Groundhog Day in Tampa.

Pretty much an encapsulation of the best and worst of Georgia football this season we just saw there.

I’d say I feel bad for Walsh, but I feel worse for the fans.


UPDATE:  This sums things up succinctly:

Situation: Georgia needs a FG to win in OT, starting from their 25 first and ten. First down: two yard rush. Second down: QB centers the ball, losing three yards in the process. Third down: 43-yard FG attempt by a kicker who was 6-16 on kicks of 40 yards or more.


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  1. Dacdawg

    Good guy richt strikes again. Instead of being aggressive he opts to give his senior kicker a nice moment to redeem himself. All rational thought and history be damned.


      The agressiveness went out of the stadium with four minutes left in regulation play and we ran RS up the gut (well, up to the gut, he never really got into the gut)
      instead of throwing it once or twice for a first down. Of course, If AM had thrown another pic, I’d be bitching about that…But we KNEW we couldn’t run it between the tackles…Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • The Lone Stranger

      All too true.

    • JJ

      That sums it up perfectly.

  2. Chuck

    Two things:
    1–Is it an NCAA violation to send a State Patrol vehicle to NC to escort Keith Marshall and make sure he arrives safely?
    2–You know the old saying, “When the going gets tough, Aaron Murray vomits.”

    • TennesseeDawg

      No need to get Marshall if the OL doesn’t ever bother to block for any of the backs.

    • Dacdawg

      Can the state patrolmen block?

      • Chuck

        I’m not saying blocking is not a problem — it is — and I’m not saying Marshall is Trent Richardson; but, put TR behind our line and put Boo Malcome behind Bama’s and I think I know who’d be better.

        • Dave

          I’ll go with Boo, honestly. But the point is taken. We do need a step up from our backs. No one is arguing that. But personally, I think the line has further to go, especially in run situations – All year we had trouble blocking in run situations.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Our offensive line played, all year, damn near as well as they can play.

            And that, folks, is the problem. I don’t know what Stacey Searles smoked, but I sure hope the contagion is gone.

            Behind LSU’s offensive line, Carlton Thomas might have 100+ yards a game.

            Until we correct this situation we are doomed to repeat history. But you know what, I kinda suspect this won’t come as any great revelation to the coaching staff.

    • CLT Dawg

      Aaron Murray = Tony Romo?

  3. TennesseeDawg

    And Richt will get a long term extension after beating precisely no one this season and Murray wants to talk about a NC next year.

    • Jerry

      Boy, I agree with Tennessee dog. They load the schedule up with cupcakes and then say they have a good defense. When they play teams that are half decent they can’t hold stop their offenses. It looks like next year will be more of the same.
      Bring back Willie.

      • NRBQ

        You can’t be serious.

        MSU had about 50 yards of offense at half-time. The game turned on Murray’s 2 picks, UGA losing its nose tackle, and the defense being on the field constantly in a 3-OT game..

        • Derek

          Never question the depth of another’s stupidity. It only leads to further disappointment.

        • gastr1

          Yeah, more defensive depth and the ability to run the ball and we’d really have something.

          Frankly it is kind of amazing that our offense was even this good considering the RB and OL situation at the start of the year. And that damn Crowell is worthless.

      • Bevo

        It’s not the defense, stupid.

        Offensive turnovers and special teams mishaps. All season.

        The improvement is that we no longer lose to terrible teams. However, we still can’t beat the good ones.

        • DCB Dawg

          “The improvement is that we no longer lose to terrible teams. However, we still can’t beat the good ones.”

          Bingo. This season in a nutshell.

        • charlottedawg

          Actually the infuriating thing is we can beat good teams, prettily handily too! if we could just get the F&*K!!!! out of our own damn way!!! I think that’s what makes this so frustrating.

        • Cojones

          “It’s not the defense, stupid.” With all the anti-Bobo, antiUGA O written here, you would think that in your zeal you could see that your quote fits MSU’s D. No one gives them credit for what they were advertised:7th in the country, All American D tackle, Toughest on the run, etc.

          You have conveniently trotted around the facts of the opponent’s qualities that made this game a good matchup. Every thing we couldn’t do was Bobo and the O’s fault. MSU’s team had nothing to do with it. What a bunch of whining pussies who won’t have crap to do with the staff they hate. It’s obvious how many of you saw this game only in dark glasses.

          It’s not the defense, stupid, it’s the stupid poster.

  4. The other Doug

    Our offense is retarded. Where were the tight ends or pass to the fullback?

    • Nate Dawg

      Or perhaps a run to the edge or a toss sweep?!? How mad must A White be right now, a Sr in his bowl game & Charles in his home town. Or what about fake one of the 15 runs up the middle & let Murray boot-leg out & run. But at least we got out 30 pts per game tho…

    • Tronan

      The TEs and FBs appeared to be in pass protection all game, which looked to be necessary. That said, I agree with your first sentence.

      • Bevo

        I agree here too.

        If your OL can’t block, guess who has to help? People wondering why our TEs disappear sometimes need to look at our OL.

        That said, we only tested the outside runs a few times, yet we ran for a loss up the middle over an over…

        • The other Doug

          What about a screen to the FB or TE after he releases from the block or more likely after he gets beat on the block?
          How about some quick slants?

          I’m not trying to argue with you fellas about the need for more blockers. I saw the same guy (#2) having a Jarvis Jones day also. But Bobo and company have to have a plan for that, and a play or two to get some yards, burn them, and make the DC adjust. Instead we just keep running the same plays that aren’t working. DC’s must love Bobo when he gets stuck in a rut.

  5. CrawforDawg

    Well, I’d like to be a fly on Greg McGarity’s wall, wouldn’t you Senator?

    • Why? He’s already made the call on the contract extension. Today won’t change that. (Nor should it.)

      • DCB Dawg

        I’d really like to know what Bryan McClendon has done/is doing to earn his coin. The absolute ineptitude with which we handle our RBs is not all his fault, for sure, but has gotten even worse since he took the reins. Dismal failure today.

      • Raleigh St. Clair

        Nope, it sure won’t. Unfortunately, it likely means that UGA will continue on its course as a second tier SEC program. I wonder how many tongue-in-cheek Bobo comments we’ll see after that dumpster fire of a performance from him? When the going gets tough, Mike Bobo calls runs up the middle so it’ll remain tough. He’s a real genius, which is why he’s pursued so much by other programs.

    • Lawdawg567

      I want to be the Spanish fly in bobos drink that causes him to do something to get fired.

      J/k of course, but maybe in the drink of a d2 ad that wants to hire him away.

  6. Turd Ferguson

    If I’m a draft-eligible underclassman, I’m only coming back if I sincerely believe we have a shot to win it all next season. And after our last two games; after seeing our “star” RB turn out to be a temperamental china doll; after seeing our OL consistently get eaten alive; after seeing how our coaching staff seems to go out of their way to bring opponents back into games after working up 1st-half leads; after realizing what a giant question-mark our kicking game will be next season; etc., etc., etc., I don’t see how anyone could honestly believe that we’re capable of playing at that level in 2012. The defense should be stout, but that’s it. Next season will once again be an SEC East race to see who gets their asses handed to them by the West champion.

    • TennesseeDawg

      +100. Defense is stout for the first half. Letting MSU walk up and down the field in the 2nd half and drop 27 points doesn’t sound stout.

