“Why aren’t you putting that thing in the air?”

Stuff like this is why I freakin’ love college football.


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7 responses to ““Why aren’t you putting that thing in the air?”

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    “I’ve heard Stitt “clinic” with other top offensive minds over the past few years at the One-Back Clinic, a small gathering of some cutting-edge coaches each off-season. Whenever the soft-spoken Stitt walks to the front of those rooms, in front of some 20 coaches, most from the most prolific FBS programs, the guy commands their attention.”

    Send Bobo


    • Buster

      Can’t you see Bobo getting up to speak (about what I have no idea) and the other coaches head for a restroom break?


  2. William

    +1, can we find a way to send Murray too (one that won’t bring the NCAA down to call)?


  3. Skeeter

    How can there be an entire school of pantomime out West?


  4. BOBO will be worse after attending such things.


  5. Cojones

    I’ll bet you didn’t anticipate all the anti-Bobo remarks, did you, Senator? Rriiiiight.

    What to name the play series. So many choices. How about the “Give a Flying Stitt” play, or the “Stitt-stat” play? We could label it the “Hurray-Murray” Play. Proliferation leads to a “Stat Right” Play, but that sounds like a question mark is needed after the title. This could lead to a pile of Dawg-Stitt plays.