Breaking down the breakdown: Outback Bowl observations

It’s tempting to use yesterday’s game as a metaphor for the season, but I think I’ll reserve that thought for another blog post.

I worried before the game about whether Georgia could avoid imploding with mistakes on special teams and turnovers.  Sadly, the answer was no, as Murray threw a brutal pick-six (his third turnover of the day) and Blair Walsh finished his college career with two missed field goals.  All were costly.

Here’s the rest of what I saw:

  • There’s no question in my mind what the turning point was in the game – Murray’s first interception, which came in the first part of the third quarter.  Gruden blamed it on poor communication on the scramble drill and Tavarres King confirmed that.  MSU had run off seven straight three-and-outs on offense prior to that turnover.  The Spartans would not have another one in regulation.  From that point until overtime, they ran 39 plays to Georgia’s 25.
  • Strangely enough, I had thought before that play that the chemistry between Murray and King was better than it had been all season.  The 80-yard touchdown pass which put the Dawgs up 9-0 was picture perfect – great route running and a gorgeous throw.
  • It’s hard to believe that King’s six-catch, 205 yard-receiving day could be overshadowed, but that’s what happened.  Brandon Boykin notched scores on offense, defense and special teams and was deserving of the rare MVP award in the face of his team’s loss.  Too bad he couldn’t kick field goals.
  • And did anybody notice that Boykin’s TD punt return came on a punt safe formation?
  • Obviously, there are lots of places to point fingers at, but for me the biggest problem yesterday was the offensive line.  MSU had an unbelievable sixteen tackles for loss and four sacks.  Much of that came from breakdowns in blocking assignments, as there were many occasions when a Spartan defender came through untouched.  Georgia couldn’t sustain any traction in its running game.  That in turn meant play action would be largely ineffective, which it was.  The o-line finished the year with two straight ineffective performances; given the departures of three starters, that has to be the biggest area of concern going into next season.
  • Speaking of two straight performances, what are they doing in the locker room at halftime?  Whatever it is, they need to do something different.
  • Outside of Malcome, Georgia’s backs did nothing.  Some of that was due to the ineffective run blocking, as every back had at least one negative-yardage run (considering that Boykin, Smith and Thomas only had two carries apiece and Crowell three, that’s pretty sad), but the lack of speed and aggression was noticeable.  Malcome was the only back who looked like he hit the hole with any authority.  Samuel looked rusty, which wasn’t surprising, but why give him nine carries?  And why wait to use Carlton Thomas so late in the game?
  • I know they were forced to use the tight ends in max protect more than they wanted, but any game plan that results in one catch for Orson Charles and none for Aron White isn’t playing to Georgia’s strength.  Plus, you’d think that a team that blitzed its linebackers as much as MSU did would be susceptible to quick passes to the tight ends.
  • Yeah, it was the Mike Bobo that makes me want to pull my hair out of my head that we saw.  It was clear by the end of the second quarter that Michigan State was having real problems defending the deep throw and that Aaron Murray was making the shots he took work… and that’s the play that disappeared on offense until the fourth quarter, when, natch, it worked again.  Bobo insisted on trying to grind the ball out between the tackles until Malcome ripped off two successive runs right before the pick-six.  And yet he did set up the three deep completions to King beautifully.  The TD pass to Boykin was a nice call.
  • We learned one thing about Grantham’s defense – it’s got some work to do on prevent.  Or, maybe that was just the cumulative effect from the injuries.  Georgia’s ability to defend the run up the middle sagged noticeably after Jenkins’ injury.  But I was proud of the way the defense bowed its back in overtime and kept MSU out of the end zone, even after Walsh’s first demoralizing miss.
  • Ogletree had a phenomenal, phenomenal game, didn’t he?
  • I liked Branden Smith’s effort in coverage.  Thought he showed good technique.
  • My favorite defensive play of the day came on Shawn Williams’ interception.  MSU picked on Commings in coverage all day and Grantham baited Cousins beautifully with the way he rolled the coverage.  Unfortunately, Georgia’s offense couldn’t punch it in from there for a touchdown.
  • I wasn’t disappointed that MSU held Jarvis Jones largely in check in the second half by emphasizing protection his way (or by throwing the screen over him), but I was disappointed that no one else picked up the slack.  Lack of a pass rush really hurt in the second half.
  • By the way, for all the people questioning the purpose of Dantonio’s challenge after the pass interference penalty, getting that thirteen seconds back on the clock turned out to be pretty big.

A strange game in many ways.  Murray made plenty of mistakes, but still outplayed Cousins.  Neither team could run the ball effectively.  There were special teams breakdowns on both sides.  Six turnovers all told, but, in one real difference between the two, the Spartans were able to cash theirs in for two touchdowns, while Georgia settled for a single field goal from the three it received.

That, along with some questionable game management, was the difference in the end.

No question this loss sucked, but the result hasn’t sent me into the kind of existential sulk that, say, the 2009 loss in Knoxville did.  This program still has its share of bad habits to play its way out of.  It was talented enough this season to overcome those against the mediocre and bad teams it played, but not against the better squads.


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  1. The other Doug

    Bobo bookended the season with his worst efforts.

  2. BCDawg97

    Senator, I geniunely respect your support of Bobo, it is very hard to argue with a lot of your points in his defense. I’ve never been a big fire Bobo kinda person, but yesterday was a little brutal to watch a 16-0 game slip away. Yes if Murray doesn’t throw a pick6 or if Blair Walsh actually hits a kick, we are a little happier today. And it is Richt’s system/philosophy, so anyone new that Richt would bring in would still be given the same “restrictions” and likely end up with some of the same conservativism in the same situations, but, at some point Bobo’s inconsistency with playcalling has to cost him the job no?

    • “My support of Bobo”? Jesus, what part of “pulling my hair out” don’t you get?