      • Lawdawg567

        SnC showed up 2nd half and OT, d played well in OT though

      • It would be helpful if the offense could pick up a first down every now and then or move the ball and eat some clock so the defense could get a breather. This three and out phenomenon is not unique to this season or Murray, either. This happened plenty under Stafford’s watch as well.

        Our offensive drives are either 2-3 big pass plays that lead to a score and take up a couple minutes of clock, or they are three and outs. There seems to be no in-between. The couple of times we got a running game going, Murray would turn the ball over. It was just a disastrous effort on offense.

      • Derek

        The d gave up the pick 6 too? Coulda swore that was the offense out there.

  7. Tronan

    Walsh blew it, but the offensive playcalling and Murray’s bed-shitting were the real reasons we lost.

    I felt like I was watching the 2010 version of this team.

  8. I felt deja-vu as soon as we came out in the second half and Murray threw his first interception. So frustrating to see our team lose momentum and never recover.

    The pick 6 was tipped, that’s about the only positive thing I can say about Murray. His turnovers have made hard games harder and bad games horrible. Wish he could handle the pressure, but all signs are pointing toward a guy that is unable to take his game to the upper level.

    I blame myself for buying into the hype. Just as we shouldn’t buy into the downward spiral, you have to also be cautious about buying into the Disney-hysteria generated by beating a bunch of lousy teams.

    Now I must go outside as my Gator neighbors gloat about their BIG Gator Bowl victory and sympathize with me over the poor old Dawgs. I want to throw up.

    Not the way I wanted to start 2012. Luckily our 2012 schedule is the easiest in the SEC. Bring on the Buffalo Bulls!

  9. El Dawgo in El Paso

    Finally found out today a question I had wondered all season: when do we replace Walsh? Answer: graduation.

    • adam

      What happened to rotating kickers?

    • SlobberKnocker

      I bid him a fond fairwell and wish him good luck in the future. Sure don’t want to see him line up for one more FG at UGA (thanks for graduating).

      I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a faster or more complete fall from the top of any skill or proffession.

      What happened to him?

  10. The Rodfather

    For the life of me I did not understand why we didn’t RUN the ball to center it & possibly pick up a few yards in the process. And where was Orson all day? Being inventive and exploitative on offense means more than just inserting B. Smith/Boykin into plays. I am not one who blames Bobo for everything that goes wrong on that side of the ball but damn… I would love to see the offense get the level of management & direction that Grantham has given to the D. The man has earned his money.

  11. StirBaby's Hotrod

    Whatever you do, don’t blame Bobo. Cause… He’s, like, an awesome position coach, or whatever, and Samuel was just and inch from really breaking those no-gainers into 1 yard pickups.

    • adam

      The offense was horrible. I’ve argued plenty here about Bobo. Suffice it to say, he’s just giving the anti-Bobo crowd (the reasonable and insane members alike) more and more ammo.

      I won’t go into it too much. But I wonder what the story will be from the Bobo supporters. The simplest question is: do you really think Georgia couldn’t get a better OC? We fixed the D. Let’s fix the O now.

      • Lawdawg567

        I waited until after the year but I’m now anti-Bobo. Inability to adjust in game is the reason.

        • Derek

          Yep. All we need is an oc who can put up 30 vs. the 5th ranked defense in the country w/o a running game or pass protection and a qb who forgot what color his own team wears. Shouldn’t take long to find one.

          • adam

            Bobo’s offense scored 30?

            Wow, then I guess we won big. Because I know we got 3 by default in OT, 3 on a pick returned to the 10, 7 from a punt return, and 2 from a safety.

            So… Did we score 45? Or was the offense only responsible for 15 points with only one successful drive (and one big play TD)?

            Turns out we scored just 15 and the offense disappeared for most of the game. The offense scored 6 points with 3 possessions starting at the opponents’ 25 and one at the 10.

            • adam

              Oh… And one of those TDs the offense scored was negated by a pick 6.

              So… The offense finished +8 for the day. Amazing.

              • Derek

                Bobo made a freebie throw on the pick 6. The other pick was bad too. Maybe we should replace bobo at qb.
                When bobo isn’t tossing picks though I think he gets pretty good point production out of a very flawed offense. The most major flaw is that we can’t run the damn ball.

                • Pumpdawg

                  There’s not a defensive co-ordinator in the NCAA that doesn’t know that on first down Georgia will run the ball up the middle 99.999999999999 percent of the time.

                • adam



                  He also coaches QBs. He can’t get a QB to stop doing these things in 3 years?

                  And remember… Martinez’s players had execution issues too. And he (like Bobo) made sure to say that had we just executed his plays (Bobo said this tonight) we would’ve been fine.

                  Execution is a reflection of coaching.

          • Raleigh St. Clair

            Boy, are you the type who holds points scored by the other team’s defense against your own defense?

            I didn’t see much creativity on Bobo’s part when Boykin go a punt return and a safety, or when Williams returned a pick to the 10. Of course, the Bobo offense was in full force when we were unable to punch it in after Williams’s great play.

          • Dave

            I count 8 dude…..because I take away points that you give the other team. The offense was +8 for the day. In short, they sucked.

            I’ve been a Bobo supporter and may even still be, but this was his worst effort in some time. I’m not sure whether it was Richt that collared the offense in the 2nd half due to Murray’s pick six or Bobo, but running up the middle against these guys was insane. And the conservative playing not to lose did finally cost us as the defense collapsed.

          • Russ

            Derek, don’t cloud the issue with facts.

            • adam

              If he’s wrong, they’re not really “facts.”

              And he was wrong.

              Offense scored 15. And only finished +8.

            • Raleigh St. Clair

              He didn’t post any facts. He stated that the offense scored 30 points, which is not factually true as has been explained by many.

              But, don’t miss an opportunity to blindly support a flawed and intellectually dishonest position.

    • DCB Dawg

      Don’t you know, you can’t blame Bobo on this blog?

      • W Cobb Dawg

        True. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of posts about CMB’s proficiency after everyone’s thoughts have turned to other issues. Anyone who thinks Bobo will ever be in a championship game as a coach is a fool.

  12. South FL Dawg

    LSU re-do, minus a honey badger. I can’t say much good for Walsh BUT why does Richt keep sending him out there? Even when he made them I was upset we weren’t going for TD’s. You can have half the success rate and get the same points. So that shows how little Richt thinks of the offense…smh.

    • 80DAWG

      If we kick the field goal instead of going this would be mute. We screwed this pooch early on. Plus Murray and Crywell are bedwetters.

      • South FL Dawg

        You mean when we went for it and didn’t get it early on? No way of knowing if Walsh would’ve made it.

        Man if Murray is a bedwetter somebody else should’ve made a play on offense.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I thought that CMR should have kicked the FG in the first quarter, too but I understand why he didn’t given the number of fans who questioned his manhood for doing so in last year’s Liberty Bowl. I think that affected his judgment.

        • Dave

          Sorry – going for it on 4th and 1 in that situation is correct, both mathematically and psychologically…see last year’s 10-6 bowl loss.

        • Lawdawg567

          Dont think he went for it because of a few fan’s reaction to a game 366 days ago
          Hopefully McGarity DOES listen to us and fires Bobo, but that’s slightly unlikely

      • SCDawg

        Moot, and you’re wrong about that, too.

