Something you don’t hear every day.

Some James Franklin vs. The World bravado on the recruiting trail:

“We’re in a position right now that we’re probably going to turn down some great players that in the last 10 years Vanderbilt would have begged for these kids to come,” Franklin said. “We’re just in a position where we’re running out of scholarships and that’s the position you want to be in every single year that at the end you’ve still got enough options out there that are very, very attractive. And that’s the position we’re in right now.”

Who knew that playing the occasional horse’s ass after a couple of games would have such a big payoff?

Look out, World.


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20 responses to “Something you don’t hear every day.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Franklin went on to add “in fact, this recruiting class is so good, that Georgia, LSU and Alabama are recruiting kids that aren’t good enough to play for us. Hopefully some of those kids who don’t make the cut at Vanderbilt can catch on with them.”


  2. Matt

    Sat behind a Vandy assistant coach on a flight to Orlando 2 weeks ago, he was on way to visit a prospect.

    The way he was talking, they’re still begging for kids to come & they wouldn’t be turning down any high level prospects any time soon.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Well, that’s not what Franklin said. He said that they may soon possibly in a sense perhaps perchance maybe turn away kids that Vandy would have begged for in the past. That means he’s not full. And that also doesn’t mean he’s going to be turning down five star players. Just that a few more kids may be falling to Appalachian State.

      In all seriousness, Vandy is recruiting better, and it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Kids respond to false bravado. But I tend to think this announcement that “we’re filling up!” is more of a Paul Johnson-type recruiting tactic to try to get kids to panic and commit.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, and I had to tell Miss December to quit calling me.


  4. It can’t be easy being a college football fan in Tenn. Hell as a fan I think I would go with Appalachian State. The SEC coaches are either pricks or delusional and upon further reflection both are both. I think the Illuminati plan is proceeding nicely.
    PS. Miss December is just trying to use you for your body, Hogbody.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Does this mean we can replace Tech with Vandy for our annual hate-a-thon…?


    • Macallanlover

      Mister Franklin is easy to dislike. I hope our team/fans remember his antics in Nashville when he comes to Sanford next fall. He is trying to make a name quickly so he can move on to greener pastures. In the meantime, Vandy has moved onto the hate list at more than just UGA.


  6. Bad m

    This is the guy that didn’t play his best player, Aaron Rodgers, jr. until mid-season. He lucked into that.


  7. The Lone Stranger

    Let’s see Vanderbilt crack 3-5 in conference play, and then start talking about them moving on up. Its last winning SEC season was in ’82, but given the collective states of UT, UK, and even UF (plus who knows what about Mizzou) there is reason to think that the Commodores could be respectable even in ’12.


  8. Cojones

    His recruitment has been getting better if you haven’t been keeping up. He will begin to take credit for the best QB in the SEC who played several years before Franklin or his staff arrived. Don’t recall they had such bad players when Johnson was there and they sure played us close and won over several years. Franklin hasn’t come up with a greater recruited class, rather he is hyping up what he has recruited to make you think this is something new and that he can take credit for it. Same ole, same ole, but with his label on it now. How else do you self-promote? Perception, folks, perception. The reality will have to show up against our reality next year in Sanford.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    The Donald has better manners.


  10. “Who knew that playing the occasional horse’s ass would have such a big payoff?”

    Um, Lane Kiffin would like to have a word with you Senator.


  11. Spike

    I propose a douche off between Franklin, Muschamp, Meyer and Johnson. Feel free to add additional nominees.