      • BCDawg97

        I’m wasn’t trying to pick a fight a la Muckbeast. I’m saying that there are times you make arguments for the good Bobo does, and that it is a good arguement. Maybe I’ve misread you all along – you’ve never seemed to be one that wanted Bobo fired. So what I was asking was simply whether you thought Bobo’s inconsistency should cost him the job?

        • I’m not really somebody who goes around demanding people’s heads, mainly because who’s going to listen to me?

          That being said, Martinez was an exception to the rule. I don’t think Bobo is as bad at his job as WM was at his.

          I think the way I’d describe my attitude about Bobo is that I’m an agnostic. I’m not going to be bothered if he goes, but my head won’t explode if he stays. But here’s the thing – if this year’s the best we can get out of him, Richt had better shore up the o-line and special teams. This program can survive inconsistent playcalling if everything else is strong.

          • Raleigh St. Clair

            Which begs the question why in the world would a head coach willingly put his program in a position where it had to overcome obvious inconsistent play alloy through defense and special teams?

            Instead, shouldn’t a modern, responsible head coach strive to have the best offense, defense, and special teams possible?

            Why in the world would said head coach employ a $750k a year defensive coordinator with an NFL pedigree while putting the offense in the hands of a coordinator who wouldn’t get a sniff from Ole Miss?

  3. Flabbergasted

    “Questionable game management”? Seriously? That line gets a little blurb at the bottom of the post. That was THE STORY. I have never seen a head coach intentioanlly lose 3 yards to “center” the ball for a 43-freaking-yard field goal with wind howling across the field left to right and a kicker who is under 50 percent from 40-yards plus. That is simply the most mind-numbling stupid thing I can remember a coach doing. For everything else that happened in that game, I can’t believe you’re talking about anything else. Mark Richt deserved to lose.

    Oh and “got some work to do on prevent”. Yeah, you mean like not lining up 15 yards off on 3rd and 7 and watching as the wideout runs to the stick, simply turns around in place, and catches the ball for an easy first down? That was the second dumbest thing we saw yesterday.

    The staff lost the game with sheer stupidity.

    • Maybe you missed my post from yesterday on the first overtime. Do I really need to repeat myself?

      • JasonC

        Richt defending the call by saying he trusted Walsh. I don’t really get that based on the season Walsh has had. Seems like he should have put the game in someone else’s hands.

        • I think that Richt should have paid attention to Walsh’s stats. It’s fine to trust him, but it’s better to recognize his flaws (6-16 from 40+ yards) and plan accordingly.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Not that what you, or any of us thinks, actually matters, but what plan would you have accordingly planned….Bogotay? Which kicker would you have picked among the options available?

            • JasonC

              I would have given Murray and the WRs or TEs a shot to win it instead of relying on the kickers. Even with Murray’s mistakes, I think he had a better chance to win it than Walsh. But that is a series decision, not a 3rd down decision.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                If we were able to give Murray time to throw, I am sure that would have been Richt’s first choice, but since we could not, at no time in overtime, count on Murray having time to throw, what do you do?

            • The option wasn’t the kicker. It was the distance.

              Walsh was 6-16 from 40 yards and greater. Inside of forty yards, he was 13-15. The goal should have been to drive the ball five yards before kicking.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                And you are saying we could have done that? I sure did not see evidence of that on first down.

                • Thomas gained two yards on first down… wasn’t a lot, but it’s not like they needed a lot.

                  Could they have gotten the five? Dunno, but Walsh’s stats sure suggest they should have tried like hell to do so.

                  • Scorpio Jones, III

                    I get ur point, and did before. I am just trying to put myself in Richt’s head, so I have to assume that to Richt, the probabilities appeared to be to kick the ball despite the stats, which I am sure he is aware of. He was probably also aware of stats of a running back fumbling which probably, in fact, offset Walsh’s record, at least to some extent.

                    Everybody is ripping their hair out over a play that appeared to cost us the game, when, in fact, the game was put in doubt long before Walsh lined up.

                    That the game went to overtime at all is the real issue, and it is lack of depth on defense that contributed to this happening….the missed field goal is just one manifestation of a lack of quality depth on defense.

                    The best way to keep your kicker from kicking out of his zone of greatest success is to stop the other team from sending it to overtime.

                    It is my opinion that all the furor over the kick is short-sited at best.

                    We should not have had to kick the ball at all. Depth, not decision making is the issue here…

                    • The other Doug

                      The defense had a good game. The offense had a bad game.

                      It’s wrong to expect the defense to play even better to make up for the special team’s mistakes. Could the defense have done a bit more? Sure, but the offense could’ve done a hell of a lot more.

                    • Hackerdog

                      The probability of a RB fumbling was very small. Much smaller than the odds of Walsh missing a long kick.

                      But I get your point. I agree that there are many things to point to on not allowing MSU back in the game.

                      However, is it too much to ask that, when faced with an untenable situation, your head coach make the smart decision? Or, at least not the dumbest decision possible?

                • Raleigh St. Clair

                  It’s a matter of probabilitie. In spiteof the offenses struggles, there wasa better chanceof gaining3-4 yards on2nd and 3rd downsthanof Walshmaking that 43-yard field goal.this isn’tcomplicated – at al.

            • Brian

              He didn’t have to plan on either…that’s the point. He was playing with house money at that point (MSU just lost their 1st possession in OT) and Richt elected to stay on 4 when the dealer was showing a 9. It could not have been any dumber. That, seriously, is a fireable offense. Being that stupid cannot be tolerated.

              With the aforementioned yips and wind to consider, I’d have tried to convert AT LEAST 1 1st down – or taken a shot into the end zone- rather than giving myself – statistically – a 36% chance of winning. (Walsh missed 10 of 16 from 40+ this year). Murray gave you – statistically – a 6% chance of throwing an INT. You don’t have to even be smart to understand that….You just can’t be certifiably stupid, as apparently our head ball coach is.