    • Russ

      4th and 1 on the MSU 10 yard line in the first quarter and we get stuffed. Add the dozen or so negative plays and I can see why we’d try to kick it.

      Given last year, I’d say this was a good year. Yeah, we should’ve won this game, but MSU is a good team also. I still say the future is bright with all the talent we have coming back, plus the new players we’re bringing in.

      • Dave

        Try to kick it yes…..losing 2 yards to center it and giving up a whole play where we could gain yards because of the less than 1% chance of a bad snap….no. Again, a 41 yarder from a guy who was inconsistent from that range (to say the least) is not what anyone should call a sound decision.

        • WF dawg

          Right, and given the narrow margin by which Walsh missed, who knows? The kick might have been good from 37 yards.

  13. D.N. Nation


    Just not that mad. Shoulda won. Didn’t. Have never took much stock in bowls after VT’s bed shitting against us in the CFA somehow got erased from our national football consciousness.

    Longish FG, but right down the pipe. Walsh sucks for missing it.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Problem is that he’s been missing quite a few of these all year long (6-16)–and for CMR to play it like it’s going to be automatic was stupid to say the least. Not surprising though.

      • D.N. Nation

        Afraid Richt was reading it like I was: It’s a stupid honkin bowl game.

        Yeah, perhaps it’s a fault on me too.

        • UGLYDAWG

          Richt was the one going around saying “this is the first game of 2012” and “knocking on the door of greatness”……
          but..we all need to relax a little and realize that MSU had a lot to do with this loss…tip your hat to them!
          And, yeah…we should all calm down a little and realize where a bowl game stands in the big scheme of life. It just hurts a little to know how Tech fans felt after their “come from ahead loss”.

          • Spence

            I just want to know why the hell wr were talking about next year like we deserve anything. If I am Richt all I am doing is telling my team how we didn’t beat anyone good and we have to keep going. Instead this felt too much like 2007(8) after Hawaii. Fuck that and it’s time to quit acting like we are owed anything. This “knocking on the door” stuff is a bad thing and will not do us well.

        • Scooter Brown

          It’s a Georgia game. If he ain’t trying to win every time HIS team takes the field then we neeed to find someone who does.

  14. CarolinaDawg

    Two plays sum up that game and our season. The first defense play, a safety that gives us momentum, and the fourth and one we don’t convert. Strength – defensive execution and TACKLING. Weakness – OL and rushing. Don’t overplay this game. Feel bad for the seniors then move onto being excited for a RB who looks to have the work ethic and a defense that might be tops in the country.

  15. 80DAWG

    Murray wet the freaking bed. Get off the D. They played stout all game. Shit you would get tired at some point. Murray wets the bed all the time and rarely finishes. Hell Our D, via Brandon Boykin accounted for 16 points. Murry and Crywell are freaking ridiculous. Next year, hell our line will get killed and this shit keeps on happening. Face it. Its LSU, BAMA and everyone else. We have the chance to show up and beat a great team and Murray wet the bed. Stop blaming BoBo for his stupidity. He is a choker. Hopefully he will be embarrassed that he even mention the NFL and will try to do better.

    • Dave

      Welllllll……Not quite all game….as in…game on the line ahead by a touchdown. Punt returns are special teams, not D. I count 5, not 9, points.

      While I think the defense played well enough to win with a special teams TD, and the offense not so much, at least be fair and get your points correct.

  16. GruntDawg

    Any idea what happened to our tailbacks? I was at a bar and couldn’t hear the annoucerss. Thomas was the only one playing in OT, IC only had a cpl carries the whole game? WTF?

    • Georgia Roads Scholar

      Crowell re-aggravated the ankle that has been bothering him, and that took him out at the half. They were saying Thomas was in there primarily as a blocker in OT; probably a smart call given his ability to block, but that begs the question of why we abandoned the run anyway. Samuel just wasn’t going anywhere. Malcome hit some holes early and on the drive with the pick-6; no idea why he vanished late in the game.

      • Dave

        We ran for crap, that’s why…I was hoping to throw till the clock read zero (see our drive when down 20-19), but I guess the Murray factor led the coaches to run up the middle for lost yardage instead in hopes the D would pull it out for us.

    • AusDawg85

      Well, IC’s hurt his ankle again.
      Samuel reverted to his old self…probably still hobbled.
      Boo got banged-up towards the end, and he is a RSF, so ball control trust could have been an issue.
      CT does everything well…for a 4’11”, 165 lb back anyway.

      OK…cheap shot at CT. DGD, but he was NOT going to get up the middle against the MSU front line.

  17. Georgia Roads Scholar

    I may be the minority here, but I still think the 3rd down kick was the right call. Walsh’s problem all season has been accuracy, not distance, as we saw on the next kick. Based on the kick itself, if he’s a few yard’s closer it’s probably good. But that’s a completely different head game, and there’s no telling what could have happened on a 3rd down play. Furthermore, Richt was aggressive on that drive after the safety, and we got nothing out of it (Keith Marshall, enter stage right).

    In other news, that was a complete team loss. Blame Walsh all you want, but he didn’t throw two bad interceptions, drop easy Michigan State picks, let them drive 85 yards (!!!) in the last minute, or not be able to run the ball. Each of our parts broke down at least once, and the sum of those breakdowns cost us the ballgame.

    As for Richt, I still think he’s the guy– the game does little to change his status. But I think he’s got to get us to the SECCG minimum next fall. Win this game, and he would’ve been totally off the hot seat. But since we lost it, there’s still that lingering doubt that our season was a product of our schedule (interesting– the talking heads think our conference is the greatest ever, but we still had an easy schedule? Look at the Pac-12 South this year. How come no one was saying the same about USC?)

    As much as that sucked, I’m still hopeful for next year. We’ve got all the parts and the favorable schedule to make a run. I’m just not as hopeful as I was before this game….

    • Turd Ferguson

      “Walsh’s problem all season has been accuracy, not distance, as we saw on the next kick.”

      But the problem with this is that FG accuracy has to be considered relative to distance. So it’s never just “accuracy,” but rather, “accuracy-from-a-distance-of-X.” And from a distance of 40+ yards this season, Walsh’s accuracy plummets. So you absolutely need to try to get yards there. One solidly-blocked run play (a lot to ask for today, unfortunately), and the numbers for Walsh look much, much better.

      • Georgia Roads Scholar

        Agreed. And being accurate or having leg strength doesn’t really mean much when you kick the ball into the ass of your own blocker. But as you noted, I had absolutely no faith in our line to get any yards. By the way, what happened to Malcome? I know Thomas is a better blocker, but Boo was the only one who had any semblance of success at running at them.

        His season-long meltdown was baffling in the sense that he had 3 years worth of experience of making those long kicks. It was like Chuck Knobluach out there, trying to throw to first base.


      GRS, good thoughts. Esp your last paragraph, which is pretty much how I feel. I bet a lot of people feel the same way. Hopeful, but a little let down.

    • Raleigh St. Clair

      Oh, for goodness sake. Walsh is 6 of 16 this year on 40+ yard kicks. No one is blaming him; they’re blaming our coaches for idiotically thinking it was smart to play for a FG there. I doubt Richt even considered what the statistically smart play was at that moment. In fact, I doubt Richt ever considers the mathematics in his decision making.

