It’s gonna be a slow January.

At least compared to the last two.

First – and as hard as some of you may try otherwise – it’s hard to get as worked up about a ten-win season as it is about losing ones.

And second, unlike the last two years, there’s no staff drama.

Finally, McGarity said there was to be no other football staff turnover, at least as far as he’s aware.

“And I would know that through Mark,” he said.

Recruiting rumors are about all the fun we’ll have left, I’m afraid.  That and watching SOD’s next move.


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27 responses to “It’s gonna be a slow January.

  1. The Lone Stranger

    SOD will soften the hard blow of winter here. When is his next tutorial in proper hygiene and grooming practices?

    I’ll be intently monitoring the progress toward some OL depth and the IC Boo-Boo Watch.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Opportunity is nowhere.


  3. Cojones

    Good. Sounds like a plan for Jan. Does this mean that we should get the axes out in Feb and leading up to Spring Game? It will be nice to discuss positive aspects of the team for a while.

    Should we game McGarity about not planning ahead and having a contract ready for signing last month? Or was the plan changed from not offering initially and, with the resurgence of Richt, has caught him flatfooted? Having an unsigned new agreement won’t help recruiting as much as a well-thought signed agreement would. So the recruits hear we ARE GOING to sign another contract, eh?Does this mean whatever Richt and staff demand, they will get? What if the school doesn’t like the demands and the contract’s still in limbo?

    Tune in kiddies. I think another drama may come up by Feb and it won’t be about recruiting, except tangentially.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    10 wins is CMR’s happy place. All is right with the world. Fans are off his back, and those that want continued improvement are considered extreme or unrealistic. Meanwhile, we have at least 10 slots to fill with less than a month to go in recruiting – and that looks more and more like an up-hill battle as each day goes by and targeted players commit elsewhere. Seems pretty compelling to me, not slow or uninteresting.



      He would have been happier with 11, elated with 12 and on top of the world with 13. He wants to win it all worse than we ever will. I doubt you’ll see complacency with the stark improvements that can be made. I say “stark” not in a negative way, but in a positive way because the needs are obvious, few and fixable. Contrast UGA’s situation with Tennessee’s, Auburn’s, Ole Miss’, and probably Florida’s and you should see Georgia’s glass is more than half full.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Of course it’s more than half full. CMR won 10 this year and with an easy schedule is almost guaranteed to win 10 next year. As I said, anyone who suggests improvement is considered unrealistic – see your comparisons to struggling programs which have absolutely nothing to do with UGA improving or my comment. Please go out on a limb and define what you expect as ‘stark improvement’ for next year. You’re expecting better playcalling? A better OL? Better QB play? Better kicking teams (with the K and P graduating)? Better RBs? What do you base your stark mprovement statement on? I see a lock down D. Other than that, I think we’re mediocre.


  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    FWIW, this Theus kid will start from Day 1. He will be the best OL at UGA since Stinchcomb the younger left.

    Don’t know if any of you are watching this Army Game, but the kid is an absolute brick wall. Been playing guard most of the day, but does not look like he will have any issue sliding to OT. He has the size to matchup with these DT’s and the feet to cover DE’s.


  6. Turd Ferguson

    I don’t care how irrational it may be at this point, I hold out hope that the shit really hits the fan in Auburn sometime during this offseason. Maybe not this month, but sometime.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boom’s gotta re-tool too.


  8. AusDawg85

    At over 10mm hits, the Senator is just letting us know he’ll be in the Caribbean this off-season. 🙂


  9. FRED

    I really beleive that the people defending CMR are family.


    • BCDawg97

      ??? Slow day at the AJC?


    • sUGArdaddy

      I really believe that Fred belongs in a mental institution.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        It is possible that Fred is poking a stick at everyone. However, it is also possible that he believes UGA has greater potential without CMR. Either way, CMR will remain our HC for sometime. Not all agree with this move, but it is hard to deny it given this season’s results (no matter how weak this schedule may have been). So, we await 2012 with the staff intact, for better or worse.


  10. travis

    And cue jordan love’s transfer. Nice jinx, jinx.


  11. Spike

    We will have Penn State to watch.


    • The Lone Stranger

      …and fan-wise, those people want all on their own Board of Trustees pile-driven through folding tables following the hiring of this boob from New England. It’s some eternally funny stuff cruising by their blogs to sample how a truly out-of-touch fan base can protray itself. Yet, still, whenever mention is made by either this new coach or a poster about The Old Man great roars of delight go up.

      They still don’t get it, and probably never will until after two decades of mediocrity has forced them to reassess their priorities “true” fandom.


    • SouthGa Dawg

      Is it just me or does Jay Paterno bother you? There is just something about him. Who knows, maybe he is an ok guy.


      • The Lone Stranger

        Creepy fellow, “kinda funny-lookin'” like the man says. And if you want a more pedestrian developer of QBs you will not likely find one. I’ll take Bobo in that duel.


        • Russ

          I have a friend that’s in deep with the PSU program and he said Jay Pa is pretty much reviled because of how the PSU quarterbacks have sucked for years.

          My friend also knows that it’s gonna be a while before they get over this.


  12. That sounds awesome to me.


  13. Mike

    The Comedy Club that is currently involved in the search for the next offensive coordinator at Florida is keeping Gator fans amused. Or depressed, depending on your point of view.