              • UGLYDAWG

                The point being unobserved (not missed, for I’m sure we’re all aware of it) is that it never should have even come down to overtime. With a chance to put the game away with less thatn 4 min. left, we threw not the ball. A simple jump pass to the tight end would have gotten it, as would have the play fake throw to BB over the middle. The offensive minds plainly and simply said “let us put this on the backs of the defense ” because Bobo KNEW RS couldn’t get a first down. We know he knew because in OT, we attempted the field goal after one running play and a centering play. If he thought the running game would move the ball, he would have run it times there. So he clearly thought the D would save the day. Here’s hoping Bobo will understand that HIS half of the effort has to be able to come through in crunchtime. The D DID come throught in overtime! Rambo’s interception plus holding MSU out of the endzone twice was super. This one is on the O staff and O team….and Balise Walsh.

          • Cojones

            Did I see the wrong game and slow motion playback? Maybe from the stadium, with the game being over, etc. no one saw the MSU block, but slow motion showed that Walsh delivered on the kick, an MSU player got up high with his hand and blocked it. How do you know that Walsh didn’t get that FG without the block?

            Score one for MSU, not pile it on higher and deeper for Walsh. I can’t believe I’m reading all last year’s negative shit all over again from a game lost in TRIPLE overtime. Yeah, we wanted the Dawgs to win, but drawing and quartering individuals is such a poor style of college football discussion. I’m not about to get in a posting contest with posters skewering individuals playing on a team sport.

            • Are we talking about the same kick – the one he missed in the first overtime?

              • Cojones

                No, we are not. I’m speaking of the blocked kick that would have pushed it to 4 overtimes.

                As to the one you are speaking of- hang the fucker! And hang Richt for not putting an unknown in to take his place. And hang the overcompensated shitheads who can’t block to let RBs who can’t compete anyway and who would fail to move the ball 5yds right along with our QB who is constantly harassed and doesn’t try to win in front of parents and friends.

                You may pull your hair out, sir, but until you and others are “in the arena” (I started to just use the initials, but realized how the typed words hurt more) I don’t see why there is justification to tear up the team’s accomplishments for the year and this game and not congratulate MSU’s efforts as the reason they won. You certainly outlined the game pretty well, giving deserved accolades to players like Alec, but overall, I’ll remind you that team effort shouldn’t fall on anyone’s shoulders in particular, win or lose.

    • peacedog

      While I don’t agree with the decision, if you’ve never seen a team center a ball while losing yards you don’t watch much football. It isn’t that uncommon.

      • Flabbergasted

        I’ve seen teams do it in close. I’ve never seen a team do it to set up a 43-yarder in gale force winds, no, sir. I guess I need to watch more football.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    The defense loses heart when the offense can’t do anything. Same thing happened against Boise, South Carolina (in the 4th qtr), and LSU. Conditioning, psychology, both?

    • BCDawg97

      Two things I noticed was that after Jarvis tweaked his knee, he was visibly slower the rest of the game. They just kept cutting him in the 2nd half. Losing Jenkins meant Kwame had to play a lot more. I think we just wore down.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Very accurate observation BC…and Grantham admitted as much.

        Folks we are still at LEAST two recruiting classes away from being able to line up and play with a team that has real depth on both lines of scrimmage.

        LSU plays at LEAST 10 defensive linemen, we play five.

        We will achieve some measure of parity depth-wise on both lines of scrimmage, but it will probably not happen with one recruiting class,
        although one good one would help, for sure.

        • Raleigh St. Clair

          Well, then we’re at least 3 classes away because the current one is as weak as any effort in the Richt era.

          Fools gold.

          • I thought signing day was in February.

            • Raleigh St. Clair

              It is, but I’m sure you’re aware most of the big time players (like the Jarvis Jones of the world) have committed to the schools they plan to attend.

              With that knowledge, if you’ll look at the list of top players in Georgia, I’m sure you’ll see that a startling number of them are going to places other than UGA.

              Then, if you look at our committed players, you’ll notice a dearth of defensive players – the area where we have the most depth issues. I’ll also remind you tha under Coach Richt we seemingly must rely on the defense to save a woefully out of date offense, so high level recruiting on that side of the ball is particularly important.

              Keith Marshall and John are great. Bama is signing 15+ players of that talent, several of which hail from GA.

              • Hackerdog

                You think that players commit in December and early January and then don’t change their minds? Are you Paul Johnson writing under an alias.

                I don’t follow recruiting that closely, but I thought a good many top tier recruits like to milk the process, take all their allowed visits, and then hold a press conference where they make a dramatic announcement of their future school. Am I wrong?

                You can call Richt a good many things, but a bad recruiter isn’t one of them.

                • Cojones

                  That, and the fact that recruiting for certain positions (O linemen) may take us elsewhere while at the same time positions like QB needs may let others take the best players out of state at that position.

                  Raleigh, you bring up a bogus point. Just trying to see how much ant-Richt you can get to stick to the wall in the Fan’s down day?

  5. Chuck

    Murray outplayed Cousins? In the first half, maybe, but not overall. It’s clear AM has talent, but he gets schizophrenic sometimes and he did yesterday, too. His picks were ugly and self-inflicted; at least Cousins got fooled by a defensive scheme.

    • Murray’s passer rating was 146.2. Cousins’ was 99.0.

      Yeah, in my book, that’s outplaying.

      • gastr1

        As usual Murray’s picks directly resulted in points for the other team.

