I’m a bowl man.

Mark Richt is.

… Today’s game at 65,890-seat Raymond James Stadium could have as many as 15,000 empty seats, but Richt said Tampa has proven to be a great reward. He remains a strong proponent of the bowls.

“I think the bowls are great for communities, and they are great for the players and the coaches and the fan bases,” he said. “How many fans are going to follow their team around for three or four playoff games? That’s not what college is all about.

“College is about bringing the band and the cheerleaders and the fans and all the tradition.”

Not sure how he squares that with his readiness for an eight-team playoff, though.



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3 responses to “I’m a bowl man.

  1. The ATH

    Yawn… Opening round home games… Typically your anti-playoff positions have a little more fire power.

    Happy new year Senator. Here’s hoping that 2012 is the year you see that the physical nature of football can’t and won’t allow a 64/96 game tourney. Meanwhile, ’04 auburn, ’07 georgia and ’11 ok state still await their shots…


    • … the physical nature of football can’t and won’t allow a 64/96 game tourney

      How many rounds do they play in the FCS and the NFL playoffs?


      • The ATH

        1) 12 teams make it in nfl, 20 in fcs – neither have division/conference championship games (largely play-in games in any hypothetical fbs playoff) to qualify for their playoffs 2) There is too much political influence from cities and bowl bureaucrats to adopt a system that makes bowls irrelevant – this is a source (though not the only one) of insider anti-playoff sentiment.

        Both of those factors will limit the “creep” you fear. Love your blog, but you spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people that the sky will fall (and any good lawyer knows better than to argue hyperbolic slippery slopes 🙂 ) if we ever adopt a plus one.