    • Dave

      Things like math and logic say otherwise. Almost no reason not center it with a run. Personally, the fake and the throw to the fullback would have been my call, seeing as how they hadn’t seen it all day. Under no circumstance is any Walsh field goal a sure thing this years, especially from that distance.

      • Scooter Brown

        We only ran that once all year, thereby making it nearly mathmatically impossible that it could happen again.

  18. Chuck

    This is first time in a while I felt Grantham got “out-adjusted” in the 2nd half. LSU just pounded us into submission. MSU started exploiting some holes. S&C isn’t there yet, but D did suck it up in OT.

    • adam

      D in OT allowed 6 points in triple OT and we LOST. Not the defenses fault they got tired late in the game after a billion 3 and outs.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Did you see Cousins explaining a pass play on the sideline to his TE? He saw something in the D. Talk about being a coach on the field. The very next series he completes that very play to that same TE for about 30 yards.

    • Dave

      The D did not suck it up in OT – they were AWESOME…scoring a pick in the first OT (which should be a win probably 85+% of the time) and field goals the rest.

      That said, they did allow some passes down the middle, and didn’t seem to have answer, and did collapse with the game on the line in the 4th quarter.

  19. JaxDawg

    Congrats to MSU for taking advantage of our stupidity and self-inflicted mistakes. We should’ve won the fucking game about 4 times but they wouldn’t quit and we did. Well, our offense quit. Nice playcalling Bobo.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Our offense didn’t quit. They got outplayed. Don’t make sh!t up. There was no give-up by the Dawgs.

      • Russ

        Exactly. Cousins threw 3 INTs and we should’ve put it away in the first OT. Yeah, Murray made some mistakes, too, but I saw him throw to TK for over 200yds.

        Overall, it was a tight game, and either team could’ve won. I just can’t get all that worked up over it. I still say we’re in great shape for next year. We have some areas to work on (ST, S&C, running game), but with a stout defense, we should always have a chance.

    • Scooter Brown


  20. DCB Dawg

    Walsh can EAD for missing a chip shot FG to WIN THE GAME. Been a long time since that happened to UGA. Bottom Line: Aaron Murray turnovers are killers, and this is NOT A TOP 10 TEAM. If we get ranked that way to start 2012, it will just mean more heart break later.

    If you lose a 16-point lead to lose a game, you are not worthy, on any level.

    Now we get to spend the off season wondering if UGA’s success this year had as much to do with the schedule as anything else. It probably did: We didn’t beat anybody worth a damn.


    Go Dawgs.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It wasn’t a chip shot. It was 43 yards. A graphic shown post-kick by the TV people showed that, for the season, Walsh had missed substantially more than he made from 40+ yards. That’s the point Turd was making above. If you will recall, the Dawgs had gained 3 yards on first down. Second down they have Murray run laterally toward the center of the field for a 4 yard loss to center up the kick. I think they should have at least tried a real running play in that direction. If it gains yardage, try to get the first down on 3rd down and attempt the kick on 4th down if you don’t get it. At least that way you are closer for the FG attempt.

    • Scooter Brown

      How much were we up on LSU at the half?

  21. AusDawg85

    We are 0 – 1 in 2012. Please stop the undefeated talk.

    Blair Walsh…good luck and goodbye. Glad I don’t have your psycho-analysis bills to pay.
    D…we feel you, but MNC teams don’t wear out late and fail to make stops when they just have to be made. Think about that during conditioning drills.
    Bobo….your backs could not run. Your QB threw picks. You know the kicker is shaky. But YOU have to find the answers. You just have to. And you didn’t. It’s not that you are a “bad” OC, but you are not the guy that can take it to the next level either. (Hint: when you have a speed advantage to the outside, go to the outside. When they overplay the outside to compensate, run counters.)
    CMR…So you managed what was likely going to be a tight game like a tight game…except you had a nice lead at the half. Great…you kept your cool when they fought back. But in the end, everybody got put in a position to win…and fail. The D collapsed. The O line collapsed. Your QB kept missing. And finally, your kicker failed. Twice. Coach…love you, but you’ve got to learn from this. We have a LOT of issues to still address.

    We are 0 – 1 in 2012.

    P.S. Congrats to the seniors and underclassmen who jump to the NFL…best of luck and thanks for a redeeming season. To the returning players, you have a lot of work to do. To the incoming freshmen, listen, learn, work. GO DAWGS!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Re: Walsh. I don’t want to kick CMR when he’s down but…how do you turn a first team AA kicker into a headcase who misses more than he makes from 40+ yards? By placing absolutely NO emphasis on Special Teams until it becomes a sore spot. Too late then. I feel absolutely certain that kicking in practice was Walsh and Butler going off by themselves with a couple of scrubs and no supervision, alternating kicking and punting.

  22. Monday Day Drinking

    Did anyone else recognize the 2010 Georgia Bulldogs on the field today? Minimal offensive effectiveness. Gassing the defense, then asking it to save the day. Opening the game back up with turnovers. Inability to capitalize on the other guys’ turnovers (see offensive ineffectiveness). Badly-timed penalties.

    That’s all fixable, though. What’s *not* fixable are guys laughing it up on the sideline behind a smiling Richt while there’s still 3:24 left to play. All while the coaches called plays they knew wouldn’t work so that MSU’s senior QB could run the 2-minute drill. To me, that reflected our coaches’ sense of urgency. The fans seemed to want this one more than they did.

  23. I’ll say this for our season: this is the best time I’ve had watching Georgia football in several years, and I am VERY thankful we were able to beat our rivals, no matter how “down” their programs may be.

    Richt has his extension, which I believe he deserves, but this archaic, one-dimensional offense we trot out that gets eaten alive by the good defenses we face needs a makeover. Since Richt and Bobo seem pretty set in their ways from a scheme standpoint, the only way I see this happening is through a major infusion of talent at RB and on the line. We better hope Theus and Marshall can live up to the billing. Lights out recruiting is the only way we’re going to create an offense that puts us an elite level.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It ain’t the Xs and the Os. It’s the Jimmys and the Joes. And I include the coaches as Jimmys and Joes.

      • Dave

        Agreed – I don’t mind the scheme. I think we’re not as aggressive as we could be with it though. We were moving early with the no huddle, quick hitting passes mixed with the occasional bomb, and moved away from it once we built a lead. Bad move.

  24. This is our regression to the mean for winning those close bowl games over Big 10 teams in the mid-2000s.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      The ugly story is similar to our Capital One Bowl v. Purdue where we blow a 24-0 lead, put our offense under wraps, make one crucial mistake after another, and give up last minute points to send it into OT. Difference is that we managed to win that one despite ourselves. Had about 3 or 4 chances to do the same today and couldn’t.

  25. Boss Dawg

    No rhythm, Murray is not a big time QB and never will be, and the line is a confused mess that has no clue who or why they are supposed to block a certain individual on any certain play unless it is up the gut because that is easy (and they still fail 6 out of 10 times)…..these are the facts unfortunately…we deserved to lose, period……I’m tired of Bobo (AND HIS WHATEVER AMOUNT OF KIDS, I WILL EAT THEM ALL IN GLUTTONOUS MERCY (SHOULD THEY SPREAD HIS DISEASE ANYWHERE ELSE)) AND McGarity should lean on Richt to fire him…I understand Richt as HC because he is a good leader (CEO) but he trusts his others guys (Bobo) to deliver a W when it’s not in their genes…..and it’s not in Murray’s genes either (he just wants to be cool and loved, who doesn’t?)….nice ballplayer but not championship caliber…..:).