        • DWH

          This has always been my biggest gripe with Murray. When he screws up, he screws up royally. And it always seems to be at the most inopportune time and almost always leads to points for the other team.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            There is no opportune time to throw a pick-6 or give up a fumble. It’s just as bad if it happens in the opponent’s territory as it is in yours. And turnovers usually produce points either by addition to the other team’s score or by subtraction from your own score. Or both.

      • Chuck

        LOL – well, while I respect your knowledge of stats, here is one you should look at: MSU 33, UGA 30. Half time? MSU 0, UGA 16. At least 14 of MSU’s 33 second half points are directly attributable to AM errors. There’s something wrong with a rating system that Murray’s game performance almost 50% better than Cousins’.

        • That’s because you’re focused on Murray. Cousins didn’t play particularly well, except on the tying TD drive.

          • Chuck

            Ehhh, maybe, but I know this: we scored 30, and 14 of that is directly attributable to defense and special teams, so in my mind Murray gets credit for scoring 16, but he gave up 14. Cousins fares better than +2 in that analysis as well. Not by much, but the score was close over all.

            • Hackerdog

              Are you one of those “Trent Dilfer was a better QB than Dan Marino” guys?

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Marino didn’t. Ws and Ls are what matter. Not statistics.

                • Hackerdog

                  Does that look any dumber in black and white than it sounded in your head?😉

                  • Dog in Fla

                    Go Bucs! Dilfer, Trent: a Wikipedia case study of fits of irony –

                    “In 2009, Dilfer was asked by ESPN to rank his top 10 quarterbacks of all time. Somehow Dilfer did not include Hall of Famer Dan Marino anywhere on his top 10. To explain leaving statistically the best quarterback of all time off the list, Dilfer explained that Marino did not have a Super Bowl ring. Perhaps in a fit of irony, Dilfer forgot that he himself is the reason that Super Bowl rings aren’t a referendum on the QB.”


      • Raleigh St. Clair

        It is intellectually dishonest to ignore the context in which Murray’s mistakes occurred.

        They were horrendous, especially the fumble when we were driving.

        • I’m not ignoring his mistakes.

          I am pointing out that Cousins played worse. Sorry if you find that “intellectually dishonest”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Just what facts did he twist to support what view?

          • Cojones

            The same ones he used to twist and just got through twisting in an ant- Richt post above.

            Raleigh left his posting after Richt won 10 straight, but he and a few other familiar names have reappeared yesterday and today. Told you the vultures were waiting on the dead trees.

            Raleigh is simply trying to smear as much crud in a short time as he can. He certainly doesn’t post like a Dawg who cares about his team. Gee! Where have I seen this crap before?

  6. Dubs Dawgs

    We need Mason or Lemay ASAP! I cant keep watching Murray lose the games that Greene, Stafford, and even Joe C won for us. His play takes several steps back in the big games. Not good.

    • JasonC

      I’m sure you were complimentary of Cox during his regime.

      Sure, Murray makes his fair share of mistakes, but like the Senator alluded to, the OL & RBs weren’t exactly helping him out.

    • D.N. Nation

      What friggin game did Joe Cox win for us?

      Difficulty: Do not under any circumstances name the 2006 Colorado game.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I thought Cox handled himself well against the Hoggs in a shoot out no less!

        • D.N. Nation

          That Arkansas team was atrocious on defense.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            You asked for a game that Cox won. Now you add qualifiers to your request.
            Cox tied a UGA record with the five touchdowns he threw. You don’t believe that the Arky defense was any more “atrocious” than ours was that night…… do you?
            The Georgia defense was the only letdown of the night. Willie Martinez’s crew gave up 485 yards (408 yards passing, 77 yards rushing) and 21 points in the first quarter alone! Damyum!
            just sayin’

    • Brian

      You’re an idiot. That is all.

    • Cojones

      Dubs, I’m sure that you can enlighten us as to the qualities in team leadership, experience, their eccentrinsities, ability to fit the ball in where Murray has been successful, etc. Your mention of them (other UGA QBs) at this point is disingenuos. Trying to set up doubt for next year? You don’t know enough to discuss the game, so you just take a potshot, eh?

      If you can’t keep watching, then don’t. Guarantee we won’t miss your ilk.

  7. barstool69

    Field Goal U…

    • The Lone Stranger

      Reppin’ since ’03.

    • Cojones

      Yep, the offense gets us within range to score points more than other D1 teams excpt two. I would say the positive thing here gives a pat on the back for the O and for Bobo. They get us there to get a shot. Concentrating on a bad view of a stat doesn’t quite get there, get the picture?

  8. AthensHomerDawg

    When the camera panned the Spartan’s sideline as the game went into overtime they were clearly enjoying themselves and the opportunity to play some more football. As the camera left that sideline and panned the Georgia side……—–> 😦 was what I saw there.

    • Cojones

      To Turd below- I think your shortsightedness of this team is on record for which you apologized and said you were now understanding as to imperfections you never saw before.

      The great plays of the special teams in this game are all over gleaned over whereas balance is due. A 91-yd runback, downing our first punt on their 2-yd line that led to the first 2pts, great long and acurate kicks by Butler with downings within the 15 yd line, preventing big runbacks with good coverage that have plagued us all year, Walsh making a 47 yarder into the wind and could have had another if it had not been blocked by an MSU hand.

      By the same token that you can’t glean over mistakes, neither can you glean over the good plays and wonderful calls. I rather enjoyed the game and the hardfought victory by MSU. They won through their efforts, not through our mistakes. I’m constantly amazed how some of you think you can rip off nothing but negative shit and expect the rest of us to buy in. If you can’t watch and enjoy the game from the positive points mixed in, how the hell are you ever able to watch college ball?

  9. Marshall

    I’ve read the Senator’s write-up and have read some other blogs and all of the respective comments, and all you can pretty much say is–Yes. To all of the above. Richt–bad game; Bobo-the same. Even with his passer rating, you’ve got to say Murray did not have a good game. HIs three turnovers and the timing of the last two cost us the game. OL was worse than pathetic. Even the D had issues.

