It’s not over until the fat quarterback tweets.

It looks like Will Muschamp’s search for the best offensive coordinator in America is over.

Brent Pease will be the Florida Gators’ next offensive coordinator, according to multiple media reports. A source confirmed to The Post that Pease accepted the job and his hiring will be announced Wednesday.

Pease, from Boise State, will leave one of the country’s best offenses to fix one of the worst.

This won’t be Pease’s first SEC rodeo.  He was Kentucky’s offensive coordinator post-Leach.  Speaking of which, one of his former charges remembers him fondly.




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37 responses to “It’s not over until the fat quarterback tweets.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Nothing like a vote of confidence from the Pillsbury Throwboy.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, our games against Kentucky those years were pretty torrid track meets.


    • David

      He was the OC at Kentucky in 01′ and 02′. UK scored 29 points in 01′ and 24 in 02′ if I’m not mistaken.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        That’s better than average against BVG’s defenses during that time. Not bad for a pretty lousy ky team.


        • Will (the other one)

          BVG’s D in ’01 was not that good, particularly from a yardage standpoint though (I remember Gross Rexman topping 400 yards against us). We were just very good/lucky at not giving up too many TDs. And in 2002, some of those scores were garbage time after Fred Gibson had gone off.


  3. ChicagoDawg

    I thought Muschamp wanted a downhill, play-action pro-style offense? Sounds like they are headed back to spread-based principles. Boom may end up in the coaching pantheon one day, but the guy is clearly off to an odd start.


    • Chopper Reid

      This is exactly what I was thinking. I thought he was a ‘stick to your guns’ kind of guy. Didn’t they recruit last year and this year for a pro-style offense and now they go spread–odd is the best way to put it. Although those early pro-style guys worked out ok for da corch–so who knows.

      I know this–it is always nice to hear from the Hefty Lefty!


    • The Lone Stranger

      I have to believe that Boom MFer will wind up nowhere but the scrap heap of coaches who had little discernible master plan. He seems to be making things up as he moves along, and that is a hard way to earn Ws in the SEC.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    What did he do to Lorenzen? Make him jog?!

    Looks like Grantham’s got some added pressure to figure out how to defend a tight end running a slant. I’m sure that Pease will be doing that to us all day again. And those Kentucky matchups back in the game were fun, unless you actually cared who won. Then they were Maalox moments. I’m not a very big fan of this hire.


  5. I have not seen a fat QB lately, most look so thin and just wonder how their body can absorb all those hits and sacks. LOL


  6. PatinDC

    Is this Myer redux?


  7. Mike

    I do not know how Pease will perform at Florida, but he does have at least one recent experience against an elite SEC defense. For example, I think Pease called a pretty good game against UGA in 2011?


  8. The Other Other Doug

    Coach Boom just hired the interim head coach.


  9. Dawg Stephen

    Yeah, KY scored 29 and 24 against us when he was there, but big deal. we got grantham now.. thats when we had that clown Van Gorder (im joking)…


  10. stoopnagle

    Why am I not following Jared Lorenzen on twitter?


  11. Alphadawg

    Its a value Hire. The price per pound savings is huge.


  12. Cojones

    How is this lining up at FU, Mike. I find that informing my FU acquaintences about their team is Dawggone fun.


  13. where is illuminati dawg? I think the plan is really coming together.Boom is insuring that the Gators are on the verge of becoming a basketball school.


  14. South FL Dawg

    Good luck to Jared if he ever wants a coaching job. From what little I know the coaching fraternity is tight-knit and self-preserving. Hilarious this is though, unless you’re Will Muschamp…ah well.