  26. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I would like to apologize for my proclamation yesterday about UGA going undefeated yesterday. I forgot who was QB, Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. They will never again beat any above-mediocre team with that triumvirate leading the charge.

    Who the hell runs play-action on 3rd and 10 in overtime? I know who.

    Murray is Stafford without the balls, arm or size.

    I feel awful for the seniors, especially Boykin. What a gamer. Sad to see him go.

    I bet that there will be a Lifetime movie about Blair Walsh. Damn, just damn. Sort of feel sorry for the kid, but not really.

    Hope John Jenkins is ok.
    I hope that Coach Richt will send an apology letter to the rest of the SEC for embarrassing the conference again.

    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      Oh, and where was Orson Charles? Anyone have a clue ?

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Sorry, one other one, Isiah Crowell might-as-well save everyone the trouble and go ahead and transfer to Georgia Southern. If we see X-Rays that show he has had a broken bone all this time, I will retract this. Until then, I will remain convinced that he has weed-itis, Me-Itis and P-itis.

        • Scott

          I wrote off Crowell after reading this news report the week of the LSU game:

          “In one of the early-week full-contact practices, Crowell did not appreciate being tackled roughly by the scout team, especially after the defensive squad celebrated the hit with whoops and a little needling. According to reports, Crowell sulked the rest of that day and came out the following practice wearing a no-contact jersey that he, himself, put on without telling any of the coaches. This did not sit well with Ben Jones, Brandon Boykin and several other seniors who voiced their displeasure to Crowell in a way that left little to interpretation. ”


      • MinnesotaDawg

        That’s what I was asking the last 2 hours of the game. Did Murray recall some old Tampa-area grudge and decide not to get him the ball? MSU sure as hell figured out how to get their TE involved in the face of a pass rush.

      • SMBlues

        Blocking. The TEs were staying into block all game. Then once you hit Murray a few times the pressure starts to get to him and he stops making good reads and hurrying throws even when he doesnt need to = even if a TE released he wasnt going to see him.

    • Normaltown Mike

      “Murray is Stafford without the balls, arm or size. ”

      That and 42 million clams!

  27. Sternkid

    This loss centers square on the meek shoulders of Bobo. And sorry to be talking in sweeping generalizations, anyone who disagrees doesnt know that much about the game.* He takes full advantage that a defense will bail out his Jekyll and Hyde play calling. One play to Orson and White combined? Defense did their job. And shy of Walsh, who Im glad to see go, ST did theirs. Was proud of them. But once again, Bobo can draw up an initial drive or two that have been planned for weeks, but goes AWOL when he has to read/react and starts running into the teeth of the D.* This team CANNOT win the big games moving forward with Bobo. And my biggest fear is that Grantham wont stick around for long if he and his boys have to carry the load for all 4 quarters.*

    And our O-LINE, touted as the biggest assembled is either the NCAA or the PROs, is a sieve.

    *During this rant Bean Anderson had 3 false starts.

    • Dave

      Wellllll…..The defense had a chance to win the game and collapsed. Walsh missed, even with the inexplicable coaching error to give him a shot. So to say the loss is square on Bobo is disingenuous at best.

      That said, I think it was one of his worst games of the year. We had good success in the first half moving the ball against a very good defense, and completely went away from it, doing the run up the middle you alluded to…I don’t know whether that was Bobo or Richt, however (it smells of Richt).

      But let’s agree that the defense collapsed pretty hard in the 2nd half as well. Again, I put more blame on the O, but certainly not all of it.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree completely about CTG. He brought our D back from the dead, and he’s a great match for our program. There are actually idiots commenting that the D lost this game. Our O started at the 25 in 3 OT’s and came away with 3 points!


    It was coaching. Poor preparation (looking ahead to next season).
    Some of the players were jucking it up and horsing around before the third quarter began. Oh, they had it in the bag.
    It was coaching….if you’re afraid to throw the ball with four minutes left, just give it to RS and run three and out…
    It was coaching…With 19 secs left in the half, why not throw a deep one? One play would have set a a chance for a field goal before the half. Why the hell take a knee when you can run a play or two? You never know what you can do if you don’t try.
    It was coaching… RS for nothing, then slip AM to the right and lose a couple of yards and then trot the most troubled place kicker you’ve ever had to try a pressure field goal.
    It WAS a poorly managed game. Everyone has bad days and this was CMR and Bobo’s. Georgia should have won the game.
    I’m going to have a hard time defending the coaches after this one.
    I can’t blame the defense. I think JJ was hurt by a techish cut block (I saw several, some really were clips) and that helped MSU’s running game in the second half. Still MSU wanted it more. They were agressive when Georgia was pensive. You’ve got to tip your hat to them for not quitting..they are a good football team and in the end, deserved the win.

    • On our final drive in regulation, what exactly is the thinking that led us to run it again on 3rd and 8 with MSU stacking the box? Was it to make them burn their last timeout? Timeouts are negligible in college when running the two minute drill because the clock stops on each first down, so what’s the use in running a play for no gain just to make them burn it? It makes way more sense to try for the conversion there to ice the game. We were ready and willing to do just that in the Florida game when the coaches’ backs were against the wall, so what happened to that mentality…?

      I still can’t figure out the thinking behind that call.

      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        I believe it was the same thinking that led to a play-action fake from the I-formation on 3rd and 10 in OT after running two plays from the Shotgun on 1st and 2nd down. To compound the complete bumblefuckedness of that play call, the blocking scheme called for an offensive guard to try to slide out and block a guy who already had about 8 TFL’s on the day. Complete moronic incompetence, but what we have come to expect.

      • MinnesotaDawg

        Do yourself a favor and stop trying to figure it out. It’s a Richt “playing-it-safe” staple even though, as you rightly note, it made little sense from a thinking fan’s view. The decision-making in the Florida game was the anomaly. Now that Richt is no longer fighting for his job, he can revert back to the 1951 Coaches Handbook for Strategy and Decision-making. He probably considered punting it on 2nd down in order to avoid a turnover.

        • The Original Cynical in Athens

          We were throwing it deep on the 3rd down play, though, not playing it safe. I would love to see us play it safe with ONE PASS OVER THE MIDDLE TO OUR ALL AMERICAN TIGHT END ALL DAY or ONE PASS TO OUR 270 POUND FULLBACK all day, but neither of those things ever happened, even though Michigan St was firing their OLB’s all day long, leaving a void in the middle which Orson Charles could have exploited.

    • Dave

      Good points all, except maybe for the 19 second bit (odds are probably more likely for a defensive score there…especially with Aaron Murray fumble-whizz). Good points, though…..


    Still, I’m far from being on the “fire somebody” bandwagon.
    This is a team with a lot to accomplish next year.

  30. LowDawg

    Murray gets pressure and totally loses his composure in the pocket. How do you take that sack on the last 3rd down play in OT? His mechanics totally break down which is why he looked so bad in the 3rd quarter on those balls to King.
    Murray cannot win a game on his own. We MUST have a running game or next year will look just like this year. (3-4 losses)


      Running game coming up in 2012!

