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In the fold and on the go

If Mark Richt’s happy about this, then I am, too.

Keith Marshall, Faton Bauta and Mark Beard attended the team meeting and have begun practices. Marshall, the highly-touted tailback, was already looking at a playbook at the meeting, which Richt said “gave me a moment to grin.”

“He’s a very talented young man,” Richt said. “He’s very focused.”

Can’t wait to see how he looks at G-Day.



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He wanted to get back to the SEC in the worst way.

It’s certainly a step up from Ted Roof.

Wonder if he took a pay cut.  If not, he’s the best paid college DC in America, except for Kiffin senior.


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He’s orange, rested and ready.

If we can’t have the Zooker on the Plains, this wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize.

Tennessee, he’s got SEC head coaching experience, in case SOD doesn’t work out.  Just sayin’.


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“I wish I had three of him.”

Congrats to Brandon Boykin for winning the Paul Hornung Award, given to the nation’s most versatile player.


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Counting heads in Athens

Seth Emerson has a handy breakdown on the current scholarship numbers (including the three enrolling today) here.

As he notes, the numbers are there to sign a full class of 25, or even more, but it’s unlikely to happen:

… Georgia would have room for at least 10 more recruits under the SEC’s new limit of 25, although the number could expand to 27 because LeMay and Conley back-count. (They enrolled early last year.)

In any case, it’s not likely the Bulldogs will max out their signing class, unless there’s a mass exodus of current players.

Recruiting aside, the overall numbers look more balanced between the classes than they did this time last year, which means the 2012 team will be more experienced overall.  But check out that senior class, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  If nobody leaves early, Grantham should have a smile on his face.  No wonder he’s said his biggest challenge in the spring will be finding a nickel back.


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Grantham’s defining moment?

I know he’s the AJ-C‘s recruiting reporter, but this Michael Carvell observation about Todd Grantham’s recruitment of Jordan Jenkins strikes me as overly dramatic:

… However, a top assistant coach hasn’t really “arrived” as a big name until he can use his reputation to make a big splash in recruiting  – either flipping a top defender committed elsewhere, or secure an elite recruit against fierce competition. Jenkins is an opportunity for Grantham to do the latter.

Really?  I can think of plenty of big name coordinators who never have had much of a reputation as recruiters.  There’s one coaching in the title game tonight.  (Indeed, Grantham is chasing another such coach for the title of best defensive coordinator at Georgia since Erk.)

I will say I’m impressed with how much Grantham has involved himself in the recruiting process, both last year and this year.  I just find it… I dunno, maybe a little creepy to suggest that his coaching reputation is so strongly tied to pulling in a particular recruit.


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REMATCH buffet

The BCS ain’t no Sly Stallone movie.  There will be a rematch tonight.  Here are a few tidbits for your mental nourishment:

  • You can bet on almost anything.
  • Roy Kramer reflects back on what he’s wrought and pronounces himself satisfied.
  • Dennis Dodd is not down with a rematch, unless it’s the result of a playoff.  Ho-kay.
  • The narrator of the Honey Badger video is rooting for LSU, naturally.
  • And if you’re wondering where the BCS is going from here, follow the money.

For what it’s worth, I’m picking LSU to run the table tonight.  You can argue about the offenses and defenses and which is better all you’d like, but the Tigers have a clear advantage on special teams and that should be the difference.


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You can’t have bowl madness without the madness.

ESPN needed a little product to show after the NFL playoff games finished, so we were treated to a MAC vs. Sun Belt match up last night in the GoDaddy.com Bowl last night, six days after what’s supposedly the sacred day of bowl season.  At least it used to be.

Which makes this SNL piece both sad and funny all at once.

They don’t make bowl seasons like they used to, that’s for sure.


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