    I was pretty positive we were going to lose this one. It seemed like MSU was destined to win it, and they did. Gotta tip your hat to those guys. They wanted it bad. And it showed.

    With all that said, I still think you have to be pretty excited about next year. I think there will be some improvements made. And I have no doubt that the QB job will be wide open in Spring practice! More importantly, maybe we’ll get some JUCOs and new guys who can actually block!

    • Turd Ferguson

      The only thing to be excited about going into the 2012 season is the defense. And especially if everyone returns. But aside from that:

      1. The kicking game is just a huge question-mark. I’d like to think that anything will be an improvement over Walsh’s 2011 performance, but who the hell knows. And the loss of Butler will hurt.

      2. We lose our two best offensive lineman … from an already mediocre-to-terrible OL.

      3. If Crowell is still on the roster next season, we can apparently count on him for a series of 1st-quarter injuries that sideline him for much of the rest of the game. Maybe Marshall will live up to the hype, but maybe not. He’ll be a true freshman RB in the SEC, with an OL that cannot block well.

      4. If Charles leaves, we’ll be losing two outstanding TEs.

      5. And as much as I love the guy, the aftertaste of the Outback Bowl will shake many fans’ confidence in Aaron Murray.

      Add to those things the fact that the top of the SEC West will be as strong as ever.

      Can we make it to Atlanta again in 2012? Sure. But, if that happens, will we once again be exposed as incapable of holding the West champion’s jock? Will the story once again be that our schedule made us look better than we really are? It’s hard to expect anything else at this point.

      • Junkyard Dawg '00

        Turd, you and adam and all these new “dawg-vent” commentators on the good senators’ blog are truly entertaining.Its amazing how your never ending pessimism knows no bounds, does it? I’m not going to get on here and spout off about how great of a game our team played and coached yesterday, because it wasn’t, but if you can’t see that this young team will grow up and should rally together for the next year then you really need to find another hobby because I promise you there will be obstacles for this team to overcome in the next year as well and I’d hate to see you all get your feelings hurt again because you were let down by this team.

        • A Dawg Fan


          You know I never take the time to respond to posts, but infrequently read them.

          I often wonder what these yahoo’s do in the real world.

          • adam

            The majority of my posting came during finals when I was trapped in my room all day. And was arguing about Bobo.

            I don’t think I’m unreasonably pessimistic. And I generally don’t mind people being pessimistic. Or optimistic. People are entitled to their opinions. Never said my feelings were hurt or I was let down. I think I did say that Boykin deserved more from the offense for his incredible game. Multiple times we actually decided to not *really* even try to get a first down. That’s incredibly frustrating and I think it bothered plenty of reasonable (non-fringe, non-“dawg vent” types).

            I don’t think I’ve ever attacked a player. I love the defensive staff and am very excited about the future of the team. It’s a young group. We patch up a few spots and we really could have something special going on. This was a fun year. I just think that the offensive staff should be as good as the defensive staff is. And I think that Bobo should be replaced by a good OC and Richt should let them run the offense. If Richt isn’t willing to be as hands off there (or maybe just coach the QBs) as he is for the defense, then he needs to find a brilliant pro-style OC. They exist and we don’t have one.

            I’ll debate this reasonably with you. But it’s unfair to dismiss anything I say as too “pessimistic” or something. I’m very optimistic about the defense. Love how they played this year. Loved the scheme. Think our STs (outside of one scary KR and the missed FGs) looked better yesterday. I’m still expecting a pretty awesome year next year. But I think that if it’s NOT an awesome year, it’ll be the offense’s fault. And I also think that doesn’t have to happen. If we shore up the OL and find a dependable RB, the offense could look really great no matter who is calling the plays. And it looks like we may pull that off. I think 2012 will be a great year for us. But, that doesn’t change my opinion on Bobo. That opinion is based on a lot more than just yesterday.

            • Cojones

              Adam, your heartfelt explanation of your overall team feelings hit a sweet spot here. While I am in full agreement with Junkyard Dawg 00 and A Dawg Fan, if you had not posted your feelings about our future and individuals, I would not have known. The tenor of your comments have never revealed those positive aspects like now, so you were placed (by me) in the naysayer’s category which elicits strong comment since many can be perceived as picking on one negative play, act, game ,etc. and playing it to the hilt in front of those who carry their team loyalty on their sleeves (like me and a few others). What we see as unsophisticated word and team attacks always invites others to disagree heartily where criticism is unwarranted (to our minds) and is based on flawed reasoning meant to mislead.

              By the fact that you are unwilling to give Bobo any slack on past performances misleads us to believe your comments are anti staff and team (team by virtue of mentoring staff working with players). Consider this: unfair criticism based upon a minority of plays are used to flay at a good coach’s career; whereas, when a good game occurs with very few errors, no one singles him out as the guy that won the game. When he is purposefully overlooked and maligned many of us see this as detracting from the overall team efforts. You may argue against Bobo by what you perceive as mistakes by Bobo, But if you mix it with the positive occurences, it would show that you indeed are following his coaching (and not just making aspersions on his coaching ability whenever shit happens with players or any other event). If you don’t show that, then fans will try to set you straight.

              As long as you perceive that it’s ok to hurl generalizations at Bobo’s abilities, the more retorts you will get in reply that questions why it seems important for you to ignore the damage it does to recruiting and the remainder of the team. i.e., if you can’t change your opinion, you only make our opinions grow harder in reply. Either way, I will review your comments more closely deservedly due to your unambivalent DGD comments herein. But I will never stop saying people are full of horseshit as long as they can’t argue a coach or player’s case in perspective with their good coaching and playing.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                Well then.. those of us who care want to know where the hell you’ve been…leaving us to defend this hallowed ground all by our lonesome. Tighten up . No excuses please.