      • UGLYDAWG

        The above comment from the same UGLYDAWG that promised a “breakout game” from Crowell….sigh……Optimism springs eternal in the heart of a dreamer,
        Fix Special teams and running game (big order) and 2012 will be good.

  31. I'm sad.

    Everyone stop and think how different the tone of this thread would be if Walsh had made the kick in the 1st OT.

    Also, it’s gotta be tough for Bobo to call plays when the O line is porous, we have no real RB, Murray is prone to make critical mistakes, and we had pretty crappy field position for what seemed like the whole game.

    Ugh. This is a tough loss. I feel bad for the players.

    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      If Murray does not piss himself, the game is never competitive. I nearly turned it off after his first pick.

      Just like the SECCG, his defense was absolutely dominating the opponent, and Drew Butler was having a fabulous day. All Murray had to do was not screw it up, and, yet again, he blew it. The kid just has no concept of game management. Just continue letting your defense make the opponent go 80 yards, and they have no chance. He is just incompetent, and will never win anything of merit. It should be an all-out competition between Mason, LeMay and Murray in the Spring.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You mean LeMay and Murray. I fear that Mason is gone.

        • The Original Cynical in Athens

          I think they have today’s game film as a carrot to dangle in front of Mason’s face. If I were him, I would be totally convinced that I could beat Murray out in an equal competition.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Do you really think that Bobo and CMR will let Murray get beaten out for starter at QB? He’s the single season TD pass school record holder. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • You guys are smoking something if you think anyone will start over Murray until the day he leaves the program or gets injured. At this point it is more of a beauty contest with Murray having two full season and tons of face time on TV. The starter (for better or worse) will be Murray for the next two years. I’m sure Mason is bright enough to figure that out.

            I wish there was something that the coaches could do to fix Murray and his inability to handle big game pressure. He had four interceptions and two fumbles in the last two games. Two of those interceptions turned into 14 points for the other teams.

            • Dave

              Well Foo, luckily there is. It’s called fundamentals. Game management. See David Greene, still my favorite UGA QB of all time.
              1) Don’t take needless sacks when getting outside the pocket is an option.
              2) When #1 is not possible, DO NOT turn the freakin ball over.
              3) When running, learn how to properly tuck the ball, and when to put your head down (1 guy for a first down) and when to not (3 guys after a first down).
              4) Throw to our guys, not the other guys.

              The first three are REALLY, REALLY fixable. And should have already been done after South Carolina. #4 is probably more work and is an oversimplification, but fixable as well, especially when you are dominating the game defensively.

              As a side note, Greene was the maybe the best I’ve ever seen in college at #1 and #2 (full bias in play).


      I’d still be pissed that it even came to that. The three running plays and punt was bad.

      Still. we were just “one play away”……several times!

    • adam

      3 points in OT starting from the 25 yard line.

      3 points from a pick returned to the 10. (and the offense produced an incredible -3 yards!)

      Field position was irrelevant.

      We got 2 from the safety an 7 from the punt return.

      7 from a first and bomb that miraculously worked. And we got 8 from a pass to a cornerback on one good drive.

      15 points from the offense. One on a lucky deep play and one drive. A whole game – one drive for a TD. Come onnnnnn.

      It’s amazing that schools with big time talent deficiencies can score anyway. A good OC can overcome these problems. At worst, they should be able to recruit the players they need to be successful if they have 6 years to do so.

      • DCB Dawg

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s a damn shame that Ralph Friedgen is unemployed and Mike Bobo is employed.

        Whatever. Sad to say, Coach Richt would/will never fire someone with 5 kids, no matter how bad he is.

        • Normaltown Mike

          I’m not sure CMR isn’t equally if not primarily to blame.

          Certainly the decision to bag it and attempt a FG on 3rd down in OT was a CMR decision.

          And the 3 consecutive hand-offs on the fateful drive with 3 minutes in the 4th quarter was classic Richt.

          IF Bobo was the sole person making those decisions, then CMR is a bigger fool for not overriding him.

          • And what got me is that when we were in the late-game scenario with UF, we actually threw the ball to a freshman to get a first down and kill the game. Did we learn anything from the UF game? Nah. Just turtle up, play conservative. Another classic come-from ahead loss for UGA.

      • Dave

        Point taken about the 15 points, but the bomb was anything but luck. What big plays don’t count now? Not to mention it wasn’t the only one of the day, man….Be fair when criticizing.

        • adam

          Yeah, just was frustrated.

          First and bomb doesn’t usually work, so, I was happy as hell when it did. But still wasn’t really a great call. And I was really more disappointed in the fact that the offense had only 1 sustained drive (maybe had a big pass in it too, I forget) and only finished +8. Better than last year by a TD, I guess. Maybe in the bowl next year the offense will score 3 times (and hopefully not hand a TD to the other team.)

    • You mentioned:

      * Porous O-line.
      * No real RB.
      * QB (Murray) prone to make critical mistakes.

      Do you realize all 3 of those things are Mike Bobo’s responsibility?

      He’s the OFFENSIVE CO-ORDINATOR. He isn’t just some play calling monkey. His responsibilities include all of the above.

  32. SouthGa Dawg

    Just think, two days ago we were making fun of Sting Talk, hummm…


      Yup…and now we’re also digesting a “come from ahead loss” (as the paper called it on the Nerds).

  33. Evidently Normaltown

    I hate to pick on the D, but we really have dropped so many INT opportunities this year. Is there a stat for that? Seems like something that with a little bit of focus could yield huge dividends next year.

    • adam

      I’d rather see how we compare to the rest of the country on 3 and outs.

      Anyone know how many we had today?

      • Evidently Normaltown

        Yeah, you’re totally right that the problem is on the other side of the ball. I just feel like there’s a tremendous opportunity with little investment wrt the INTs.

        • Dave

          So – someone somewhere actually wrote on this. You see this everywhere on all teams, because short of breaking in front of an out route, it is INCREDIBLY hard to actually catch an interception. The ball is never intended for you so it leads to:

          1) Going a hundred miles an hour with almost no time to react (think unseen linebacker underneath, or even some DBs making a break). This is probably what most people see when they think a “dropped” interception, but it is actually really hard to catch these as you don’t know where the ball is going (the receiver knows it is coming to him).
          2) A defender trying to catch the ball with his body in a weirdly contorted position (think safeties coming up on a crossing route when the ball is overthrown).
          3) Some juggling tipped what-have you by lineman or DBs, which are never easy.

          On the plus side, we have actually improved a ton in this area under Grantham due in no small part to playing the ball instead of Willie’s air triangulation Pythagorean defense.

    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      And the one phenomenal pick we do get winds up getting one of our best defensive players injured. Let’s just hope that Jenkins is not seriously injured (but with our luck, he probably is).

  34. I am physically sick–what a wasted opportunity-what happened to our tight ends-the pass to our fullback on the edge? Good luck Boykin DGD so sorry it had to end like that—they just flat out outplayed us in the 2nd half-damn it man

    • Normaltown Mike

      I feel sick for the kid too. I mean he scores in every facet of the game today and gutless coaching loses the game.

