Just wait ’til he finds out about John Feinstein.

Ed Gunther’s just discovered something I learned a while ago:  when it comes to the BCS, Frank Deford is one cranky old bastard.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    Deford watchers predict that in his next college football commentary, Frank will try to remember to use three things he had to live through: the 1919 World Series, the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics and the 2012 Orange Bowl Massacre.

  2. ChicagoDawg

    Deford’s weekly commentary on NPR’s Morning Edition is enough to inspire one to jam ice picks into their ears. He truly is insufferable.

  3. Edawg

    Your constant whining about a playoff makes you sound like the cranky, old fart. You really should look in the mirror.

    • Because I’m wrong, or because you disagree with me?

      • Edawg

        It doesn’t matter if I disagree with you or think you’re wrong. The point is that you do the same things that you blast others for.

        • Sorry… I guess I’m just not getting your point here.

          • Edawg

            The point is that you think people are cranky for taking shots at the BCS but you don’t think you’re cranky for taking shots at them or at a playoff.

            I generally like the blog but your constant whining about the bowl/BCS/playoff debate is annoying at best.

            Question: Do you go to every Georgia game – home, away, and bowls?

            • I don’t think people are cranky merely for taking shots at the BCS. There are a number of playoff proponents whom I respect who manage to state their cases without inducing any eye-rolling on my part, even when I disagree. People like Deford and Feinstein are on a different level – as Gunther put it, they’re doing their own side a disservice with the way they argue. If you think I’m doing the same, I’d sure be interested in some specifics, because that’s not my intention.

              As for your last question, no. This year, I made all the home games, Ole Miss, the Cocktail Party and the SECCG.

              • Edawg

                I don’t have specifics (or the time to gather them up), so I give.

                I only asked to the attendance question to make sure you aren’t one of the ones bitter about the idea of a playoff just b/c it may mean not being able to attend every game. Glad you’re not one of those. Peace.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Except the Senator has well-reasoned arguments supporting his position, and he has also repeatedly stated that he’s not against playoffs in and of themselves but that they must be well-designed or it they inevitably result in bracket-creep.

          Deford, like most other writers, bemoans the lack of a playoff while failing to offer a feasible alternative.

          I find myself waffling back and forth in agreement with Blutarsky and Matt Hinton.

  4. Cojones

    Guess the other college football divisions will have to shelve their playoffs since they don’t work.

    Does everyone get amnesia when it comes to systematizing the playoffs? Why do the arguments acknowledge some of the downfalls of the BCS, but act as if there is nothing worthwhile to argue for a playoff simply because they acknowledge the BCS negatives. These are subjects with discussion points, not short shrift Armageddons. The overkill from both sides is becoming insufferable.