While we’re on the subject of questionable game management…

it’s not like Mark Richt had a monopoly on it yesterday.

You could argue that Shaw’s decision-making was even iffier, because he had Andrew Luck playing lights out as his non-kicking option.

On the other hand, this was Shaw’s first dance at the rodeo; Richt’s had more than a few chances to learn from.


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38 responses to “While we’re on the subject of questionable game management…

  1. David Shaw

    Go DWAGS!

  2. Debby Balcer

    GO DAWGS!!

  3. Will Trane

    First rule of coaching. Explain that to me. First rule of coaching is you put your best players on the field to win. Shaw and Richt made the same mistake. Here is a rule in coaching. “If you keep making the same mistake, guess what? You get the same mistake”.

    You have the best QB in the nation and you let your kicker decide your fate. Well, Sanford got what they called. They did not put their best player on the field to win. A QB who had played brillantly and a Heisman candidate. Go figure why a coach would put the history of the kicker in the 2011 season and game in their to win…ahead of an Andrew Luck. Watched in unfold and thought of Georgia.

    That is what Richt did, too. That is coaching. Shaw and Richt both failed and got a loss for their decisions. Richt should have emptied the backfield and flooded the field with speed receivers, White, and Charles. Players make plays. Win or lose with your play makers. In OT you go for the 6, not the three. In OT you want to show your team, alums, bowl committee, fans, and viewers we came to put on the show.

    You have 4 tries to get a first down or a 6. Make the plays, it is our ball, our game clock, we are limited by down and distance and the play clock. It favors us. Not the mind set of a Richt or Shaw. They got what they deserved…a brutal, tough loss.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I’ll get behind just about all of that, of course that very offensive strategy you prescribe may just have gotten Murray drilled into submission the way Anderson was ducking blocks. Or, since they saw how the pass protection was disintegrating all afternoon, why not screens to the shaky right side of the line? I guess they aren’t a confident screening team, as those were scarcely used all year.

  4. DawgPhan

    bad kicking was the constant theme in college football this year. did the ball change this season?

  5. There is no glory without GUTS.

  6. SouthGa Dawg

    You can’t blame Bobo for the play calling in the OT. Off tackle run then QB take a knee falls squarely on Richt. I cannot believe we did not try to advance the ball on that series. My call would have been: first down – throw to the endzone, if unsuccessful second down – TB draw. Third down – FB pass in the flats. Then kick the FG on fourth down. The thing is I think we could have gotten a first down – MSU lost momentum on the int.

  7. DB

    One of the worst things about this loss is having to listen to Finebaum today rag on Richt some more.

    • HK

      You know, nobody HAS to listen to Finebaum.

    • SouthGa Dawg

      Finebaum earlier predicted Mizzou winning the East next year. What a funny guy…

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Sure, it’s annoying listening Finebaum make fun of Richt. But even more annoying is Richt and Co. exemplifying all of Finebaum’s critical remarks and making clownish game-management decisions. Win a big game against a good team, or hell, even a couple big games and I’m pretty sure Finebaum will stop. Until then, the joke continues to be on us.

  8. HK

    Meh, couple bad calls. Shit happens.

    Hey, that guy with the 13-0 team playing for the championship has made some pretty ridiculous calls before, too, so I’m not all that concerned.

    2012 still looks pretty damn good for Georgia.

    • King Jericho

      The only problem with that is that guy also oversigns and doesn’t give a frick about how his players develop as individuals as long as they can produce for him on the football field.

      If Richt oversigns, we probably wouldn’t have an O-line problem. If Richt lightens on the punishment, we probably have a more close QB battle (maybe different QB?) that would/could push Aaron to another level. We’d also probably be deeper at RB. WHO KNOWS?!

      All I know is Richt isn’t Les and I’m okay with that. I’m sorry, but winning at all costs isn’t everything to me.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Then become a Kentucky fan. I want the Dawgs to win.

        • sUGArdaddy

          You don’t want to feel that dirty, mayor. Richt will win big, and you’ll feel better we did it right.

          What I can’t figure out is why Mcgarity isn’t shouting from the rooftops for conference reform on drug/alcohol related suspensions and oversigning.

