Bobo on Murray

I’d say Aaron’s coach knows his quarterback.

… Bobo said Murray has shown “tremendous” improvement since his first season of anticipating throws.

“The interceptions we’ve obviously had too many of them,” Bobo said. “He’s done a better job of not taking sacks. We may not have ran as much and made as many plays with our legs. I think the overall process of becoming a better quarterback and going from No. 1 to No. 2 has improved. I still think we’ve got to work on going to 3 sometimes and sometimes knowing when to take off and then we’ve just got to be more consistent. We were more consistent than we were a year before but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.”

Bobo also said Murray can get a bit streaky still at times.

“It has a lot to do with his footwork,” he said. “He gets antsy back there and gets off balance. I don’t want to change him from him making plays with his legs, which he’s done some this year on third downs, but at the same time when you’re going to be a pocket passer you’ve got to be on balance when you throw and I’d say 90 percent of the bad throws he throws are due to his feet most of the time.”

Can’t argue with that.  It’s good that they’re aware of what needs more work, but some of that antsiness is related to pass blocking and Murray’s trust in his offensive line.  What that means with the changes coming next season with the departure of the three seniors there is something we’ll have to watch play out.


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11 responses to “Bobo on Murray

  1. we’re losing 3 linemen. Damn that’s one of those numbers that if asked I think I would have known but just haven’t thought much about. So to what extent are we back to Stafford’s and Moreno’s junior year? By that I mean we’ll be picked high in the polls because of good names at skill positions but even the best QB UGA ever had couldn’t throw off his butt. So the question is,premature though it may be ,who replaces the departing senior linemen? And will they be competent?


    • Red Blackman

      We are replacing two guards and a center. The two guards were playing tackle. Will we miss them? Yes, they are DGD’s. Will we be worse off along the offensive line? No, not in my opinion.

      John Theus has every skill set necessary to be an elite LT in a pro style offense. Chris Burnette will move to his natural position at center. Dallas Lee did some very good work before being injured. Kenarious Gates is another year older and more experienced. The only serious position battle I see is at RT and 2 deep…..and the options are numerous. Competition is the fuel for success. What we lose in size on the outside of the line will be replaced by athleticism and speed. The interior will be better than average.

      Will Friend was a major upgrade over Stacy Searles. The payoff in hiring him is beginning to show.


      • Russ

        Didn’t I read that Artie Lynch might move to tackle? I’d still like to see him line up at TE, but he seems liked he be a good tackle as well. Plus, Tackle-eligible plays would be much more exciting.


      • CLT Dawg

        I see Theus having the potential to come in & do what Sturdivant did as a frosh…only hope he has better luck w the knees.


      • useless

        let the koolaid begin to get drunk


  2. Lrgk9

    Agree on Friend.


  3. Hill Dawg

    Well said, Red Blackman. You know the game. You know the roster.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “I don’t want to change him from him making plays with his legs”

    I thought that was exactly what CMB was doing. After a redshirt year and 27 starts, I’m looking forward to AM being a finished product when we start the 2012 season.


  5. Cojones

    Were it not for Aaron Murray, do you think we would be as far along as this, given the same line, the same hard tackles, and,yes, the same lost turnovers all mixed together in one bag? Can’t think of a person to put into that responsibility to wear the Red and Black with the same pride.

    Sure does sound like the O staff is aware of those nonperfect trends that he has, but didn’t you have confidence that they knew these things all along? For the past year? Some of you are suffering from “in-the-arena itis” when you believe your own coaches don’t see and correct shortcomings as they can. What comes natural for a player can only be tweaked so far. Case in point: see Tebow. Since you have that far a disconnect from the team while knowing more than the coaches (who are paid for this job and pass muster every Mon Morn) , I would say your opinion is worthless.


    • Normaltown Mike

      c’mon Cojones, don’t be a Disney Dawg. Isn’t it obvious that Bobo has no idea what he is doing?

      Mettenberger had a better G-Day game year before last. Case closed he is the most talented QB to step on the pitch in Athens since Fran Tarkenton.

      Hundreds of practices, dozens of games, hours of film? Pish.

      The G-Day game is all that matters.