Doing the DC shuffle

There’s something fitting about Ted Roof jumping ship at UCF for a lateral move to Penn State on the day when Brian VanGorder pulled his latest gypsy move.  But it’s the loyalty that impresses most.

… New Penn State coach Bill O’Brien and Roof worked together on O’Leary’s staff at Georgia Tech and at Duke. O’Brien and Roof remain very close friends. The first sign of trouble for UCF was during O’Brien’s introductory press conference when the new Penn State coach mentioned Roof as someone who he enjoyed working with and learned a lot from in the past.

Few people expected Roof to actually accept the Penn State job after O’Leary plucked Roof from Auburn, where he faced negative backlash from rabid fans and seemed to be on the verge of getting fired. Roof and O’Brien both have spoken highly of O’Leary and thanked him for giving them key job opportunities, so it didn’t seem likely they would put O’Leary in a bind so close to National Signing Day.

Actually, it doesn’t sound like O’Brien has much of a problem with that at all.

… O’Brien also was rumored to be targeting UCF offensive line coach Brent Key, who played at Georgia Tech while O’Brien was on the staff.

Makes you wonder what they do to people they don’t think so highly of.


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12 responses to “Doing the DC shuffle

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  2. 81Dog

    that’s just how Tech people roll. I guess those years of working in the Total Person System are paying huge dividends. I’m guessing they’ll want to install that groundbreaking system at Penn State. Maybe they’ll hire Webster Hamilton as a life skills coach. Smoking weed and driving badly would be better problems for them to have at Penn State than the current issues, wouldnt it?

  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I have no idea why UCF or Penn State would want Roof. Auburn made a huge improvement by hiring BVG.

    • Macallanlover

      Despite the high number of UGA who still love BVG, you do realize in the four stops he has made since the temper tandrum in BM no one else has been very sorry to see him go don’t you? I realize SC fans didn’t get much chance to warm up to him, but I am sure they have little love for him after the one night, touch and go. His resume from UGA may have looked good until his last week but it isn’t so sterling any where else. BVG may do a good job at The aU but he does have some issues/baggage that could flare up again.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        You’re including the Falcons, who are coming off their most successful 3 year record in their history? Truth is, BVG was a huge reason Dawgs had their best years since Herschel left. Many of us appreciate it and won’t forget his contribution to the program. I for one, will never trash one of the best assistants Dawgs ever had.

        • Macallanlover

          As I said, many UGA fans are blinded on this subject, and perfectly willing to forgive this immature jerk for leaving us in the middle of recruiting, It wasn’t like a LB coach had to be there right away. He let his temper overall professional courtesy for a man who had made him a hot ticket. So yes, I don’t think anyone has missed him at any of the stops since abandoning UGA….and some of us don’t miss him from Athens. The guy has proven to be weak, Hope he brings The aU even further down.

          Not an NFL, or Falcon fan, but the times I did watch any of a Falcons’ game, looked like they gave up key plays pretty often. Don’t know the personnel but they have been far from a shutdown defense. Apparently there weren’t many waiting to sign him up as their DC around the NFL.

          • W Cobb Dawg

            I don’t get the vitriol Mac. Who gives a ship if BVG drifts around from job to job. He’s following the money. He was a terrific DC for us, and probably the biggest reason CMR remains at UGA. Imagine if CMR never hired BVG, and made WM his DC from the beginning? Now BVG’s a “jerk” because one of the all time lousy organizartions (falcons) don’t need him? I’m more worried about him plucking Pollack’s and Davis’s out of nowhere and having them chase our QB all day.

  4. Matt

    They probably wouldn’t have done this if O’Leary had a master’s degree from “NYU-Stony Brook University,”

  5. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Perceived self-interest is almost always the best predictor of behavior and the Penn State job still beats the hell out of UCF. Plus, I wouldn’t trust O’Leary any further than I could throw him.

  6. Doug

    Wow, so this is all the loyalty/deference O’Leary’s own ex-coordinators are willing to show him? Can’t decide whether this says more about O’Leary or about O’Brien/Roof. Definitely makes it look like O’Leary’s regime is on uncertain ground in Orlando, though.

  7. Cojones

    When can McGarity get Penn St on the schedule?