                My work here is almost done. …;-)

                • The Lone Stranger

                  And I’ll second that sentiment — welcome back, old sport! There will be much work here for you in the coming weeks.

                  • Cojones

                    And what have you two shitheads been doing, playing with yourselves? I’ve seen some of your stuff, but the caustic don’t-give-a-shit replies are about a cupful of vinegar shy. Hell, even took a shot at Turd when his comments weren’t as bad as usual.

                    Had reasons for skipping yesterday, but can’t explain now. So many trolls, so little time.

                    Pick on Red Blackman and Puffdawg. I’m too sensitive. Where is DIF when you really need him?

              • Dog in Fla

                Cojones, you’re walking point for the rest of the week. And when you’re not walking point, you’re either on sniper detail or EOD. Just know that whenever you go MIA – even if it’s only for short-time – the coaching staff needs the support of the few, the far and the between, at least until the contract extensions are fully executed.

                • Cojones

                  Sorry DIF. And sorry for asking where you are. Has anyone heard from Mike? He needs a good shoutout for not rubbing in the loss and associating it with Vandy….whaa… I’ve said too much.

                  And for all you inquirer’s info, I was treating my glaucoma.

                  • Dog in Fla

                    Well, I guess that’s close enough for internet accuracy purposes to be some kind of coma.

                    What really chaps Todd’s ass is being in the same loss category as James Franklin. The strongest conference in the galaxy, as we presently know it, will only, at best, be 6-3 and, if Arkansas queers the deal with Bill Snyder, 5-4 in bowl games.

  10. BulldogBen

    1) Aaron Murray is near the last, if not THE last, thing on our list of issues to worry about.
    2) It wasn’t ALL his fault yesterday but so far I think the “you can’t have Jekyl without Mr. Hyde” is appropriate.
    3) I’m still waiting on a signature win from him.

    Right now he’s behind Eric Zeier in terms of “great numbers but not many great wins”. At least Zeier had Clemson and Auburn in ’91.

  11. Dawgwood

    Per Seth Emerson,

    “We were able to get the first first down. It was play-ball situation. After the first down, we decided to go ahead and run it three times and make them use their timeouts. So we felt we still would have a chance to get it we just didn’t execute the run plays that were called.”
    -Mike Bobo

    And there you go.

  12. Raleigh St. Clair

    The single biggest problem the UGA program has is a head coach who reverts to conservatism for consertisms sake, rather than actually playing the odds.

    Playing for a 43-yard FG on 3rd down with Blair Walsh is one of the single dumbest things I have seen a coach do in my life. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened. It was enough to make you question the baseline intelligence of the head coach.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, you know all about that play, don’t you Raleigh? Your posting is more than we need to assess your baseline intelligence.

  13. Russ

    Man, time for me to take a break from the web for a week or two.

    • King Jericho

      Mostly this.

      • Junkyard Dawg '00

        Yep. The “Dawg-Venters” have taken over. Cojones was dead on when he mentioned this happening after our next loss. Guess these fans feel slighted after all the countless hours of preparation they put in drinking alcohol this football season.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Speaking of Cojones….haven’t heard from him lately. Someone might want to wander over to his crib and make sure he’s still percolating. Maybe turn up your car stereo to let him know your coming. May I suggest a little James Brown…..

          • Dog in Fla

            Good point

            Best case scenario: Balls just faded to black for awhile.


            Worst case scenario: Balls put into irreversible coma by the second half and three OT’s

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Nice Choice! Wonder if the guitar maker had anything to do with that song? Cojones is probably catching his second wind after getting rolled by his Filipino bride [post second half after too much JD! Get some coffee Cojones and get back in the game! 😉

              • The Lone Stranger

                This train-wreck of a game maybe took a bigger bite out of the Big C than we may have expected.

              • Cojones

                Correction, AHD. My wife’s father was American and her mother was polynesian. She has been and always will be, Amnesian.

                • AthensHomerDawg

                  Well riddle me this “shithead” cause I don’t miss much….. I walked the streets of Manilla and other sweet spots. You posted your bride spoke Tagalog! She learn that in New Zealand or Samoa ?. But I ain’t feeling it.

                  • Cojones

                    I posted something she said once and you interpreted back to me that it means “I’ll kill you, you pig!” . Since then, I haven’t wanted to post out of ‘Nesian fear.

                    I read earlier posts saying “Better late than never” plus “Good life” or “Good wishes”. What did I miss?

                    Last I heard there were 31 dialects of Tagolog. Asked directions of a Phillippino in London, but she had to lead us to the place because the dialects were so different. Not so much in church in Milano, Italy where everyone spoke pretty much the same Tagolog. Same thing when we lived in Canada. Just can’t tell. While I don’t speak Tagalog, neither does she take to Southerese very well. Before we moved back to the South, I tried to teach her the colloquial saying for “Get off my Lawn”, but she never really got the hang of, “Yall better git out from ’round here, dis be Mistah Gilmo’s Land” which was the reply by Richard Pryor’s sharecropper to Superman when he lands in front of his mule.