  35. DB

    UGA will not make it to the next level with Bobo calling the plays PERIOD

  36. Normaltown Mike

    2009 = 2010 = 2011.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t see how you can equate all 3 years you mention above NM. 3 totally different situations. Did the ’09 or ’10 team win 10 in a row? The ’09 team was a transitional year caused by Staff and Moreno leaving early for the NFL. Even then that team won 8 games (and had 1 game, the LSU-UGA game, stolen by the refs–that team really was 9-4). The ’10 team was a rebuilding year with a new DC and a totally new D, without the correct personnel to run it, and a new freshman QB. The ’11 team won 10 games in a row, won the SEC East and beat UT, Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech, all out main rivals, in the same season. I wish this team had won the bowl game (came close just didn’t put it away) but there is definite improvement here and I am still very optimistic for 2012.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        I am not sure that this program has actually improved as a whole. The defense has improved drastically. Other than that, we are still seeing the same: lack of a quality RB, zero O-line product, ST failures, poor QB play. The success this team had this season is not a reflection of talent or coaching, but rather a weak schedule and an improved D. This is still a woefully lacking program.

      • Wow, that is a lot of excuses.

        Everyone knew Stafford and Moreno were leaving early. It is the job of the coaches to reload.

        As for the LSU game being stolen… we easily could have lost 2 or 3 more games that year as well.

        2011… 10 wins… against garbage. So what?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Really? You knew Staff and Moreno were going pro before they announced it? Damn, I had to wait until they actually said it before I knew they were really going to be gone. And when exactly did you find that out? Was it before or after they actually made the decision? And when was that decision made exactly? Before the season started? While recruiting for the ’08 class was still going on? Will you please advise me on what stocks to buy in 2012 since you, like Carnac the Magnificent, seem know what the answer is even before the question is asked. And as for other games potentially being lost, how about the UK game where Fumblefingers Ealey put the game-tying touchdown on the ground on the one because he got the playcall wrong? That’s another game the Dawgs easily could have (actually should have) won that season which along with the bad call in the LSU game would have made the Dawgs 10-3 in ’09.

    • Dave

      Um….no….sorry. Disappointing as this game and the South Carolina game were, we were WAY more competitive this year in all of our games on top of not losing to crappy teams.

      Where we want to be….not yet.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. What I said above only better phrased and more concise.

      • Russ

        +1 Dave.

        Much better than last year, hands down. Not where we want to be, but we’re getting there. Coaches are focused on the areas of improvement, and I think we’ll do well next year.

  37. Red Blackman

    Aaron Murray continues to disappoint. I keep waiting for him to impress me in a big game. He just doesn’t seem to be able to put together an entire game against a quality opponent. He is now 0-9 against ranked teams. He is 0-2 in bowl games. Christian LeMay, I hope you’ve been studying. There should be an open competition at QB.

    Blair Walsh, God bless you, son. I hope you got a good education. Shit happens, kid. Damned if I know.

    Brandon Boykin, I am gonna miss you. Great game by a great kid.

    I need more time to digest this one.

    • JaxDawg

      Stats be damned, 0-9 against ranked teams is not the sign of a winner. I know he’s a good kid and I sincerely appreciate that, but he has GOT to stop being so streaky.

      You can say that we don’t win 10 games w/out Murray and his stats, then again you can say that he lost the USc and MSU games all by his lonesome.

    • charlottedawg

      I’ve been a big fan of Murray’s but I’m really starting to question now whether there really is merit to the meme that he has never and will never win a big game for us. Off the top of my head the closest he has come so far was Florida this year but even then he threw a pick inside our own 30 that would’ve been points had the D not bailed him out. I can’t recall a big game where Murray “first did no harm”. He shows a lot fo fight but he wouldn’t have to if he didn’t turn the ball over and score points for the other team so much.

      • paul

        And the sad fact is that Florida TOTALLY sucked this year. I simply no longer have any faith whatsoever that Murray is the guy. He pads his stats against weak teams. He loses every big game. Period. Time to move on. Give Mason the job before we lose him.

        • GAGRAD05

          I understand people are venting and I got pissed at Murray too but this “hasn’t beat a ranked team” meme has got to stop. We beat a ranked Auburn team and a ranked GT team. Auburn will also still be ranked due to their bowl win.

  38. Allen

    Murray wouldn’t make it as a porn star, he always chokes on the big one!

  39. Marshall

    I’ve personally reached the point where I don’t think CMB is totally responsible for the problem. I think Murray has to take a good bit of the blame. If we wanted to win, we should have put Mason in at QB after the pick-six. That would have done at least two things–sent a message to AM and guaranteed HM’s return. And it might have won us the game.

  40. charlottedawg

    Hypothetical question: if Walsh makes the kick in the first OT or Shawn Williams returns the pick for a TD or we capitalize on just one of the many opprtunities presented us are we this pissed and spewing venom? or are we saying” damn MSU is a damn fine team and we knew they would fight back but we pulled it out and we’re going to be awesome next year”? I know there are no such things as moral victories anda win is a win but even if we won it doesn’t take away from the performances in the game and what will happen in the offseason or 2012. A 3 point win or loss doesn’t make Boykin’s last game any less amazing or Murray’s 14 gift wrapped points to MSU any less aggravating. I can’t help but feel we take a completely different tack if we got 1 more break just as we are now pissed as hell because we didn’t take advantage of said breaks even though the long term effect/ causes for concern/ reasons to be happy are the same.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


    • Dave

      mmm…..I think it would be kind of like Florida….relief, while knowing you nearly choked it away with some of the same stuff we’ve seen all year. We still would be complaining about the things we’ve seen all year (Murray fumbles/pick sixes, Defense late game collapses, special teams mistakes, questionable offensive play call/strategy, and bad game management calls).

    • sUGArdaddy

      Charlotte, don’t you go using your brain. This is a process. We are in Richt 2.0. This is like his first year. We lost to a stinky BC team his other first year.

      I’m going to admit it, I’m a football snob. I don’t think most of our fans have a clue what they’re talking about and it makes me sad.

      That was a good team we played. Really good. With a 5th yr sr at QB. Murray is still young with tremendous upside. He’s got to fix the turnovers, but i think he’s going to keep getting better as he ages? Greenie did not. He peaked as a sophomore. His last pass was in Raymond James stadium and it was a horrible pick 6 in the belly of a Wisconsin d-linemen. Of course, we don’t remember that because of ’02. Do people realize that Aaron is on pace to break danny wuerffel’s sec TD career record?

      We’ve got a ways to go, but we’re trending. We’re doing what we couldn’t do in 09 and 10.
      As for bobo…who in the world should we get? Us and Arky have the best offenses in the sec. Do you really want someone to come run that gimmick spread crap? If you can promise me we get chip Kelly as or OC, I’m game. Otherwise, what pro-style OC would you like to have? Stanford’s? Do you think a PAC 12 guy can work in the sec? Play calling is over-rated. And it’s hard to call plays when you can’t run and block. I’d have like to have seen a toss, but I’m sure we were running plays we thought would work…and we didn’t like the toss for some reason. My point is that I don’t watch too many teams and think, “that’s the offense I want UGA to have.” bottom line is we weren’t the same once IC got hurt vs UK.

      We need to unite. If you’re a UGA fan and you’re not cheering for IC, shame on you. If youre not on the Richt bandwagon, well, that’s just stupid. He did a miracle in changing our mojo this year. And if you can’t watch bowl games and see that Aaron Murray is better than most of th QBs playing college football, then you don’t know much about the sport.

      We lost a game. Get over it. We had a good season. We’ve got potential for a great one in 2012. Get on the bus.

