A Georgia fan’s existential dilemma

Is it a sign that I’m getting jaded because I can’t work up sufficient outrage about stories like this anymore?


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    It wasn’t an illegal hit. That is all I have to say about Oklahoma State.

    • Doug in Columbus


    • ChicagoDawg

      If I am not mistaken it was Blackmon (as a freshman) who got lit up by Jones on that play, which of course was a ridiculous call.

    • Macallanlover

      That was a bad call, but much easier to know that after seeing a replay. You can understand refs missing that call out of fear for being criticized for not protecting players. But the call that was absolutely blown was the fourth down spot on the goal line that was spotted a good yard in OSU’s favor. No excusing that call, just like the celebration call on AJ, Inexcusably inept.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You are too kind, Mac. Crooked refs making sure the home team was gonna win for their “grand opening” of the new stadium–that’s what that was.

  2. fuelk2

    I’d be interested to know one day what exactly AJ did that was so wrong. I suspect that he must have lied to the investigators. The logical side of me just refuses to believe that even an institution as corrupt and inept as the NCAA could be so unfair.

    • He was open and honest. That is all. Without subpoena power, they can only go on what you or someone else involved tells them.

      • Cojones

        Correct. And at that time the investigation into the Miami party was being held and some a-hole threw AJ’s name out. There was no valid reason to look at him, based on rumor. While investigating that rumor, he was asked about his checking account which he divulged. The $1k deposit caused questions which he answered honestly. The NCAA never looked at the case in toto when rendering judgement. He did all the correct actions, but was given a harsher punishment than others have received for similar activities (see tOSU, the U).

        The problem here is that players don’t get warned about a particular association until it’s too late. What is to keep someone from taking out a player from another team by using this tactic? The players are placed into the spotlight, but have to make uninformed decisions about who they can hob-nob with. That isn’t fair to the player. If an “agent” sets up a player, the player suffers while the agent gets no career-altering punishment. It’s almost as if you have to keep players shackled together in social situations to prevent injury to them, the team and the school. Wouldn’t that make for a fine photo with a “Plantation” headline? It’s a small step from this association poisoning to signing and selling equipment and autographes. And it is subtle. From there it gets bizarre with the NCAA trying to pin down the cost of a drink vs turning the other way when it comes to wholesale signing aggregations (see Bama booster on film-whatever happened to that?).

        The NCAA portrays itself like the Keystone Kops, the schools can’t seem to pin things down, the “agent” goes scot-free; whereas, the players and the fans twist in the wind. Nice.

    • DarrrenRovelll

      Look – AJ did not do anything that was materially worse than OSU1 & now OSU2.

      However, he did sell his game worn jersey to a drug dealer who was also a runner for an agent. Someone he did not know personally but friended him on Facebook. He broke the rule and he admitted it – but it does not absolve him of punishment. Also – the rule was put in place after a group of our players sold their Sugar Bowl rings on eBay.

      If there was any school that should have had players who understood how to comply with this rule – it was us. One of our players did not either know of the rule or care about it, so they made an example of him.

      It was a long time ago … Things are looking up!

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Which begs the question altogether–How can there be a rule against selling property that belongs to you? That NCAA Rule would never stand up in any court of law. Which is why I was so pissed off at the time that UGA just took it. They should have sent Ed Tolley over to the Federal courthouse in Athens and gotten a restraining order to keep the NCAA from barring AJ from playing, then filed a lawsuit to have the rule invalidated. They would have won, IMO. Even if UGA lost that decision they still could appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The season would have been over before a final decision came out. No way the NCAA could make UGA invalidate wins for AJ playing if he does so under a Court Order that said he can play pending the litigation. A colossal F/U.

  3. BCDawg97

    I still get pissed every time I see a player celebrate. If I see another player do the spoon to mouth “feed me” without a flag…

    • fuelk2

      Also, that is only cool when your name contains the word “spoon.” And why does ESPN feel the need to replay every dumbass celebration in slow motion?

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Senator, I doubt there’s been an increase in violations. Self reporting is the new fashion. modern day sack cloth and ashes. The schools bet the NCAA either lacks the manpower or the will to spend the time on them, so they self report. The NCAA says okay, say three Hail Mary’s and sin no more.

  5. Tatum

    The superman celebration after a touchdown seems to be in vogue these days. Haven’t seen it called yet.

  6. Cojones

    How did we go from player activity coverup to player celebration?