB”,play for the Rose Bowl. This one is “2BAOBL2”, Too Bad About Outback Bowl Too. Cheezy!

    Can’t understand why UI would have to dupe their coaches when signing a confirming contract. Speaks badly of those running a great institution. And their sports programs.