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One thing McGarity gets right.

Well played, sir.  Now if we can do something about the musical choices offered during games…


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Reader poll: A question of temperature

Interesting contrast in this story and this story between the optimism of Georgia’s players…

“It’s definitely not the way you want to finish a season off and head into an offseason, but we’ve got to put it behind us,” quarterback Aaron Murray said. “I think the whole Dawg Nation is very excited. I know as a team we’re pretty excited about the future of this team and the direction we’re heading right now. We have to use this as motivation.”

“We’ve got a whole lot coming back,” said linebacker Jarvis Jones, who led the SEC with 13 1/2 sacks. “I’m really looking forward to the offseason and the season coming up. We’re definitely going to be better. We definitely are going to be bigger, stronger, faster.”

“I feel like the sky’s the limit,” King said, “and I feel like this team can do tremendous things.”

… and the caution expressed by Georgia’s coordinators.

“We kind of ran out of gas,” said defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, whose depth in the Michigan State game was thinned by injuries which hurt the pass rush. “We have a good team; we’ve improved, but we’ve got to understand that we’ve got to finish people off when we can.”

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was asked Monday night whether, considering everyone his team is expected to have back, if there was any desire to start the 2012 season as soon as possible.

“No. The season will start next month, with the offseason,” Bobo said. “There’s a lot of areas we need to correct.”

“We’ve gotta become more consistent in the run game,” Bobo said. “We’re not able to run the ball real consistently. But there are gonna be times when you have lost-yardage plays or get stopped, get 2, get 3. And you’ve just gotta keep firing away at it. We probably didn’t do that enough (Monday). We’ve gotta get some consistency at that position.”

Sounds like the perfect introduction for today’s reader poll.

I suspect some of you will want to add something in the comments.  Let ‘er rip.


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Fun with the next SEC schedules

Obviously, this is just an exercise in stats, but Bill Connelly takes this year’s SEC F+ ratings and games out the 2012 season.  If you’re a Georgia fan, it comes out just like you’d hope.

East Conf. Rec. Record Diff
Georgia 7-1 10-2
South Carolina 5-3 9-3 -1 Win
Vanderbilt 5-3 9-3 +3 Wins
Florida 4-4 7-5 +1 Win
Missouri 4-4 7-5
Tennessee 1-7 5-7
Kentucky 0-8 3-9 -2 Wins

Sure, there are a few things that will be in play not reflected there (for example, I think Bill’s statistical optimism about Vandy is going to run into the reality of the 2012 team being far less experienced than 2011’s), but it gives you a good idea of how powerful an impact next season’s schedule will have.

By the way, I’m assuming the non-conference loss is to Georgia Tech.  If so, we’ll see.  (Next time, I’ll read the comments section.)


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Every Georgia fan’s least favorite Vanderbilt player has been dismissed from the team.  Evidently it has something to do with a team rule involving anatomy.

… Stewart played in nine games and made six starts prior to suffering a season-ending knee injury at Tennessee. His progress was slowed at the start of the season due to a bout with mononucleosis…

“It’s like I’ve told you, I’m going to have a player’s back but they have to have my back, our team’s back and the university’s back,” Franklin said. “If it’s going to come to a point where I don’t feel like it’s that way, we’ll make a change.”

Jeebus, is there any situation he can’t make sound confrontational?


UPDATE:  Bryant Denny makes a fair point.


UPDATE #2:  More on Franklin’s roster management here.


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You’ve got your sense of humor and I’ve got mine.

Mike Leach, settling in on the new job, does a pretty good chat with the Seattle Times.  My favorite part:

Comment From Ethel

Tell the truth, Coach: Do you ever get sick of the whole pirates’ thing?

Mike Leach:

I got flags, pins, swords, books, hats, Mickey Mouse ears with Pirates stuff on them. A sterling silver skull and crossbones. Posters and paintings. I got 6-foot skeleton. It’s in storage in Lubbock. I’m still getting it.

As far as nicknames, as a kid, you don’t get to select them. Based on the ones I could have gotten tagged with, I feel very fortunate.

Ba da boom!  I bet a few choice terms were thrown his way in closed-door meetings in Lubbock.

Meanwhile, Leach’s nemesis launched his first campaign ad.

Hitching your wagon to Rick Perry’s star?  Who knew James had a gift for comedic timing?  Kenny Banya approves.  That’s gold, Craig, GOLD!


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Say you love me and I’ll let you go.

Maybe I’m reading way too much into this situation, but the first thing that came to mind when I read this silly comment from SOD

“I think if you talk to Justin and you talk to Peter and you talk to Eric and you talk to DeAnthony, I think they’ll all feel the same way, that we’re doing the right things, that we’re heading in the right direction and the success is going to come and the worst is behind us.”

… was that he’s either delusional or that there was some sort of quid pro quo in play.  And damned if this quote from Arnett doesn’t sound just like that happened.

“I want to ensure that all recruits, current players and fans know that the University of Tennessee is headed in the right direction. All good things take time and work. UT has always surpassed the rest and I believe in due time they will be back to the number one program in the SEC.”

Seriously, who ever talks like that when they’re leaving a football program?


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Blew season

What is with this sudden bowl game epidemic of missed field goals in overtime?

It sounds like Dr. Hoke has the cure for the disease.

… Michigan then used three conservative runs to set up Gibbons in the middle of the field. Right before Gibbons lined up for the game-winning kick, he said he thought of “brunette girls.”

“Every time we were like struggling in kicking, coach tells me to think about girls on a beach or brunette girls,” Gibbons said. “So that’s what we did. Made the kick.”

Hubba hubba.


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The audacity of greatness

Mark Richt, summing up his team’s 10-4 season, tampers down the praise:  “… I still think that our guys had a good year, not a great year.”

Dan Mullen, on the other hand, sounds pretty impressed with Mississippi State’s 7-6 year, despite two fewer wins than in 2010, failure to meet his preseason goal of winning the West, etc.:

“You know what,” said Mullen, “to me, it’s a great season.”

Hey, say it enough and you probably come to believe it.


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