He wanted to get back to the SEC in the worst way.

It’s certainly a step up from Ted Roof.

Wonder if he took a pay cut.  If not, he’s the best paid college DC in America, except for Kiffin senior.


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  1. diving duck

    I miss Ted Roof already.

  2. DWH

    Wow. Didn’t see that one coming.

  3. Bard Parker

    Well he didn’t do too much for the Falcons the past few games

  4. sUGArdaddy

    Well, he’s officially a traitor. I wish many, many losses, especially around mid-November.

  5. Macallanlover

    Hope he enjoys the same success he had for the Dirty Birds. BVG has been on a down slide since leaving Athens, hope it continues.

    • adam


      I’m just happy he won’t be screwing up the Falcons’ defense anymore.

      Hope Mularkey gets hired away too. Then Atlanta can get some good new coordinators (and maybe a new WR coach?) and get back on track. No reason for the team to be worse this year than last year.

      • King Jericho

        I never understood people’s problem with BVG at Atlanta. Our defense has been trending up every year while we continue to play in an offense heavy conference and division. We’ve had mediocre talent compared to other teams IMO, and I think he’s done a pretty good job all things considered. The defense looked like the only unit that came to play yesterday and kept us in the game much longer than we should have been.

        • Spence

          Agree, but am going to wipe my memory clean and hope that his last several years are indicative of the results he’ll get at Auburn.

          Reality is, AU made a good hire today. Fuck.

          • Zdawg

            Yea, I think that last word says it all. I just talked to an auburn pal and really couldn’t spin how this is anything but a huge get for them

  6. charlottedawg

    It was bad enough that ted roof left now auburn may start playing defense again? damn it i was hoping to see those cheaters on the plains suck for a while.

  7. Alphadawg

    This is worrisom. The Falcons losses this year weren’t because BVG and the defense.

  8. KennyT

    Just to stir it up some more . . .

    Radi Nabulsi @RadiNabulsi 22m
    · Brian VanGorder was willing to return to #UGA two years ago, just wanted an apology from Richt and $1 mil a year. No biggie.

    • Zdawg

      Apology for what? Man, I don’t like this…

      • KennyT

        I think that is what others will want to know and Nabulsi was serious. His follow up tweet was that Richt was to apologize in front of the staff.

        • Wait and see what kind of control over Auburn’s defensive staff BVG is given. If he has the power to hire and fire on that side, that’s more than he had in Athens. Which is sort of related to the apology…

          • Puffdawg

            My first reaction to this hire was… meh, no ill will. It’s not like he left us to go straight to Auburn. Coaching staffs change, coaches move on. But if Van Gorder really did demand an apology, I find that kind of tasteless. You won’t find a more loyal boss than Mark Richt. Also remember who hired BVG originally, and from where… that would be Mark Richt, who lured BVG away from, wait for it… I-AA juggernaut Western Illinois

            • Scott W.

              Your remarks are incendiary and offend my sensibilities. I want a public apology and ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

            • Cojones

              And Brian had already impressed Richt when he coached at FSU. Richt had to make a choice between what he saw was two equally qualified D coaches, VanGorder and Martinez. That’s why it was immediate that Willy took over when VanGorder left.

          • SCDawg

            And his first decision on firing would have been…Willie Martinez?

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          At the time, the internet rumors I read was that there were problems between BVG and Garner. BVG wanted Garner gone, but Richt refused and told BVG he couldn’t dictate staff decisions to Richt and that part of BVG’s job was to be able to work with all the other coaches. That’s led to BVG getting PO’d and leaving for Jax. If true, I have to say I agree with Richt on that one.

          • Zdawg

            Sooo…BVG was willing to comeback and work with Richt/Garner if paid 1$mil and Richt apologizes in front of the staff for not firing Garner? I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story.

          • At the same time, are we really so beholden to Garner that we push our very successful DC out the door? I wouldn’t necessarily rate Garner with the highest marks on the DL or in recruiting. UGA has missed out on a lot of local guys that were high on everyone else’s radar… like Jarvis Jones.

            • Normaltown Mike

              Ever wonder why all those guys that were recruiters back in the 80’s still have mysteriously imprecise jobs in the Athletic Association right now?

              I’d chalk it up to “knowin’ where all the bodies are buried”

            • BVG wasn’t pushed out the door. He basically made a power play and lost.

              And Georgia didn’t lose Jarvis because of Garner. They lost him because of Jancek.

              • Puffdawg

                Bluto, if you weren’t a flaming liberal libertarian, I’d swear you were my brother from another mother!😉 This isn’t the first time this has happened (see my comment below).

