In the fold and on the go

If Mark Richt’s happy about this, then I am, too.

Keith Marshall, Faton Bauta and Mark Beard attended the team meeting and have begun practices. Marshall, the highly-touted tailback, was already looking at a playbook at the meeting, which Richt said “gave me a moment to grin.”

“He’s a very talented young man,” Richt said. “He’s very focused.”

Can’t wait to see how he looks at G-Day.


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32 responses to “In the fold and on the go

  1. By Georgia We Did It

    Hopefully he has two good ankles….


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ya know, 1 has taken a lot of grief….almost 900 yards, behind an offensive line that could not consistently block the Sisters of Mercy and being suspended for five quarters….and having a bum ankle…I’m glad Marshall is here, but the idea Crowell is some kind of bum is ludacris. Oh, and did I mention Crowell had to adjust to the holes closing a whole lot faster at the next level, and he had to do it on the fly, as it were?

    Twould seem to me it is time to get off the kid’s back.


    • flukebucket

      A little competition never hurt anybody. Crowell will either mature and step up or he won’t. My bet is that he will. Come next September he will be kickin’ ass and takin’ names. He’s a big boy. He’s gonna be okay.

      It is just gonna take a lotta love


      • SouthGa Dawg

        + 1 – The competition will make us better, more depth of above average backs is necessary. Malcome and Samuels are our power backs and may can be moved to FB if Crowell progress and Marshall is who he is supposed to be. I’m (unlike many Bobo haters) looking forward to what this offense will look like next year.


      • NRBQ

        That’s a Neil Young tune, fluke. Story is she was driving a rental car in which Young left a demo tape including that song, and he agreed to let her record it.


        • Flukebucket

          Well I hope it worked out well for both of them


        • The Lone Stranger

          Larson sang backup/harmony on a bunch of the Neiler’s records, notably “Comes A Time” (’78) and “Harvest Moon” (’92), just to play this thread out to its end.


      • Macallanlover

        The question with me isn’t his ability, I don’t know about that yet, nor is his ankles, that can happen to anyone, but I do worry about a player whose teammates don’t come to his side. I worry even more about the Seniors having to have a “chat” during the week of the SECCG. I am all for him, but there is a lot of smoke coming from the area of #1. He gets his chance this spring and and summer. A spirited competition cannot do anything but help UGA.

        Jordan Jenkins is a huge steal, need to start bringing some more big fish on board, particularly DBs and OL studs.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Faton is in the Tim Tebow mold so he will most likely wind up at fullback for us.


    • retwely

      Lotta truth in that post, applies even moreso to Auburn though. It’s only about 25 minutes farther from Atlanta to Auburn than it is to Athens, so AU becomes a natural backup school. for Metro Atlantans with lower SAT scores.


  4. adam

    Players are already praising Marshall on twitter.

    Quite a bit, actually.


  5. Silver Creek Dawg

    That’s great and all, but I’d like to see a “bigger” back step up and compete for carries.

    Boo Macolme and Todd Gurley, come on down!!


  6. gastr1

    Emerson tweeted that Van Gorder is going to Auburn.



  7. Haywood Jablome

    I’ll be happier when I hear about Richt grinning about an O-lineman trying to learn his blocking assignments.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ya know, it hasn’t been that hard to be a star running back at Georgia since Ole No. 34 left. Through Vince’s golden years, Goff, Donnan, and Richt, think of all the decent to big names we’ve had. If Keith Marshall keeps his head on halfway straight and stays injury free, odds are in his favor.


  9. Spike

    Beat the Gators two years in a row…


  10. NRBQ

    Dayum! Dawgs get Jordan Jenkins.