        • Macallanlover

          Damn Mayor, that is just awful. Fortunately, you speak for a very small segment of the UGA fans, and a really small number of the adults. Perhaps you should go become a Satan fan, I don’t want those “ethics” speaking for UGA. There’s “winning”, there’s “cheating”, and there is “low class”….when you mix any of them it isn’t something that impresses anyone. Ask Barry Bonds, Cheetzik,, OJ, etc, etc

          Hell man, just go break into a pawn store and steal a trophy.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Wusses. All of you. I’d tell you all to start blogging for Vanderbilt but since Vandy hired Franklin……well you get the picture.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            And I speak for no one but myself.

            • The other Doug

              But you’re the Mayor.

              • Cojones

                Yeah (and I know your reply was snarky) and he just said he speaks for himself. I’m buying that. So the rest of us prefer the class side.

                By the way, with all these good coaches becoming available for the same reasons (insanely enflammed idiot “fans”), add Beamer to the list. Hey! He was on the list for wishful Richt replacement wasn’t he? Gosh, instead of coaches exchanging schools, I have an alternative; Why don’t the fan bases exchange until they find the playing climate they desire? That way, all nit-picking is solved and the coaches stay home where thay belong. Perhaps it’s the uninformed, judgemental big-angst fan group that needs a change of scenery.

                With Va Tech’s loss due to coaching witlessness, God has intervened by inserting His Big Paw into the Negative-Blogs-of-the Richt-Day and chosen Beamer to be the latest lesson in how to deface a good coach.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Thank you. No one wants to hear that. Richt won 2 sec titles at UGA in his first five years. Saban’s won 1 in five at Bama.

      It’s football. He’s a good coach. Saban went 10-3 last year with a roster loaded with NFL talent. It happens.

  9. Everyone keeps complaing about the decision in OT. I thought it was the decision to NOT kick a FG in the first quarter that hurt. Those three points (from a much closer place than Walsh missed all of his FG’s) would have come in pretty handy. But hey fans should be happy because after all the moaning last year about not going for against UCF on fourth and one at least can say see we showed them by going for it.

    • Chopdawg

      We lost the game because we couldn’t run the ball.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Specifically, we lost the game because our O-Line couldn’t run block causing us not to be able to run the ball or pass block causing us not to be able to pass the ball.

        • Captain Obvious

          We lost the game because we scored fewer points.

          • Bobby Bowden

            We lost the game because a field goal attempt that would have won the game went wide right by a yard.

          • Cojones

            Capt- This is no time for reality. Can’t you see there are a lot of interloping “fans” on here? What you are proposing is that Grantham allowed too many points? Whoa!!! Such blasphemy will get this Divide-and-conquer crowd steamed. See, they think it’s wise to throw up Grantham as a lure to champion someone (hell anyone for this crowd) to replace Richt and Bobo as a team. They don’t have a clue as to what this staff’s loyalty and dedication goes to , and he doesn’t sit in the AD’s or Presidents’s chair (s).

        • Mayor, I finally agree with you. If we had been able tp pick up tjat first down on the first drive, everything would have been different. No running game. Not able to get that important 1 yard.
          Good lines open holes for average backs. Good backs make average lines look good. We are average in both.
          They beat us in the trenches & play calling had nothing to do with that.
          Our DL let us down on their last drive. 85 yards with no timeouts? That , a missed FG, & a poor running game cost us the game. The game was lost in the trenches. A blocked FG?. Hard to try anything else with that poor of a running game & them killing us with a pass rush, Just wish the FG had been good. It was the best option available to us at that time.

  10. Cojones

    I would please remind everyone how well MSU was rated in overall defense, but mostly running D. When writers said that our D was a little better, think of our O playing a game against our D with Jarvis injured and playing. That’s about as good a way as any to drill it through your miopic brains that MSU was as good as advertised, including their AA tackle. Our line was exhausted by the 3rd overtime, players made enough mistakes to lose to a good team. Hell, they covered Charles to limit him at 2 yds. Woudn’t you think with Charles/ Murray, hometown heroes, record-breaking potential that Murray could get at least 80-100 yds out of it if he could. Review the film. They covered Charles like a blanket, bracheted by two D backs, sometimes three, such that none of that could work? They planned well and won. Give MSU their due.

    Where in hell is our praise for those great plays and players making those positive differences in this game.? Cheez, over 200 yds receiving for King; Rambo, Boykin, Alec and others had great games.