      Sorry, senator. Had to get that out.

      • Charles

        I was insanely pissed about this game, but reading this has prompted me off the ledge (a bit). Good word.

      • Russ

        Great post. MSU is a quality team and we should’ve beaten them. Does it piss me off that we didn’t? Yeah, some, but MSU had a lot to do with that as well. Their SR QB threw 3 INTs and we should’ve won it in the first OT, but Walsh has the yips.

        This team is headed in the right direction, which is more than we knew this time last year, or the past couple of years. With the talent we have coming back, plus being added, next year should be a great year and we definitely have a shot at the SEC Championship. OL made huge strides this year with no depth. Running game was non-existent, but will get better. Defense is stout, and another year of S&C changes will make them even better. Murray is on pace to re-write the record books, and our receivers are deep. I see lots to be optimistic about, and I enjoy the game much more than I did this time last year.

      • GAGRAD05

        Excellent post! Bottom line is this game didn’t mean a whole lot. In every lose except maybe the Boise State game we beat ourselves. If we would have gone up 21-0 to LSU would it have changed the game? Maybe or maybe not. If the reason we lose is because we beat ourselves then that is much more encouraging than just getting flat out beat i.e. 2010.

        • GAGRAD05

          Also remember this is a VERY young team. A team full of freshman and sophomores on both sides of the ball.

      • Hayduke

        ” As for Bobo…who in the world should we get?”
        This is a tired argument, and I’m not sure it isn’t a logical fallacy to begin with. Just because many of us who are critical of Bobo can’t automatically name his immediate replacement, that doesn’t negate our criticisms. I don’t need a Chip Kelly, I’d never heard of CTG before we hired him and he’s worked out OK.
        “Play calling is overrated.”
        You are right. My issues with CMB center more around what I feel is his lack of understanding how to effectively run an I- formation, play action pass style offense. Specifically, there is no point in faking a handoff when you don’t have a freaking running game to begin with. You are fooling no one. Secondly, every time the ball is run, it is handed off to the tailback. Again, you are not fooling anyone, and this is mindlessly easy to prepare for from a defensive standpoint. A fullback dive is not usually a high performing play, but it does give a defense something else to be concerned with, and it saves your pathetically undersized and chronically injured prima donna TBs from a certain death in the first half.
        “We need to Unite”
        Yup. That’s why we are here, discussing this stuff. There is nothing wrong with opposing view points backed up by factual evidence. We are Georgia fans here, the fact that we choose to hone in on and closely examine certain facets of our game play, and air our criticisms are proof of this point. Otherwise why bother.

    • Lawdawg567

      In their defense, lots of people have bitched about Bobo after close wins

  41. Dave

    mmm…..I think it would be kind of like Florida….relief, while knowing you nearly choked it away with some of the same stuff we’ve seen all year. We still would be complaining about the things we’ve seen all year (Murray fumbles/pick sixes, Defense late game collapses, special teams mistakes, questionable offensive play call/strategy, and bad game management calls).

  42. Connor

    This was a disappointing loss to be sure, but the team did improve in 2011. If we make as much progress this off-season as we made last, we could actually be a very good team. The Defense and skill guys on offense are largely there, but our O-line is a huge problem. That and Special Teams are the two facets of the game that will need the most attention, and most dramatic improvement, for UGA to get where we all want it to be. That’s a tall order, considering we’re losing 3 starting O-linemen, our kicker and punter. Maybe it will be addition by subtraction.
    We are who we thought we were: A good, but not great team. Through hard work and good fortune, maybe we’ll get to great by next September.

  43. Pumpdawg

    Anybody care to tell us how good Bobo is?

    • OKDawg

      Wait for it – it will come in the wee hours of the morning while you sleep. Someone will reply to approximately 25% of the posts on here, impugning the character of any UGA fan who would dare question Bobo. You will be asked to cheer for another team instead. Your moral fiber will be called “lacking.” Your intelligence: sub-standard. And he will honestly believe others take him seriously on this blog.

      Oh yes, be patient. He will come.

  44. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Did Bobo decide to play for a 42 yard FG attempt in OT? One of the dad’s on my kid’s basketball team went to MSU – he was stunned when Murray centered the ball on 2nd down on the 25, as well as elated. Usually defenses crumble in that situation, overplaying on misdirection plays and going for the strip instead of sound tackling. Richt took all of the pressure off of them to make a play. Un-freaking-believable.

  45. MinnesotaDawg

    This is the kind of comment from our coaches that drives me nuts. When asked about the playcalling on the drive that could have run out the clock with another first down, Bobo says:

    “After the first down, we decided to go ahead and run it three times and make them use their timeouts. So we felt we still would have a chance to get it, but we just didn’t execute the run plays that were called.”

    Right. Blame the failure on player “execution.” F&@KING ridiculous. He thought that last up the gut run into the teeth of an 8 man front was going to get the first down on 3rd and 8?! He’s either pretty stupid or he thinks most Georgia fans are stupid enough to believe that bullshit. “Execution issues” are this staff’s default excuse. Nice accountability, Mike.

  46. StirBaby's ManPiece

    What competent O Coordinator still thinks Richard Samuel needs to touch the ball? That should be reason enough for a straightjacket. The kid gallups straight-up like a newborn pony, yet we handed him the ball today.

    Bobo is like the other team’s DC – only better at putting the brakes on our offense…

    • Charles

      Last time we gave the kid the ball, he sealed the deal versus a rival we’ve beaten three times in 21 years. No big deal…

      • StirBaby's ManPiece

        9 Carries, 0 Yards. Long for the day – 2 yards.

        No big deal.

        Samuel for Heisman 2012, brah.

        You must like Shreveport.

  47. Will Trane

    Back where we started after the piss poor performance in the 2010 bowl and the start of the 2011 season. Somewhere in between they manage to win 10 games. That has to be a mirage.
    Just how many plays did the subpar offensive line give up for negative yards? Had to be 14 to 16. Way to many. Coach T and Coach Friend have a lot of work to do to put a dominating talented offensive line in place in 2012. Can not remember the last time we had a solid performing O line.
    After those guys or behind those guys you need a running back. Now this is a fact. For the past 5 season Mark Richt has not had one. And that guy McClendon would not know one if Walker showed him one. Find some running backs…speed to the outside,and the steps to get in the gaps. How they won 10 games is a puzzle.
    Even with these two shortcomings you have to have a game plan and game management. This is where McGarity should have issues with CMR and CMR with Bobo. Do not recall one game this years on offense where we had a good game plan and managed the game well. Just damn amazing!!!
    Will somebody find out what the hell Crowell’s injury is. This guy has been absent with aliments since the Ole Miss game. Dawgs have to recruit a couple of RBs in addition to Marshall. Can not depend or ask him to carry the load by himself in 2012.
    In closing as we watched this fiasco, we made to quiet comments. We can win as long as Murray does not screw it up with turnovers [ Murray…every mama’s boy]…as has been his cutom all season, he did. Second, we can win as long as we do not ask Walsh to kick a FG to seal it because he a missed over half of his attempts over 40. And he did.
    Finally we lost a close one that we should have never had a chance to win to begin with. No game plan, no game management, and the offenseive line got their ass wiped all day by MSU. A pathetic performance, like last years bowl game by virtually the same O line.