        • paul

          I’m a die hard Georgia boy who rooted from the tracks during my tenure in Athens. I married a Georgia girl. Our son recently graduated so we have three alumni in the family now. We contribute to the Hartman Fund every year and have season tickets. We attend G-Day, Picture day and every home game. We feed anybody who wanders up at our tailgates. I think we do a little more than simply drink in preparation, though there is some of that as well. I genuinely hope Mark Richt is our coach until the day he dies and have often been called a Disney Dawg by those who consider that a pejorative term. However, I must confess I agree with a great deal of the criticism I’ve read in the past 48 hours. That game was a mess in so many ways it seems to have erased the memory of much of the apparent progress we made throughout the season. And, as much as I like him, I have lost confidence in Aaron Murray. Great stats, wonderful guy but he simply cannot win the big games. Let’s give Mason the job before he leaves. I guess i have finally embraced the Larry Munson philosophy. They’re my Dawgs and I love them by God but danged if we won’t be lucky if can get our uniforms on properly before we take the field.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Paul, we got unlucky in so many ways in this bowl. First, we got the worst possible opponent available to us. Is there anyone out there that thinks we wouldn’t have wiped up the place with Penn State? Or Ohio State? We drew the team with the best W/L regular season record in the Big 10, a team very much like us and a team that had a chip on its shoulder for how it lost the bowl last season and how it lost the Big 10 Championship game this season, to a team it had already beaten. Plus, everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the Dawgs in this game, including our coaching staff making bonehead decisions at the end. We are still on an upward track, though. Keep the faith. A 10 win season is pretty good and something to build on for 2012.

            • Dwag in Fla

              “First, we got the worst possible opponent available to us.”

              A good team.

              The other good points are that we still have not lost a 1st half since Florida and, if the trend in our bowl game point spreads continues, we’ll lose next year’s bowl game by only 2 points

          • Cojones

            Paul, listen to the Mayor. Carefully and with feeling. He plays in politics, you know.

  14. wnc dawg

    I thought Jarvis’ injury seemed to play a bigger role than has been discussed. Certainly they were keying on him, but he didn’t seem to have any lateral quickness after putting on the brace. His lone explosive play was a north-south blitz…that said, I agree it was disappointing that no one else stepped up and caused some pressure.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And that may have been the only way to neutralize him — knock him out with an injury. I have yet to rewatch this thing but I don’t recall the sequence which sent him to the sideline. Was it just a legit injury or were they chopping at his legs all day?

  15. charlottedawg

    I’l use this game as a metaphor for the season. To misquote Dennis Green we were who we thought we were, namely a good but not yet great team that has moments of brilliance then negates it with sheer boneheaded f$%’tardedness. Fortunately any problems keeping us from taking the next step as a program are definitely fixable. It is now up to the players and coaches to fix them.

  16. Will Trane

    Senator, excellant summation and review. You hit every one of them.
    Watched the part of the Oregon and Wisconsin game and a good bit of the Sanford and Oklahoma State game. The latter game mirrored the Georgia game in many ways, including the OT. Sanford and OSU, like UGA and MSU could have gone either way.
    Like I posted on your site earlier this morning, around 2:00am, the issues are the O line and running game. You are kinder than I, but at 2am why hold back.
    No doubt running backs and the offensive line have been huge issues for us the past 5 years. As I stated the offensive line had their butts whipped all day. And if you line up the current RBs 8 yards behind the LOS they are going to get cut down behind the line. They are just too damn slow getting in the gap and lane.
    Which brings me to this. I lay the line problem on recruiting and Searels who did nothing his last two years in bringing solid linemen to us. Again, Coach Friend and Coach T in the S&C have a lot of work to until next kickoff. Every team we face next year will be better. I am a strong believer that a potent running game and punishing O line win champsionships.
    But you touched on two important words in your comments about the game. Two words I used. “Game management”. That, plus “game plan”. This is where I have issues with Richt and Bobo. They had neither for MSU. This for me has been an issue all season, regardless of 10 wins. If Richt is smart and not stubborn, he’d find a new offensive coordinator. Bobo, like Martinez, is sub-standard. If McGarity lets this pass, he is not as good an AD as I thought.
    Thanks for the excellant comments, Senator.

    • Cojones

      Too bad yours weren’t ,Will. Thought you were off Bobo-bashing. To call an SEC O coach “sub-standard” after his years of winning must mean that you coach in the Pros.

      Wow, Senator. You are really getting in the heavy gravy with the great coaches from the Pros commenting on here….ooohhh….he isn’t? Sure sounds like he thinks he is.

      Will, you think you can go out and get some recruits like Bobo? Ohh, so you are sub-standard there? I’ll tell you where else you are substandard; as a person who would cheap-shot a tenured SEC coach.

      • adam

        Come on, man.

        Stop attacking people personally for disliking Bobo. He’s not a sub-standard person for thinking Bobo isn’t good enough as an OC. That’s absurd. Plus, trying to discredit someone’s opinion by attacking them as people isn’t a valid argument. That’s a logical fallacy. Just because someone isn’t an amazing OC doesn’t mean they can’t accurately assess a coach’s ability (or lack thereof). That’s ad hominem reasoning anyway.

        Some people just don’t think Bobo is that good.

        If you’re going to attack people who think that… You should debate points with them and not attack them personally or misrepresent statistics. I know you like Bobo, but this approach is beneath you.

        • Cojones

          You need to read his blog again. He called Bobo “substandard” and I used his words right back at him. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out. I thought that , considering the comment, I spoke with reserve.

          My approach is to give back as cruddy as one writes about another coachs’s character as if his appraisal is meaningful. Stick to football and I’ll reply in kind. You wander out on character issues, you will see me and a few other Dawgs in your face. And that goes for your f-stars-ing cat too.

  17. Will Trane

    One other comment re OT. The FG attemtps should not only be laid at the feet of Walsh, but on the hands of the long snapper and holder. The first attempt was a poor snap. The last could be better, but Walsh was too slow in getting it up. This team needs to be quicker.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, we work on those “quicker” plays all the time, but the players seem to not be able to do them in the game. We don’t know whether their legs are too fat or not long enough. Regardless, we will get on it right away. Hmmm…wonder if we can use a whip or a shock collar? Bet that would make them “quicker”.

      Truth is, Will, FU gets all those players, but they can’t coach them up like Bobo could.

