One of the boys now

Between his recent bout of roster management and this, I guess we know what James Franklin means when he talks about changing the culture at Vanderbilt.


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25 responses to “One of the boys now

  1. Spike

    I hope Grantham and the Dogs remember this big mouth d-bag next season.

  2. JasonC

    Hopefully, Franklin will chase J. Dawson away to Athens.

  3. FCDore

    Did you guys even bother to read the article? A quote from the freaking Dad in this article:
    “He wasn’t going to get the type of playing time he wanted,” he said. “They couldn’t guarantee him playing time.”
    So let’s recap. The Vanderbilt coaching staff wasn’t being dishonest…they were being TOO honest and refusing to guarantee playing time before a single practice.
    By the way, how’s Sean Williams dealing with the lack of opposing players to headhunt in the offseason?

    • Nate Dawg

      Sweet! Vandy trolls! It’s a great day to be alive in America!
      I’ll play along – what % of practice time is spent purposely diving at guys knees or lower-legs up there at Vandy? Do you practice on scout team guys or how does that work?

      • FCDore

        Are you talking about Logan Stewart, who was dismissed from the team?

        Again, how has Grantham/Richt disciplined Williams for headhunting a defenseless receiver? Funny how the genesis of everything that went down on that night never sees the light of day on a UGA board.
        See you on Sept. 22. Don’t choke at Missouri.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Silly Vanderbilt. You’re Vanderbilt. Moral victories don’t equal victories. This isn’t horseshoes. Coming close against Tennessee (and even closer against Georgia, when you were throwing into the end zone, and missing, at the end!) doesn’t make you a football team.

          Don’t worry, though, Franklin’s getting you there. Just remember when you reach your program’s 8-4 zenith that you sacrificed your school’s high-minded ideals to get there.

        • Nate Dawg

          Yep, dismissed – AFTER the bowl game right? Franklin’s a real disciplinarian.
          I, as well, wish you choke-free weekends against USCe and Northwestern before you roll into Athens on Sept 22, but really, what are the chances? Tell me, after Sept 22nd, do you think UGA’s all-time record against the ‘Dores will be 54-18-2, or 52-19-2? Just curious…

          • Go Dawgs!

            Still trying to figure out who Vandy’s biggest ACTUAL victory was this year. Wake Forest? Kentucky? Elon?

            When you start strutting and trolling just because you played some teams close, well, that’s just sad. How about beating someone, Vandy?

          • AusDawg85

            (Psssttt…check your maths.)

      • ScooBoo

        At a polo match, they let the spectators come out at halftime, stomp down the turf and scoop up horsesh!t. I guess they let Vanderbilt boosters come out to practice, get blocked from behind, and get their knees blow out.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        I honestly never thought I’d live to see the day, Nate Dawg. No… no… I’m not crying. I’ve just got some clippings in my eye.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Hey Dore, beside the fact that being a Vandy troll is kind of like being Bagdhad Bob, your conclusion is a non sequitur. ‘Couldn’t guarantee’ does not equal being honest; equivocating by the coaching staff is just as likely.

      By the way, has Coach Fransklin started his crybaby/anger management therapy yet?

    • stoopnagle


      …you’re Vandy.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Vanderbilt has fans?

    • OKDawg

      Who or what is this Vanderbilt you speak of?

  4. Skeeter

    Guess they had an infestation of Energy Vampires,too

  5. stoopnagle

    At the risk of defending the endless comedic bluster of Jimmy Franklin, I have to say that the recruit and his dad sound like the problem here. I hope we’re not guaranteeing playing time on the recruiting trail. A chance to compete? Hell yes. A chance to earn carries? You better believe it. But “guarantees”? No, that’s not how it works, son.

    Also, you want guaranteed PT close to home? You live in Murfreesboro, right? Pretty sure the top player in Tennessee will start day one at MTSU. Is that really so different from Ole Miss? Or Vandy for that matter?

  6. Chopper Reid

    Franklin is shady. I’ll bet they promised this kid whatever it took–ie lots of PT. Then as it got closer they reneged. So he re-committed to Ole Miss.

    Franklin is the new Lane Kiffin. Stirring up shit just so Vandy gets some coverage all year then using the Saban try-out method of whittling down the numbers. Franklin is big trouble.

  7. 81Dog

    sounds like it’s all part of the Franklin plan.

  8. 69Dawg

    Vandy what a joke. Some years back we were at Vandy for the UGA game and as was the case UGA was sleep walking through the first half. Well at half time I’m taking to a Vandy fan, yes there were a few there, and he asked if Vandy were to win would we mine helping them tear down the goal posts. His point was there were not enough Vandy fans to do the job.

  9. Cojones

    A gradute friend of mine who has been a professor at Vandy for years, found that the sports program was so boring that he brought back 4-hole marble shooting as a sport.

    Franklin has a self-fulfilling prophesy by stating, “We’re this school before the season that people check off.” Must have made former Coach Johnson’s eyebrows go up above his hairline since he pulled Vandy from the doldrums the right way before Franklin showed up. If the show just stays the same there, he could leave and claim credit for it.

    Change the culture (freaking buzzwords) ? Have a feeling they will be called “Jim Eat-Crow Laws” post dismissal since the word “culture ” is so often misused for the word “attitude”. Makes a neat little mnemonic, JECL.