Giving new meaning to the term “all in”

Is BVG trying to get the band back together?

I wonder what Jon Fabris is doing these days.



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  1. Robby

    Why not get Rodney Garner, he went to Auburn? Then the insanity of this sordid life we call Van Gorder would be complete! Wonder which one would have to apologize to the other?


  2. flukebucket

    Nothing would make me happier than watching the BoBo train run all over those wannabee’s

    Until then, You kids get off my damn lawn!


  3. Dog in Fla

    ‘Dunning and Kruger were awarded the 2000 Ig Nobel* Prize in Psychology for their report, “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments” (h/t Jason)

    Dunning and Kruger are odds on favorites to win the 2012 Ig Nobel Prize for their report, “Am I All-In Now and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence in Getting the Band Back Together Leads to Increased Air Traffic Between Fayetteville and Aubrun”



  4. Oh please let Willie go to the barners.. Could possibly be that one chink in the armor for BVGs Defense


    • A Martinez secondary wasn’t much of a weakness in the BVG defense we knew. I don’t think people appreciate (or have forgotten) how much the secondary improved from the late 90s to the staff that had BVG and WM playing off each other.


      • Martinez’ secondary looked good because our defensive line made them look good. If you want to see Martinez’ secondary at work, just look at Oklahoma’s vaunted secondary this past season.


        • Yes, if only because the same fundamental principles that apply to any defense happen to apply to one with Willie Martinez on the staff. (i.e., a pass rush – or lack of – affects the success of the coverage. Lakatos looks a lot smarter this year, too.


          • Bevo

            I agree with both of Groo’s posts. It’s good to see a reasoned and objective opinion on the subject of Willie Martinez.

            As fans, we seem to have a revisionist memory of Martinez that confuses his abilities as a secondary coach with his tenure as DC.

            I think Martinez is just fine as secondary coach. He’s not in the Duane Akina category, but who is?

            That said, I sure am glad we hired Grantham.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I’m not laughing. I’m not a fan of rival schools loading up on coaches who have a legitimate reason to want to put their heart and soul into beating our ass. Willie was a very capable assistant coach when he worked for BVG at UGA.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      One thing I know is that BVG’s D will be coming to play. I recall two bama QB’s who went up against BVG’s D and found their arms in slings before the end of the game. And BVG makes halftime adjustments as good as anyone. Our best hope is that he’s slacked off over the past 5 years, or better yet, gets a better offer and never takes the aubie job.


  6. By Georgia We Did It

    Other than Richt, Bobo and a few of our past QB’s, who knows our offense, tendencies, gameplanning, etc. more than BVG and WM?


  7. 69Dawg

    There is not a DC in the SEC that doesn’t know our O. We win if we have better players than you do, we lose if we don’t. BVG is not going to change that equation. Also he hates to recruit and he was always fighting with Sir Rodney G over recruiting. I still think the fuse on the dynamite is Trooper Bagman Taylor. He has got to feel passed over big time. I guess the hush money he makes makes up for hurt feelings.


  8. As to the proposal that we’re engaging in revisionist history regarding Martinez’s secondary coaching, I acknowledge that we all remember things consistent with our own preconceptions ( note: using the concept of the Dunning -Kruger paradox that I have now established myself as intelligent by questioning my own abilities and opinions while acknowledging the potential that others could be correct) My complaint with WM defenses was the style of coverage he taught his DB’s. Our interceptions were always down because the DBs did that turn an run with receiver and watch their eyes BS.. That style does not work,I don’t think you can a) react that quick and b) be certain that your reading their eyes/face correctly. I do believe our DBs are now taught to find the ball and while its in the air treat it like its yours. That passive read and react style that Willie employed is not Ga football. My recollection was under Willie our DBs tried to strip the ball out of the receivers hands once it was there and that neither results in int’s nor are you in a position to light up the receiver, which are both things I want our DBs to be able to do.That could be revisionist history because I acknowledge I am always,if not drunk at least well lubricated for all UGA football games but to me it looked that way Sunday AM watching the CSS replay. Regardless the cheaters are welcome to him.


  9. Hackerdog

    Jancek is available.