  18. Cousin Eddie

    I would like to know what Richt plans to address next year, be specific. In particular what does he need to happen to feel comfortable enough with the offense to leave the ball in their hands with the game on the line? With 3 minutes left in a one score game why go ultra conservative and run the ball three times and punt? Do you fear the offensive performance so much that you feel safer with the ball in the other team’s hands? If so what is the cure for this? To many times this year with a lead later in the game (not real late just 4th quarter) this coaching staff acted afraid of the offense.
    What is the saying “playmakers want the ball with the game on the line,” then what do you call a coaching staff that doesn’t want the ball. Drive the field and ice the game.

    • Cojones

      Gosh, Cousin Eddie, you need to read a little more about the team and players before trolling on here because you see others doing the same. Give you the big “A” of the day for your witless post. You can figure out what “the big A” is , if not, don’t get back to us.

  19. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Door to Door”

    Butts-Mehre Defense Complex, Underground Bunker

    1100 hours, Day 2 of 2012 Season (Day 2 of Year 2 of Third Five Year Plan)

    Mark chuckles when reminded of his before and after Michigan State comments regarding his monster Ten (10) Win Season concluding Year 1 of the Third Five Year Plan –

    Before Michigan State:

    “We’ve got a bunch of coaches that know what we’re doing.”

    Then he [Mark] added this: “We’re going to be knocking on the door of the greatest success that you can have in college football. If we keep knocking hard enough, one day we’ll get there. That’s kind of how I see it.”

    After Michigan State:
    C’mon man: “I felt like my man would make the kick”

    Meanwhile, upon hearing the gentle sound of McGarity’s battering ram, one Mark looks through the periscope to survey the target zone at the top hatch of the bunker, and tells the other Mark it looks like McGarity has come with an offering of contract extension documents. The other Mark says, “Where’s Todd? I hope he’s still around…”

  20. timphd

    This game wasn’t lost by Murray or Walsh or even Bobo IMO. It was lost by an o line that got physically whipped all game. Couldn’t open a hole big enough for Barry Sanders to run through.

    • Cousin Eddie

      +100% agreement.
      The one play that shocked me was when Murray took a knee and the O-line didn’t move and the D-line came through and hit Murray, I thought maybe the Oline will get fired up and play with heart after that. NOPE.

      • Cojones

        They didn’t have to move. Ben caught MSU offside and snapped the ball to Murray who downed it. The play was dead except for your brain-dead cousin from MSU who should have gotten a 15 yarder instead of the 5 yd offsides he was caught on. Guess that runs in your family, eh?

    • The Lone Stranger

      They couldn’t open a crack for CT to eke through and he is roughly 10 inches wide!

  21. 69Dawg

    I know coaches have to show that they trust their players to perform but for Richt to ignore the terrible season Walsh had had and put him in a position to fail is just beyond rational. Blair has cost himself any shot at the NFL. No pro team is going to take a head case, that can’t win games. His last attempt was so low that it almost hit Bean Anderson in the butt. The MSU player that blocked it just raised his arms he didn’t even jump.

    Speaking of Bean, bless his heart, has anyone ever been in over their heads more than Bean. He was to be charitable confused all day.

    I would also like to say that to let MSU #2 come untouched at Arron was too put Arron in danger of being cut in half. The tight ends did not even brush block him.

    If our offense coaches were capable of the analysis CTG makes of the opposition we would be 100 % better, but I fear Mike doesn’t have the time or the inclination to devote himself to studying the the opposition, we just do our thing and hope for the best. If we are better than the other team we win if we are equal to or weaker than we lose, it’s really pretty simple in Bobo land.

    • Cojones

      But kickers get over head cases. and who is to say when that does or doesn’t occur? Most kickers have suffered from it and there is no simple solution as to how long it lasts. What would you have Richt to do after he made a couple of kicks lately and does wellm in practice. Please tell us where ther cutoff point is in head cases with kickers? We and the NFL would like to know. Why ndo they take a timeeout to “ice” kickers? Because it’s a psychological part of the game. Duh.

      And where do you get the dumbass comments about Bobo? You”fear”? Why don’t you frigging cry while you’re at it,tit-wit. That would do a lot of us good .

      Generally, I’ve appreciated some of your comments (some I haven’t appreciated), 69 Dawg, but I thought that you didn’t participate in lynch-mob comments. Shots at Bobo’s thinking from you gives a newer meaning to “sinking lower than”.

  22. W Cobb Dawg

    As we did with WM, Jancek & Fabris, I’d like to see most of the offensive staff dismissed. Maybe keep Ball & Lilly – their players have tended to perform over the seasons. Friend & McClendon are on-the-job-trainees who don’t produce, not professional coaches. Truth is, Bobo is a liability to this team when we take the field. We have professional coaching on the defense. Now the offense desperately needs professional coaches.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, and the D doesn’t allow enough points to lose where I come from. Stretching these superlatives where you similate commending the D coach means it’s “OK” to say groundless shit about other coaches’s careers doesn’t make you a concerned fan. Find the new coach who will unteach all we have taught to the O and substitute in with a new set of plays and philosophies and I’ll show you another Auburn grad’s thinking and football expertise. Somehow, they don’t go together.

  23. how many millions in nfl money has walsh cost himself? biggest loser to wear the red and black since patricia pass, the sideline stalker.

  24. Brent

    Hate to bring it up, but Murray has had 3 turnovers against Mich St, 3 AGAINST lsu, AND 3 MORE AGAINST sOUTH cAROLINA.

    Same ole story.

    • Cojones

      And? I’d love to see some of you detractors get hit like Murray has. You would be in the hospital for a week from each hit. Perhaps you would hear more steps than he does after getting hit. Perhaps you can’t even wear his chinstrap, duffus. Better yet, I’d like to see you as his blockers, but for yourself. Think about the last sentence, it will come to you.