            • Puffdawg

              Trey, this is purely speculation, but I wonder if Richt didn’t necessarily pick sides but maybe just told them all to get along and BVG called his bluff and left. That could jibe with the apology part as well.

              • The story as it was told to me was that BVG issued some sort of an ultimatum to Richt (specifically related to someone in particular’s continued employment), and Richt said no dice. BVG took his ball and went home. Of course, this particular series of events could have been made up in any number of people’s brains before it was told to me. It is certainly not anything like first, second, or third hand.

                I understand that if this situation were true, Richt’s hands were tied. You can’t have a subordinate calling the shots over your head. You have to hold your ground and let him leave if he chooses to do so. I’m just wondering if BVG didn’t have a point, a point Richt perhaps should have taken under advisement. If he had, maybe the 2006-2010 years do not happen.

        • DawgPhan

          If that is the case, BVG is a little little man and we are all lucky he thought coaching LB in jacksonville was an upgrade.

          Plus he looks like a child molester with that mustache and hair cut.

          Every weekend it looks like the falcons slapped a windbreaker on the guy leaning back on his monte carlo outside of grady.

          Cheese dick and porno-stasche will look great in matching windbreakers.

          • Dawgfan Will

            Yep. That’s going to be one manly sideline next year. Better lock up your wives and daughters, fellas.

    • Mike

      I’ll take Grantham over BVG any day.

      • Spence

        We have 2 years of work from Grantham, on of which was not great, the other very good especially by comparison. Let’s reserve judgment on the comparison until after next year.

        I’d rather have BVG but am not upset we have TMFG.

      • You better hope the Falcons don’t feel the same way.😉

        • Puffdawg

          Isn’t Mike Smith a defensive guy? And a 4-3 one at that? Would probably be a wierd fit, right? Right?

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          Ha, had the same thought. But given the relationship Smith and Richt have, the unlikelyhood of a Blank supporting a transition year for the defense and how PO’d UGA fans (a large percentage of whom make up the Falcons fan base) would be, I doubt the Falcons would come calling.

          Still, I’ll bet Grantham’s agent has a smile on his face. Grantham certainly has “hand” right now.

        • Will (the other one)

          Were I a betting man, I’d say Spagnolo and Jack Del Rio are both higher on the “want” list for Mike Smith at DC.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        With BVG’s defenses, as with most 4-3 defenses, the key is the DEs being able to get pressure on the QB. If they can’t do that, the defense is in trouble.

        • Alphadawg

          It’s a timing pressure. You have to get pressure consistantly with just the front 4 in the 1st 3/4 seconds of the play. If thats not possible then you blitz. WM problem was not know when or how to coach the blitzing LB’s. BVG did a pretty job of this yesterday for the 1st 2 and half qtrs of the game.

  9. Coach Hewitt...

    Damn…. Hope the Falcons don’t come sniffing around Athens for a new DC. That would suck…..

    • NRBQ

      Hush yo mouth!

    • DCDAWG

      Stop saying things like that!

    • adam

      Del Rio and Spagnuolo are the two being mentioned right now as replacements.

      I don’t think ATL would want Grantham. He’s doing a great job, but that’d be a huge transition for the Falcons. Nothing even resembling 3-4 personnel in Atlanta.

      • Alphadawg

        Del Rio would be a huge hire for the Atlanta.

        • adam

          I think Spagnuolo would be a big get too.

          I’m cool with either of those two and I hope that BVG was told we were going after someone bigger and better.

          He got hired the day after our playoff game… he had to have applied, interviewed, etc. a while back. Hopefully the front office will have a big hire in place soon. Those 2 guys are just sitting on the market, unemployed.

  10. KennyT

    Of course BVG could be channeling some inner Charlie Weis. NFL coordinator of a playoff team cycles back to college for the same level job of past NC (2 years removed)

    Yeah that worked out well for the Gators …

  11. Auburn was the worst way back to the SEC. Hate it, but I would rather have Grantham anyway.

  12. ChicagoDawg

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out he is not receiving a pay cut. “The Family” has shown time and again they do not shy away from paying out the….dolla…dolla bill ya’ll!! That is for coach and players alike.

  13. Y’all aren’t reading between the lines. BVG wasn’t “hired away” from the Falcons… he was politely told he wouldn’t be retained for the 2012 season, and was told to seek employment elsewhere.

    • The timing of that is intruguing. Was he told that before the playoff game?

      • TennesseeDawg

        Rumors were that several Falcon coaches were going to be shown the door and BVG looks to be the first. Anyway you slice it, a DC job in the pros is better than in college. Must have been abrupt considering BVG’s goal was to eventually become a HC somewhere.

        • Doug

          Yeah, that’s what surprises me the most about this too. Always assumed BVG’s ultimate goal was a head-coaching job in the NFL. Even the one-year stop at Georgia Southern — in which he royally pissed off the alums by ditching the triple-option for a pro-style offense — seemed calculated to better situate him for an NFL job.

          I’m not convinced his arrival in Auburn portends immediate domination for the Tigers and doom for everyone else — for one thing, he’ll have to contend with way more spread offenses now than he ever did at UGA, and a higher level of competition to boot — but still, dang. When word came down that Auburn had agreed to terms with one of the Falcons’ coordinators, I was reeeeeally hoping they meant Mularkey.

          • adam

            Mularkey will probably end up with the Phins or the Jags.

            I think the Falcons will likely land an awesome DC.

            Hopefully they can land an amazing OC as well. Land a few good FA offensive linemen and all the pieces are there for a top offense.

      • adam

        From the way the game went, you’d think they told him at halftime.

      • Darrron Rovelll

        My guess is that BVG was told early this AM after Thomas Dimitroff sat down with Mike Smith. Dimitroff is pretty sharp and probably had list of 2012 changes going to begin the 2011 season post-mortem as soon as the season ended.

        Also this stuff happens quickly in the NFL. Josh McDaniels has already moved back to the Patriots and is expected on the sideline this weekend.

  14. JaxDawg

    Great hire by Chizik. We all know AU can get the athletes and they will now be coached the hell up.

  15. Normaltown Mike

    The only upside is that Chizik will likely want to meddle and BVG has an extremely stiff neck. Let’s hope for sideline fisticuffs!

    • 69Dawg

      +1 If he got his panties in a wad with Richt over Garner, wait until Cheatsit offers his DC help. This could be down right entertaining.

    • 69Dawg

      I also wonder how Trooper “the Bagman” Taylor is taking the hire. Fun times in the Ugliest Village on the Plains.

      • That’s a damn good point . I guess that is what the Senator was referring to above when he was talking about controlling hiring and firing on the defensive side of the ball. Your absolutely right there ain’t a way in hell that Trooper likes being “dissed” anymore than Garner seemed too. This sounds like a potential replay of BVG v Garner. Yeah he may be a shitty Coach but he sure can recruit scenario has to lead to potential conflict. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of cheaters.

  16. Will Trane

    Do not follow the pro game. Watched the last few moments of Broncos and Steelers plus the OT. That is my watching. Not anytime after high school, the Dawgs, SEC, and D1.

    But BVG has bounced around alot. Not sure how successful he really is, even if you factor in the Georgia years. He had some good players, but there were games where the defense struggled…but they all do at sometime.

    So for me. Grantham is the DC. Think we are fortunate to have him and the current defensive staff. Like his game plans, utlization of players, and game management on that side of the ball. He, his staff, and players…they bring it to the game. The award to Boykin will begin to symbolize the his work, his staff’s work, and that of his players.

    Like to Jenkins play under him. No better coaches in D1 than the Dawgs at the present time. If you have designs for the NFL, Sanford Stadium in the place to go.

  17. Coweta Dawg

    So much for the boring off season . . .

  18. adam


    I feel good about Grantham vs. Van Gorder. I like Grantham and his scheme (and his assistants and energy and player utilization and recruiting) a lot more than BVG.

    But I don’t feel too good about Bobo vs. Van Gorder.

  19. Irishdawg

    I hope you guys are right and Del Rio gets the Falcons’ DC job. That would take half the pain away. The other half, where Auburn get’s Van Gorder’s talents, will hopefully be taken away with another 45 point UGA outing next year.

    But, with Van Gorder’s track record, he could be gone by spring practice.

  20. Cojones

    VanGorder longevity. A new Petrino?

  21. Irishdawg

    I don’t get the hatin’ on BVG’s coaching this year. Atlanta had a lot of injuries on D and still looked OK. It was the offense that was the abortion yesterday (kicks cat down street)

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Give yourself a break Paddydawg. It’s the Falcons fer chrissake. They have a curse worse than the Cubs Billy Goat curse since Rankin Smith canned Leeman Bennett.

  22. Darrron Rovelll

    And now Roof is off to Penn St instead of UCF … crazy off season.

  23. Hackerdog

    I’m not thrilled about the hire either. But, it’s not so bad for us. If he’s bad, good for us. If he’s good, he’ll be on to bigger and better things pretty darned quick.

  24. Bulldog Joe

    Be sure to keep checking your sources the next few weeks.

    VanGorder changes his mind as often as most women I know.

  25. panicdawg

    Anyone think he’ll stay in Auburn long if another NFL team comes sniffing? Ask the Gamecocks about his tenure with them.

  26. Aligator

    Great Abrun will remain a crappy team …